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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 452

One Piece Chapter 452

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Apr 24, 2007 04:34 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 452

So I was horribly sick a week or so ago, and that has thrown a wrench into my keeping up with my translations. Finished my 451, and will knock this one out tommorow ideally. Next is 453. If I mod would retroactively add those to the appropriate threads I'd appreciate it. After these next two weeks things will be a-ok for translating, as finals will be over. Till then, bear with me a bit guys.

Update: Translation finished. Onto 453. Any corrections or comments post here. (Apologies again for lack of the japanese script, but I lack that typing dexterity).

Page 01:
Title: Jigorou of the Wind
Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 20: Choked on Dango While Moon-watching, A Tearful Goodbye.

Page 02:
Luffy: Where did he vanish...
Luffy: I mean really.......!!
Luffy: Zoro and Sanji, seriously.
Franky: What the hell are you doing at a time like this?!!
Luffy: Hey!!! There was some armor over there!! Isn't it a man's romance to wear it!! *Trans Note: Look up the definition of romance.
Luffy: You made yourself an iron body with those hands... did you change your heart to iron as well!?
Franky: Romance!? ..........of course.
Franky: Forgive me!! I never intended to go so far as to change my heart to iron!!

Page 03:
Franky: When you lose something important, and a foreboding wind of blows through your heart... listen please.
Franky: "The Heart of a Steely Cyborg Traveller"
Luffy: Yeah!! Sing!!
Robin: We've come to a large hall...
Oinkchuck: Do there guys know what kind of situation they're in?
Oinkchuck: Oinkeehee
Luffy: A hall?
Luffy: What about Usopp and the guys?!
Robin: I don't think that's the case
Robin: This hall's interior is made to look like the outside it seems.
Luffy: What is this place!!
Franky: It looks like an arena............!!!

Page 04:
Oinkchuck: Oinkeeheehee It's not something as simple as that. Oink
Franky: Uoh!!!
Luffy: Franky!!!
Robin: ........!! Who!!?

Page 05:
Luffy: Woah!! It's a moving Armor!!!
Robin: ....it's certainly a zombie...!!!
Robin: it's moving around even with that spear in it's chest...
Franky: Just cause Zombies are well equipped....!!
Franky: Isn't going to scare me!!!
Franky: nuh...
Franky: Strong Right!!!

Page 06:
Franky: Ah!?
Franky: Uooh!!!
Franky: ........!! The wall just.......!!!
Franky: decent swordwork...!!

Page 07:
Franky: Weapons Left!!!

Page 08:
Luffy: Uwah!! Franky is!!!
Franky: ...it'll take more than that to kill me...!!!
Franky: Especially for a corpse like you!!!

Page 09:
Luffy: ...he's getting back up again...!!!
Franky: The latch won't open.......!!! *referring to his stomach door
Franky: This guy is on a whole different level from those other zombies.
Oinkchuck: Oinkeeheeheeheeheehee!! Now you'll understand!!
Oinkchuck: That's what makes them truly terrifying. Even if they're broken apart,
Oinkchuck: Even if you wound them, they won't feel it!! They're Armed General Zombies.
Oinkchuck: Every one of these zombies had made a name for themselves as a warrior during their lifetime!! Oink.
Oinkchuck:.The leader of a country's Knights turned vicious criminal.
Oinkchuck: A legendary Samurai!! A Pirate!! A Gunslinger!!
Oinkchuck: Imagine those men after they've become invulnerable!!!
Oinkchuck: There's no way someone like you could beat them!! Oinkeeheehee!!!
Oinkchuck: Even now your nakama are in peril. What do you say to that!!

Page 10-11 spread:
Luffy: You bastard!!
Oinkchuck: Wall Zombie!!
Wall: Oh
Luffy: Ah!!
Luffy: He's closed off the path!!
Robin: It's not just the path behind that's been closed.
Franky: Speaking from my experiences...
Luffy: Uoooh!!!
Franky: this'll certainly be........
Franky: beyond just difficult.......!!!
Luffy: It's full of armors!!!

