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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Psyren 97

The Uroboros Asteroid.

+ posted by Queenofmuffins as translation on Nov 27, 2009 05:46 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 97

For Binktopia-chan. :D

Last time I stay up till 4am translating... >.<"

-CALL. 97 "The Uroboros Asteroid."
-Toshiaki Iwashiro
Text: Ageha and Amamiya, heading to Tokyo under his father's guidance!

-Ageha and Amamiya have already left?

-It can't be helped. They're busy with that, you know.

-Oh, come on! I thought we could play with them! It's notfairnotfairnotfairnotfair!!!
-Quit imitating the idiot, Van.

-Whatever. I'll just play with you two.
-Hey! You're making me dizzy!


-Come help us with the cleaning.

-T-That's maid work!!
-Stop acting like a spoiled brat! You've gotta clean up your own mess by yourself!
-You could learn from Marie-chan!

-I don't want to...

-Is that so? (angry)
You sure gotta lot of nerve! / Trust me when I say I have the means to deal with pain in the ass brats like you!!
-Kyaaaaa! Help meeeeeee!
-Hmmm... She's practical.

Pad: We've gone to meet Yoshina's father.
Amamiya Sakurako.

-I just hope they don't get mixed up in any bigger troubles.

-I should do some work since they're being kind enough to feed and house us.
-Alright, what do you say~
Text above kids: Yeeeeeeeeees~
Text: Good grief.

-This is the National Aerospace Science Laboratory, nicknamed the NASL.
-I work here as the Chief Researcher.

-Ooh, you're the Chief? I had no idea.
-Hahahaha, I did tell you before.
-He just naturally rubs people up the wrong way...

-From Satellite imagery and the Mars & Jupiter exploration programs, to the manned space environment utilization missions,
-and the Next Generation aeroengine development... all that and more is researched here.

-Oh, Chief!
-I sent the data file from the experiment the other day to your PC.

-Thanks, Nishikawa-san. I'll see you later.

-Yes... <3
-She's in love.
-Huh, what?

-Ah, one more thing...! This is the latest observation data of the meteorite in question.

-In question...!

-Just like we thought...
-The Meteor's orbit is completely different from the latest data!

Memo: I love you!
Nishikawa Mako ->

-Thank you very much, Nishikawa-san.
-Amamiya-san, shall we go discuss it further at that table over there?
-He ignored me!?

Sign: The Stars

-A starry sky...

-Space sure is huge, huh...
-I wonder which star is the furthest from the Earth? Well, I don't understand enough about Space to know...

-...Who are you?

-I'm just chatting. You don't have to look so scared.
-I'm just a researcher killing some time here.

-Heh, so you work as a researcher even though you don't know a lot about space?
-It seems like my work is to be here and not disturb everyone...Well, what can I say, the adult world is complicated.

-C'mon, let's go.

-Do you know of "Personal Space"?

-It's like "I will not permit anyone I don't know to approach closer than this". It's the boundary line which one unconsciously creates so one can keep an eye on their surroundings.

-You... for one so young, you have a terrible and wide at the back personal space...
-What on earth are you so cautious about in peaceful Japan?

-Ah, sorry.
-Such talk isn't any of my business.

-Now then, Amamiya-san. I'll tell you why I invited you all the way here without answering your questions back at Elmore Woods.
-The reason is because I wanted to see how badly you wanted to know about Uroboros.

-But I didn't think you were that interested that you'd come the very next day.
-I was pretty surprised.

-I'm sorry... But right now I can't tell you why we're so hung up about Uroboros.
-But we want to know about it by any means possible. I hope you'll be able to tell us.


-The existence of that information is handled in absolute secrecy, and it cannot be leaked to the media.

-I would be in trouble even if just a rumor were to spread out and create panic.

-Well, whatever. I feel that to continue to keep hiding this from the world is useless, / And I know all too well how stubborn you two are.

-...If I said that there exists a meteorite with intention,
-Would you believe it?


-Yes. It's the asteroid Uroboros. / It seems to have it's own will and moves in unpredictable ways, a "Space Castaway."

-When asteroids collide, the impact is so great pieces of the asteroid fail to attain orbit and fall towards the Earth...And that is a meteorite.
-Generally, meteorites come from the asteroid belt orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, but there are exceptions.

-And above all of those, the greatest exception of them all is Uroboros.
-It changes orbit like a living thing and emits intense light as it speeds through space.

-I believe that whatever is coming is something outside all logical thinking.

-The path is takes is incredibly snake-like.

-That's why we gave it the name of the snake symbolizing death and rebirth, "Uroborus".

-Right now the investigation is proceeding, but we're still unable to discover it's real identity.

-The problem is...
-While it is taking an inconsistent route, there is no doubt that it's gradually approaching this planet.

-It's an incredibly huge mass with a presumed diameter of 120km or larger,
-And there's a possibility it might collide with Earth in about 1 year and 4 months!

