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Vagabond 260

The Flames of Hatred

+ posted by pocketmofo as translation on Dec 4, 2008 01:38 | Go to Vagabond

-> RTS Page for Vagabond 260

Here’s a translation for chapter 260 of Vagabond. I think there is another translation floating out there somewhere but I figured I would do this chapter as well. Enjoy.

Page #1:

The darkness underneath the smile

Title – Chapter 260: The Flames of Hatred* (*literally grudge or rancor)

Page #2:

Ogawa: Regardless of what your sword may be…

Ogawa: I will swing MY sword.

Ogawa: That is all…

Page #3:

Ogawa: !?

Page #4:

Ogawa: AAAAH!!

Page #5:

No text.

Page #6:

Gakupe: Ogawa! Ogawa!!

Gakupe: I just heard you let out a strong kiai* (*think martial artist yell). Don’t tell me you went off practicing by yourself without saying your respects to Kouetsu-sama.

Gakupe: That sort of eagerness is good and all but…

Gakupe: …!?

Page #7:

Otsuu: Um…

Ueda: I cannot move.

Ueda: Apparently as long as the flames of my hatred continue to smolder in my heart…I cannot leave this place.

Otsuu: …!!

Page #8:

Ueda: Don’t get too close to him, young lady. Musashi cannot escape the spiral…

Otsuu (thinking): I can’t speak. Spiral?

Page #9:

Ueda: Soon enough Musashi’s reputation as the strongest will become well established…

Ueda: And then those wanting to kill Musashi and ride the wave of fame will appear…

Ueda: And they will come challenging him with their mannerless and barbaric methods…

Ueda: Just the way…Musashi once did to us back then…

Page #10 and 11:

Gakupe: Ogawa!

Gakupe: Wh…who are you?!

Kouetsu: Kojiro-dono.

Page #12:

Gakupe: Kojiro…?

Old Lady: Ah!

Kouetsu: ……

Gakupe: Ogawa! Ogawa!

Page #13:

Gakupe: He defeated Ogawa with just a stick…!?

Gakupe: How!?

Kouetsu: Iwama-sama…

Kouetsu: He has no pulse.

Gakupe: By Kojiro…could you mean…

Page #14:

Gakupe: …Sasaki Kojiro!?

Page #15:

Guy: She’s got white hair…and she’s kinda bent over…

Guy: The local inn has been taking care of her…

Passerby #1: Was there an old lady around like that…?

Passerby #2: I dunno…

Page #16:

Guy: She’s my mother who got separated from me during out journey.

Passersby: …!!

Passerby: Sorry to hear that…

Passerby: Hey everybody! Come over here!

Other Villager #1: An old lady…?

Other Villager #2: Hmm, I wonder.

Page #17:

Villager: What about that lady we saw the other day. She had white hair and was using a cane…

Villager: She was arguing with one of those street medicine sellers so she stood out…

Villager: Oh yeah, there was someone like that…

Villager: That old lady said, “For medicine costing this much it sure doesn’t work worth a damn!”

Villager: Ha ha!

Villager: She was shouting so loudly in the middle of traffic so the vendor had little choice but to give in. I hear she got him to lower the price a lot.

Guy: That’s her. That’s her!

Villager: That’s her?

Guy: Do you know where that old lady might be staying?

Page #18

Guy: I somehow managed to lose track of the truth…

Guy: Somewhere in all of my lies…

Old lady: Cough cough…

Guy: By taking care of those that are important to me…

Guy: I can do things…over again…

Page #20:
Old lady: COOOOOOUGH!!

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