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One Piece 419

One Piece 419 (English)

+ posted by shinwei as translation on Jul 20, 2006 18:38 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 419

One Piece
Chapter 419: The Legendary Hero
By Oda Eiichiro
Translated by Shinwei
Proofread by Ivotas

Page 01 Title Page

第419話 "英雄伝説"
Chapter 419: "The Legendary Hero"

Page 02

Panel 1

Marine1: お…おい!! アレを見ろよ!!! こんな事は初めてだ…!!
H..hey!! Check it it!! You ever see that happen before!?


SFX: wah- wah-

Marine2: ホントだ… おれは話にすら聞いた事もねェぞ…!!
N..no!! I've never even HEARD of something like that happening before!!

Panel 2 SFX: DOON!

Marine: "正義の門"が…!!!
The Gate of Justice...

Marine: 完全に開くなんて…!!!
is COMPLETEY open!!

SFX: waaaahhh

SFX: wah-

SFX: wah-

Marine: 「海軍本部」の軍艦が入って来る為だ!!!
It must be to let the battleships from the Marine HQ in!!

Marine: "バスターコール"の砲撃の為だァ!!!
They're getting ready for the "Buster Call" bombardment!!

Page 03

Panel 1

Paulie: ココロのばーさんは確かに… あの門が
I remember Kokoro-baasan said...

Paulie: 全開になる事はないと言ってた…!!
...that the gate NEVER opens all the way!!

Panel 2

FrankyFamily: 何だこの威圧感!! "バスターコール"ってのは一体何なんだ!!?
What's with this overpowering atmosphere!? Just what IS the "Buster Call" exactly!?

FrankyFamily: 世界にケンカ売った麦わらさん達を…!!
To get rid of the Straw-Hat-san and his crew for declaring war on the world...


SFX: wah- wah- wah-

FrankyFamily: ホントにこの島ごと消しと飛ばす気なんだ!!!
They're REALLY going to blow up the entire island!!

FrankyFamily: チッキショ~!!!

Panel 3

Zambai: 死なねェでくれよ!!! 兄キ~!!!
Don't you go dyin' on us, Aniki!!!


Panel 4

Tilestone: 生きて帰れ!!
Come back alive,


Tilestone: 麦わらァ~っ!!!

Panel 5


Panel 6

Luffy: huff...

Luffy: ロビンの事は
I left Robin...

SFX: hsssst

Luffy: フランキーに任せた…!!!
...up to Franky!!

Luffy: huff

Panel 7

Lucci: …ウカツだった
...I was careless.

Lucci: …まさかこれ程の力を持っているとは
I never thought you'd be capable of THIS much power.

Page 04

Panel 1 SFX: DON!!

Lucci: ずいぶん息が上がってる様だが…!!
But you seem to be getting rather short of breath.

Luffy: huff

Lucci: その蒸気のせいじゃないか?
Is it because of all that steam you're emitting?

Luffy: ......

Luffy: zeh

Panel 2

SFX: dorun...

SFX: dorurun

Luffy: お前に勝てれば
All that matters,

Luffy: それでいい!!!
is beating YOU!!

Panel 3

Lucci: 成程… 手強いな
I see. This isn't going to be as easy as I thought then.

Panel 4

Franky: huff

SFX: putputputput

Franky: huff

Panel 5

SFX: putputputputputputputputput

Franky: huff...

Franky: 間に合え!!
Gotta hurry!!

Panel 6 SFX: DON!!

Franky: まだ行くなニコ・ロビン!!!
Hang in there, Nico Robin!!!

Page 05

Panel 1-2

Box: "ためらいの橋" 最後尾
"Bridge of Hesitation" Final Stretch

Panel 3

Guard: 門衛外へ!!
Gate Guards, assemble!!

Guard: はっ

SFX: putputputput...

Guard: 護送船直ちに出航可能です!!!
The convoy ship is ready for departure, sir!!

Box: 「害軍本部」及び「海底監獄インペル・ダウン」行
Access: Marine Headquarters or Underwater Prison, "Impel Down".

