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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beelzebub 81

Destroy humanity.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 15, 2010 19:35 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 81

This is for Keishou's use only.

page 1

b1) Hilda,
b2) why are you spacing out like that, get on your knees.
box1) Wet nurse // Yolda
b3) My lord En,
b4) I've found Beelze-sama.
box2) Wet nurse // Izabella
b5) shi shi
b6) That contractor looks like a push over
box3) Wet nurse // Sachura
b7) You're...
b8) Long time no see,
left of panel) He's finally here! And what's this!?

page 2

b1) Brother of mine.

page 3

panel) The king of hell's son's brother?
title) Destroy humanity.

page 5

b1) Brother...
b2) You mean...
b3) Hilda, you're a MAN!?
b4) That's a really small brother you have there.
b5) You damn fool.
b6) He's lord En,
b7) Master Beelzebub's older brother.
b8) Oh, baby Beel's,
b9) I didn't know he had one.

pge 6

b1) Ah.
b2) hmph
b3) Izabella.
b4) As you wish.
b5) Here you go, master.
bubble sfx.) flip (x2)

page 7

panel1) Summons, here my call // Trick Art.
b1) What the!?
b2) A big seat came out of a single piece of paper!!
b3) fu fu fu fu fu
panel2) What does he plan on doing!?
-Umm, maybe sitting down? You know, just a guess...-

page 8

-damn, I'm good-
b1) Here we go,
b2) that feels good.
b3) Yolda,
b4) fan me.
b5) As you wish, sir.
b6) Ahh.
b7) Sachura, the usual.
b8) Here you go, sprite on ice.
b9) Now then,

page 9

b1) I am known as En,
b2) that baby's older brother.
b6) Of course it was. I'm quite important,
b7) I don't move at the same pace as the people below me.
b8) Oga... hey, wait a sec...
b9) What was that?
b0) huh? I don't know.
b1) Probably magic. // Those guys are all demons.
b2) Magic? Demons!?

page 10

b1) What's up with you? Didn't I tell you already?
b2) He and Hilda are both demons. -small print- In fact, he's a demon lord.
panel1) What the...!?
b3) Hey, hey, human,
b4) don't just give out information like that to people that aren't involved.
b5) He's my brother's contractor, right?
b6) Then wouldn't she be on the side that's going to destroy humanity? ... or is it,
b7) that she's his woman or he wants her to be.
b8) huh?
b9) Woman?
b0) No, you have it wrong there.
b1) SHE'S the one that wants to be his.
b2) OH.
b3) You're really sharp in these matters.

page 11

b1) When I tried to kiss that guy a second ago, she really got upset.
b2) wha?
b3) Oh, from just a kiss.
b4) However, from the looks of things, I don't think she got her feelings across to him yet.
b5) H-hey, you, stop!!
b6) What on earth are you saying, there's no way that's true!!
b7) It's so cute,
b8) how you start to fluster because I hit the bullseye.

page 12

b1) Kunieda!!
b2) Calm down,
b3) it's the same as with this guy.
b4) I've just knocked her out is all.
b5) You little...
b6) What the hell did you come here for?
b7) Don't get so angry...

page 13

b1) I only came to introduce myself today.
b2) To introduce yourself?
b3) What on earth do you mean?
b4) Well, I guess I should just let you know.
b5) Let's talk somewhere a little more welcoming.
panel1) I don't like it out here.
b6) Should I go along with him?
b7) Well...
panel2) I want to eat some potato chips.
b8) Fine.
b9) Follow me.
b0) Alright!!
panel3) So you're taking me up on that offer!

page 14

b1) So,
b3) HUH!? WHY!!?
b4) Sorry, but this was the only option.
b5) It wouldn't be funny if my house got destroyed, right?
b6) I found some porn.
b8) Mm.
b9) Here master, open wide.
b0) Sachura, stop that.
b2) nya
b3) Taka,
b4) I brought some drinks. -small print- who are all these people?

page 15

b1) Now then,
b2) let's get to the point here.
b3) Why have I come to the human world,
b4) and Why am I so damn cool.
b5) What a loser.
b6) I'm sure these are the questions that are running through your heads right now,
b7) but to explain all that,
b8) I'll need to tell you what happened to our current king.
b9) No way!!
b0) Did something happen to the king!?
b1) Truth is...

page 16

b1) I'm

page 17

b1) going to destroy humanity tomorrow.

page 18

b1) Don't you think...
b2) in fact it just crossed my mind...
b3) that they're really damn annoying.
b4) There are just so many of them.
b5) I'm getting super excited about exterminating them right now.
b6) However, my lord.
b7) Haven't you already sent out your youngest son for that very purpose?
b8) Huh? Did I really?
b9) Hmm, I think I did... // But, but, but, you know...
b0) Won't it take a while?
b1) Well yeah, he is still just a baby.
b2) Yeah, it really will take a while.
b3) Okay, I've made up my mind!!
b4) I'll let his brother do the honors.
b5) Prince En, let him do it.
b6) Izabella, take him and destroy them all!! Okay!!
b7) Yessir.

page 19

b1) And that's how things happened.
panel) The king of hell is... // EXTREMELY random!! // The rules have been changed at random.
b2) Thanks for this.
b3) ah.

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