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Kuroko no Basket 53

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:29 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 53

Kuroko no Basuke Chapter 53:

[no text]
[not translated]
[no translated]
Quarter 53: Who are you?
Quarter 54: That's why I don't like him
Quarter 55: That's talent
Quarter 56: Abandoning
Quarter 57: I don't want to be!
Quarter 58: Leave it to me!
Quarter 59: Let's get started
Quarter 60: Don't make me laugh
Quarter 61: Try jumping
P1.Box1: "Defeat the 'miracle generation' and becomes Japan's best."
P1.Box2: That vowed Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga upon meeting. // And with their Seirin basketball club they're aiming for the nationals.
P1.T1: Quarter 53: Who are you?
P2.Box1: In a training game, using one player from the 'miracle generation'
P2.Box2: Kise Ryouta, they won against Kaijou High School.
P3.Box1: And at the Interhigh qualifications they challenged a fierce second battle with one of Tokyo's biggest three.
P3.Box2: After defeating Midori Mashintarou of the 'miracle generation', they advanced to the Final League.
P4.Box1: But in front of the ace of the 'miracle generation', Aomine Daiki, they suffered a great loss.
P4.Box2: And thus crippled, Seirin High School couldn't play to it's fullest in the remaining games.
P5.T1: And like last year, they disappeared from the Final League.
Quarter 53: Who are you?
P3.B1: Your muscle is damaged. // What are you playing? Basketball?
P3.B2: It happens sometimes, though you have good build. // Actually jumping takes a lot of stress on the feet.
P4.B1: Your body still can't compensate that. // You need flexibility and muscle training.
P4.B2: But before that, you need to rest for 2 weeks.
P5.T1: 2 weeks, huh... Makes me restless.
P5.T2: ...But the problem is what comes after.
P6.T1: I'm weak...
P6.T2: I had no chance against him...
P7.T1: What should I do...
P7.T2: What should I do to get stronger!?
P2.B1: What's wrong, Koga? That was a pretty big sigh.
P2.B2: ... We don't need that here.
P3.B1: Listen, there are three things I hate.
P3.B2: Oh, something started?
P3.B3: First: Pigeons, // Second: Avocado, // Third: The training right now.
P4.B1: Training after you just lost a match,
P4.B2: is just a nightmare...
P4.B3: Don't say that. You're lowering the tension.
P5.B1: Senshin Kansen didn't make much mistakes, right? [the fuck is Senshin Kansen?]
P5.B2: More like, they did just 2...
P5.B3: Ah shit, that's definitely going to increase the schedule by 3 times, // or 1,5... No, 2!?
P1.B1: We'll
P1.B2: triple it!
P2.B1: We'll die----
P3.B1: Tri... Triple!? For real? No way... // We just have a match behind us..
P3.B2: Eh, Quadruple?
P3.B3: Triple sounds fine!!
P4.B1: C'mon, let's get training started!! // Being depressed won't do us any good.
P4.B2: Yeah!!
P5.B2: Kuroko is skipping!?
P6.B1: I'm not skipping.
P6.B2: Oh! Good!! We hadn't this for a long time!!
P1.B1: Oh--- // Ei---
P1.B2: Oh
P1.B3: Ei
P5.T1: That's enough for today!
P5.T2: Let's stop already, Kuroko!!
[no text]
P1.B1: Ahh-----
P3.T1: I was worried, but everyone's doing like usual.
P3.T2: Kuroko-kun seems fine too..
P5.T1: ...or not.
P6.T1: They tried so hard
P6.T2: and still couldn't make it to the nationals.
P1.T1: They all aren't...
P1.T2: into it... [into training spirit]
P2.T1: Guess instant recovery is impossible...
P2.B1: Guess it takes time.
P3.B1: Assemble----
P4.B1: Everyone... // You remember what we did when you joined?
P5.T1: This year you'll have to reach our goal!!
P5.T2: Else you'll have to confess to the girl you like!!
P5.B1: We are...
P5.B2: going to do that!?
P1.B1: Don't lose next time, // understood?
P1.B2: Winter... are cold~ [small text] when naked [/small text]