Box: 護送船停泊港
Convoy Ship Boarding Area

Panel 4

Guard: 正義の門 "門衛"!!
Gate of Justice Guards!!

Guard: 「海軍本部」護送船海兵!!
Convoy marines from Marine HQ!!

Panel 5 SFX: DON!!

Guard: 現在 サイファ・ポールNo.9 スパンダム長官が司法の塔より
Attention! At this time, Director Spandam of Cipher Pol No. 9...

Guard: 最重要犯罪人を連行し
...is escorting a criminal of the highest degree...

Guard: 橋を渡られているところだ!
...across the bridge!

Guard: 全員整列の上敬礼!!!
All units, salute!!

Guard: はっ!!!
Yes, sir!!

Page 06

Panel 1

Spandam: ワハハハハハ!!

Spandam: 見ろ 出港準備は万端だ
See that? The preparations to set sail have already been completed.

Spandam: もう邪魔するものなど何もない!!!
There is NOTHING that can stand in our way anymore!!

SFX: whoo...

Spandam: ニコ・ロビンお前に一ついい事を教えといてやろうか
So I thought I'd share a nice little piece of information with you, Nico Robin.

Panel 2

Spandam: おれ達が今上ってきた階段その上部に仕掛けてある
You know those stairs we climbed up to get here?

Spandam: "地雷"を「ON」にしてきた …もしだ万が一…
Well, on our way up, I activated the MINES near the top.

Spandam: ここへ来ようという輩がいたら階段ごと
So even IF your friends somehow manage to try and follow us up...

Panel 3

Spandam: 吹き飛ぶ仕組さ
They'll just get blown up!!

Spandam: 面白いだろう?
Isn't it great?

Panel 4

Robin: .........!!

Robin: .......!!!

Robin: huff

SFX: slide...

Spandam: ワハハハ だが その点心配すんな
WAHAHAHA! Oh, but don't you worry,

Spandam: 階段に辿りつける奴なんざいねェよ!!
'cuz no one's gonna be able to get that far anyway!!

Panel 5

Robin: .....huff

Robin: でも…
You're wrong...

Robin: huff

Robin: 門はくぐらない…!!!
I'm not going through that gate...!!

Spandam: あァ!!?

Panel 6

SFX: putputputputputput

Page 07

Panel 1

Robin: huff

Robin: …「助ける」と…
They said...

Robin: huff...

Robin: 言ってくれたから…!!
..that they'd save me!!

Panel 2

Spandam: 誰も来やしねェよバカ女!!!
NOBODY is coming, you retard!!

Panel 3

Spandam: どいつもこいつも
They're all going to die,

Spandam: "バスターコール"の業火に焼かれて死ぬんだよ!!!
they're going to BURN to death in the hellfire of the Buster Call!!!

Panel 4

Spandam: 神聖なる旗を海賊に打ち抜かれたという
Even the shame of having our sacred flag shot down by a group of lowlife pirates...

Spandam: 我々の赤っ恥さえ"バスターコール"はかき消してくれる!!!
...will be BURNT away by the Buster Call!!!

Panel 5

Spandam: 20年前オハラで暴れた巨人海兵の一件の様に…!!
Just like the incident 20 years ago when a giant marine rampaged against us, in OHARA..!!

Robin: !

Robin: …え

Panel 6

Spandam: ハハッ… さァ歩け!!!
Hahah... now WALK!!

Robin: (サウロ…!!?)

Spandam: 自分の足で歩きやがれ!!!
Get up and WALK!!

SFX: tug tug

Robin: ……!!!

Page 08

Panel 1

Spandam: この…!!
Why, you..!!


Panel 2

Robin: あァっ!!!

SFX: ksstksstksst!!!

Guard: 長官殿お急ぎを!!
Director, quickly please!!

Spandam: わァってらうるせェな!!!
Watch your mouth, I don't need you tellin' me what to do!!

Spandam: 英雄だぞおれァ!!!
You're talkin' to a HERO here!!

Panel 3

Spandam: てめェ… おれが何も知らねェとでも思ってんだろ
You thought I didn't know ANYTHING, didn't you?

