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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 299

Naruto Ch. 299 translated

+ posted by ratfox as translation on Mar 16, 2006 16:58 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 299

Here I go... Thanks to Terra for the transcription! :)


Page 1:

Title : The source of strength...!!

喜び!悲しみ!夢!希望! いろんな想いを刻み込んだヒゲ(?)と共に今日を行く!!
Joy! Sorrow! Dreams! Hopes! I start this day with various feelings carved into my "whiskers" !!
(ヒゲ [hige] means whiskers, but also moustache)

Page 2:

Sidebar: A hanged Sai! A running crash!!
(Perhaps 衝撃 is a pun on 笑劇, pronounced the same, but means comedy)

Yamato: Orochimaru did this...

Page 3:

Naruto: Sakura-chan!

Page 4:

Naruto: Sakura-chan...

Yamato: (The Kyuubi chakra has went into her wounds like a poison, that's for sure...)

Yamato: (Sakura's medical ninjutsu can't simply heal that.)

Yamato: (Rather than that, the surprise is that Naruto can handle this chakra.)

Page 5:

こ。。。 これは。。。
Sakura: This... This is...

Sakura: Something Orochimaru did at that time...

Sakura: But it's just hurting a bit... No problem.

。。。サクラちゃん。。。 あんまり無理すんなってばよ。。。
Naruto: ...Sakura-chan... Don't overdo it...

Yamato: ...Let's rest here for a bit

Yamato: Sakura is the only medical ninja of the team...

Yamato: She's pivotal to the success of the mission.

Page 6:

大丈夫です。。。! すぐにでも出発しなきゃ。。。 さっきヤマト隊長だって。。。
Sakura: It's all right...! We should go at once... That's what you said before...

確かにさっきはああ言ったけど。。。 急いては事を仕損じるとも言うでしょ
Yamato: I did say that before... But I also said you make mistakes when you rush.

Yamato: Hurrying is not the same as rushing.

Naruto: Exactly! You're the only medical ninja brute in the team! You have an important pivotal role!

Sakura: I told you to stop calling me that!

Yamato: Naruto! Since Sai left, I'll team with you as buddy during fights.

今のうちに連携パターンを決めておこう 少しこっちへきてくれ
Yamato: Let's decide of our co-operation patterns for now. Come here for a bit.

Naruto: Got it.

Yamato: Will she be okay here?

Page 7:

よし! まずはどうすんだ?
Naruto: Okay! What do we start with?

と。。。その前に 君に言っておかなきやならないことがある
Yamato: Well... Before that, there's something I must tell you.

サクラを傷付けたのは。。。 君だよナルト
Yamato: The one who hurt Sakura... is you, Naruto.

Page 8:

そうだ。。。 そういえばさっきの。。。
Sakura: Oh right... Now that I think of it, there was this...

ナルトお前。。。 何も憶えてないのか。。。?
Jiraiya: Naruto, you... don't remember anything...?

Page 9:

じゃあ。。。あの端も。。。あのえぐれた地面も。。。 サクラちゃんの傷も。。。
Naruto: Then... That bridge... That gutted landscape... Sakura-chan's wound...

Yamato: Yes. You did all that...

Yamato: Sakura lied to you so as not to hurt you.

君のあの九尾の力。。。 ボクは"人柱力"の力を抑えることが出来る特別な力をもってる
Yamato: This Kyuubi chakra of yours... I have a special power allowing me to control the strength of "Jinchuuriki".

だから君はあんまり心配なくていい 。。。ただ
Yamato: For that reason, you don't need to worry too much... However...

Yamato: That's only when I'm at your side...

つまり今はわざわざ君に本当事を言わなくても良かった。。。 けど なぜ話したか。。。
Yamato: Actually, it wasn't necessary to tell you the whole truth... So why am I telling you this?

Page 10:

確かにあの力を使えば サスケを助ける近道になるかもしれない。。。
Yamato: It's true that using this strength could become an easy way to rescue Sasuke...

ただあの九尾に頼った強さは 本当の君の力やない
Yamato: But relying on the power of the Kyuubi... is not your true strength.

Yamato: What's more, you might also inflict pain on yourself by using the Kyuubi power.

仲間を傷付けてしまう力にもなりえる 今回の様にね
Yamato: It's a power that also hurts your comrades... Like this time.

Yamato: Even you probably noticed dimly,

でも力の解放を止めようとしなかったのは 焦っていたからだろ?
Yamato: But you seemed to be releasing power endlessly. It must have been burning you?

今から君の九尾の力はボク完全におさえる だがそれで君が弱くなると思ったら大間違いだよ
Yamato: From now on, I'll control your Kyuubi power completely. But if you think you'll then become weak, you're making a big mistake.

