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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 440

One Piece Chapter 440

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Dec 28, 2006 16:45 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 440

Hey, I'm posting what I got as I do it for everyone. It's alright to use this in your scanslation. I'd appreciate a credit for it though (just for bragging rights). Feel free to correct me, argue, etc. Just do it here, and be constructive, not mean please. A star/asterisk on the line indicates that a double check one the kanji would be helpful. Thanks to ZeDe05 of the AP forums for the spoiler trans. It was a good signpost as to what I got wrong. Thanks to njt for Ace's move name!

Title Page: Firefist vs. Blackbeard


The Island of Justice, Enies Lobby
Is the entrance to The World Government.

If you take it down, marines or pirates won't wait any longer
Now, the Strawhat's are known worldwide
This wanted poster as well...

Patty & co.:

Heeee dahahahahhahahaha

Box: The East Blue
The Floating Restaurant Baratie

Eh, lets not leave out the customers!!
We'll give them our Assistant Chef's Wanted poster as a present!!

Patty & Co:
That's fantastic boss! Are you serious!!

The home of the 77 million Beli Pirate, Sanji "The Black Leg"
Welcome to the Sea Restaurant Baratie!!

Page 02:

Box: The East Blue. Fusha Villiage. Luffy's Hometown

Everyone: PARTY!!
Today is a Party!!
With a 300 millon beri bounty, he's the most famous person in the East Blue!!
Cheers to Luffy!!

Cheif: Quiet down all of you!! Learn what shame is!!
Bg: Kyaaa, Cheif!! (sarcasm I believe)
*Barmaid: Isn't is amazing. He even has such a cute pet...
These kids are Luffy's friends, huh.
Cheif: His friends!!! These people are?!!
*I've never heard of pirates who could even be bribed to attack the World Govenment!!
Barmaid: That's true.
Cheif: And what does that Garp guy think he's doing!!
Leaving his grandson to get caught up in an incident like this!!
Something's wrong with all three generations of that family...
Does Dadan know about this?
Everyone: Kampai!!
Cheif: Be quiet!!

Page 03:

Box: The East Blue. Syrup Villiage. Ussop's Hometown.
Boys: "The King of Snipers"...!!
It's true!! There's no mistake!!
Kaya: It's Ussop-san!
Boys: Right!!? It's the Captain!? The nose!!
No one in the town believes it!!
*And 30,000,000 is amazing!!
We though if we showed it to you Kaya-san, you'd understand!!
*He's a man that's known all over the world!!

Boys: This mask is soo cool...
* He's going to make waves!!
Huh? Where are you going Kaya-san!?
Kaya: I'm going back to do more medical studies!
** I wanna hurry and become the best!
** Since Ussop-san will return as a man known across the world, I have to!!
Boys: Nice Captain...
* If you disappoint Kaya-san we'll hurt you though!

Page 04:

*Box: The East Blue. Shimoshiki Villiage. Zoro's school.
Boys: Sensei, sensei!!! "The Pirate Hunter Zoro"!!!
Is it true that he went to this dojo!?
Sensei: eeh....
It is true.
It's a horrible thing isn't it...
Boys: EH!? Why!!? He's so cool!!
Tell us how to become pirates too!!
Sensei: It's not as if I told him to become a pirate
Boy: Is that true? Don't be unfair sensei!!
Boy: Amazing. I want to become a swordsman like this...
Sensei: Oh boy, what a troublesome sempai.
You were at the incident at the island of justice... But I don't think you hesitated, Zoro-kun...
Whatever you may become... As long as you value your swordsmanship... that's fine...
Boy: Sensei, don't be unfair!