Robin: …!?

Panel 4

Spandam: 元海軍本部中将ハグワ-ル・D・サウロの乱行…!!
I know about the violent misconduct of the former Marine HQ Vice-Admiral, Jaguar D. Saul..!!

SFX: ksst

Robin: .....!!!

SFX: ksssssssssssssss

Spandam: 貴様の母オルビアの事あの時オハラで何が起きたのか
I know about your mother and the events on Ohara at that time.

Spandam: おれは全部知ってる!!!
I know EXACTLY what happened!!!

Panel 5

Robin: ....!! .....!!?

SFX: klaklaklak

Panel 6

Spandam: 聞かされたからさ…!!! オハラという悪魔達の住む土地へ踏み込み
I heard all about it!! Because the one who went forth into the land of demons, Ohara,

Spandam: その大罪を暴き!!! "バスターコール"の合図を出したのは
exposed their crimes, and gave the order to deploy the Buster Call,

Spandam: 当時「CP9」の長官だった
was the Director of the CP9 at the time,

Spandam: おれの親父"スパンダイヌ"だからだ!!!
my father, "Spandain"!!!

Page 09

Panel 1

Robin: !!?

Panel 2 First Flashback Panel

Spandain: ここに貴様らの
It has been decided,

SFX: muhahahahaha!!

Spandain: 「死罪」が確定した!!!
that all of you will be EXECUTED here!!!

Panel 3

SFX: DOoN!!!

Panel 4

Robin: 博士~!!!

Panel 5 Final Flashback Panel

Spandain: 見つけたぞーっ!!!
There you are!!

Spandain: 非難船!!! そのガキを乗せるな!!!
Evacuation ship!! Do NOT let that brat board!!

Panel 6

Spandam: wahahaha...

Panel 7

Spandam: あの時オハラにいた者達は
All of the inhabitants of Ohara,

Spandam: 全員死に絶えたもんだと
were supposed to have been wiped out.


Spandam: 政府は逃げ出した一匹のガキを
All, except for one... little... BRAT,

Robin: .....!!

Spandam: 見落としていた
who managed to escape.

Panel 8

Robin: .......!?

Spandam: どうだった
How was it?

SFX: huff

SFX: huff

Panel 9

Spandam: 8才のガキが何度金目当ての
Being an 8-year old girl, constantly targeted...

Spandam: 大人達に殺されかけた事か
..by adults out to kill you for money?

Robin: ....!!

SFX: grab!!

Spandam: 寄ってくる人間全てが信用できない
You were all alone, without a single person you could trust,

Spandam: 安心して眠れる場所もねェ… 食うものもねェ
without food, and without a safe place to sleep.

Spandam: そんなクソみてェな20年おれァ想像もしたくねェ
I don't even want to IMAGINE how shitty the past 20 years have been for you!!

Page 10

Panel 1

Spandam: ハハ…!! 泣く程不幸だったか
Haha..!! Enough to make you cry, I see!

SFX: drip

Panel 2

Spandam: 20年前… お前の首に
20 years ago, the man...

Spandam: 賞金を懸けたのは
...who gave you your bounty,

Spandam: おれの親父だ!!! ワハハハ!!!

Robin: !!?

Spandam: 世界平和の為にな!!!
For the sake of World Peace!!

Panel 3

SFX: huff

SFX: huff

Panel 4-5

Spandam: そして20年たった今…!!
And now, 20 years later,

Spandam: 息子のおれがそのたった一人の生き残りを狩り…!!
his son has finished the job by hunting down that last survivor!!

Spandam: オハラの戦いは幕を閉じる!!
Ohara's struggle is over!!

Spandam: オハラは負けたんだ!!!
Ohara has LOST!!


Saul: この島の歴史は!! いつかお前が語り継げロビン!!
The history of Ohara rests upon your shoulders now, Robin!! Never forget it. Never forget that..

Saul: オハラは世界と戦ったんでよ!!!
Ohara fought back against the world!!!

Panel 7

Robin: まだ私が生きてる!!!!

Spandam: そのお前が死ぬんだろうがよ!!!!