-...What's the probability of it colliding...?

-At the moment, there's a 1 in 4 million to 1 in 4.5 million chance.

-Were you expecting higher?
-As far as we can tell, even though the the course it's taking now is approaching Earth it could still pass it by a fair distance... It's highly probable judging by the fact that up till now it constantly changed orbits.

Text: Even so, the Uroborus will collide with Earth...

-Well, of course we still have to be vigilant...
-But to me, I could honestly call Uroboros a miracle which will bring about a revolution in Astronomy.

-For example... like I just said before, it's emitting "intense light".
-Uroboros emits light from within itself but also occasionally flashes on and off.

-It goes 'flash, flash, flash' and speeds up and slows down, changing it's rythmn.
-It's like some sort of signal...

-If Uroboros really does have intention then this could be a message addressed to someone.
-Don't you think that's an interesting possibility?
Text: A message...!

-And that's all I know. Please don't disclose what I just told you to anybody else.
-Now then, what do you two plan to do after this?

-*ring ring*

-We're... gonna stay overnight...!? We're going to stay overnight in Tokyo, just the two of us!?

-Turn on the TV!! Now!!
-Am..Amamiya, since we're in Tokyo we might as well look around...

-This is an image taken at the Port approximately 2 hours ago!!
-We do not know the whereabouts of the two unidentified men.

-It has been confirmed that the casualties of the explosion has surpassed 80...

-It's him...!

-My name is Amagi Miroku.
-To those who don't understand their reasons for living, I'll provide you the answer.

-There's someone else
-By Amagi Miroku...!

-It can't be...

-can it be...?

-It's #01...and #06...!!

Text: He knows about Miroku's & Grana's past!? Who on earth is this man...!?

-CALL 97. / End
-Next week, Ageha investigates the identity of this man. And there he finds the shocking truth...!?

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#1. by Tathagata ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
4. "He just naturally rubs people up the wrong way..."
--Generally, when I use or hear that turn of phrase, you just say "He just naturally rubs people the wrong way..." - You don't necessarily need up, but at this point, its opinion.

9. "You... for one so young, you have a terrible and wide at the back personal space..."
This just sounds odd to me. I'm not quite sure how to fix it (if it needs fixing), but maybe something like "You... for one so young, you have a terribly wide back personal space..." --Still sounds odd to me, but with the diagram on page 9, it makes a bit more sense.

12. "Yes. It's the asteroid Uroboros. / It seems to have it's own will and moves in unpredictable ways, a "Space Castaway."
-- The second it's, after the /, should just be "its"
It's is for the contraction "It is," whereas "its" is the possesive.

14. "Right now the investigation is proceeding, but we're still unable to discover it's real identity."
-- Same here, i'd use "its" instead of "it's."
Also, I'd maybe consider using "nature" instead of identity, because at this point, it might be a little odd for a man of science to assume that a supposed meteor has an identity (besides its name)

15. "As far as we can tell, even though the the course it's taking now is approaching Earth it could still pass it by a fair distance... It's highly probable judging by the fact that up till now it constantly changed orbits."
--I'd put a comma after "Earth, it could still pass by a fair distance..."

"For example... like I just said before, it's emitting "intense light"."
--And, because I am stubborn, I'd prolly say you should have the period within the quotation marks here "intense light."

Those are some of the bigger one's I might fix. I may have missed others, but I don't know much Japanese, so I can't read the raw, haha.

Thanks Queen!
#2. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
Thanks, Tathagata~

I agree, "You... for one so young, you have a terrible and wide at the back personal space..." sounds weird, but it was the best I could figure out. XD

Anyone is welcome to think of something better. :3

it's 君...歳のわりに凄まじく後方に広い個人空間を持ってるね.

君 = you
歳のわりに= young
凄まじく = terrible, horrible, terrific; fierce; tremendous; dreadful; awful; amazing; absurd; cutthroat; intense and
後方に= at the back/ behind
広い = wide/broad
人空間を持ってる = having personal space.
#3. by Pitou ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
one mistake in the title:
I guess you mean "Ouroboros" --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uroboros

and the last bubble on page one also:
that much text, and you only translated a "hey"? ^^"

and on the bottom-text on last page... isn`t it "call. 97"? oO
#4. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
No, I mean uroboros. Oroboros is the common term, yes, but the psyren wiki page & shrimpys trans used 'uro' and the katakana is spelt as uroborosu. Even the wiki page you linked to said it could be either. If I've written it as oroboros in previous translations, I apologise. But I'll be stick with uroboros now. :3
As for the rest, you're right! I did accidentally leave out the text & wrote 87 instead of 97.^^

I'll adjust my trans as soon as possible, but right now I'm sick with gastro...>.<
#5. by Asahina ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2009
I would suggest that the text you have italicized, just put in commas..
so the type setters won't miss out of what should be important.
Tathagata pretty much said it all...
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