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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Beelzebub 1

Picked Up Demon King

+ posted by squirrellord as translation on Feb 22, 2009 21:30 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 1

Here's the first chapter of Beelzebub! Set up is Page/Panel/Bubble
Alright, this is now open to the public for use. Knock yourself out!

1/1/1 ---Long Long ago
1/2/1 In a certain place
1/2/2 There was a very very handsome
1/2/3 Cool
1/2/4 Popular
1/2/5 (blue text) That man was entirely like an angel----...
1/3/1 Respected by all
1/3/2 Uuu....
1/3/3 Die...
1/3/4 ...Oga...
1/4/1 Respected by all
1/5/2 How cruel...

2/1/1 young man
2/2/1 (blue text) Like the Devil!!!
2/2/2 Everybody kneel before me
2/2/3 Tamura Ryuuhei (author name)

3/1/1 Wait wait wait wait
3/3/1 Huh?

4/1/1 Don't "huh" me, who's Kind-hearted and popular?
4/1/2 The first thing you said, "Everybody kneel before me", you're a tyrant, aren't you?!
4/2/1 Idiot
4/2/2 You're an idiot, Furuichi
4/2/3 Yo mama's so fat!
4/2/4 Don't yo mama me
4/3/1 Are you sure? Really think about it
4/3/2 Do you think I'm the kind of guy who, without reason, would force people to bow before me?
4/3/3 Yeah

5/1/1 Oh yeah really? Wanna hear the rest then?!
5/1/2 Owowowo, I give, I give
5/2/1 ...No
5/3/1 Really, we're sorry for getting carried away earlier
5/4/1 It was just that Ishi-high's legendary no-loss Oga-kun was sleeping so defenselessly...
5/4/2 We just thought, This is a chance right...
5/4/3 No, not a chance
5/4/4 If that hadn't have been me, I'd have died
5/5/1 Nooo, really~~
5/5/2 hahaha
5/5/3 Bag being used as a stand in pillow
5/6/1 Though it would have been great if you had died...

6/1/1 The kind-hearted young man
6/1/2 I wonder if it'll come out, this damned spot
6/1/3 Wa-
6/1/4 Guubugurugugu
6/1/5 Went to the river to do laundry
6/1/6 ...Dying
6/1/7 (far right) It's the Devil
6/1/8 So cruel...
6/1/9 Devil
6/2/1 At that point
6/4/1 From upstream
6/4/2 A large
6/5/1 A large old man
6/5/2 Came floating down the river
6/5/3 Alright, STOOOOOP!!

7/2/1 Uuuum... What? This story... Where do you want to take it?
7/2/2 Or rather, the hell!? "A large old man"...
7/2/3 He came floating down, so there was no helping it...
7/2/4 That doesn't float down stream!!!
7/3/1 No... Seriously, I was crapping myself over that too
7/3/2 Actually, the other guys went flying off at full speed
7/4/1 Well, normally people would run...
7/4/2 No no, are you being serious? About this...
7/4/3 Do I really have to play along?
7/5/1 Yup, diligently play your part
7/5/2 Gu-
7/5/3 Hold on, I'm groping for the limit of reality
7/6/1 Old man...
7/6/2 River bed...
7/6/3 Homeless...!!
7/6/4 A homeless old man living under a brige was, by chance, washed down stream
7/6/5 Definitely!!
7/6/6 Alright, let's go!!
7/7/1 Yeah...
7/7/2 The kind-hearted young man, all by himself, pulled the old man ashore
7/7/3 And then----...

8/1/1 The old man split in two
8/1/2 From within, a lively baby boy-
8/1/3 NO SPLITTING!!!!!!
8/4/1 NO
8/4/2 SPLITTING-----!!!

