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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 446

One Piece Chp. 446

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Feb 22, 2007 22:41 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 446

Anyone is welcome to use my translations, as long as credit is given. If you have any suggestions or corrections please post in the appropriate thread, or PM me.

(No title page in raw I received. Beginning from page 2)

Page 02:
Chopper: Excuse us~~~
Usopp: What's with this mansion. The entrance turns into a tunnel.
Usopp: I can see a courtyard over there
Usopp: You sure they aren't out right now?
Nami: That'd be a problem too. If we go back there are still Zombies!!
Chopper: Look! There's a light coming from inside.
Chopper: The light's coming from... that spot light.
Chopper: For this old well....

Page 03:
Shindori?: Welcome
Others: Kyaaaaaaah!!!
Shindori: 1 plate 2 plates 3 plates 4 plates (maid is using flat object counter particle)
Shindori: 5 plates 6 plates 7 plates...
Usopp: Eeeeh!? What's happening? Why is she throwing plates at us?!!

Page 04:
Ussop: Ow!!! Are you aiming just for me!?
Shindori: Well... yes. You were not invited here.
Shindori: These two are welcome however
Chopper/Nami: Eh? Why?
Shindori: This is the end for you however!! 8 plates!! 9 Plates!!
Usopp: Guwaaah!!!
Hoback: Hold it!! That's enough!!!
Hogback: One extra won't be a problem!! Shindori-chan!!
Usopp: Eh?
Usopp: Someone came out.
Hogback: Sorry to scare you!!
Hogback: A long time ago this woman learned she had been engaged. And to test the love of her exceedingly wealthy master
Hogback: She broke ten of his plates, to see if he would leave her and break off the engagement.
Hogback: And cast out in a state of sorrow with tears and snot on her face, is the figure who stands before you.
Hogback: Our sparkling, employee Shindori-chan! (This is a pun. Plate-hating and Sparkling)
Usopp: No... that doesn't matter...

Page 04:
Hogback: And now for my late introduction!!!
Hogback: A man famous around the world, Doctor Hogback!!!
Hogback: Also known as "Genius"!!! Fosu Fosu Fosu!!! (I think this is Hogbacks laughter)
Box: Owner of the Mansion
Box: The Genius Surgeon
Box: Doctor Hogback
Shindori: 10 plates!!!
Usopp: Gyah!!
Chopper: Usopp~~
Hogback: Wait, wait a second Shindori-chan!!
Hogback: I already said it was alright!!! If you can't listen to what I'm saying we can't be together!!!

Page 05:
Shindori: I would be fine if there weren't any plates left in this wold...
Hogback: I know!! I really do!! Didn't I just talk about this?!!
Ussop: Chopper... is that the who you were...
Chopper: Do.... The real Doctor Hogback!?
Nami: He looks kinda banana!banana!banana!banana!ish...
Chopper: HEY!! Nami!!
Shindori: Well, lets continue this conversation inside. Today is a special case. You three can come in.
Shindori: Welcome
Hogback: Ye
Hogback: Yes yes, please come in!!
Usopp: I don't know why I wasn't ok...
Usopp: anyways lets head inside...
Nami: Yea, inside is better than out here with the Zombies.
Hogback: Ah.... I'm still....
Hogback: I'm still....

Page 06:
Hogback: Fosu fosu fosu fosu!!!
Hogback: I'm glad you came to my mansion!!
Hogback: Really, I'm never heard of people who've ridden clouds!! What did you ride to get here?!!
Usopp: Well we have plenty of stories but first...
Chopper: Later I'll tell you all about our stories!
Nami: In the graveyard we were attacked by zombies, so we ran here!
Hogback: Zombies?
Usopp: I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing was alive. There we tons of them!
Usopp: What is going on on this island!? You live here, so you have to know something right!?
Hogback: So you were attacked?
Hogback: It's a good thing you arrived here safely
Hogback: That's most important.
Hogback: The answer to your question is this
Hogback: It's because I don't know anything about what happened out there
Hogback: that I came here...!!!