Page 12:
Franky: Unlike fighting them one on one, attacking the entire group wouldn't have any effect.
Franky: And if we try and meet them in an all out fight they'll just overwhelm us!!
Robin: If we try an escape from here quickly......... we might reach the courtyard.
Zombies: Get them!!!
Luffy: Yosh! Then the three of us will meet up there later.
Luffy: Be careful not to let anyone else disappear!!
Robin: heh heh... of course.
All: Lets go!!

Page 13:
Franky: Oooraah!!!!
Luffy: Move!!!
Jigorou: Ittoryuu*....!! "36 roku poundo hou**"!!! *Single Sword Style **36 Pound Cannon
Luffy: Waah!!
Luffy: That move!! ...Zoro!!?

Page 14:
Jigorou: A wound on the back
Jigorou: is a a swordsman's shame!!!
Box: General Zombie
Box: Jigorou of the Wind *Trans Note: Jigorou is likely a pun on Gigolo. However Jigorou is spelled with an extra U.
Box: Legendary Stubborn Old Man
Box: The Swordsman who cut down
Box: 7000 pirates to protect his family
Box: (Died at age 58)
Jigorou: Yet I'm covered with scars!!!
Luffy: Eh!? Who are you!!!
Luffy: Is it Zoro after all!?
Jigorou: My name is Jigorou.
Luffy: Wah!!
Luffy: Dammit, let me go you jerks.
Luffy: Uwaaaaaaaah

Page 15:
Robin: Once Fleur!!
Robin: Slam!!!
Zombie: Guah!!!
Franky: This what you use against zombies!!
Franky: Freeeeesh
Franky: Fire!!!
Zombies: Prepare the buckets!!
Franky: What!!!?

Page 16:
Franky: Owaa!!!
Robin: ha!! ..ha
Robin: Luffy is ..........!?
Robin: ha
Franky: It doesn't look like he made it out yet
Franky: Even if we went back, he'll be hard to find because he's wearing that stupid armor.
Robin: ........!!! But even if we wait, it doesn't seem like he's in there.
Robin: and the zombies will be coming this way shortly
Luffy: Uooooooh
Franky: Dammit... he can't have gone and disappeared as well can he?
Franky: Heeey!!! Strawhat!!!

Page 17:
Luffy: Gyaaaaaaaa
Franky: hm?
Luffy: Goddamit let me out!!
Franky: What the...? A coffin...!?
Robin: ......!? That voice just now...!!
SFX: garagara/ clank clank
Luffy: Open up this lid!!
Robin: Luffy!!?
Franky: eh!? Strawhat can't have got stuck in that thing!?
Franky: What the hell is that idiot doing!! Did he get himself caught!?
Franky: After him, Nico Robin!!
Spider: You're not following him ...ah ah ah ah.... *soft laughter*

Page 18-19 spread:
Spider: Hey hey!!! Monkey Monkey!!! Monkeeey *music note*
Box: General Zombie
Box: Spider Monkey
Box: Tararan *Based on Tarantula
Spider: ah ah ah ah ah!!
Spider: I'm the widely rumored Spider Monkey!!!
Robin: A giant spider......!!!
Franky: This thing's size exceeds that of average insects!! It's a monster spider!!
Luffy: aaaaaaaaaaaaah
Spider: ...ooh, another one...
Franky: Damn, the coffin is.......!!!
Franky: What the hell are you gonna do with him?!!
Spider: Dont' worry, whatever happens to him you will also learn firsthand...!!
Spider: You should at least worry about your own fate...!!
Spider: Before you it's me, and behind you are the armored soldiers...!!
Spider: And with this your crew will be destroyed.

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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Apr 24, 2007
Thanks for still doing this, despite being sick , all the best for your finals!
No worries, had added this to the R/T/S for this chapter :)
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2007
Take it slowly sky. Your health is more important than translating :)

And thanx for the trans. Hope you finish it soon :)
#3. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
It irks me that this was moved the the private forum one day after it was made. I was kinda hoping to let people know I was not gone with this. 453 should come up shortly so it's alright I guess...
#4. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
You are right about the reasons for the move. I'm moving it here, since is a new translation. This is the completed one i guess ;)
#5. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
Quote by Nami;374766:
You are right about the reasons for the move. I'm moving it here, since is a new translation. This is the completed one i guess ;)

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks!!! :)
#6. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2007
thx for trans skywalker6705, even if it's late, but health is priority xD
#7. by wanderintowns ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007
thanks very much

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