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Beelzebub 37

Ishiyama's best.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 12, 2009 16:41 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 37

This is for Keishou's use only.

page 1

box1) I looked up to that guy.
bubble sfx.) bada bada
box2) In this garbage dump city.
box3) I was raised surrounded by people that you can only call trash.
b1) kuku, Tora...
b2) Don't think adults are stupid.
b3) You stole from the store didn't you!!
b4) I keep telling you it wasn't me!!

page 2

box1) A world where power was everything.
b1) It WAS you!
panel) Toujou Hidetora (12)
b2) Who else besides you is there!?
box2) A world where the weak are trampled on and crushed.
box3) That's why I...
box4) Prayed to get stronger.
b3) You guys are pathetic pulling a knife on a kid.
b4) huh
box5) To be strong like him.

page 3

title) Ishiyama's best.
left of panel) Stronger and tougher... So that even if I come across the man of steel, I can live up to that day's promise.

page 5

b1) He...
b2) Did He win?
b3,4) haa
b5) Oga just...
b6) beat Toujou...
b7,8) haa

page 6

b2,3) haa

page 7

b1) ...why.
b2) After you spoke with the baby,
b3) that symbol on your hand went away. // Yet your punches hurt more.
b4) That's not the way it's supposed to be...
b5) That's the mark of the strongest!
b6) There's no way you get stronger after it goes away!
b7) I have no idea what you're talking about, but...

page 8

b1) I simply promised him I wouldn't lose.
b2) That's it.
b3) A promise...
panel1) Tora...
panel2) Listen well Tora. // True strength isn't just about beating who's standing in front of you.
b4) It's about what you protect.

page 9

b1) You always saw you want to be strong like me.
b2) But no matter how strong you actually get, // or how many fights you win,
b3) if you don't have it,
b4) you'll never win the true fight.
panel) Never.
b5) hmph
b6) What we're protecting is different, huh...

page 10

b1) I won.

page 11

b1) DAH.
-Oga just got spear tackled by a baby!!!-
b2) Oh boy.
b3) Well, with this we've finally overcome that problem.
b4) Right, Lamia.
b5) ugh.
b6) I'm sorry.
b7) Nee-san, how about you go over there too.
b8) To tend to his wounds or something.
b9) W-what are you talking about? -small print- There's no way I would go.
b0) He won, and that's all I was worried about.
b1) Let's go.
b2) Ah, wait.
b3) Besides...

page 12

b1) If I went now,
b2) I'd only get in the way.
panel) Like a little girl!!
b3) how cute.
b4) Oga!!
b5) Furuichi?
b6) You were here too?
b7) Well, as you just saw,
b8) I payed him back.

page 13

b1) Are you stupid!!?
b2) What on earth are you doing?
b3) You're forgetting to ask something VERY important!
b4) Hello, the zebub spell!
b5) Toujou-san, can I ask you something?
b6) It's about the tattoo on your shoulder...
b7) Toujou-san...
b8) You're the fool.
b9) Let's go.
b0) No, wait...
b1) There was a man I looked up to in the past.

page 14

b1) I did this just to look like him.
b2) It's just a tattoo I got to be like him.
b3) Does that mean...
panel) That there's someone else besides Oga out there with a devil contract?
b4) At that time,
b5) When your hand started shining with that symbol, I remembered him.
b6) Oh yeah, that's right...
b7) He was also like that...
b8) He also did the impossible like it was the absolute norm...
b9) You're not the same as me, // you're the real deal.

pae 15

b1) Oga...
b2) you, are Ishiyama's best.
b3) This school,
b4) is now yours.
b5) Yeah.
b6) That's great and all...
b7) but for a while now,
b8) my arm has looked like it's about to fall off.
bubble sfx.1,2) crack

page 16

b1) Whoa...
bubble sfx.) shake(X2)
b2) What the hell is that!? That's nasty!
b3) Well, I don't know...
b6) OH NO!!
b7) Baby Beel is over excited!!
b8) All the demon power he was holding back,
b9) is being concentrated into his right arm!!
b0) Hey, hurry and fire that off!!
b1) Or else your arm will explode!
b2) Huuh!?
b3) How do you fire it off?
b4) It doesn't really matter, just punch something!!

page 17

b1) Damn
b2) it alllllllll!!!

page 18

b1) Currently, I am...
b2) standing in front of something unbelievable.
b3) I am here in front of a infamous school in the area, known as the thug school, Ishiyama high.
b4) In a couple of hours the 2nd semester is supposed to start,
b5) but take a look at this:
b7) There's no school building.

page 19

b1) All that's here is a mountain of rubble!!!
-joke lost in translation-
b2) What on earth happened here last night to make the school look like this?
panel) The destruction of Ishiyama!! Oops!
b3) We have some reports of eye witnesses who say that there were some gangs fighting on the school grounds,
b4) but we still don't know what exactly caused this to happen.
b5) Oh,
b6) They're showing the school you just earned.
b7) ahh.

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