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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Ane-Doki 13

The season of love changes color.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 2, 2009 14:29 | Go to Ane-Doki

-> RTS Page for Ane-Doki 13

This is for Redhawk scans use only.

A little aside: Does anyone know if Frogman got canceled? I haven't seen any updates for it, and as far as I know it's monthly. That and Hen Koi, the after school diary.

page 1

panel) I'm going to make all // the hearts in japan skip a beat!!
title) The season of love changes color.

page 2

b1) WHOA!!!
b2) Sakurai cut her hair!!
b3) I like this look way better!
b4) From what I hear, she's had the same hairstyle since she was 3.
panel) An attitude change!?
b5) There must have been something extreme for her to change her hairstyle!!
b6) It's just an image change.
b7) So say hello to the reborn Sakurai Kanade.
box) So, // from that small change (?), our second semester begins.

page 3

b1) November is almost here!!
b2) This will be the first culture festival that we can participate in!!
b3) Let's make this as grand as we can!!
b4) Kanade-chan...
b5) When did she become a board member for the festival?
b6) Y-yeah, that's not a bad idea. If we start early, we can take our time getting things prepared.
b7) Exactly!
b8) Then today, let's...
b9) think of what we should do for the festival.
b0) seriously...
b1) I can only think of things like a haunted house or a cafe.
2) Yeah, me too.
b3) I already know what we're going to do.

page 4

b1) And that's love!
b2) Love!?
b3) When you think of festivals, you think of events leading to love.
b4) I'm going to take advantage of this chance and tell him...
b5) Right... now let's put the jokes aside.
b7) So the reborn Sakurai's theme is love huh?
b8) Love...

page 5

b1) Ochiai-kun, do you have something you thought of?
b2) Why...
b3) Why am I thinking of he!!?

page 6

box1) She's selfish, self centered...
box2) and to top it off, she's a total stranger.
b1) I'm back..
b2) Welcome back! Today's dinner is hamburgers with lots of veggies! // and my special omelettes!
b3) I'm trying my hardest to make you something new!
box3) She's 4 years older than I, and in high school...
b4) Thanks for the food.
b5) Your welcome.

page 7

box1) I don't think I like her...
box2) In fact I mostly view her as a nuisance.
b1) Oh no, I dropped the carrot glaze.
bubble sfx.) flutter
b2) Buha!

page 8

b1) Is her sexiness the thing that keeps making me think of her!!?
b2) I'm back.
b3) hm?
panel sfx.2-4) sigh
panel) The carrot glaze came out good.
b4) sigh...
b5) Goo... // good morning Kouta-kun!!

page 9

b1) G-good morning.
b2) Why is she running?
panel) Does she have to use the bathroom?
box1) Sakurai-san is so cute.
bo2) If so...
box3) why have I become so confused...
box4) over who I like?

page 10

b1) Hagiwara-san, we're going to stop at the book store.
b2) Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then.
b3) hm?
panel sfx.) sigh.
bubble sfx.) step
b4) sigh...
b5) HEY!
b6) Why are sitting in the middle of the road sighing like that?
b7) WAHH!

page 11

b1) Whether at home or outside, you're only sighing! // It's really irritating...
b2) You're such a pain, you know that?
b3) Just...
b4) For you info. it's because of what YOU said that I've been like this!
b5) Excuse me?
b6) Did I say something? // I have no idea what you're talking about.
b7) You little...
b8) On no, it's starting to rain! // Let's take shelter in this store here.
b9) HUUUUH!!?
b0) heh heh... -small print- this is kinda embarrassing.

page 12

b1) Can we 2 hot milk tea's please.
b2) M-milk tea...
b3) So? You said I'm the reason for your sighs. I can't just pretend I didn't hear that.
b4) W-well, not so much the reason...
b5) That look on your face will only make those around you angry!
panel1) Don't point at me.
b6) Quiet! I know, so I'll say it!
b7) What... // does it mean...
b8) to like someone...
b9) I get it, liking someone huh?

page 13

b2) F-for a 7th grader, you're quite the pimp!
b3) You're the one that started this!!
b4) Why are you trying to blame me!?
b5) I was only asking what it's like to like someone!
b6) You're in your final year of middle school, so I'm sure there's someone you have your eye on!
b7) ugh...
b8) What, you mean there isn't? // Well, you do go to an all girl school.
b9) I do! Of course I do!! // I'm older than you, so of course I have that experience!!

page 14

b1) That's why I have no problem with giving advice on love!
b2) Would you mind not looking at me like that!
b3) But you're the one who was refusing to help.
b4) Once you're interested in someone, you already like them.
b5) huh?
b6) Whether it's a celebrity, or someone that helped you out on the train.
b7) Okay.
b8) Oh, Hagiwara-san you're also taking shelter from the rain?
b9) It's just a light drizzle now.
b0) Hey, // Matsumoto-san, look!

page 15

b1) Is that guy...
b2) Hagiwara-san's boyfriend?
b3) WHA?
b4) Hell no! Take a look at him! He's only a 7th grader, 7th grader!!
b5) But,
b6) you're on a date right?
b7) Th-this isn't a da...
b8) Wha?

page 16

panel) kiss...
b1) she ki

paeg 17

b1) Kyaaaaaaahhhh!!!
b2) That was nothing more than an accident!!!
b3) gabueh
b4) H-hagiwara sa...

page 18

b1) Wha...
b2) I'm the one who wants to cry!!
b3) I had to pay for what you ordered at the store!! -small print- all of my allowance is gone! // I'm lucky they didn't ask me to pay for the cutlery you broke!
b4) Shut up! I was hurt back there, and my uniform is all dirty because tea spilled on it!
b5) And my friends now think that I was on a date with you!
b6) It's nice to see you two getting a long so well. // Welcome back Kou-chan.

page 19

b1) I'm sure you two will be fine then.
b2) This is...
b3) movie tickets.
b4) I won them at the supermarket's lottery just now.
b5) I already have plans for this sunday, so you two can go. // This is a present for Kou-chan who's been feeling down lately.
b6) A... // movie on sunday, isn't this...
panel) just like // going on a date? // Go on a date!!!
b7) ugh...

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2009
Thankyou shadow-skill!
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