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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 78

Fullmetal Alchemist 78

+ posted by Raiyuu as translation on Dec 14, 2007 15:56 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

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Sidetext: In the explosion, Kimblee disappeared. Also, Ed...!!
Buccaneer: Did I hear right, Kimblee's gone missing?
Miles: Yup.
The blast took out the whole mine.
Kimblee and several others are unaccounted for.
We've been searching ten days and have yet to recover any bodies.
Buccaneer: Hm ... are the "several others" Briggs soldiers?
Miles: They're Kimblee's two henchmen, and
the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Banner text: We're still on the move!!
This is our strength!!
It's beyond compare!!

Breda: Is that right...
If the Fullmetal Boss is okay, that's good...
Falman: How are things out West?
Breda: Getting nasty on the Pendleton border.
It's like they're just trying to rack up as many dead as possible, win or lose.
Look, Falman.
It's just like you said, the army charges in, carves everything up and constructs that transmutation circle.
Falman: Have you heard anything from Master Sergeant Fuery in the south?
Breda: We spoke on the phone a little while ago.

Breda: He's being shelled by Aerugo and Donbachi troops from the south.
Because we're the bad boys from Mustang's old team
we've been scattered away from our old haunts.
Fuery: Thomas! Hurry hurry!
Quit napping!

Fuery: Shit...
I'm gonna make it!!
I'm totally gonna make iiiit!!
Falman: It's bound to be brutal over there, it's another part of the circle.
Good that he's okay too, though.
Breda: Has the Colonel made contact?
Falman: Yes.
He's been getting valuable information from a contact in the Armstrong family.
Breda: I see.
I've got a really bad feeling about the North.

Falman: Really bad ... sounds about right.
If the Homunculi aren't stopped from digging that hole right underneath us...
...we could be too late.
Sloth: Ngh?

Sloth: Done
can I
quit working, Pride?

Rose: Eat up, everyone!
Randomer: Oh!
Rose: Please line up!
Chef: Save me a place.
Customer: I'd like some meat pie this time, Rose.
Rose: It's my own recipe.
Customer: Great!
Old woman: I'm afraid I don't work, but can these children have some too?
Rose: Of course.
For you too, ma'am.

Customer: A big bowlful please, Rose-chan.
Rose: No can do. Everyone gets the same.
Hoenheim: Um...
Excuse me...
Me too ... please ...?
Phew, I'm saved!
Thank you!

Chef: Where'd you come from?
Hoenheim: I couldn't tell you.
Here and there. I wander about a lot.
Rose: How did you end up in this place...?
Hoenheim: You really want to know?
There's no road to Reole after the insurrection before.
But that doesn't mean there's nothing here.
There's very pleasant food here, for one thing.
Thank you, young lady. That was delicious.
I'm happy to have eaten here.
Rose: Sorry we couldn't offer more...
Hoenheim: No need to be so modest.
The good food and your smiling face seems to give everyone strength.

Hoenheim: Since you're so helpful can I ask one more thing?
I'm looking for the church, you see..
Rose: The church?
Hoenheim: Yes. The headquarters of Leto's followers, where the insurrection began.
Rose: In that case...
it's over there.
Hoenheim: ...what's that?
Rose: The alchemist that exposed Leto's priests as frauds transmuted that statue.

Chef: It's a major attraction on that street now, like he planned it.
Hoenheim: Uu~~m
Who made that thing? They can't have had very good taste...
Chef: Everything inside that was usable has probably been taken by now.
No one comes in here any more.
Hoenheim: Is there a cellar passage around here?
Rose: No, it's over this way.
The cellar passage...
I know it's around here somewhere...

Hoenheim: And this is...?
Rose: A poisoned reservoir.
This is the reason no one comes inside.
Hoenheim: Hmph.
So no ordinary human's crossed this since back then?
Well now.
Rose: !?
Chef: Idiot!!
You'll die if you fall in there!!

Chef: It's a miracle...
Rose: No, it's alchemy ... isn't it?
Hoenheim: could I ask you to wait inside for me?

Hoenheim: I'm afraid there's no way you can come with me.
It's big.
And really well constructed.

Hoenheim: ... that was quick.

Hoenheim: Uwah!!
Can't you stay put?

