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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 441

One Piece Chapter 441

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jan 18, 2007 22:31 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 441

Anyone is welcome to use my translations, as long as credit is given. If you have any suggestions or corrections please post in the appropriate thread, or PM me.

Starting off my 441 script HURRAH!!!:
Asterisks mark a need for help

Chapter 441: Duel on Banaro Island

Enel's Great Space War: Volume 11. Space Pirates have no mercy.

Page 01:

Ace: Darkness?
Blackbeard: That's right.
Blackbeard: Commander Ace.
Blackbeard: I can't be killed by you...
Blackbeard: In the history of Devil's Fruits
Blackbeard: This is the evilest of their abilities

Page 02:
Blackbeard: Logia type: "Yami Yami no Mi"
Blackbeard: I became a man made of Darkness!!
Blackbeard: I'll show you this power... right now
Ace: If that's what you want.
Randomman: Black... that blackness is coming straight from those pirates!!
Guy: They're up to something!!
Person: That black smoke started rising from there!!
someone: Don't get any closer!!
Hat-man: Just run!!
Person: Hurry!! Get back!! The Capitan's gonna go crazy!!

Page 03:
Blackbeard: Ufufufu
Blackbeard: Zeaaaaah!!!
Townguy: Uwa!! Something's crawling on the ground!!
Person: It's spreading out from that guy!!!
Someone: Scary!! It's so black... it's like a hole in the ground.
Guy: It feels like we'll be eaten by it.
Hat: Don't touch it!! Just run!!
People: Into the woods, head for the marines!!
Blackbeard: The darkness is gravity!!!
Blackbeard: The power to draw in everything!!!
Blackbeard: Not sparing even one glimpse of light
Blackbeard: An Infinite Gravity
Ace: The point is...
Ace: it hasn't even reached me has it?
Blackbeard: I'm not going touch you yet....!!
Blackbeard: You sitand watch the city from there!!

Page 04:
Blackbeard: "Black Hole"!!!
Noises: Crushing noises
Townguy: Uwah!! The town is being
Townguy: drawn into the ground all at once!!!
Townguy: What is this!? What's going on!!?
Blackbeard(topleft): The Dark Gravity
Blackbeard: It uses it's infinite strength...
Blackbeard: And crushes!!!
Blackbeard: You want to see the missing town!?
Blackbeard: If it's that missing town...
Blackbeard: I'll show you right now...!!
Blackbeard: Or an image of what it has become...

Page 05:
Blackbeard: "Liberation"!!!

Page 06:
Townspeople: The city... it's been reduced to rubble...
Blackbeard: Zehahahahhaha. You understand Ace!!!
Blackbeard: This is the power I hold in my hand!!!

Page 07:
Ace: "Firefly Light"
Ace: "Fireball"!!!
Blackbeard: Guwaah!!!
Blackbeard: hahothothothothothot
Blackbeard: It's hot, it's hot!!!
Ace: I understand how great this "Darkness" is.
Ace: But, isn't it strange...!!
Ace: If it were a logia power, even if you took
Ace: an attack like that, you'd be fine.

Page 08:
Blackbeard: Uooooh!!!
Blackbeard: Guah!!!
Blackbeard: It's like I told you!! Darkness will engulf everything
Blackbeard: Bullets, knives, physical attacks, fire, and even lightning!!!
Blackbeard: I can take all your different attacks
Blackbeard: My body takes in all the damage of a normal human, and more...
Blackbeard: But as bad as that is, it gives me one power!! The power to suck things in!!!
Blackbeard: "Dark Vortex"!!!
Blackbeard: To be clear, the Dark Gravity sucks in the fruit user's true body!
Ace: Gravity!!?

Page 09:
Blackbeard: So then, my body is...
Blackbeard: What then?
Blackbeard: You've figured it out haven't you? Ace.
Ace: No way...!!

Page 10:
Ace: Gufuu!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahaha
Blackbeard: It's probably been a long time since someone actually hit you, huh!?
Blackbeard: You knew it Commander!! You knew when I grabbed you!!
Blackbeard: The other power my Darkness has
Blackbeard: The "Devil's Power" !!!
Blackbeard: Simply put, while I have hold of them
Blackbeard: Fruit users wind up like you, and can't use their abilities!!

Page 11:
Blackbeard: Logia, Zoan, Paramecia!!
Blackbeard: I can seal their powers
Blackbeard: Of all the arrogant Fruit users in this world! I've gained an attack that cannot be stopped!!!
Ace: If you're not caught you're fine though.
Blackbeard: I'll show you that you can't run from the Dark Gravity!!!
Balckbeard: "Dark Vortex"!!!
** Ace: "Shinka (Holy Flame) Shiranui "!!!

Page 12:
Blackbeard: Guu!!!
Blackbeard: Guaaah!!! HOThot!!
Blackbeard: Shit!!
Blackbeard: A flame lance is it?!!
Ace: Guu!! This'll break my neck!!
Ace: He's got a pretty dangerous power

Page 13:
Ace: "Fire Cross"
Auger: As a Fruit user, once their power is taken
Auger: I thought he would become a weakling, but
Auger: As expected to become a Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates
Auger: He has impressive physical fighting abilities...!!!
Auger: And now I believe, fate
Auger: has chosen for us to part ways again...

Page 14:
Townspeople: Ba... Banana Rock is crumbling...!!
Townperson: Something is happening... That's not something a human can do
Hoodwoman: Not just the city...
Person: What will happen to this island...
Blackbeard: Look...
Blackbeard: Before the Darkness, everything is futile!!
Blackbeard: Zee....
Blackbeard: Your strength is well known
Blackbeard: But your power was still overcome...!!
Blackbeard: Ace!! Become my nakama!!!

Page 15:
Ace: If I gave you my power, then there would be no point in having been born a man.
Ace: I will never live with regrets in my life...!!! You got that, idiot?
Blackbeard: You could've had to world if you lived...
Blackbeard: Really, it's too bad Ace
Blackbeard: Die in the darkness!!!
Ace: Great Flame Commandment"!!
Ace: "King's Flame"!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahaha!! The sun?!! The Darkness?!! There's only one winner!!!
Ace: I will make Whitebeard
Ace: The King

Box: The Grand Line. The Duel on Banaro
Box: What happened between these two pirates
Box: The Battle that occured between them...
Box: Would be known as the "trigger" for a great incident, that had yet to occur

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#1. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2007
Skywalker-- this is subarashiii :wtf

i love your personal touch :woot
#2. by pocketmofo ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2007
The fire lance attack that Ace uses is called "Shiranui" (sorta like Shiranui Mai from all those SNK fighting games). I don't really know enough about the history of the name to say much though.
#3. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2007
shinka - 'sacred flame'
Shiranui - 'mysterious light on the sea'
or something like that..

excellent translation.
#4. by Dark^_^Chi ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2007
Perfect!!!! I didn't expect this.. the new chapther is divine!!!!
Oh my god Ace vs Bleackbeard \o/
Thanks for the translation Skywalker \o/

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