9/1/1 The young man said
9/1/2 "My, what a cute baby"
9/1/3 Just stop it!! Impossible, Impossible
9/1/4 Nobody'd listen to this story!!
9/1/5 Don't underestimate the readers!!
9/2/1 ... Geeze
9/3/1 My fault for seriously listening to you
9/3/2 Since you oddly came asking me for a consult
9/3/3 C'cmon, there's still more
9/3/4 (little text) And I went out of my way to make time
9/4/1 Like I care!!
9/4/2 I have a date coming up now!! (little) Drink your tea and quickly get out
9/5/1 Don't say that and listen. From here on's the important part
9/5/2 I don't have to play along with your BS gossip!!
9/5/3 If you have to continue, then try bringing that baby here, then talking, idoit
9/6/1 It's fine if I bring it?
9/6/2 If you can!!

10/1/1 Adda
10/2/1 It'd have help if you had said that earlier
10/3/1 Wha, See, there's really a baby
10/3/2 Daa
10/4/1 Yo..
10/4/2 Yo?

11/1/1 You were just keeping this on standby outside the room?!!!
11/1/2 Dabuuu!!
11/1/3 It woulda just freaked you out if I showed it to you suddenly, right!!!
11/2/1 Wait a bit, k
11/2/2 Poo-chan
11/3/1 Idiot
11/4/1 I've never seen an idiot like this before
11/4/2 ----Ok then
11/4/3 It's a promise Furuichi-kun
11/4/4 Why'd he bring it
11/4/5 More so, into someone's house...
11/4/6 Let's continue the story then
11/5/1 The kind-hearted young man was suprised
11/5/2 Just knock it off, that's pissing me off!!
11/7/1 Soon...

12/1/1 It's this area, search every nook and cranny
12/1/2 Gue

13/1/1 A few hours earlier
13/2/1 The kind-hearted young man was suprised
13/4/1 Yeeeah...
13/4/2 The hell is this?
13/5/1 I'm so confused... what do I do?
13/5/2 Oga- >Fight, Run, Threaten, Sob, Kill
13/6/1 Wait wait, killing is bad

14/1/1 Calm down
14/1/2 I'm an adult, respond as an adult would
14/1/3 Alright
14/2/1 Heeeeey, kid
14/2/2 Lost?
14/4/1 Hm? Kinda different
14/4/2 Hey there
14/4/3 Are you lost?
14/4/4 Image
14/4/5 Parle vu France? (TL: I spent for-frickin-ever trying to figure this one out... but to no avail. So fake text!)
14/5/1 Face? My face huh...
14/5/2 Wait a minute
14/6/1 Aaaa

15/1/1 Like this?
15/1/2 Aaall right
15/1/3 C'mover here
15/1/4 This is hard
15/2/1 The eyes, It's because my eyes aren't laughing
15/2/2 Wrong wrong
15/2/3 One minute, time out
15/2/4 Kya Kya (above baby)
15/5/1 What are you doing?
15/5/2 ..... Nothin...
15/6/1 Anyway, after that
15/6/2 I tried a bunch of things but
15/6/3 The result was

16/1/2 BRAT
16/2/1 DAABUU!!!
16/2/2 ------And then
16/3/1 It became
16/3/2 Extremely attached
16/3/3 AAAA (little) war cry
16/4/1 Attached...?

17/2/1 ---Hmph
17/2/2 You seem to have made a rather heavy mistake

18/1/1 Like the Young Master
18/1/2 Would become attached to the likes of you
18/3/1 Die, gutter filth

19/1/1 Uuaaaa!!
19/2/1 What...!?
19/2/2 Who...!?
19/3/1 Haa!?
19/3/2 Who are you, c'mon
19/3/3 Who's gutter filth
19/4/1 Sprinngin' up here all of a sudden, idiot
19/4/2 Anyway, get down from there
19/4/3 Actin' like you're top shit in someone elses house
19/4/4 (little) and take yer shoes off
19/4/5 What's he so worked up about?...
19/4/6 It's not even your house
19/5/1 ---Hmph
19/6/1 Ah?

20/1/1 Here, Young Master
20/1/2 Let's go
20/1/3 Hilda's come to welcome you
20/3/1 to welcome...?
20/4/1 DA

21/1/1 Pu
21/2/1 He hates you
21/2/2 Horrible face!!
21/3/1 ...Umm.... Young Master?
21/3/2 Come, let's go!!
21/3/3 *GRIP*
21/4/1 Jus...
21/4/2 Please let go of that...
21/4/3 Young Master!!
21/4/4 Hahhaa
21/4/5 This is your loss
21/5/1 Oi
21/5/2 Oga, this person came here to welcome...
21/5/3 What are you doing
21/6/1 If you don't let go...

