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Kuroko no Basket 57

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:28 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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Kuroko no Baske Chapter 57:

P3.T1: First through the leg, then a drive to the right, avoiding one...
P4.T1: Then a supporter pops up.
P5.T1: I saw Furihata under the basket.
P5.T2: All that's left is a pass to him.
P6.T1: ....but that's no good.
Bottom: Quarter 57: It's not "want"
P1.T1: If I just throw an average pass there,
P1.T2: I can't win against the "Miracle generation".
P2.T1: Just relying on your comrades and playing together is no use.
P2.T2: As long as we continue to play, the "Miracle Generation" isn't our only opponent.
P2.T3: Even if the support manages to stop me, I'll break free again soon.
P3.T1: To get the victory
P3.T2: I don't need to avoid 1 vs. 1 for now...It's either breaking free or creating a gap...
P4.T1: First I must to get to a level where I can play alone!
P4.T2: After that...
P4.B1: Kagami-kun!
P1.T1: Quarter 57: It's not "want"
P2.B1: ...Kuroko?
P3.B1: Can we talk // for a bit?
P2.B1: ...What's up...?
P3.B1: ...I'm sorry.
P3.B2: ?
P4.B1: I haven't thought so far.
P4.T1: Where should I start...
P4.B2: Hey!!
P4.B3: Please wait a bit
P4.B4: You're thinking it up now!?
P5.B1: ....Damn.
P1.B1: Mm.
P2.B1: !
P3.B1: Since you're not doing anything,
P3.B2: Let's play while you think. // I'll take you on.
P3.B1: Okay, 14th point!!
P3.B2: Umm,
P3.B3: please cut me some slack.
P3.T1: I can't think like that.
P4.B1: I'm already going easy! // You're just too weak.
P4.B2: ...
P4.B3: Reminds me... When we first played, it was like this too!
P5.B1: When I got to know your real power, I was shocked... perhaps.
P5.T1: I'm just a shadow. [as in a side character]
P1.T1: As the light's shadow,
P1.T2: I want to make you Japan's number one.
P3.B1: ....Hey,
P3.B2: There is one thing bothering me since then...
P4:B1: Why did you chose me?
P6.B1: ....I'm sorry.
P6.B2: Huh?
P6.B3: I have... to apologize.
P1.B1: I told
P1.B2: a lie.
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: During my middle school times,
P3.B2: I got my 6th man uniform.
P4.B1: I know.
P4.B2: You were the trump card of the "Miracle Generation".
P5.B1: That's not quite right. // That position was entrusted to me,
P5.B2: but I wasn't trusted.
P6.B1: ...No,
P6.B2: More precise...
P1.B1: I lost their trust.
P2.B1: In my first year, I was just a normal player with no advantages. // Only in my second year I got on the bench with the 6th number.
P3.B1: At that time... // I think they still trusted me.
P4.B1: But everyone evolved like Aomine-kun...
P4.B2: And my trust decreased.
P5.B1: That's because the more "they" evolved, ["they" refers to the "Miracle generation from now on]
P5.B2: the more they came to trust just in themselves.
P6.B1: In the last seconds of a crucial game, the pass to me didn't come.
P6.B2: "They" decided it by themselves.
P8.B1: So truth is... It didn't have to be you.
P1.B1: I just wanted "them" to acknowledge my way of basketball,
P1.B2: by making use of you.
P2.B1: ....Man.
P3.B1: And here I was wondering what you would say...
P3.B2: It's just that shit.
P4.B1: I always felt it.
P4.B2: Beside "they" and me are the same.
P5.B1: I wondered why you, who denied "them" and quit Teikou, // would pair up with me.
P5.B2: Or rather I accepted it.
P6.B1: Everyone has it's own reason to play basketball.
P6.B2: I'm not really...
P7.B1: No.
P1.B1: You already
P1.B2: wrong.
P2.B1: In all the games till now,
P2.B2: you always believed in me.
P3:B1: Also your image training, I glanced at earlier,
P3.B2: is for the purpose of playing together with everyone.
P5.B1: Your words after our loss weren't words of farewell,
P5.B2: but words of short separation, to get stronger individual.
P1.B1: To match two even greater forces,
P1.B2: so ascertain our victory.
P2.B1: Hyuuga-senpai told me.
P3.B1: ....So, // let me correct myself.
P4.B1: I'm glad I came to Seirin.
P4.B2: The seniors are all nice.
P5.B1: My classmates, who try hard together, are also nice.
P6.B1: You believed in me.
P7.B1: I'm no longer the Kuroko Tetsuya of Teikou.
P1.B1: I'm Kuroko Tetsuya of Seirin High School.
P2:B1: I want to become together with you.. with everyone Japan's number one,
P2.B2: not just making someone Japan's number one.
P3.B1: For that purpose, I'll get stronger
P3.B2: and defeat the "Miracle Generation".
P1.B1: ....I had that goal from the beginning.
P1.B2: Besides, you got it wrong again!
P6.B1: It's not "want".
P6.B2: We'll become number one!
P7.B1: ...Yes.
P2.B1: ...But what will you do,
P2.B2: after you get stronger?
P3.B1: Dunno.
P3.B2: Hey!!
P4.B1: But I will definitely find.
P4.B2: Till the Winter Cup that is.
P5.B1: Idiot.
P5.B2: Saying stupid stuff.
P6.B1: I'll get stronger too. // I gonna leave you behind, if you slack off.
P1.B1: Let's get stronger fast,
P2.B1: and show them in winter,
P2.B2: the reborn // Kuroko's basketball.
P1.B1: Idiot.
P1.B2: Saying stupid stuff.
P3.B1: I win.
P3.B2: So what?
P3.B3: Was just playing with you.
P3.B4: I'll kill you!!

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