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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

D.Gray-Man 138

DGM Chapter 138

+ posted by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi as translation on Nov 23, 2007 20:18 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 138

Hi everybody,

there's a lot of text this week, but on the bright side the script seems complete (haven't really checked yet, thought).

I'll try to do this a bit differently this time around.

As long as it's not finished, I'll write it in Google Docs, and (if everything goes well) you should be able to view it by clicking this link:


Keep in mind, that this version is updated automatically every minute or so. All the embarrassing mistakes one usually gets out before posting anything may still be in.

And to scanlators: If you use an unfinished version of one of my translations (and I'm not stopping you) then please mention in the credits that you did so. Last week Franky House published a scanlation I was very embarrassed about. It was from before Ewino and I got rid of the language issues.

Thanks again to ewino - last week he did his very first scan, and he did a tremendous job - at the scan as well as when he helped me with the typos.

Done, checked, all SFX in (few exceptions). Ready for scanlation!

Page 1

Night 138: ...but Time keeps Moving on

Say hello to a new morning! But who is my weird roommate?

Page 2

1: Have you heard Allen Walker may be one of the Noahs' henchmen?
2: Looks like the guys from headquarters are snooping around this place
3: General Cross is on house arrest, too. They think the apple never falls far from the tree, eh?
4: No way! Exorcists?
5: But the Noah have strange powers
Couldn't they make an exorcist their subordinate and send him to the order?
Then they could destroy us from within...
6: Going against general Cross so quickly...
7: But there's no way a child like that could...

Baku: What's with this atmosphere?
Next to buble, looking like SFX: How unfriendly

Guy A<Guy to the lower middle; name?>: Seems word is getting around about Walker and general Cross...

Gal B<Guy to the lower left; name?>: Seems they're exaggerating it a unnecessarily...

Panel 5 SFX: slurp, slurp

Page 3

Baku: What was that?

Gal B: Don't you think His left hand looks like the earl's weapon?
I heard it's not really an innocence

Baku: Shut up! Who would believe crap like that?!

Gal B:
1: You're killing the messenger! the rumor spread all by itself, nothing I can do about it
anyway, they'll forget about it in no time
just cut it out
Above her head: Stop it, you filthy...

Guy A: I wonder...

Baku: Shut your trap, side part!

Panel 3 SFX:
Top: Something angry, like *Arrrgh*
Botom: *indifference*

Guy A:
1: Seems they also say he tried to save that traitor Suman
2: A lot of people died because of him, they say
3: In the thick of this war
4: we can't quickly fill up a gap like this

Page 4

Panel 1 SFX: *Bang*

Johnny: Allen is a good guy!!

1: What's with him?
2: Who is he?
3: From the science department
4: ah...
5: He startled me...
6: all of a sudden...

Panel 7 sfx: *glare*

Page 5

Panel 1 SFX:
1: Doooon
2,3: *soundless movement*

1: I'm almost used to him now...!!
2: Looks like I'm the only one who can see him
at first it was a real shock but now I am almost used to him
3: I have to calm down and think positive
Yeah! Good thing he doesn't start talking to me
though just by being there, he's like an Akuma's ghost.
4 <spoken>: Yeah, NO problem!
above his head: That's it!

Link: hm?

1: 'mornin...
2: Allen, you look sleepy
Is two-pimple still pesterin' you with questions?

Link: I...
How dare you!

Panel 3 SFX: toothbrush sounds

1: Oh, quit it
2: Link, Lavi likes nicknames because he is such a child
If you hate that, you'll have to say so more clearly

Above his head: Ahaha
1: Allen, I'm older than you, remember?

Panel 4 SFX:
Next to Allen's head:*gurgle*
Next to Bookman's head: Toothbrush, again

Link: Those two aren't taking me seriously

Allen <Background left>: No way

Lavi <Background right>: I can see you from above!

Page 6

Allen<left of the big bubble>: Just kidding

1: I thought you'd be depressed, but you don't care, do you?
Left of his head: Kidding about what, kid?

Panel 1 SFX: *splash* (x2)

1: Well...
2: If I don't understand something however long I think about it, I can't be depressed about it forever.

Bookman: Brat...

Allen: Yeah, If my master's debt's can't bring me down nothing can, right??

Panel 4 SFX: Ahahahahaha

Lavi: 'that so?

Bookman: Brat...

Allen<thought>: ...have. to. think. positive...

<eop 4>

Panel 5 SFX: *talking* <presumably>

Lavi: Hm? What's that?

Allen: "Entry for science personnel only"

<Ignore the actual content of the sign, the mangaka mistranslated it>

Reever: Oh... morning, everybody!

Panel 6 SFX: quick steps

Page 7

1: That's...
2: The egg of the Genesis Plant
3: you brought that from the ark?

Lavi: You're analysing it?

1: Sure
It gives us information about the Akuma. It's a really unique thing.
Left of the bubble: Like how to modify Akuma

Panel 2 SFX: *Whoaa*

Lavi: More importantly, hurry up and repair my hammer!

1: While I deeply wish we could do that...
a lot of us are passing out from exertion so we're a little short-handed...
we'll start right after we're done with this....
Above his head: *exhausted*

Allen <thought>:
1: Mr. Reever looks even more tired than I do
Left of his bubble: Just give it a rest, Lavi

Page 8

Kanda: What do you want?

