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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

D.Gray-Man 144

D.Gray-Man Chapter 144

+ posted by Saladballad as translation on Jan 18, 2008 14:40 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 144

Hello again, once again use this in scanlations at your own risk, my Japanese isn't very fluent :)

144th Night Black Star . Red Star

Johnny: Tapp… you can’t… leave…
Johnny desperately reaches out for the protective skull of Tapp who is facing the ark, as if trying to stop him.
But, the combined Akuma’s eye makes a long distance slash, 2 bloodied arms appear.

Fanning text: The nightmare never ends…!?

(human… human…)
The hand entangles and picks up Johnny, drawing him into the eye socket

Johnny: Still alive…
With a shriek, Johnny’s silhouette is drawn in

The battle between the Generals and Lulu gets more intense
Lulu: Ku… the egg is…
The egg is considerably damaged, Marie is trying to prevent it from sinking by using his strings to pull it up, but the string is starting to break in a while
Marie: Gu… It may be hopeless but I’m not stopping
Klaud: We haven’t got time. We can’t destroy the egg while worrying about Miranda

Maries strings get too pointed (TL: ?) and can’t get hold of Miranda
Socalo: If we don’t launch an all-out attack together on the Noahs, we’ll lose
Well that woman’s an exorcist, so she should have determination, right?
Marie: !? General, what did you…?
Cross: …. Destroying the “egg” is our priority, isn’t it
Marie: Please wait, general!!
But Socalo is already holding “Madness” high, revolving it with great power
Klaud: Lao Jimin. Long distance form
(TL: don’t know the pronunciation for this but the kanji means something like “Shell-breaking rifle” I think) Shell-breaking rifle “Lao Ganz”!!
Lao Jimin slashes the body vertically
Cross’s Judgement seems to have become something terrifying

Cross: Judgement – Cleansing Level - 3 times merit (TL: not too sure about the merit bit)

Lulu: They’re serious…! If time doesn’t change now…
Lulu retrieves Miranda from inside the body, pressing the egg

Lulu: Is that really alright, exorcist? Your few comrades are hanging on and still you’ll stop? This woman’s power is really important to you guys, right?
Marie: Are you intending to use Miranda as a shield for the egg!?
Lulu: I will return with the egg!!
But Cross laughs
Cross: You gotta be joking
Marie: General-!!
Judgement, Lao Ganz and Madness’ attacks turn on the egg at the same time

In the wake of the tremendous power, the inside of the Order experiences violent tremors
Komui, who is standing by the ark is affected by the tremors

Komui: General!? Marie! Miranda
Komui calls out over the wireless radio
All other members of the Order are in chaos

?: The electricity's cut
?: Emergency generator! We’ll restore it immediately. Commanding officers of each level please report your status (TL: damage, but you know, translation liberties)
And in the height of this chaos a silhouette appears on the arc

Krory’s hospital room is shaking too, and things are scattering

Matron: Everyone! Get down!
Lavi: Damn it
Lavi protects Linalee from the falling items
Elsewhere too others are running around dodging falling items

Chao Ji: Are you alright! I’ll move it right away
Chao Ji tries to help a government official (TL: ?) whose leg is trapped in the rubble, but a huge piece of rubble falls from above

Kanda: I’m borrowing this
Kanda uses the sword he borrowed (stole) from the official and saves him and Chao Ji.

Chao Ji: Ka… Ka... Kanda-san
Kanda: The sword isn’t sharp… Che…

Despite crumbling, the arc is still able to retain it’s original form and the egg is sinking into it.
Lulu returns to her human form, anxious about the egg

Lulu: Enter the gate… Hurry, to where the master is. Right now, repairing the egg is… Bastard Generals…
At this time, a white bundle is seen clinging to the egg
From there, the cracks on the egg widen rapidly

Lulu: Damn you…
Cross observes the sinking of the egg by the arc

Socalo: You’re a horrible master, ain’t ya. Jumping in knowing of the all-out attack (TL: don't really get this...)
Cross: Fu… Avoidance is still attacking
It doesn’t matter, that’s also a critical person for now
The cracks widen all over the entire egg
Lulu: Stop! If it takes any more damage than this…
The egg shatters, Allen leaps out of the arc carrying Miranda and glaring at Cross

Allen: It’s hard to stand…
Cross: You betrayed my trust, stupid disciple (TL: I can't get if Cross says "you betrayed my trust" or "you have my trust" or something else altogether...)
At the same time as the arc shrinks and the gate closes, a shadow in the pillar
Miranda is being looked after by Marie and the rest

Marie: Hang in there, Miranda!
Bookman: It’s alright, she just lost consciousness
Allen: I’m going to where Reever is…
At this time, Allen’s left eye has a reaction, and there’s a laugh from somewhere
(Kusu… Kusu Kusu Kusu Kusu [giggling])
In the blood, a blood-stained left hand, and from there, footsteps in blood leading away

Fanning text: This sound is…? What has Allen recognized!?

Thank you to Dofla for the script and cam raws!

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#1. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2008
cool...cool..thanks yah!!
#2. by Phat ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2008
wooo thanks!
#3. by RoXaS_DTD ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2008
Great Chapter
I'll be waiting for the scanlation :)

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