22/1/1 DAAAAAA!!
22/1/2 Ha...
22/4/1 Aaa

23/1/1 ----I apologize
23/2/1 ---... I am
23/2/2 serving as that baby's demon maid
23/2/3 I am called Hildegarda
23/4/1 Demon?
23/4/2 Buhahahaha
23/4/3 Uhihihi
23/4/4 Eat souls
23/4/5 (small) Small Minded

24/1/1 ---- And that child is
24/2/1 The one who can become our, Demon kind's, King
24/3/1 His name is...
24/3/2 Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub The 4th
24/4/1 In other words, this child is the Devil King

25/1/1 Caaw Caaaw
25/2/2 Grrrrrr
25/3/1 Koo
25/3/2 Fuu
25/4/1 Devil King!!?
25/5/1 Demon
25/5/2 Ufufufu
25/5/3 Worn Out (TL: Kind of a pun, instead of Maou, he though Mamou)
25/5/4 King!!!

26/1/1 Heh...
26/1/2 Ah, he's lost it
26/1/3 Heeh....
26/1/4 Well, if that's how it is...
26/1/5 Fufufu
26/2/1 Wait, seriously? Like there's demons and Demon Kings!!
26/2/2 She said Demon King!!!
26/2/3 That's what she said. What about what you were going off about earlier?! Doesn't this explain it, Idiot!!
26/2/4 Hauh?! You're the idiot, idiot!!
26/2/5 Telepathy
26/3/1 Uu... Uuum
26/3/2 Hilda-san... wasn't it...?
26/4/1 That's fine, that explanation (small) really
26/4/2 If I'm being honest, we'll ignore the rest
26/4/3 Even if we brought this kid home, we'll just end the topic here.... yeah
26/4/4 Yeah yeah
26/5/1 ---... No
26/5/2 That's impossible
26/6/1 Hm?

27/1/1 If you'd like to know why, then you
27/1/2 You have been chosen...
27/4/1 As the Demon King's Parent

28/2/1 I
28/2/2 Will destroy the humans starting tomorrow

29/1/1 My master is the Great Demon Lord
29/1/2 They're kinda, ya know,
29/1/3 Aren't they annoying?
29/2/1 They've increased too much, I can just feel it, ya know
29/2/2 Just from lookin, it's creepy
29/2/3 Haa
29/2/4 Getting rid of them all would be Refreshing
29/2/5 (small) Oh, 16 hit combo
29/3/1 But, Great Demon Lord
29/3/2 Tomorrow is the Hell Dragon King's wedding...
29/3/3 Seeeriously--
29/4/1 Then, Day after tomorrow!! Definitely, starting the day after tomorrow!!
29/4/2 The day after tomorrow is the large Hell Chupacabra searching bus tour
29/4/3 Eeeh, I'm super busy with work
29/4/4 Excuse me
29/5/1 Aaah, fine, I give up
29/5/2 I'll let him take care of them, my son who was born earlier
29/5/3 Hilda
29/5/4 Yes

30/1/1 You, take him to the human world, ya know
30/1/2 And then, while raising him to be an acceptable human, destroy!!
30/1/3 Hehe, call Satan- (TL: making this one up, Satan's in the bubble, but I can't figure out the rest)
30/2/1 ---- And
30/2/2 That's how it is...
30/4/1 Great Demon King...
30/4/2 Kinda goes with the flow

31/1/1 God's Speed, Oga!!
31/2/1 Wai... You're going to run away now?!
31/2/2 Yup... Or rather, You go home
31/2/3 It seems I have nothing to do with this
31/2/4 HHEEEY!!
31/3/1 Ku... Don't joke around
31/3/2 What do you mean Demon King's Parent?!
31/4/1 Just because this kid just kinda likes me
31/4/2 Don't screw with me!!
31/4/3 Like I care about something like that
31/4/4 I'll never do anything like that!!
31/3/5 He's lost it