Page 11

Panel 1

Robin: ......!!

SFX: drip

SFX: drip

Panel 2

Spandam: !?


Franky: うわー 何だっ!?
AGH! What the!?

Panel 3

Franky: .......!!?

Franky: な…

Panel 4

Spandam: カ… カティ・フラム!!!
C..Cutty Flam!!!

Robin: ....

Spandam: 地雷か…!!! なぜあうつがここに!!?
He triggered the mines!! B..but why is he here!?

Panel 5

Spandam: huff..

Spandam: あァ… ワハハ!!!


Spandam: だがかかった!! バカめ!!! あのバカかかった!!!
But he fell into the trap!! Idiot!! Serves you right!!

Panel 6

Robin: ........!!

SFX: huff

Robin: (私を助けに…!!)
(He came... to save me?)

Panel 7

Spandam: こりゃいけねェ!! 万全を期していてよかった!!
That was close!! But good thing I took extra precautions!!

Spandam: 急ぐぞ!! 来い!!
Let's go!! C'mon!!

SFX: klaklak!!

Robin: あう!!

SFX: ksssssssssssss!!

Panel 8

Robin: (…!! 言葉にならない…!!)
(This is too frustrating..!!)

SFX: klaklaklaklak

Panel 9

Spandam: 船を出せ海兵共飛び乗るぞー!!!
Ready the ship!! We leave NOW!!

Guard: は…はい了解
Y..yes, sir!!

Guard: 出航だァ!!!
Set sail!!

Guard: はっ!!!
Yes, sir!!

Panel 10

Robin: (くやしくて涙が止まらない)
(I can't stop crying.)

SFX: klaklaklak

Panel 11

Spandam: よく見ておけ!! この一歩こそ
Watch closely!! This step...

Spandam: 歴史に刻まれる英雄の!!
..will be recorded in history as the first step..

Spandam: 第一…
..of a her-

Page 12-13

Panel 1

Spandam: POGABA!!

Spandam: !!!?


Robin: !!?

Panel 5

Robin: ....!!?

Page 14

Panel 1


Guard: 長官殿!!!


Panel 2

Guard: 何だァ!!? 何者だ!!?
What the!? Who did that!?

Guard: 橋には誰もいないぞ!!!
There's no one on the bridge!!

SFX: putputputput

Guard: いないハズはないどこかに隠れてるんだ!!!
That's impossible!! He must be hiding somewhere!!

Guard: 探せーっ!!!

SFX: wah-

SFX: wah-

Panel 3

Guard: EH!?

SFX: kyu kyun!!

Panel 4

Guard: WAH!!


Robin: !?

Guard: GYAA!!

Robin: ...

Page 15

Panel 1-2

Spandam: うおい!!! 何やってんだてめェら揃いも揃って
HEY!! What the hell is going on!? DO something!!

SFX: zeh- zeh-

Guard: しかし長官敵が確認できません!!!
But director, we are unable to confirm the enemy's location!!

Panel 4

Guard: おわ!!


Panel 6

Guard: あ…

SFX: gya-

SFX: wah-


Guard: いた…

Panel 7

SFX: wah-

SFX: gya-

SFX: kaboom!!

RobinFX: sniff..

SFX: ugya-


Panel 8

Guard: 長官あれを!!
Director, up there!!

Spandam: 何だよ!! どこだ!!!
What? Where!?

SFX: flap...

SFX: flap...

Panel 9

Guard: 司法の塔のてっぺんに…!!
On top of the Tower of Administration!!

SFX: zoooooooom

SFX: huh?! what!?

Spandam: !!?

Panel 10

Spandam: 司法の塔だと!!?

Spandam: あんなトコから何ができるってんだよ!!
How can anyone do anything from WAY over there!?

Panel 11


CapefX: flapflap

Page 16-17

Panel 1 SFX: DON!!


Spandam: 何だあいつはァ~っ!!?
Who.. who the hell is that!!?

Panel 2

Guard: この距離で風の吹く中…!!
From this great of a distance, with the wind blowing THIS hard...

