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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 443

One Piece Chapter 443

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Feb 1, 2007 22:31 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 443

Anyone is welcome to use my translations, as long as credit is given. If you have any suggestions or corrections please post in the appropriate thread, or PM me.

A note: I chose to translate the title as Thriller Bark for now, as the is a P sound in japanese they can use if Oda wanted to call it thriller Park. It may be a clever pun that went right over everyone's head, but right now I haven't seen any solid reasoning why it isn't Bark like it says. credit to martigan for the intro texts

I was right. It's Thriller Bark!!

Title Page:
A huge explosion to the back of Enel, while he stands watching
oThe scene continues on from last week

"Thriller Bark"
Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 13 "A Great Explosion"

Page 01:
BGText: A Friendly Meeting!!
Brook: Yohohohoho!!!
Brook: Hello everyone, how are you!!!
Brook: Myself and this ship have certainly caused you some worries
Brook: I am "Just Dead Bones" Brook, and it's a pleasure to meet you!!! *"Just" as in "Only" not "recently".
Everyone: Stop kidding around!!! Who the hell is this guy!!!
Brook: Yohohoho, now now, don't be so uptight.

Page 02:
Chopper: He's a skeleton!!!
Usopp: There's no way a skeleton can talk, and move and have an afro!!! This absolutely has to be some kind of dream!!!
Chopper: Really!? That's great... just a dream!!
Usopp: Disperse Evil, Disperse Evil!!
Brook: Ah what a beautiful woman!! Would allow me to see your panties?
Nami: Will you stop it you Sexual Harassing Skeleton!!!
Zoro: Oi, Luffy!!! What the hell is this guy!!!
Luffy: He's fun isn't he? I made him our nakama
Zoro: You couldn't have!! Who'd approve that!!!
Zoro: What was the point of sending you with him!!?
Zoro: Wasn't it so you could stop him from acting on a whim!!!
Sanji/Nami: We have no excuse...
Brook: Yohohoho!! Don't get worked up about it!!!
Brook: Please, come inside!!
Brook: And we'll have dinner!!!
Zoro: You don't decide those things!!!

Page 03:

Brook: Well, well, what a wonderful dining room!!
Brook: And kitchen as well!!
Brook: This is a fabulous ship isn't it!! Yohohoho!!
Franky: That's right, "Super" me made this ship! *Trans Note: Awkward wording, but Franky uses super often, and it doesn't quite work in english all the time)
Franky: You have a good eye for quality don't you!
Sanji: Hey, don't start making friends Franky...
Brook: Isn't is exciting to prepare food?
Brook: I've been without much food for over a decade now...
Brook: It feels like my stomach shriveled into my back. Everyday filled with the pain of hunger.
Brook: Though I don't have a back or stomach because I'm a skeleton!!!
Brook: Yohohoho!!
Brook: Skull Joke!!
Brook: Since I am a gentlemen, I "wait for the food".
Brook: I love people who can wait patiently for their meal despite not having eaten.

Page 04:
Brook: Dinner *music note*
Brook: Dinner *music note*
Sanji: Shut up, just be quiet and wait!!!
Brook: Chef!! I'll have milk with my meal please!!
Luffy: Anyways Korobokkuru *Translators Note: Korobokkuru is a refrence to a children's tale of incredibly small people known as Korobokkuru who live in grassy fields. Luffy is confusing him with another magical thing.
Brook: Um, it's Brook...uh...
Brook: Oh, what's your name...
Luffy: I'm Luffy
Luffy: So anyways, what are you exactly?
Zoro: You don't know anything about each other!!!
Sanji: Right, we'll put off following the skeleton's lead
Sanji: Right now, eat!
Luffy: Yahoo!! Eat as much as you can Brook, Sanji's meals are the greatest!!
Brook: I think my chest will become full before my stomach...
Brook: Oh, young lady your serving appears to be rather large. Would you care to trade with me?
Sanji: We have seconds, so just eat it!!!

Page 05:
Robin?: "The Yomi Yomi Fruit"...!?
Robin?: As I thought, a Devil's Fruit...
Brook: That's correct!
Brook: The truth is I died once more than ten years ago!!
Sanji: First off, wipe your face. How were you eating that you wound up so dirty?
Brook: The Yomi Yomi Fruit allows you to "return". That is, it gives a normal human the promise of two lives
Brook: Isn't it quite a mysterious power!!
Brook: In the past I was a Pirate
Brook: Ah, excuse me. Burp!!
Brook: I had been sailing on before with my friends and nakama
Brook: and together we sailed the ship into this "Demon Sea"............!!
Brook: Ah, excuse me. Fart!!
Sanji: I wanna smack some manners into you.
Brook: It seems we had bad luck... We happened upon a strong and fearsome group of pirates. In battle, the entire crew was annihilated.
Brook: Of course, I died then as well!!
Brook: .........Because of the Yomi Yomi Fruit I was a hammer when I was alive but

