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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 455

One Piece Chapter 455

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on May 10, 2007 20:19 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 455

Hey guys, long time no see.

Page 01:
Title: King of the Deep, Shichibukai Gekko Moria
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 22: Revenge for the professor!! It's time for men to do what men must do.

Page 02:
BGText: The Spider Monkey, Defeated...!?
Spider: .........ah!!
Franky: It's not over
Franky: Despite cutting him, he's still a Zombie. He's gonna get back up.
Spider: ......why you~~~...
Spider: hm!? Wait a sec!!? ......you, somewhere I...
Brook: Yohoho... Don't worry about this, I will handle it.
Franky: Handle?
Brook: Zombies have a weakness!!
Spider: Aah
Spider: Aaaaaaaahh!!

Page 03:
Spider: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Franky: What is that?!!
Brook: That would be a zombie's "Soul"...!!
Franky: ...Soul!? You're letting it get away right in front of you!!
Spider: Aaaaaaah
Spider: Aaaaaaaa...
Brook: Now then, return!! Return to your owner!!!
Mice: Gyaaaaaah!! Commander Tararan!!!
Mice: Commander!!! He got the Commander!!

Page 04:
Franky: You stopped him completely ...... what did you do!?
Brook: Purification.
Mice: ......Look!! There's no mistaking it that man is ... "Humming"!!!
Mice: The man who came here to Thriller Back 5 years ago and wrecked everything!!!
Mice: Gotta Report to the master!!!
Brook: ah, this spider's web is indeed strong against force, but still weak to fire.
Franky: It's true, it's disolving.
Franky: The other Strawhats have been abducted!!
Franky: You seem to know quite a bit about this island.
Brook: Yes but... I'm not quite sure how to put this.
Brook: simply put, the fact that they are now captured means there is a strong possibility it may already be too late.
Franky: Whaaaat!!? To late you say!!?

Page 05:
Brook: Bu.... but please don't get upset with me.
Brook: Lets keep a straight face!!
Brook: But I'm a skeleton though, so I don't have a face!!!
Brook: Yohohoho!!! Skull Joke!!!
Robin: Stop it, he's already died.
Brook: Anyways, let us quit joking around, and listen to me for a moment.
Robin: Stop it, he's already died.
Brook: It is as I said on the ship, when the ship's rudder failed
Brook: I began wandering the sea alone decades ago......
Brook: I hoped to escape to the previous sea but
Brook: The rudder was broken and I was played with by the currents endlessly.
Brook: That cage... it was about 5 years ago
Brook: That Thriller Bark invited me in , just as it has
Brook: to you all...

Page 06:
Brook: I wanted to escape the "Floridan Triangle" no matter what.
Brook: Hoping that there might be parts to fix the rudder on the island
Brook: I walked around.
Brook: When I entered there was nothing but Zombies and monsters
Brook: Before long I was captured and brought to this large building.
Brook: What I saw inside was
Brook: a combat dancer that had been caught before me and...
Brook: He was taken away and they brought out a "marionette" that they called his corpse.
Brook: and as I looked there I saw this frightening giant appear...
Brook: and he torn the man's "Shadow" from the floor!!
Brook: He severed it!!!

Page 07:
Franky: He severed... his shadow.........!?
Brook: I too doubted my eyes. Though...
Brook: I don't have any!!!
Franky: Stop messing around or I'll smack you!!!
Robin: Hitting him would be fine.
Brook: Shortly thereafter I was to have the same fate...
Brook: the one whose shadow was taken collapsed where he stood
Brook: On the other hand, his severed shadow
Brook: was pressed inside the unmoving body of the "marionette."
Brook: how he did it, I'm unsure...
Brook: And what I assumed was just a corpse "marionette"
Brook: Just started moving didn't it?!!

Page 08:
Franky: What do you mean!?
Brook: A "Shadow" is... where ever you go, it is the "other soul" that obeys and moves with a person.
Brook: the shadows you've defeated as well
Brook: originally... would be with a person till death.
Brook: A "soul" that would never leave you, that would always obey and follow you.
Brook: The giant that seizes these, and has them obey his will
Brook: King of the Deep, Shichibukai Gekko Moria!!!
Brook: The user of the Kage Kage fruit!! *Shadow Shadow*
Franky: A devil's fruit huh?
Brook: If he only has a corpse, he can use
Brook: a shadow to bring forth Zombies.
Brook: The worrisome part is the genius surgeon that creates these tough bodies from the dead.
Brook: That Doctor Hogback is his nakama.

Page 09:
Brook: His medical work in some cases draws from various graveyards
Brook: To take the bodies of legendary warriors and revive them.
Brook: An innumerable amount of "marionettes" are still stored in the freezers of his research room.
Brook: He's storing them.
Robin: Dr. Hogback... that infamous doctor that had disappeared
Robin: for him to be here lending a hand to pirates.
Franky: But still... so the Zombies can move,
Franky: but they haven't really been revived at all.
Brook: Correct...
Brook: The "shadow" holds both the personality and fighting skills of it's owner.
Brook: The physical strength of the "marionette" is limited by the power of it's bodies.
Brook: The fusion of a strong body and a strong shadow
Brook: and even stronger Zombie solider is born.
Brook: That is why Moria so eagerly desires the shadows of bounty heads.