Guard: 寸分狂わすおれ達を狙ってるのか!!?
..he can hit us with bulls-eyes!!?

Sogeking: そげきーの島でー うまれーたーおーれーはー100ぱーつ 100ちゅー ルルララルー
On- the island- of snipers- I was born- 100 shots- 100 hits- lululalalu-

Spandam: 誰だありゃあ
Who the hell IS he!?


Panel 3

Robin: 長鼻君…!!

Panel 4

Sanji: みろ!! スゲェだろウチの狙撃手の力ァ!!!
Man, check it out!! Our sniper's skills are unbelievable!!

Sogeking: (more singing)

Sanji: クソザマーみやがれあいつら!!! ロビンちゃん逃げろー!!!
Eat shit, ya losers!! Robin-chan, run for it!!

SFX: gyahahahaha

Zoro: 歌う必要あんのか
Is the singing really necessary?

Panel 5

Spandam: んぬおォのれェ~!!!

Panel 6

Spandam: ぐばァ!!


Guards: 長官!!!

Panel 7

Spandam: ッキショー!!! 何してんだてめェら早くアレ撃ち殺せ!!!
DAMMIT!! What the hell are you doing!? Hurry and shoot him down!!

Guards: やってますが銃弾なんて届きませんしましてや当てるなんて…!!
We've been trying, but our bullets can't even fly that far, much less HIT him!!

SFX: wah-

SFX: powpow!!

SFX: wah!!

SFX: pow!!

Guard: あの狙撃手!! ものスゴイ腕ですっ!!!
That sniper!! His marksmanship is incredible!!

Panel 8

Guard: ニコ・ロビンが逃げます!!!
Nico Robin is running away!!

Spandam: 逃がすな!!! バカ共!!! 撃っていい!! 殺さねェ程度に
Don't let her get away, idiots! Open fire!! Make sure you don't kill her,

Robin: ....!!

SFX: putput!!

SFX: wah- wah-

Spandam: 撃ち殺せ!!!
but shoot to kill!!

Guards: HUH!!?

Page 18

Panel 1

Robin: !!

Panel 2

SFX: oh no!!

Sogeking: !!!

Panel 3

Spandam: 撃てェ!!!


Panel 4


Panel 5

Guards: んな!!!

Guards: ええ!!?
WHAT the!?

Panel 6 SFX: DON!!

Franky: huff

Guards: 何だ!!?

BulletFX: clatter clatter

Franky: huff

Guards: コイツはァ~!!?
Who's THAT!?

Panel 7

Robin: …あなた
Are you o..

SFX: huff..

Panel 8

Franky: 丈夫なのよ鉄だから
I'm fine, 'cuz I'm made of iron.

Panel 9

Franky: 地雷はねェなスパンダ
What's the matter, out of mines, S-PANDA?

Spandam: ひ!!

Page 19

Panel 1

Sogeking: フランキー君 フランキー君
Franky-kun, Franky-kun, come in, Franky-kun.

Sogeking: こちらそげキング
This is Sogeking.

Franky: ん?

Franky: あり? この電伝虫はおめー…
How're you talkin' through this dendenmushi...

Sogeking: ナミから私が受け取った! それよりその付近に
I got it from Nami! Anyways,

Sogeking: "赤い布の包み"が落ちているはずだ
A red cloth bundle should have landed near your area.

Panel 2

Franky: おお… あるぞ
Oh, I see it.

Guards: huh? what?

Panel 3

Sogeking: 鍵が2本入ってる君のと会わせて
Inside, there are two keys. Combined with the ones...

Sogeking: 鍵は全て揃うはずだ!!
...in your possession, all the keys are now assembled!!

Panel 4

Spandam: 鍵全部~!!?


Panel 5

Sogeking: 確かに届けたぞ
I leave things in your hands.

Panel 6

Sanji: 完了
Mission complete.


Panel 7

Zoro: 急ぐか
We'd better hurry,

Zoro: やべェぞ
things are gonna get rough.

Translation Notes

Franky is making fun of Spandam for both his name and his blackened eyes, making his name sound like a panda.

End of Chapter

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