Page 07:
Chopper: Then! you're doing research on Zombies right now Doctor!?
Hogback: Exactly!!!
Hogback: Certainly when someone mentions Zombies people will be afraid
Hogback: But if we were able to revive the dead!!
Hogback: Unless you're a saint, death doesn't seem like a dream!!
Hogback: There are countless numbers of people who would want to bring one or two people back to life.
Hogback: But to manipulate life and death, you cannot be afraid of god's retribution...!!!
Hogback: That is why I secretly erased myself from the world, and continue my research on this mysterious island.
Chopper: Really?!! That's what you were doing?!! But if your research was a success
Chopper: I think there would be countless people who would be grateful to you!!
Chopper: I want to help you Doctor Hogback!
Hogback: You're a cooperative guy. Thank you Doctor Chopper.
Chopper: Eeeh...!? C... calling me "Doctor" isn't gonna make me happy
Chopper: You bastard

Page 08:
Chopper: C.... can I get your signature?
Hogback: Ah, ok!!
Chopper: And later can I
Chopper: see your research!?
Hogback: You had better not
Hogback: Try and peek into my research room...
Shindori: Here, Pudding
Hogback: Eeeeeh!!!
Hogback: Wait a second Shindori-chan! At least put it on a plate!!
Hogback: Don't ignore my request!!
Shindori: It would be wonderful if all the plates in the world were gone.
Hogback: The table is clean anyways, so in this situation, let's just make this a table course!!

Page 09:
Chopper/Usopp: Well then, let's eat
Nami: Use a spoon will you!?
Chopper: Oh!! It's so sweet! It's delicious!
Shindori: I've prepared the bath
Shindori: You all are filthy so please use it
Usopp: Oh yea, old man... I'm fine, so anyways
Usopp: Before we got here, did a weird skeleton come by?
Hogback: Skeleton?
Usopp: ....uh, he was lanky... had an afro... you'd know if you saw him...
Usopp: Well, I guess seeing a talking, moving skeleton would be a pretty weird event.
Usopp: Do you know anything about it....?
Hogback: N...no I don't
Hogback(thought): Are they talking about him...? No... that's impossible....!!

Page 10:
Box: The Bathroom Inside the Mansion
Chopper: I don't have any interest in naked human women but...
Chopper: I really want to peek into Doctor Hogbacks research room~~~
Usopp: You know Nami
Usopp: I know some kids are afraid to go the bathroom at night but...
Usopp: Why do we have to guard the bathroom?
Usopp: If you're afraid couldn't you just not use it?
Nami: You guys were touched by Zombies. You sure a calm about it. Filthy.
Usopp: We're gonna get filthy again anyways right?
Chopper: Right!
Nami: When it's dark out
Nami: We're leaving here
Chopper/Usopp: Eh!?
Usopp: What are you saying you moron!!!

Page 11:
Usopp: I'm telling you, we finally found shelter
Usopp: If we left here at night you know what might happen to us!
Usopp: What we need to do now is not move around anymore!!
Usopp: Luffy and the guys are definitely coming to save us, alright!!!
Chopper: Me too! I don't wanna go outside anymore!!
Chopper: Not to the woods or anywhere else!!
Nami: It is the same if we're inside or outside.
Nami: Did you take a close look at the inside of this mansion?
Nami: The corridors and the rooms... if my intuition is right then...
Nami: This mansion is already full of Zombies!
Chopper/Usopp: Hiiiiiiiiii!!!
Usopp: Wh... where were they!!!
Nami: If that's the case, then the most suspicious thing is whatever it is Hogback is up to. He lied to us.
Nami: If there's a connection between him and the Zombies, then there's no way he's going to let us out of the mansion, or off the island!!