Page 05: (Damn this page's blurry, tiny kanji. This one is probably least accurate)

Box: The East Blue. Kokoyashi Villiage. Nami's hometown.
**Nojiko! This island is gonna be even more famous thanks to that incident!! Nami-chan got even sexier!
*Nojiko: Ahaha... That's proof she's a criminal. Gen-san
** Gen: What is it? You brought me more? I told you I'd go to the store and buy them!!
Nojiko: Here, Tangerines
Well, go ahead and take them anyways. Stop arguing.
Nami and I always thought of you like a father anyways
Gen: don't just... (sweat drop)
Nojiko: And? What are you doing here?
Gen: I called to protest this on the Denden Mushi but it can't connect!!
Gen: How could they spread a wanted poster like this all across the world anyways!!
Compared to the amount of Bounty Hunters, there'll be even more suitors. It's inexcusable!!
Nojiko: ...but, that picture you're talking about?
you enlarged it that much...

Page 06:

Nojiko: Fufu, well, it's alright.
I mean, they made that "promise"
Gen: "If you ever do something to make Nami sad"
"I'll to come to kill you!!!"
Nojiko: "And they're keeping it, it seems.
Gen: Ah!! That's it!! The problem is they're pirates!!
Nojiko: Then this threatening wanted poster isn't a problem?
Gen: No! That is still inexcusable!!

Box: The Grand Line. The Sakura Kingdom. Chopper's Home.

Kureha: Heee he he he he hee! (laughing in that scary way...)
Person: Kyaaa! Dr. Kureha is coming!
She's coming down from the castle!!!
Kureha: he he he he he !!
Person: Uwa!!
Kureha: Are ya happy? You kids!!
*Person: She came down on a Lapan today!! (Lapan's are the large vicious rabbits I do believe)
* That's insane!! Stay away!!

Page 07:

Dolton! What is it, call the person here!
I'm a doctor you know!!
Dolton: My apologizes Dr. Kureha. I had to show this to you!!
Citizen: Dr. Kureha!! How dare you speak like that to the King!
Kureha: What's that, the secret of my youth?
Citizen: No one asked!!
Kureha: And Dolton, why don't you act like a king and move into the castle. I'll rent you a room.
Dolton: Nah, I enjoy living in this villiage. And having a normal meal here.
Kureha: Oya, The Strawhad kid's huh....
Dolton: The wanted posters from the Judiciary Island incident came out...
Kureha: Chopper....
Dolton: I think the number must be some kind of mistake.
Kureha: Hehehehehehe, it's nice just to see his face...
that's right... that's better than anything...

Page 08:

**Box: The Grand Line. Paledego.

Solider: On the island in the south blue Saint Reia.
The revolutionary army was sucessful.
Dragon: Another country has fallen huh...
Solider: We've done it!! Now we can move to the North Blue and...
Dragon: Don't think it's over!!
This is war!!
Solider: Yes... I'm sorry.
Dragon: This is?
Solider: Strawhat Luffy. The man who defeated Crocodile in Arabasta. And after Enies Lobby...
They became pirates that The World Govenment can no longer sit by and let be.
The crew's total bounty is 660,000,000... and 50 beli.
Regardless their captain is Vice Admiral Garp's...
Solider: Ah, where are you headed?
Dragon: Just to view the wind...

Page 09:
Dragon: Live as you will
Sometimes in the history of the world...
Conincidences like this raise doubts.

Dragon: Question this world!!
The day we will eventually meet will also come...

Box: The World's Most Dangerous Criminal.
The Revolutionary
(Monkey D. Dragon)

Page 10:

Box: Now back up a little while, Three days ago.
On a certain island there was an incident.

This is: The Grand Line. Banaro Island.

Blackbeard: Oh... ACE.
.... Commander!!!

Ace: Stop... calling me "Commander" now...
That's what a person who knows how to respect people would say ... Don't act stupid!!
DonQ: Oh... You're the "Fire Fist Ace"
Ace: Ah, yea. Nice to meet you.
You too. Man... You became a good captain huh?
Captain of The Blackbeard Pirates. Marshall D. Teach.