32/1/1 In other words, you refuse
32/1/2 Friggin' 'course!! Quickly take it back!!
32/2/1 Is that so...
32/2/2 I'm so happy...
32/4/1 Well then, please die

33/2/1 MYAAAAAA!!!
33/3/1 Heey!! Wait, dammit, Oga!!
33/3/2 You're definitely going to pay me back for that!!
33/3/3 Definitely!!
33/4/1 Chi-
33/5/1 Uhahahahaha What the hell...
33/5/2 What the hell!?
33/5/3 Why am I laughing...
33/6/1 Calm down, Furuichi, I'm fine!!
33/6/2 You need to calm down the most
33/6/3 Why are you carrying thaaaaaaat

34/1/1 Huh? What are you... MY GOD!!
34/1/2 Don't "My God" me!! Quickly leave it
34/2/1 No... It's more like
34/2/2 I can't get away from it....
34/2/3 This is an amazing scene...
34/3/1 Give up
34/4/1 Do you think you can run away from a demon?
34/5/1 Shuddap!! Just stay up there for the rest of your life!!
34/5/2 We can see your panties!!

35/1/1 This is bad
35/1/2 Now way (bubble)
35/1/3 It can't be she's
35/1/4 Really a demon...!!?
35/2/1 ---- Fine then...
35/3/1 Ak-Baba!!
35/4/1 Gue

36/3/1 D...
36/3/2 Demon...
36/3/3 It's going "Gugugu"

37/2/1 As always
37/2/2 No hesitation...!!
37/4/1 What are you doing, hurry up

38/1/1 When you do things like that, I can honestly respect you
38/1/2-3 Kya Kya
38/1/4 Shut it
38/1/5 First to strike wins
38/3/1 Hey
38/3/2 Isn't that the violent Oga?
38/4/1 Demon?
38/4/2 That Ishi-High guy?
38/4/3 Doesn't he show up here a lot?
38/4/4 Seriously?
38/4/5 It looks like he's kind of in a panic
38/5/1 What's he doing?

39/1/1 Was your plan to escape like that?
39/2/1 ...You
39/2/2 Muuu!
39/3/1 You were planning this right from the beginning, weren't you
39/4/2 Demons are quite stuck up on contracts
39/5/1 So I'm happy you refused...

40/1/1 Hey hey, that demon guy
40/1/2 He's being driven into a corner, isn't he?!
40/1/3 Fo' real?
40/1/4 Uha-
40/1/5 Chance
40/2/1 Uuuuuu
40/3/2 Young Master...?
40/4/1 Hahha---!! Lucky
40/4/2 Back the woman up!!
40/4/3 With this, we'll be legendary too!!
40/5/1 Fu...
40/5/2 Uu...
40/5/3 Egu
40/6/1 Heh?


42/3/1 Uoooooo
42/5/1 What!?
42/5/2 Hissy-fit!!?

43/1/1 Y...
43/1/2 Young Master...
43/2/1 Wai-... Young Master
43/2/2 Don't cause problems for Dada
43/2/3 Dada..!?
43/3/1 Aa...
43/4/1-2 Caaw Caaw
43/6/1 ........ This
43/6/2 Is on a completely different level...!!

44/1/1 Oh!!
44/1/2 What about Oga...!?
44/3/1 He's definitely!!
44/3/2 As in, the worst possible death...!?
44/4/1 Hey... What's that
44/4/2 What what?
44/4/3 Electricity?
44/5/1 Hey, you
44/5/2 Can't you do something about this!?
44/5/3 If this keeps up, it'll seriously be bad...

45/1/1 Impossible
45/1/2 Im
45/2/1 Once he's like that...
45/2/2 Stopping the Young Master is...
45/3/1 N...
45/3/2 No way
45/4/1 If it's impossible, then what do we do about that!?
45/4/2 Listen, I said there's nothing we can do!!
45/5/1 ...This level... This level of crying
45/5/2 The only one who can stop it is someone like the Great Demon Lord...