P2.B1: .....Eh...
P2.B2: ...Winter....!?
P3.Box1: The three big High School Tournaments: // Summer's Interhigh, Fall's Nationals, Winter's Invitation only.
P3.Box2: The national has a unique nature for the competition between prefectures. // The Interhigh decides the best High School.
P4.Box1: And the winter tournament, // hold in December in Tokyo, decides that year's ultimate strongest team.
P4.Box2: The National High School Basketball Championship Tournament, // Also called----
P1.B1: Winter Cup!
P1.B2: Everything will be decided there!
P2.B1: I see... If we win that...
P2.B2: It's our last chance.
P2.B3: We were pretty desperate before too, but
P4.B1: if we lose in the winter too, // she'll seriously make us walk naked in the snow!
P5.B1: Means, it's not over yet.
P5.B2: Even more, it just starts now!
P6.B1: But it's on the same level as the Interhigh, right?
P6.B2: After all... // that will be pretty hard...
P7.B1: For that, Hyuuga-kun,
P7.B2: he's coming back soon.
P1.B1: Teppei that is.
P2.T1: Eh....
P2.B1: ...For real?
P3.B1: Well, that's assuring... but, you know.
P3.B2: There might be problems.
P4.B1: Hey, senpai... // Teppei...-san is?
P4.B2: Ah, right. You first-years didn't met him yet. // We don't have a number 7, right?
P5.B1: That's his number.
P5.B2: Our Ace.
P5.B3: Eh...
P6.B1: ...Ah.
P1.B1: Shit, it's already time to leave. // We'll talk about this later.
P1.B2: Okay, let's hit the shower.
P1.B3: Yeah.
P2.T1: ----One week later
P3.B1: I'm interested in Teppei, // but is Kagami alright?
P3.B2: You're right. Haven't seen him for a week.
P3.B3: Well he's supposed to rest. // Though we told him to come watch.
P4.B1: No matter how hurt he is, to skip his team, great guts he has.
P4.B2: Next time, he's done for...!!
P5.B1: Do you know anything, Kuroko?
P5.B2: Eh?
P5.B3: You're classmates, right? And you even sit besides.
P1.B1: No... // We don't talk.
P2.B1: Not once in one week!?
P2.B2: Yeah.
P2.B3: Obviously, since he isn't the one to start a talk.
P2.B4: Damn... Just ask him something!!
P3.B1: Sorry. // Lately it's a bit hard
P3.T1: I'm going ahead.
P3.B2: to talk to him.
P4.B1: ...Will he be alright?
P4.B2: You mean Kagami?
P4.B3: Well that too, but...
P5.B1: I think... // Kuroko is a bit weird lately.
P1.B1: Don't you think he doesn't fit well...
P1.B2: to someone like Kagami...
P2.B1: Eh!? Really? Though he seems to be in good form!? // And why do you understand that? [Small text] It's Kuroko we're talking about. [/small text]
P2.B2: No, I'm not really sure, // I just feel that way.
P2.T1: Perhaps we have so much eye-contact during the games...?
P2.Sign: Basketball Club
P3.B1: First Teppei, then Kagami, // and now even Kuroko.
P3.B2: There is no end to our worries. [small text] Geez... [/small text]
P4.B1: Senpai.... That Teppei-san... // how's he like?
P4.B2: Mh?
P1.T1: That we are equal,
P1.T2: means I haven't grown at all.
P2.B1: With your way of basketball
P2.B2: you can't win.
P1.B1: Wahahaha, exactly like I heard.
P1.B2: You really can't throw anything besides passes.
P2.B1: I got a video of the game from Riko.
P2.B2: Isn't fine? // At least I like your way of playing.
P3.B1: You're not wrong.
P3.B2: You just lack the experience. // right?
P4.B1: .....
P5.B1: Teppei? // Ah, he is...
P1.B1: a weirdo.
P1.B2: Eh!?
P2.B1: But also our benefactor. // Since he got us into basketball.
P2.B2: Eeh!? [small text] It only gets more complicated... [/small text]
P3.B1: ...Who are you?
P4.B1: Ah, I haven't introduced myself yet.
P4.B2: I'm Teppei... // Want a candy?
P4.B3: ...No thanks.
P5.B1: Really?
P6.B1: Also
P1.B1: I'm Kiyoshi Teppei.
P1.B2: The one who started the Seirin High School Basketball Club.
[not translated]

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