Page 10:
Franky: So that's how it is...
Franky: So he was after us.
Robin: So that's the whole story of Thriller Bark.
Robin: To Moria the Zombie's most important ability could be their obedience don't you think?
Robin: It would follow that the stronger the warrior the more difficulty they must have with this obedience.
Brook: True... They receive the same fighting spirit and skill as their owner.
Brook: If they won't listen to his commands he has no need for them in his crew.
Brook: Those who are strong and who don't lose their will are thrown into the sea after they lose consciousness.
Franky: Eh...!! Then those guys are...
Brook: They're still alright!! We have time.
Brook: Right now I will tell you the best plan we have
Brook: Please believe in me and follow it!!

Page 11:
Franky: ...ah!? believe in you!?
Brook: Gusaaaaah!! Skull Shock!!!
Brook: A conversation like this I haven't had for more than ten years!!
Brook: It's so fun~~~~~
Robin: We're listening so tell us quickly.
?: Yes
Zombies: Master!!
Zombies: The Three Mysterious People have arrived!!
?: ......... That was quick. Enter!!

Page 12-13:
Zombies: Please, come inside!!
Moria: Ooh
Moria: So you came
Moria: Kishishishishishishi!!
Moria: Hurry and make me the Pirate King!!!
Moria: Immediately!!!
Box1Line1: King of the Deep, Shichibukai Pirate
Box1Line2: Gekko Moria
Box1Line3: Former Bounty 320,000,000 Beri
Box2Line1: Relying on others for his Objective.
Box2Line2: Favorite Phrase:
Box2Line3: "You'll do it"

Page 14:
Luffy: What makes you the Pirate King?!!! The one who will be Pirate King is
Luffy: Me!!!
Luffy: Oi!!! Untie this string you giant leek!!! *His face resembles Japanese Leeks*
Luffy: Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Sanji, Zoro, Give them all back!!! Where did you take them!!!
Hogback: Whatever the case he's strong...
Hogback: So this is "Strawhat Luffy" huh?

Page 15:
Moria: Oi, Strawhat Luffy... you just blurted out alot of names
Moria: There's only three of you we're after.
Morai: The Pirate Hunter Zoro...
Moria: Another was a blonde guy with no wanted poster.
Luffy: Hm? The blonde one has to be Sanji I guess...
Usopp: Whaaaat!? Oi! It looks like Zoro and Sanji were captured.
Nami: N... no way. For Luffy to be caught too!? ......!!
Nami: Wh... why couldn't those three monsters let themselves get captured right off the bat!?
Usopp: I don't know who these guys are, but they're definitely bad news!!
Hogback: ...What happened to those three Pelona?!
Hogback: the Risky Brothers delivered them didn't they...
Pelona: They didn't bring them to Bearsy.
Pelona: Didn't they escape while they were being delivered!?
Usopp: Gulp, they're talking about us.
Bearsy: Ex....excuse...
Usopp: Don't say it you. Don't say it!!

Page 16:
Pelona: I told you not to open your mouth!!
Absalom: You're so strict with Bearsy.
Absalom: Anyways, I was trying to get a hold of my bride when those three ran into your garden and created a disturbance.
Absalom: ...hm? Oi, wait a second.
Absalom: What were you saying Hogback you bastard!!
SFX: Grrrrrrr!!
Absalom: You're saying that one of you laid a hand on my bride!?
Absalom: so that's what happened before...
Cindry: You're bride isn't coming.
Absalom: What was that Cindry!?
Hogback: Uooh...!! Oi Oi!! Cindry-chan, your making it worse!!
Hogback: And beyond that why did you step out in front of me?!!
Cindry: Your's won't be coming either.
Hogback: Gueeh!!! What a low blow!!! Where was that from!!!
Moria: Stop it, stop it, stop that bothersome chatter!!!
Moria: If some Pirates got away then you guys can do something about it later!!!

Page 17:
Moria: What you all gathered here for now is the commemoration of the creation of a great fighting asset.
Moria: why not celebrate as well!!!
Zombies: Gyaaaaah!!!
Zombies: Master!!! That pirate bit the bars of the cage apart and he's getting away!!!
Moria: He bit...
Moria: !!... the bars apart!!?
Luffy: What're you gonna do to catch me now?!!!
Hogback: Fosu Fosu Fosu
Hogback: What a fun ending.
Absalom: Fuuuu...
Pelona: Stop it Absalom, we're inside remember. I'll stop him!!

Page 18:
Luffy: Like you could catch me, dumbass!!!
Pelona: Negative Hollow!! *Thus the sound effect horohoro about 10 chapters ago*
Luffy: If I'm reincarnated ...I wanna be a sea cucumber.
Luffy: ...wanna die
Absalom: The man who just said he wanted to be pirate king now wants to be a sea cucumber, that's brutal.
Luffy: It's so bright!!!
Luffy: What are you doing goddamit, I'll remember this!!!

Page 19: Uwah
Luffy: Eh!? What's that... my shadow!?
SFX: Snip
Hogback: Fufufu...
Moria: Kishishishishishi!!
Moria: It's in my hand!! The fighting power worth 300 million!!!
Moria: With this the monumentally strong "Special Zombie" can be created!!!
BGText: Luffy's shadow, in a zombie!?

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 10, 2007
Go sky!! :amuse

Thanx a lot :kkthumbs
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Thank's for te trans.
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yes thank you :jbya
please continue translating One Piece :wtf
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Quote by mugen;390210:
yes thank you :jbya
please continue translating One Piece :wtf

agreed :thumbs
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Posted on Jul 22, 2007

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