46/3/1 Eh?
46/6/1 Men...
46/6/2 Don't freak out crying

47/1/1 You'll be made fun of

48/3/1 ...He sto...
48/4/1 No way...
48/4/2 Stopping that massive fit that even I couldn't, with just that...
48/5/1 Da
48/5/2 Alright
48/5/3 No more crying
48/5/4 I'm so cool...
48/6/1 ---No
48/6/2 That's not what should surprise me
48/7/1 To begin with, the Demon King's Parent
48/7/2 Is the so called catalyst to bring out the Young Master's massive demon energy in the human world

49/1/1 ---In other words, No matter how much of a temper
49/1/2 Pulling out this much power is---...
49/2/1 Without a doubt
49/2/2 This man's nature as a parent....!!
49/4/1 Aaaaa
49/4/2 Hey hey
49/4/3 No more following me
49/5/1 Hm?
49/6/1 H...Hey
49/6/2 That...
49/6/3 Kyaaaa

50/1/1 Aaaa
50/4/1 Young Masteeeeeeer!!!

51/2/1 ..... Wait
51/3/1 What am I doing!?
51/4/1 I
51/4/2 Uu

52/5/1 The steel tower
52/5/2 Disappeared...!!

53/1/1 What?
53/3/1 What is this
53/5/1 ---This man
53/5/2 Just what is he....!!!
53/5/3 Abu
53/5/4 Passed out

54/3/1 I remember something...
54/3/2 In the end it was a dream?
54/3/3 Friggin retarded dream
54/4/1 --But, that was close
54/4/2 If that had kept up, I'd seriously have become the Demon King's parent
54/5/1 ---Hmph
54/5/2 You've finally woken up huh

55/1/1 You've slept for 3 whole days
55/1/2 I was getting tired of waiting
55/1/3 Guuaaaaaahh!!
55/2/1 Y...You...
55/2/2 What are you doing he-... More importantly, you've been here the whole time!?
55/2/3 What are you surprised about
55/3/1 You are the demon king's parent
55/3/2 From today on
55/3/3 Together we'll raise a brilliant human destroying Demon King
55/3/4 Da

Side Notes:
35/3/1- Ak-Baba is a giant bird from Deltora Quest, a series of children books from Australia, turned into an anime in 2007

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#1. by fiva ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2009
Nice, I was hoping that someone would translate this. If your typesetter doesn't want to typeset it, I'm more than willing to help out.
#2. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Feb 22, 2009
Thanks for the TL- it was an interesting read.
#3. by predsfan ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2009
Thanks a lot! Glad someone did this.
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
Awesome. I knew someone'd do this one! Thanks!
#5. by dct21 ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
thanks for the trans, this ch. was freaking funny
#6. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
#7. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
#8. by TsunaXDecimo ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
14/4/5 Parle vu France? (TL: I spent for-frickin-ever trying to figure this one out... but to no avail. So fake text!)

Pardon my french but that sounds awefully similar to, "Parlez-vous français?"
TL: Do you speak french?

PS: Thanks for the translations..can't wait to start on this serie..-.-
#9. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2009
Pardon my french but that sounds awefully similar to, "Parlez-vous français?"
TL: Do you speak french?

I couldn't figure out what the panel actually said, I think Oga said "Shirububure" or something along that lines (Katakana Tsu and Shi are hard to tell apart, and with the raw quality I couldn't tell the difference between Bu and Pu), but I couldn't find a translation for any combination of Tsu/Shi/Pu/Bu, nor a good reference from the Japanese Wiki and Yahoo searches... so, I just put that in because I thought it'd be funny. Didn't check the french spelling though...
If anyone knows what that panel did actually say, I'd really like to know >_>;;
#10. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Feb 25, 2009
I asked NJT about the two lines that you weren't sure about:
p.14 for the part for シルブプレ? - he said it means "please" in french (s'il vous plaît)
p.30 for the part くそっサタンつえー - he said that it means "damn, satan is strong"

Hope that helps~
#11. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2009
Oooh! Thanks for that c_k and NJT!
At least I knew it was French lol
That tiny font is just... ugg sometimes

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