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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 445

One Piece Chapter 445

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Feb 16, 2007 16:50 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 445

Anyone is welcome to use my translations, as long as credit is given. If you have any suggestions or corrections please post in the appropriate thread, or PM me.

Phew, got some sleep, internet is cutting out... but hopefully I can get this done and out before work!
Editor's note: for those following this - I find it interesting that Oda uses D to abbreviate Doctor.

Title Page:
Title: The Zombie
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 15: The Space Pirates' Moon Ruin Excavation Project

Page 01:
Nami: You know... I couldn't really see the horse clearly because of the fog but...
Nami: It's this a bit odd?
Hildon: It's just your imagination ...heeheeheehee
Nami: I guess...
Nami: I hope that's the case....

Page 02:

Usopp: Anyways, you got us out of a pretty dangerous situation. Thank you.
Hildon: No, no really....
Hildon: Please, have some wine
Hildon: There are so many strange creatures in this forest that even taking a walk is dangerous
Chopper: Yes, the scared us!! I though Cerberus was just a day dream.
Usopp: That thing is absolutely some sort of strange beast. With a terrifying appearance like that.
Hildon: I was just thinking of what would happen if something had flown down from the trees
Hildon: If you're waiting on your nakama, it would be best to do it as this mansion
Hildon: It's hard to miss, and it's safe
Chopper: And
Chopper: I'll get to meet Dr. Hogback too!!
Usopp: That might just be a fantasy
Chopper: There's not a doctor that doesn't know his name!! He's a genius surgeon!!
Chopper: Because of his miraculous operation, he's saved as many people as there are stars in the sky!!
Chopper: He had just obtained status and prestige. Everything was within his hands...
Chopper: Doctors from around the world gathered to honor him...!!!

Page 03:
Chopper: But when that day came
Chopper: He disappeared
Chopper: people called it the disappearance incident... or the kidnapping incident
Chopper: For a short time the medical world was in a serious uproar
Chopper: In the end they couldn't find a single clue, and it's the same even now
Chopper: The name "Hogback" entered into legend
Chopper: It's that Dr. Hogback right?!!
Hildon: correct. Doctor has come to this island
Hildon: to perform research that surpasses the human intellect.
Chopper: is it ok if I ask for an autograph?!!!
Hildon: I think something like that would be alright
Nami: No way..!!
Nami: This forest...!!
Nami: even has lions

Page 04:
Nami: KYaaaaah!!
Usopp: Gyaaaaah!!!
Usopp: What happened!!!
Usopp: Don't scare me like that!!! What's wrong!!!
Nami: It's just.... outside there was a l... li...on
Nami: Like this
Usopp: Are you kidding me!!!
Nami: If that's the case then look outside and see for yourself.
Nami: Look

Page 05:
No dialouge

Page 06:
Everyone: Something's there!!!
Everyone: Something crazy is out there!!!

Page 07:
Nami: Wait a second. Stop, stop the carriage Hildon-san
Hildon: What's happened, you seem upset...
Hildon: Did you see an illusion?
Usopp: That wasn't an illusion!! Something was right there!!
Usopp: This forest is definitely too suspicious.
Hildon: That's true. Things have changed a bit.
Hildon: And because of how deep the forest is, and how scared you are
Hildon: It's possible you could see illusions.
Chopper: Eh? An Illusion? That! Thank goodness!!
Ussop: No no...!!! An illusion!?.... No.... I saw it clearly....!!
Nami: Hildon-san, I'm sorry but could you take us back and drop us off at the coast?!
Nami: It may be dangerous, but we'll figure something out after we're there
Chopper: Eeeh!? But if you do that I can't meet Doctor Hogback!!!
Chopper: Don't you wanna meet him?!!!
Usopp: I understand how you feel but
Usopp: But at times like this we need to follow my special "Something's Wrong Sensor"

Page 08:
Usopp: To meet the doctor would you die?...
Usopp: Or would you not meet him and leave the island alive?
Usopp: Which do you choose?!!
Chopper:.......!! If that's the case
Chopper: I don't wanna die...!!! It's scary
Hildon: .......So that's it?
Hildon: Well then, I'll tell the driver our new directions
Hildon: Please wait a moment
Hildon: Stop the carriage!!
Nami: I'm sorry Chopper. We've taken this chance you waited so long for and...
Chopper: You've got no choice. At a time like this I can't go off alone like Luffy does. I'm too inexperienced.
Box: Ten Minutes Later
Usopp: That's strange. We're only going back so...