Page 06:
Brook: That was the day the power was activated
Brook: My soul was sent back from the underworld!!
Brook: I intended to return to my body as soon as possible but
Brook: I had died upon this sea, and I became lost in the deep fog
Brook's Spirit: Yohoho
Brook: I searched for my body within the fog for a year!!
Brook: When I discovered my body, it had already become a Skeleton!!!
Brook: I was surprised to find my eyes sockets were just holes now, and I no longer had any eyes!!! Yohohoho!!!
Brook's Spirit: GYAAAH
Luffy: You got lost huh? Just like Zoro. Hahaha
Zoro: You...
Franky: And that's how you became a talking skeleton!
Franky: And even though you were just bones you still revived. Devils Fruits are terrifying things, huh.
Sanji: Isn't it more like a half-curse?
Franky: So the only thing the fruit does now is make you a hammer in sea water right?
Zoro: But still, it's not normal to see a skeleton like you, but a skeleton with an afro...
Brook: I had strong roots.
Zoro: Well... whatever you say.........

Page 07:
Usopp: So that means, you're not a ghost!? All in all?!!
Chopper: A human that's not human!!
Brook: Eh, I hate ghosts!!
Brook: If I saw something like that I'd cry!!
Nami: Have you looked in a mirror?
Brook: KYAAAAH!!
Brook: Stop please, put the mirror away!!
Usopp: Eh!? Wait a second!!
Brook: The mirror...!!
Usopp: You...why...!!
Usopp: Why don't you have a reflection!!?
Luffy: Really!!? That's amazing!!!

Page 08:
Usopp: Va... Vampire!!!?
Usopp: ee...
Usopp: If you look closely, you don't have a shadow either!!!
Someone: Uwah!!!! It's true!!! What are you really?!!!
Brook: Just calm down!!!
Usopp: We're upset because of you!!!

Page 09:
Brook: I'll tell you all...
Brook: While I was wandering this sea
Brook: I wandered for too many months.........!!!
Brook: The reason I became a skeleton...
Brook: And the reason I lost my shadow, are two different matters.
Brook: To be continued
Sanji: Tell us!! Now!!!
Brook: Just a few years ago... my shadow was
Brook: Stolen... by a certain man
Someone: .........Stolen?
Robin: .........your shadow......?
Zoro: You've told us how you move and talk
Zoro: Is anything important you still haven't told us?
Brook: There is. Because I lost my shadow
Brook: It meant I became unable to exist in a world of light.

Page 10:
Brook: If I am caught in direct sunlight, my body will be annihilated!!
Brook: I saw another person like me walk into the sunlight and become reduced to nothing...!!!
Brook: The spectacle made my hair stand on end, even though I'm a skeleton.
Brook: For this same reason I cast no shadow on the ground
Brook: And my reflection cannot be seen in photographs or mirrors!
Brook: In summary, I live a life troubled by light. My nakama are dead.
Brook: "Just Dead Bones" Brook, thank you for having me.
Sanji: Why are you so lighthearted?!!!
Sanji: Your life has been horrible
Brook: Even so, this scraggly man lived on!!
Brook: Just my bones though!!!
Franky/Sanji: Shut Up!!!
Brook: Yohohohohohohoho
Brook: Yohohohohohohoho
Usopp: Hey hey, are you alright?

Page 11:
Brook: What a wonderful day today has been!!!
Brook: I met people!!!
Brook: Be it today or tomorrow have never changed while I've been in the deep blackness of this sea's fog.
Brook: All alone on a huge ship with a rudder that doesn't work.
Brook: Being rocked by the waves as I've wandered aimlessly for over ten years!!
Brook: I was reaaaally lonely!!!
Brook: I was sad and afraid...!!! I wanted to die!!!

Page 12:
Brook: That's the way it is when you live this long!!! "People" are happiness!!!
Brook: To me, you all are happiness!!! Yohohoho!!!
Brook: It's impossible for me to cry, but this is happiness.
Brook: You asked me to become your nakama correct?!!
Brook: Thank you so much, it made me very happy.
Brook: But the truth is I must refuse!!
LuffyBG: EEEH!!
Luffy: Hey!! What the heck!!
Brook: It's as I told you before in my story. Since my shadow is stolen
Brook: I cannot live under the sun! I'm protected right now by the fog of this ocean.
Brook: Even if I left this sea with you
Brook: It's only a matter of time before my body will be destroyed.
Brook: I will stay on this sea, and try to reclaim my shadow.
Brook: I will wait for a miracle!! Yohohoho!!

Page 13:
Luffy: What the hell are you saying!!!
Luffy: If that's the case I'll get it back for you!!!
Luffy: Who's the guy who took it from you, who!!?
Luffy: Where is he!!
Brook: ......... you're truly a good person
Brook: You surprised me!! But I won't tell you.
Brook: I wouldn't tell who I've just met
Brook: Something like "Please die for my sake."
Franky: Is it cause the enemy is too strong?
Franky: Don't be proud, just giving us a name is alright.
Brook: No, I won't say. ...You won't meet him!! Yohohoho
Brook: I have no idea when the end of my second life will come.
Brook: If I meet you again perhaps... I could be a deciding force in a fight.

