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Alive 64

Chapter 64: If…

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Jul 5, 2009 04:28 | Go to Alive

-> RTS Page for Alive 64

Reserved for Twilight Dream Scans.

Yura: I have no desire to keep things. // Once I create them, I destroy them. // That’s my style. // But if // I could get it…


Would I be able to draw something // that I’d want to keep?

Chapter 64: If…


Kanon: Aha! // I know! // Yura, / you don’t want people to see what you drew!


Yura: That’s right.

Ken: I get it… That’s why you destroy everything you draw? // What a waste… // You’re conceited!

Kanon: You try to act cool!

Yura: Whatever. // I don’t want people to tell me their opinions. // It’s my work, so all it needs to be is complete in my mind.


Yura: So I made it mine by destroying it. // I don’t want to leave anything behind… // I told you. // I like to keep things clean.


Yura: Oh right… I got shot and fell into the water… // That bastard… // He shot off my arm… // I can’t… // Regenerate soon enough… // Shit… // I’m going to die…


Yura: There’s something here… // a floor? // It’s someone’s power? // Oh, it must be that container…

Flashback: The smoke is trapped… // Is this someone’s power?

Yura: What… // I can’t meet the “heart” this way… // I came this far // so I wish I could at least // go near it // if…


Yura: If I could // get my hands on the “heart”…


Yukie: Leave your weapons and stand aside! / This has nothing to do with you. // Dan Friedkin / you must stay.




Yukie: We’re going to take the “heart.”

McPherson: Shit…!



McPherson: This is bad… // shit!




Horner: AAH! // If McPherson gives up too, we’re helpless!


Kanou: Aoi is back now, at least… // But this… Is where it starts…

Small sfx above Jun: <stare>

Kanou small bubble: That guy was scary~!


Yukie: Is everyone safe? / I guess we can say we’ve taken over this place…


Kanou: Yukie-san, you’re hurt!

Yukie: I’m fine. // All I have to do now is lift the “heart” / and if I can seal if, it’s all over…


Nami: Even if it goes well… // Kanou will be used as the container for the “heart” and be put to sleep eternally // under Yukie-san’s power. // Do you understand what you’re doing, Kanou…!?

Dan: Hah…! // You all don’t get it!


Dan: There’s no way you can seal it! / Don’t do anything stupid! If you all had kept yourselves hidden, “Mitama” wouldn’t have found anyone!

Yukie: Friedkin…

Dan: “Piece-holders” are what bring the “heart” and “Mitama” together… / you can’t escape your fate! // You won’t get away from “Mitama”…!!


Dan: It’s the “promised” flow of evolution. / We “piece-holders” are used for it… // This is a massive system!! // When our duty is done, we’ll die…


Taisuke: System? Die…? // Yukie-san will die…?

Yukie: We can make the piece a linchpin if we want to…


The 3 “piece-holders” all have been assigned a mission. // Katsumata was to bring “Mitama” back to life, // the “poet” was to bring “Mitama” and the “heart” together, // and…


Yukie: My duty is to lift the “heart” and awaken it.


Katsumata used the energy of the comrades // and tried to awaken the “heart.”


But it hasn’t awoken yet // so… // we have to remove the “heart” from Hirose Yuichi // and seal it before it awakens.


If I die, everything might come to an end // but if my “piece” is stolen after I’m dead, it would be all for nothing.


Yukie: I’ll change it. // I’m going to change it…!


Dan: Ughh… // I can hear it… // The sound of destruction…



Yuuta: Hey, look!

Rei: Huh?



<Cough> // <Splash>

Rei: Huh!? This guy! / What is he…doing…here…!?


Yuuta: Rei-kun… Who is that!? // Huh? Isn’t he one of your friends!?

Yuuta: I don’t know him!

Rei: But he saved Nami’s life…



Yura: You…?

<feels a chill>

Yura: It’s in the way…. // Open it up…


Yura: That // is my…

Yuuta: Rei-kun, get back!!


Nami: The wind…

Kanou: The isolation container is broken!?


Kanou: Something happened to Yuuta!!



Dan: I can hear it… // The heartbeat from under the sea…


The sound becomes a voice // and the voice speaks…


The voice longs for former friends.



Rei: <panting> // What… He’s an enemy!?


Rei: Thanks, Yuuta… // Did he sink!?


Yuuta: Oh no… I’ve undone the isolation!



Yura: “Heart”… // Yes… // It’s rising! // Hurry up // I can’t…

<cough> <cough>

Take it anymore…!


Katsumata: I bet Yura-kun // doesn’t want to exist…


Yura: I don’t know about that…

Kanon: Look Yura!!

Ken: AH, stop!


Kanon: Ken-chan drew this! // Isn’t it cute?

Yura: Hah! What is this?


Ken: It’s the owl!

Owl: Hoo?

Yura: [I know] It’s pretty good!


Yura: Gyhahaha!

Ken: [He’s praising me but why do I feel bad…?]

Katsumata: Look… / you have friends.


Katsumata: Too bad for you. // You’ll be left in someone’s memory.


<cough> // <cough>

Yura: I understand now, Kanon… // Why you so desperately went after the “heart.”


Yura: If I had lost my right arm // I would have been dead too, Morio. // I bet it’s that kind of a difference… // Why I remained alive back in Hokkaido… // I got scared when I thought I wouldn’t be able to draw anymore. // I’m so scared…









Rei: What… // is that…!?


Yuuta: Oh no… // The “heart”…!!

Chapter 64 / END

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