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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 293

Bleach chp 293

+ posted by spacecat as translation on Sep 29, 2007 08:05 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 293

Ok not first this week but oh well I slept a bit late :darn my translation anyways :) Why can't I see the Bleach post icon btw? If a mod can add it I'd appreciate it, it doesn't show up for me? Sorry for any mistakes, corrections are welcome!

Page 1:

Bleach 293 Urge for Unite

Sidetext: A gift from back then.

Page 2:

Szayel: Uh oh

Szayel: My apologies

Szayel: It seems you didn’t hear me.

Page 3:

Renji: Feh

?: Even though they are fake I don’t like to see them destroyed like that.

Szayel: So then..

Szayel: Sorry to keep you waiting…

Szayel: Let me show you Fornicarus’s true power.

Page 4:

Ishida: Sorry, I don’t really have the time for that..

Ishida: And sadly I’m not really interested in your power.

Ishida: I will be stopping it before it appears!

Renji: Count me in on that!

Page 5:

Ishida and Renji: !!!

Page 6:

Szayel: I’m the one saying sorry

Szayel: Since you don’t have a say in this.

Szayel: I am forcing you to take part!

Page 7:

Renji: Ishida!!

Ishida: uuuuh

Ishida: Uurgh

Renji: Shit!!

Page 8:

Renji: What the??

Szayel: eeehee

Szayel: What a great taste.

Page 9:

Renji: !? An Ishida doll!

Renji: Ishida! Ishida, waku up!!

Ishida: Uuu

Renji: Are you okay, is your mind…

Ishida: It’s okay, no need to talk so loud while standing so close.

Szayel: Ye~~~s!

Page 10:

Szayel: I am over here!

Ishida: Is it another fake

Szayel: Nnnn

Szayel: What’s that? I’m just answering cos you were talking to him.

Szayel: Thanks to you Ishida kun..

Szayel: Your time as Ishida kun has come to an end.

Szayel: From this time onwards…

Szayel: "He" will be Ishida Kun.. (trans note: I love how he uses the "he" ppl commonly use when speaking of their boyfriend lol)

Page 11:

Ishida: What!!

Szayel: What is this?

Szayel: You felt me touch you right?

Szayel: I guess I just didn’t explain it to you at all

Szayel: I now am controlling all of your 5 senses.

Szayel: So then…

Page 12:

Renji: Ishida!!

Szayel: It’s that simple..

Szayel: Also.

Renji: What the…

Renji: What are you doing!

Renji: STOP IT!!

Page 13:

Renji: Shit!!

Page 14:

Szayel: What a moron..

Szayel: The doll isn’t made that way, did you really think when I opened it, he would split in two?

Szayel: Anyways, look.

Szayel: Can you see?

Szaeyl: So many tiny parts inside of him.

Ishida: And they are?

Szayel: So many different colours, as though it’s a children’s toy.

Szayel: Fun-packed right here.

Szayel: I guess a demonstration will make you understand faster.

Szayel: Hoh..

Text: estomagao

Szayel: The stomach?

Page 15:

No text

Page 16:

Renji: Ishida!!

Ishida: Urgh

Ishida: ARGH!!

Renji: You bastard!!!

Szayel: Don’t make such an uproar…

Szayel: It was only his stomach that I destroyed.

Page 17:

Renji?: Gaaargh!!

Szayel: Ok then…

Szayel: You make such a fuss over a tiny thing like that without seeing what is really ahead of you.

Szayel: Like children…

Szayel: Humans, Shinigami, Quincy….you are all the same…

Szayel: All are inferior.

Szayel: If Aizen sama decides to destroy you all it will be for that reason…

Szayel: Because…

Page 18:

Szayel: You are so inferior.

Sidetext: A power like none seen before, Fornicarus.

Page 19:

Nnoitra: Why did you stop?

Nel: I can say the same to you…

Page 20:

Nnoitra: Fool.

Nnoitra: I only stopped cos I noticed you had.

Nnoitra: Annoying..

Nnoitra: It reminds me of that other time I fought with you.

Nnoitra: Even now…

Nnoitra: you haven’t changed.

Nnoitra: Since back then…

Nnoitra: not one bit.

Sidetext: What happened back then, when Nel was in Las Noches?

End of WJ 44 Bleach chapter.

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#1. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2007
Yaaay!! Thank u very much space cat for the trans. :amuse
#2. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2007
Thank you Spacecat.
#3. by Syn ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2007
Thanks a lot space :)

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