Page 14:
Brook: Setting that aside, let's sing a song!!! In honor of our meeting today.
Brook: Music is everything!! I happened to be the musician on my former ship.
GhostinBG: Nuu...
Luffy: Eeeeeh!!? Really!!? I'm begging you, be my nakama you idiot!!
Brook: Yohoho!! Well then, how about we begin with a sailors tune!! ....!!
Someone: Hey, what happened?
Brook: Gh...
Brook: Ghost!!
Chopper: Uwaah!! Something's here!!
Someone: Wah
Zoro: What's this vibration!!?

Page 15:
Brook: How could this happen!! Can it be this ship was being watched!!?
Brook: Look please!! The front gate has already been closed!!!
Brook: That was the vibration you felt!!
Brook: We're beyond the gate!! ....that's what happened!!
Brook: Look to the rear of the ship please!!!
Brook: ......Perhaps... did you happen to pick up a "Sinking Barrel" while on this sea?
Luffy: Ah...!! Yea, we got one!!!
Brook: That was a trap. They've been targeting this ship ever since then!!
Luffy: Targeting!? What do you mean by that!? We've been anchored here the whole time though.

Page 16:
Brook: That is this sea's wandering island... "Ghost Island"...!!!
Brook: "Thriller Bark"

Page 17:
Nami: Wandering island...!?
Nami: The log pose isn't reacting to it at all...!!
Brook: That's correct, because this island is originally from the west blue!
Brook: ......!! Still, this has been a lucky day!!
Brook: I didn't just meet people!! My wish came true as well!!
Brook: Yohohoho!!
Sanji: Woah!! What a light body...!!
Brook: Yohohoho!!! Yes!! I'm "Just Dead Bones" after all!!
Brook: Please, you should all quickly turn the ship around, and find a some way out through the gate!!!
Brook: It is impossible to drop anchor on this coast!!!
Brook: I am very happy today!! I was able to meet you all and eat such delicious food!! I will not forget this for the rest of my life!!!

Page 18:
Brook: Well then!! Take care and let us meet again somewhere!!!
Luffy: Oi!! Wait Brook!!
Luffy: Oi, Oi, you're a devil's fruit user right?!!
Luffy: What will you do once you jump?!!!
Brook: Yohohohohoho
Luffy: He's running on top of the sea!!!
Chopper: Woah, Amazing!!!
Nami: ......A...anyways, lets do what he said Luffy!!
Usopp: I don't really understand what's going on, but that island is absolutely bad news!!
Luffy: Huh?
Luffy: You say something?
They: He totally wants to go!!!
BGText: Really!?

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#1. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 1, 2007
Ahh!! a work in progress.

Lets shout a huge Ossu for a great work done- sky :ossu
#2. by Luckas ()
Posted on Feb 2, 2007
Thanks for the translation.
#3. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Feb 2, 2007
reading your translation, i just realised that "Yohohohohoho" was Brook's laughter........

that is profound. thank you.
#4. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2007
Title Page
A huge explosion to the back of Enel, while he stands watching
The scene continues on from last week

Page 01:
Everyone: Kidding

Page 02 :
Ussop: There's no way
Brook: Ah what a beautiful woman would you

Page 03:
Brook: what a wonderful dining
Brook: Isnt it exciting to

Page 05:
Brook: I died once tens of years ago
(Brook says he died over ten years ago. Yet on page 3 he says he died Decades ago. This wording allows for continuity)
Brook: Isnt it quite a mysterious power

Page 06:
Brook: My soul was sent back from the underworld
Brook: I intended to return to my body as soon as ...
Brook: I was surprised to find that my eye sockets were just spots...
Franky: So the only thing the fruit does now is make you a hammer in sea water, right?
Brook: I had strong hair roots.

Page 07:
Ussop: So that means you are not a ghost?

Page 11:
Brook: Being rocked by the waves as i've wandered aimlessly for tens of years!!

Page 12:
Brook: I will stay on this sea, and try to reclaim my shadow.

Page 14:
Brook: Music is everything. I happened to be the musician on my former ship.

Page 15:
Luffy: Why is there an island over there

Page 18:
Brook: Well then!! Take care and I'll be seing you!!
Luffy: Hey!! Wait, Brook!! heyheyhey, you were a devil fruit user!! What happens if you jump in!?!
Luffy: He's running on top of the ocean!!!

#5. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2007
Quote by venicia777 :

Brook: I died once tens of years ago
(Brook says he died over ten years ago. Yet on page 3 he says he died Decades ago. This wording allows for continuity)

Brook: I had strong hair roots.

Brook: Being rocked by the waves as i've wandered aimlessly for tens of years!!

Sqaure Bubble: Brook heads off towards the beach from the bow

Luffy: Hey!! Wait, Brook!! heyheyhey, you were a devil fruit user!! What happens if you jump in!?!

All the other corrections were immediately added. As for these, I edited my interpretation a bit for clarity (the ship itself wasn't necessarily wandering for decades, maybe the rudder worked for a few years?)

Square Bubble?!
#6. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2007
That was a typo- sheesh :tem

thanks for the clarification :p

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