そんな力に頼らなくてもきみは十分強いはずなんだよ 君は勘違いしてないか?
Yamato: You probably have plenty enough strength without relying on that power. Aren't you choosing the wrong path?

Page 11:
Yamato: The origin of your strength is not the Kyuubi chakra.

恐るべき九尾のチャクラに耐えうる その君自身のチャクラの力だ
Yamato: But what controls this terrible Kyuubi chakra, that is, the strength of you own chakra.

サスケお助けたいなら君自身の力で助け出せ 九尾の目ではなく自分お目で。。。
Yamato: If you want to rescue Sasuke, help out your own chakra. Not with the Kyuubi's eyes but with yours...

Yamato: If you want to see clearly how Sasuke is,

Yamato: And if you want to protect Sakura.

Page 12:

Naruto: Yeah!

Page 13:

追跡は止まったわね。。。 上手く行ったかしら?
Orochimaru: The pursuit has ceased... Perhaps it worked?

Kabuto: You can never be too careful, isn't it?

それにしてもいつもながら鮮やかな手際ね 。。。カブト
Orochimaru: Even then, it was an especially impressive perforamce... Kabuto.

Kabuto: Thanks to the fact I'm with Orochimaru-sama,

Kabuto: I have worked on countless bodies up to now.

Kabuto: ...Oh yes...

Page 14:

Kabuto: How about making this kid help us with our experiments?

Kabuto: He should have plenty of time apart of being a mediator with Danzou.

フン。。。 好きにしなさい
Orochimaru: Heh... Do as you like.

やっぱり偽の死体か おそらくはカブトの術。。。
Yamato: So it's a fake body? Perhaps a technique of Kabuto...

Page 15:

頭に不自然な縫い目がうっすらとある。。。 あの仕込が無ければ騙されていた
Yamato: There are faded artificial stitches into the head... weren't it for that, I'd have been fooled.

追跡がもうバレてるとはね。。。 自信はあったが。。。これがらはさらに慎重に行くか。。。
Yamato: The pursuit has already been discovered... I was confident but... Perhaps we'll be prudent from now on.

Sakura: ...What is this...?

Page 16:

Sakura: This book...

Page 17:

Yamato: Okay... In this case,

おい ちゃんと聞いてん。。。。。。
Yamato: Hey, are you listening?...

Sakura: Come see this for a while, both of you!

Sakura: Quick!

あ! それってばサイの。。。
Naruto: Ah! This is Sai's...

side-text: This picture book...!!?

Naruto: What's this... This drawing...?

大蛇丸とサイの行く先。。。そこには!? 次号、 「サイの絵本」へ!!
Spoiler: Orochimaru and Sai's destination... And then!? Next: "Sai's picture book"!!


Gaaah!! I hate cliffhangers! :darn

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#1. by kei ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Thx a lot, i hope u dont mine if i use it to translate in to spanish.
#2. by moridin ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
[me=moridin]thanks ratfox immensely[/me]
#3. by Terra ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Thanks ratfox! Might want to watch out for my typos :sweatdrop
#4. by lexiefaye ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
#5. by Kusachu ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
yay!  sankyuu! XD
#6. by Majek ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
woohoo. would you like a cookie for your hard work? :D
#7. by MaggeuS ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Thanks !
Ratfox is the best :)
#8. by conan ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
rat fox your the man. :thumbs
keep them coming.
#9. by batanga ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Yay, great, ratfox! Thanks again!
#10. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Thanks for the translation. :glomp Finish it soon.
#11. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
arigato- Ratfox. this is a great job.
#12. by that_person00 ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
thanks ratfox for your fast translation :tem
#13. by Ryoma_Echizen ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Go Ratfox! And whilst people are waiting... they could go read my Prince of Tennis 304 translation!

#14. by MadTact ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Yea, keep going, i check back for the rest later.
#15. by ratfox ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Quote by Majek :

woohoo. would you like a cookie for your hard work? :D


*eats the cookie" Very good!
#16. by pesul ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Nice work and thnx ^^
#17. by dylec ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Woot, it's done! Nice translation as usual 'fox. ;)
#18. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2006
Thanks ratfox for another great translation.
#19. by NaruJunky ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2006
Arigato Gozaimasu Ratfox-Sama
#20. by ezxx ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2006
good stuff
#21. by Tamerlane (=D)
Posted on Mar 17, 2006
Thank you so very much for this translation. I look forward to the updates every week.

#22. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2006
Thanks, Ratfox :D
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Posted on May 24, 2008
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