Hoenheim: How about if I seal you in.
My, my...

Hoenheim: Looks like I lose.

Hoenheim: What's wrong?
Not coming any further?

Hoenheim: Hmm?
Pride: That form...
Van Hoenheim?
Hoenheim: Somehow it seems this is as far as you can come.
Would you die if you left this place...?
Is there a prescribed line outside which you'll die?
Just like the flask from back then.
You can't move except in this tunnel, and the heart of Central City.
Am I close?

Pride: ...
Hoenheim: Dead on, right?
Say something, you big recluse.
Are you mad?
Pride: Wrath and the like
do not exist inside me.
There is no wrath
or lust
or sloth
or greed
or gluttony
or envy...
Such emotions have fled from my Father.
My name is "Pride".

Hoenheim: I see.
"Pride," was it?
People have seven sins.
"Lust"; "Greed"; "Sloth"; "Gluttony"; "Envy"; "Wrath";
and finally "Pride".
At the beginning he cut you from himself...
calling you his "Pride".
Forgive me, but he's fashioned your form to resemble his from his time in the flask.
I'd say the name expresses the appearance.
He had fierce pride in that form.
Like Father, like son.

Pride: Are you saying you want to see Father?
Hoenheim: There's no hurry.
I'll come, whether or not I'm called.
Tell him something.
Slave number 23 is coming to see him.
He should try not to get too comfortable waiting in Central.

Pride: Yes.
Father: I shall wait
Van Hoenheim.

Rose: !
Chef: He's coming back!
Find anything?
Hoenheim: Yep.
It'd be good if no normal people try and approach this.
Let them know how dangerous it is, if you would.
Rose: Why did you want to go inside there?
Hoenheim: I suppose
to declare war.

Soldier: Shift change.
Soldier 2: Wait up! This snowstorm's really bad.
Soldier: Right, I'm off for some of that terrible coffee.
Soldier 2: I'm bushed ... huh?
Soldier: Hey...
Soldier 2: No way...

Soldier: Wha...
Drachma have declared open hostilities from the north!!
Miles: They finally turned up...
We'll see huge losses from each side on this ground.
Buccaneer: But why the hurry?
Briggs is impenetrable, surely the Drachman army knows that.
Miles: ...

Drachman General: Our thanks for the intel concerning the absence of the "Northern Cliff of Briggs"
Master Kimblee.

Kimblee: The hands that caused all this are inside that fortress.
Let us begin the battle while those inside are still in disarray from my betrayal.
General: Huff...
Amestris is fighting in the south and west. War is exhausting business.
For eternity Briggs has stood in the way of Drachma. Today we shall capture it.
Kimblee: Yes, this is a declaration of war.
These are no mere flashy fireworks.

May: Which! Means!
Rentanjutsu is all about reading the flow of the Dragon's Veins!!
Why don't you get it!!
Clear and sharpen your senses...
Like this!
Al: I can't!!
May: Sure you can!! Go - PA~~~T VA~~~T!!
Al: Teach me the theory first!!
Scar: Sorry for imposing while we hide out.
Villager: What are you on about?
Aren't we both Ishvarun?

Villager: You saved us just by bringing a doctor here.
And brought playmates for the kids.
Yoki: Sto ... stop doing that!!
What's that damn Zanpano doing? It's his turn to play!
Chimera guy: He went to get supplies.
Zanpano: I've brought something useful.
Yes, that's right.
My name is Zanpano.
I'm Kimblee's subordinate.
Scar and...
a man claiming to be Doctor Marcoh are in Usbeck to the north. Perfect for an ambush.

Envy: Okay, Zanpano.
We guarantee your safety.
How many times have I told you!
Hahaa!! I'm gonna have me some fun!
Sidetext: This is an information leak!? Next issue, the Homunculi draw near!!!

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#1. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
#2. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
thanks for the trans!!!!
#3. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
There's a little error on the last page, but since it always pisses me off to get corrected publicly, I'll let you figure it out for yourself :D
#4. by noonethere ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
#5. by 526663 ()
Posted on Dec 14, 2007
Thank you! =)
#6. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks yah!!
#7. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks raiyuu!!!
#8. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2007
Thank you for the trans

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