Page 11:

Blackbeard: Zehahahha... What's up Ace, it's been a while!!
What happened!? How did you find us here!!
Ace: Teach, stop with the talk of old times.
You took a man's life. You should understand you can't take back that kind of thing.

Blackbeard: Aa... I know...well... just listen to this one thing.
Ace!! You... Won't you be my nakama!!?
Go with me and conquer the world!!!
I've already planned how I'll rise to power!!!
"Whitebeard"'s life is already over!!! I'll become the Pirate King!!!
Before that, the first step is....

Page 12

Blackbeard: Strawhat Luffy. He's at Water Seven. I'll kill him and take his head to the marines as a gift.
Ace: Luffy? What!?
Blackbeard: Huh!? You know him?
Ace: There's no way I'll let you go after him! He's my Little Brother!!!
Ace: And as for becoming one of your nakama
Ace: I won't
Ace: He he.
Quite a rude group you have here...

Page 13:

Ace: "Fire Gun!!"
Burgess: Ueeh

Page 14:

Ace: Flame Commandment
Ace: Fire Pillar

Someone: Dowaa!!!
Blackbeard: Shit!! Auger!! Burgess!! Don't just attack one your own!! You guys can't hope to beat him!!
Get back!!!
Burgess: ...Sorry
Ace: "Fire Fist"

Page 15:

Blackbeard: Oowaaaa!!!
Guwaa. Hothothothot!!
Burgess: Captain!!!
Auger: Captain!!!
Blackbeard: Shut up you two!! Stand back!!! Ze...

Page 16:

Blackbeard: Shit...
haa... haa...
... Zehahahahhaha...
I know Ace.
I killed a guy right
That's right. Killing a nakama is a huge crime.

The 4th Division Commander Sachi was certainly murdered by me!!
There was nothing I could do...
He had the Devil's Fruit I had been looking for right in his hand!!
The ships rules were that who finds it can have it.
I memorized the different images of the devils fruits.
That's how I knew just after looking at it.
The reason I was on Whitebeard's ship for decades
Was because I thought the chances for finding that fruit would be best there.
After having having no luck, I gave up.
And there is was in the hands of my crewmate!!!

Ace: And so you killed Sachi and stole it?
Blackbeard: Mah. It was fate that this power belonged to me Ace
Zehahahaha!!! With this I'll be the greatest Ace!!!
Watch... it's a Logia type, but it's unique...!!!

Page 17

Blackbeard: Ace!! You're body is fire right!?

Blackbeard: Zehahahaha I'm

Page 18:
Blackbeard: "Darkness"!!!!

Done, anyone wanting to edit/contribute post what you can below.

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#1. by Ardus ()
Posted on Dec 28, 2006
Thanks! It's great to see that someone's working on a non-spoiler translation this raw-day!
#2. by yeste ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
Thanks a lot man!!! :)
And I'm glad that you've decided to make a separate thread for your trans this time... It's just easier to find it this way! :p

Keep it up!!!
#3. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
great job sky :wtf
#4. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
Quote by venicia777 :

great job sky :wtf

I am quoting this because I love that smiley.
#5. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
Quote by skywalker6705 :

I am quoting this because I love that smiley.

haha おつかれさん~ skywalker :D
#6. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
Quote by njt :

haha おつかれさん~ skywalker :D

#7. by Gear2fu ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
#8. by mitsui_nash ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2006
nice one..u r d best sky!!
#9. by destinator ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2006
Another op translation? Op always needs more translators! Thanks a lot for taking your time and bringing us this trans =)
#10. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Jan 2, 2007
a bit late but i must say that i really liked your translation.

excellent impro on the parts you weren't sure of.
#11. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jan 3, 2007
Quote by ketwaroo :

a bit late but i must say that i really liked your translation.

excellent impro on the parts you weren't sure of.

Thanks, I try and improv as little as possible, and if so, make it at least in the vein of what there were talking about.

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