Page 09:
Usopp: Eeeeh?? Nobody's here!!!
Usopp: Even the horses are gone!!!
Usopp: We've been abandoned right in the middle of a graveyard!!!
Nami: What did you say!!???
Nami: Why!?
Chopper: Eeeh!!? Abandoned!!?
Chopper: Yo... you sure he didn't just go off to pee!!?
Usopp: Hildon!!
Usopp: Hey!! Where did you go!?

Page 10:
Hildon: Heeheeheeheehee
Hildon: Heeheeheeheehee...
Driver: kakakakaka....
Horseman: Geheeheeheehee....
Usopp: More importantly... Why did he leave us in the middle of a graveyard...
Chopper: Ah..
Usopp: Hm?
All: ...!! Eh!?

Page 11 & 12
Usopp: eeeh!!?
Chopper: aaaaaaah!!!
Nami: This is not happening
Chopper: aa.AA!!
All: Zombies!!!!

Page 13:
Nami: Kyaaah!!
Usopp: They're knocking over the carriage
Zombie: aaaaaah....
Usopp: Gyaaaah!! It hurts!!
Others: Usopp!!!
Chopper: These guys are incrdibly strong!!!
All: Uwaaah!!
Chopper: Uooh!!
Nami: Ah!!
Usopp: Gyaaaaaah!!! Uwah, they're gonna bite me!!!
Nami: Usopp!!!
Usopp: Dammit! If they bite me I'll become a zombie!!!

Page 14:
Nami: I'll save you!!!
Nami: eh!!?
Chopper: You bastard! Let Usopp go!!!
Zombie: Guooh!!!
Usopp: Hiiii!!
Chopper: Gyaaaah!!!
Chopper; I'm soooorry!!
Zombie: Here, this fell
Zombie: Thank you
Chopper: Eeeeeeh!!!

Page 15:
Nami: No, save me!!! They'll bite me!!!
Others: Nami!!!
Usopp: Zomie's weak point is...!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu (Sure Kill)
Usopp: Kaenboshi (Fire Star)
Zombies: Uooooh!!! Fire!!!
Zombies: Watch out, it burns!!!

Page 16:
Usopp: I didn't think it would be effective enough to drive them all away!!!
Zombie: That was dangerous you damn bastard!!
Zombie: What would you do if you burned us you idiot!
Zombie: Pyro!!
Zombie: You rotten heretic!!
Chopper: But right now you've cleared off the Zombies!!!
Chopper: Hurry Nami!!!
Chopper: We're gonna run to cover!!!
Usopp: Uooh!! That was scary!!
Chopper: We've come this far so let's run to the mansion. It should be close by!!
Usopp: Let do that!!
Usopp: We're alright. Since they just came up from the ground they can't dash after us.
Usopp: Zombie's just move slow and moan, even walking should be hard for them
Zombie: Hold it!!!
Usopp: They're fast!!!

Page 17:
Zombies: Uoooooh!!!
Crew: Uwaaaaah
Zombie: Heh
Zombie: Heh
Zombie: Time out
Usopp: They're out of strength!!!
Crew: ...ha
Chopper: ha...
Chopper: ha...
Chopper: They aren't following us anymore are they....
Chopper: ha...
Nami: What is wrong with this island!! Things that are alive when they shouldn't be live here...
Nami: ha...
Usopp: You guys... I somehow I become a Zombie after this...
Usopp: Don't hesitate and...
Nami: The reason you're scared is because you read too many of those books.

Page 18:
Usopp: ... We made it
Usopp: first thing I need is a drink of water
Chopper: ....ha.....
Chopper: I finally get to me him....!!
Chopper: I can't wait
Nami: I don't think a decent person would ever live on this island but I guess...
Nami: We'll take the chance
Chopper: Excuse me!!!
Chopper: Is this Doctor Hogback's mansion!!?
Chopper: Please let us in!!
Chopper: We're just pir.... sailors on a journey!!!

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#1. by Luckas ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2007
Thanks for your translation.
#2. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 16, 2007
wow-- that was a long one.

arigato gozaimasu-- skywalker- kun
#3. by mugen ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
yes thank you indeed :jbya
Franky House #1
#4. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2007
uNtranslated bubble-- sky :p

page 16 of your translation:
4th panel bottom bubble
Usopp : ゾンビってのはノロノロ呻きながら歩くことしかできないんだ

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