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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Air Gear 256

+ posted by Shurou as translation on Sep 17, 2009 05:35 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 256

Air Gear Trick 256

= Bubbles
++ Everything else

I just do the easy SFX’s or the one’s I like... Can’t be bothered to do every single one...

I’m also skipping stuff like summaries and advertisement texts

!! This translation can be read by anyone (obviously), but for English scanslation use, it is reserved for Franky-House.

!!!!! New note for scanslators: If I use italics, this is to signify when the Japanese texts use dots over the letters... I feel like this is a much better visual cue for something being emphasized, so from now on, if you don’t mind, do try to put dots over the letters I format as italics :)

++ Back when a black canopy/coffin (t/n: two different translations I’ve found for 天蓋... probably should use the former, but just so you know ;) )
++ Covered my sky

= Tell me
= Storm King

++ Ikki, if ever anyone, would surely “answer”!
++ Útgarða-Loki, charging into his serious mode!!

= Where should we fly to?

++ There is no way I ever wanted this much

++ No way I ever

++ Yearned so much ------ ..!!

= Fuooo----h, what is thi----s
= His figure!! Like an angel of god descending from the heavens----

Bewildered spectator
= He’s fl.... (t/n: couldn’t say “flying”, lol. I’d be pretty speechless, too)

= ....Karasu..

= C... Ca-ca-ca-... calm downnn... I can do that, too!!
= He’s just riding on the air current from the nose of the plane....

= Please do take me
= To a world I don’t know

++ Nya-haaaaa

= Nya-u!!
= Mr. Plane... I’m sorry-nya

= Somewhere --- that’s not here!!

6 (Just some English... And HOLY SHIT, Freyja just created a TORNADO o____O!!!!!!!)

= Fu.... Funuaaaaa

= Buccha
= Behind you

= Guugh...!!
= N-gah!!

= Nu-oh!?

= Fuooo----h, Útgarða-Loki’s beyond-mortal Tricks!!
= Accelerating by the wind from the inner walls of the swirl...

= The Storm King can’t make a single move

= Should just leave him

= Because he’s trying to bring along even someone who can’t fly
= His wings break under the weight

= ...Besides, wouldn’t it be meaningless for only that coffee pig to survive?

KG groupie (I can never remember his name :P)
= B-b-b... Pig.. I mean. Buccha-sa—n

= YOU fall down already ----- !!

++ How... How pathetic....
++ Since when have I.... been nothing but a large-size burden on the....

= Don’t be imagining some weird shit by yourself.... I need you to win
= You bastard... If you fall off as you please, your lunch is gonna be a mandrake-cockroach bowl everyday!!

= O........
= OK...
++ (SFX) Hair standing up
++ (SFX) Oop (t/n: i.e. about to throw up)

= This is bad! This is having quite an effect!
= The Storm King is absolutely dead in his tracks
= It’s a one-way beatdown in a cage of whirlwind ----

++ 「Somewhere that’s not here」....?
++ Like hell I’d know, dumbass

++ More than something like that --- I
++ Have to go back

++ I left behind
++ ....a lot of important things....

++ I’ve got to....
++ Go back and get her (t/n: Japanese written “what I forgot)

= I wonder.... whom..
= I was pointing my finger at.....

= The person who took this person was probably...
= Ikki’s....

= Sorry, Ringo-chan.... did you wait?

= Canon

= I brought your new Regalia, too
= You’re finally in the mood to accept me, huh?

++ .....It’s fine.....
++ I’ve prepared myself.... more than enough for this....

= Don’t imagine silly things
= ....This is only because it’s necessary to win

= Well, then.... .....Shall we .....「tune」

= ....If you want, why don’t you do it by yourself?
++ Kusu (creepy snickering)

= Eh?

++ Kusu (x3)

= ....Huh!? Wha....
= ........? ....Canon?

= If you tune... you there... Are gonna become strong
(t/n: this is virtually impossible to translate... Canon is using おまえ (o-ma-e) to say “you” instead of きみ(ki-mi), which is the usual form he uses. おまえ (o-ma-e) is usually less friendly and intimate than きみ(ki-mi), and this definitely signals a change of heart for Canon... he apparently doesn’t want Ringo to become strong anymore... meaning he probably switched sides or is under some brainwashing or something)

= ....ugh.... Don’t be.... acting all spoiled.....
= You guys..... can fly this much..

= If there’s somewhere you want to go, go yourselves!!

++ At last.... you’ll show it, Storm King.... (t/n: “show” uses 魅, which really means “charm, bewitch, captivate, fascinate”, etc., etc.)

= That’s...

= Huh....?
= Only your right side... seems to be done in quite a bit....
= Aren’t you... using it in some weird way?

= Hah?
= ...You can tell? That kind of stuff

= I actually wanted
= To save this guy to use for Sora-san

++ But just this time
++ It’s a big service

= I’ll send you flying
= To the end of the world

++ 「Air Gear」 will go on break for 3 straight issues due to problems with Mr. Oogure’s health and schedule. For all our fans looking forward to the next issue, we are very sorry. Please wait for the color opening page in Issue 47. Our best regards. (t/n: Noooooooooooooooo T___T)

- NOT as usual, you’re free to read this or use for international translations, just please let me know and give credit where it’s due (to Shurou)
- Again, this translation is reserved for Franky-House for ENGLISH scanslation
- Scanslators, please try to keep all the formatting... the emphasis are there for a reason - especially the italics (if I used them)!

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#1. by Norenche ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2009
Thanks a lot for your translation, I like how you format it

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