Lenalee: It's nothing
I've just sometimes wondered what it's like to meditate with you.

Kanda: It's about Leverrier...
You've always been running to me, when he came

Panel 3 SFX: *direct hit*

1: Ugh...
2: I hate it, when everybody is worried about me.
Left of her head: They're all so busy anyway...
3: Ever since I was a little girl you made me feel easy, because you never asked me anything

Page 9

Lenalee: So...
You're right, I'm running...

Panel 1 SFX: *cheerless*

1: I can't be doing this
I have to get stronger
2: But!... but...

Panel 2 SFX: Grinding teeth

Panel 2, left of his head: I... can't... concentrate!
Panel 3, left of his head: *tch*
1: I...
2: I think of you as a strong woman

Lenalee: Kanda...

1: Be quiet and meditate
Left of his head: meditate, or get the hell out

Lenalee: ...yes!

BatBot <or whatever>:
1: *ring ring*
Lenalee Lee, by order of auditor Leverrier and branch head Komui
2: you are to immediately meet Hebraska

Page 10

Hebraska: The synchronization rate is less that 10%

Lenalee: What did you say?

1: I should better return it to my body once...
2: I'll revert it to it's original form...

Panel 2 SFX: sfx for something big...

Lenalee: The boots have melted!?

Panel 4 SFX: たプン no idea. You quess something fitting

Panel 5 SFX: Liquid gathering

Panel 6 SFX: *tumble*

Page 11

Lenalee: My legs...
The pattern has vanished

Komui: Good
You're not in pain, are you, Lenalee?

Leverrier: What is the meaning of this, Hebraska?
Is she not the compatible?

1: She... is...
2: However...
As with Allen Walker's innocence
Hers now... Her innocence now is also starting to take a form unheard of before
4 <in the box>: I can feel something like a will
5: Just like... Akuma feed on despair in order to evolve...
<the two last bubbles here are connected, so no new number>
the innocence is reacting to the wearer's strong emotions... just like...

1: "evolving"...
2: Are you saying that the innocence is beginning to evolve?

Page 12

Komui: You're saying it's ... evolving...!?

1: Maybe...
2: but great power comes at a great price...
3: like a parasitic type...

Lenalee: Eh?

1: Lenalee...
Different from equipment types, strong parasitic type innocences...
are said to be very rare...
2: That is because a strong innocence inside of a body strains it constantly
3: that body degrades faster than normal
4: and the host cannot live that long

Page 13

1<black box>: That...
2: Brother...

Leverrier: Hebraska
you are saying Lenalee is becoming a parasitic type?

1: I cannot say... yet...
2: However... the next time she synchronizes...
3: I believe we should be cautious

Page 14

Link: Walker, you're only 15, so you should eat more vegetables

Allen: You, too, Link
You're eating nothing but cake

Link <right of his head>: I'm 19!

Lavi: You're both eating too heavy things after noon!

Bookman: Young ones...

Baku: Jonny!
You're too slow, come to the construction site right now!!

Panel 2 SFX: *running*

1: I... I'm sorry
2: Heey! You can't come in here today, subdivision leader Baku!

Panel 3 SFX: no idea again

1: You idiot
I'm still a great scientist!
2: You're so short handed I had to help!
3: Yeah, now move, you amateur!

Jonny: Squad leader...

Reever: Ouch...

<Background talk>
New scientists: hahahahaha

On the bottom right: Here we go
The subdivision leader is so self-centred

On the bottom left: Squad leader... Jonny...

1: This is my job, so...
Left of the bubble: Hey---

Panel 5 SFX: *pierce*

Page 15

Jonny: eh?

Panel 1 SFX: single heartbeat

Guy A <now bad Guy A>: Yes, work...

Jonny: Ugh...

Baku: He... hey!

Panel 2 SFX: *stagger*

bad Guy A:
1: And this
2: is my job

Page 16

Panel 1 SFX: do! <impact>

Page 17

Bad Guy A: Let's begin!

Announcer: Invaded...!!

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#1. by rhapsody blue ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2007
Thank you!
#2. by Magical Poof ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
Whoa, that's a really nifty site you've found there! And thanks for getting a translation out ^_^
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
thanks rikki!!!
#4. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
I'll get back in 8 hours. Gotta get some shut-eye.
#5. by ~Lilium~ ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
the doc.google thing is really nice! :) its really clear! thanks agian! :XD
#6. by ernn ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
edited: sorry I post at the wrong place
#7. by 526663 ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
#8. by marte1980 ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
At page 6, when Allen says : "Yeah, if I'm not depressed about your master's debts, then I can't be depressed about anything, can I?" , shouldn't it be "Yeah, if I'm not depressed about my master's debts, then I can't be depressed about anything, can I?"
#9. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
yeah, in an earlier version I thought lavi said that, then I looked more closely and just changed the pronouns. I must have missed that one. thanks.
#10. by Ilapso ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
Hi, RTT. First of all, thanks for the translation.

I guess the romanization you look for in page 7 for

"The egg of <buranto/burasuto romanization required; Japanese:> the genesis Factory"

is PURANTO, or, in English, Plant (A factory, after all)
#11. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
Yes. That was unreadable in the Camshot raw...

Bwt: the trans is done.
#12. by Ilapso ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
#13. by Hayate-taichou ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
Thanks! ^___^
#14. by shadowchii ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
#15. by Tenshi123 ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
Thanks for the trans! ^^

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