Page 12:
Nami: Anyways, right now we need to get free without being noticed
Nami: When it's dark we need to run from here.
Chopper: aaagr..........!!! eed....
Usopp: What do we do if she's right Chopper?!
Someone: Grrrrrrr.....
Someone: ........you're a
Someone: pretty clever woman...
Nami: What...!?
Nami: Usopp, Chopper, did you say anything!?
Usopp: ?.... We didn't say anything
Usopp: Buuu
Usopp: Ah, I just farted though!!
Someone: Grrrrrrrrr
Chopper: Usopp it stinks!!
Nami: Eh!? What... my hands are...!!

Page 13:
Nami: Ah!
Nami: What's happening.....!!
Nami: There's nobody in here...!!!
Someone: Compared to the woman on the ship... grrrrr...
Someone: I like you better...
Nami: A voice... someone's here!?
Nami: Usopp!!! Cho...
Nami: uh
Someone: You will be...
Someone: my bride...!!!

Page 14:
Usopp: Hey Nami! What's wrong?
Chopper: Did the smell get into here too!?
Usopp: Uoh!!!
Usopp: Thank you very much
Chopper: He's bowing!!
Someone: ..... bothersome.....
Nami(thought): You Idiot!!! Save me!!!
Nami: You....!!
Someone: Haou!!!
Nami: fwah
Nami: Usopp, Chopper, help me!!!
Nami: Someone is in here!!!
Someone: ..........ku..........!!
Chopper: Eh!?

Page 15:
Chopper: It's true, I can smell it!!!
Usopp: Still!? I'm sorry!!
Chopper: Not the fart!!!
Chopper: It's a person's smell!!
Nami: They're escaping out the window!!!
Usopp: The window opened on it's own....!?
Usopp: What the hell is running away!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu (Sure Kill)
Usopp: Kayaku Boshi !!! (Gunpowder Star)
Nami: ... If they got away then....
Nami: They heard our whole conversation......
Usopp: ....Hey, Nami what just happened.... what does this all mean?!!!
Nami: They were here the whole time....
Nami: An invisible man.

Page 16:
Box: The Thousand Sunny's "Luffy Team"
Sanji: Now then
Sanji: We have no options if we just wait here.
Sanji: This ship was caught in this giant spider web.
Zoro: That skeleton bastards Ghost Ship too...
Zoro: Usopp, Nami, and Chopper
Zoro: The Mini Merry they were riding too...
Zoro: They can't move at all because of the spiderweb......
Zoro: The front Is probably not where they'd expect.
Zoro: The entrance is inviting us.... It looks like even the ghosts are inviting us in.
Luffy: What are you waiting around for Zoro?!!
Luffy: Come on, you come too!!
Luffy: As long as we're here we've got nothing better to do
Luffy: Lets go!! I'll give you my lunch alright? Alright!! (He says -yo shishishishi. Which is a pun on "Yosh")

Page 17:
Sanji: ....so, why are we going down stairs now? (Also, "Stairs" here is a homonym for ghost story, but it's not part of the dialog.)
Luffy: Because this is the entrance. If you think about it, we've gotta.
Luffy: Geh
Luffy: There's something inside the moat!
Cerberus: Grrrrrrrr
Cerberus(bottom): howl...
Cerberus: Bark
Cerberus: Bark
Cerberus: Howl
Sanji: Heh.. Cerberus huh?... Hell must be doing alright then.
Robin: Oh, cute isn't he.
Franky: Is he going to fight it?
Zoro: It seems pretty full of itself...
Luffy: Think he tastes good?
Cerberus: Eeeeeh!!?

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Ossu!! :ossu thanks for the time you put into this :).
#2. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
As usual a labor of love :p

superb :thumbs
#3. by xholyangel07x ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
Thanks for the translation!
#4. by Luckas ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
#5. by juUnior ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
thx for translation, skywalker6705 :D
#6. by aznboiray ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2007
thanks for the translation
#7. by destinator ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2007
Its so nice to have a active OP translator. Thanks for all your effort <3
#8. by coungpow ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2007
Great trans thanks skywalker

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