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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Psyren 21

Psyren ch 21

+ posted by shrimpy as translation on May 10, 2008 19:50 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 21

white right: "I'll keep his attention!"--and so, Amamiya becomes the bait
CALL.21 - "Decoy"
below: Iwashiro Toshiaki
white left: Volume 1, now on sale!!

-That's a good boy!
-Right this way...


right: SUMMARY
Once again summoned to Psyren, Ageha and co this time encounter a huge "worm" that feeds on people, as well as Tatsuo, Asaga's old junior, who has lost his mind after being turned into a Tavoo. By Oboro's suggestion, Amamiya keeps the worm busy while Ageha and Asaga work to steal Tatsuo's mask that can keep the worm at bay. Will it work...!?

-I knew it...using Rise and Trance at the same time wasn't smart...

-Not yet...
-I need to buy them a bit more time...

-I'm feeling...


-Forget about refilling your stupid toy and get down here!

-Keep me company just for a little bit, Tatsuo-kun
-choi choi (sfx for finger waving...what the heck is it in english??)


-This fight will
-Be enough to make you wet your pants

-Eat even one of those Rise attacks, and it's lights out
-You'd better be ready for this, Yoshina Ageha
(t/n - he's clearly talking to himself these past 4 lines)

-Bring it!!

-Going!? You're going!?! What are you saying!?

-I'm going to join them
-It's not fair that they leave me out of this!

-Wha..!? Not fair?!
-They're treating me like a fool! I want to do something too!

-This isn't a matter of defending my wounded pride!

-It's a matter of soul!
top left: I am not the type to sit there idly and watch a dangerous situation pass
bottom left: My very identity itself is that of insatiable curiosity!

-This is, as they say,


-Oh no!!



-Mochizuki Oboro! He's a natural airheaded celebrity!! (t/n - ド天然系??)
-...The absolute worst person to be entrusting my life to in a situation like this!!

-Forgive me guys! I can't stop him!!
-Everyone!! Good luck!!

-What is this? I feel like my senses are heightened...
-It started after that fever went away

--It's as if there's overflowing energy coming out from somewhere deep inside my brain
-I feel almost as if I've become something divine
-Go!! Oboro!!

-Do you remember, Tatsuo?

-That time, when you weren't able to ride a bike
-Don't cry, Tatsuo!
-You had always wanted to become the superhero that could do everything

-Sniff...I wanna die...I'm the only one in the world who keeps falling over with training wheels on!
-Stop exaggerating!! There's plenty of other people who do!
-Yeah, like you'd know! You've only lived 8 years!
-Hey! That's one whole year more than you!

-...oh well...my legs are starting to shake again. Time to go home
-So what?! Didn't you want to be a superhero??

-I know that's just a silly dream...forget it
-I just...I just wanted to ride a bike with you, Hiryuu-niichan

-Stop acting like a crybaby!!

-We're in this together! Ryuu and Tatsu--Team Miracle Dragon!! (t/n - what about team medical dragon? lol. anyway, ryuu means dragon, and the kanji apparently that they've never showed before must be part of tatsuo's name, it's the character for dragon from the chinese zodiac, different from the one in Hiryuu's)
-If you can't run, Tatsuo, then I will! And I'll fight!
-you're the brains and I'm the brawn! (t/m - more lit brain and body)

-The undefeatable dragon! (t/n - more lit, cannot sever/dismember. can't find a better way to put it)
-Together with me, you can become a hero that can save the world!

-All I ever did was make huge claims in front of Tatsuo

-That makes me the commander!
-"Miracle Dragon"...I was spouting that nonsense when I couldn't even do a pull-up (t/n - actually 逆上がり is used here, and i don't know the english word. it's a gymnastics thing where you do a spin to get up on the horizontal bar. if anyone knows, please tell me!)

-Hiryuu-niichan, even if I move away, you won't forget about me right?
-Do you even need to ask? Of course not!

-Here, it's a present from me

--It was a hand-made wooden pendant
-The "Miracle Dragon"...with me as the body and Tatsuo as the head

-That was Tatsuo's dream
-And I always acted like I didn't know about that dream

-We'll see each other again, right?

-Because I, the very hero Tatsuo looked up to,
-Was nothing more than an imaginative liar

-...and that
-what money?
-gave me the motivation to change

-Quit playing dumb! The money you took from my classmate yesterday!
-I want every last penny back

-Oh and you're going to make me?
-What's your name, kid?

-I swore to become that hero
-So that I could carry myself with pride when I meet you again

-He's using Rise
-What crazy movements...!

-Heh...you're just wasting your breath
-How 'bout losing the gun?

-You beat me in both speed and power, but
-Your swings are way too wide

sfx bubble - hyuu
-I can see you aren't an experienced fighter
-I say we wrap this up

-Listen up...when going up against him, you need to beware of his Rise
bold: Just before battle
-The fact is, there's many types of Rise

-Generally speaking, there's Rise that enhance one's senses,
-and Rise that augment muscle and body strength...those two are the major divisions

-So "Sense" and "Strength", huh?
-Yes...Likely, Tatsuo is using the latter Rise, Strength

-Getting to the point, his motor and other neural reflexes are that of an average person's
-This is exactly what you guys want

-So that means he's just like the monster guy we ran into last time?

-Right now, he's fatigued from using a number of Burst shots already, plus he's constantly using "Strength" on top of that just to keep his handicapped body moving...
-Employing two types of PSI simultaneously causes huge strain on the user

-PSI power isn't infinite
-The fact that his second reload is taking much longer than the first is more than enough proof
-He must be close to exhaustion

-What if he uses up all his PSI and becomes unable to maintain "Strength"?
-You'll be able to hold him down...and that's our goal

sfx bubble - Gash

-Oh shit...!

-You must place a priority on evasive maneuvers!
-Normal attacks won't do anything against his strengthened body
-If you're caught, even once...

-A real hero flies in from the sky at the last second!!

sfx bubble - gan

-Here comes the main attraction!

-Dragon's Tail


-Are you taking a good look, Tatsuo? It isn't big enough for me to brag about yet, but...
-This is my POWER!
white: For Tatsuo's sake, Asaga now wields his power!

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#1. by Linkmasta ()
Posted on May 10, 2008
Thanks shrimpy! :D
#2. by emer ()
Posted on May 10, 2008
Great : D

Thanks for the trans ^^
#3. by Ankoku_22 ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
Thank you :)
#4. by LongShot ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
thx a lot
#5. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
#6. by Phat ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
thanks :D
#7. by endless7 ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
thank you, shrimpy ^^
#8. by zidane ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
yeah, thanks a lot...
#9. by Dorothy ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
Thank you very much for your hard work, shrimpy!! :)

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