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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 552

Ace and Whitebeard

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jul 30, 2009 08:29 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 552

You may use my translation for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.

I'll be enjoying my much deserved vacation for the next two weeks, so unfortunately I won't be able to do One Piece. See you when 555 is released!


One Piece 552: Ace and Whitebeard

Chopper's "I'm no food you assholes"

No. 1: Tanuki stew on the run [[What's with Oda switching to number instead of volume?]]

2. - 3.

Opening line: Luffy and the others...

Iva: Ve passed the gates!! Vell then, I am concerned /

Vhether or not you boys' father vill decide to come!!! [[Iva's using plural here, which confuses Luffy]]

Luffy: Our?

Iva: There is no vay Dragon vill just let his son get executed...

SFX: Hisohiso

Luffy: Oh... Me n' Ace don't have the same dad!

Ace's dad is Gold Roger, you know.

He was awesome, but he never met him. [[I don't know if this is accurate, someone please clarify]]

So Ace'd be pretty mad if I told anyone.


Luffy: Oh... And... This is a secret.

Others: HUUUUUH??!

Sengoku: ... To be invaded to suddenly...

WB: Gurararara...


SFX: Gugu...

Gokuri... !!


Mishimishi baki!!

Marines: What's that!!? The air's cracking!!?


Marines: Owa!!


What is that explosion?!!

It's so big... This is bad!!!

There's one on the opposite side, too!!

Luffy: I don't see'em yet! The fog's so thick!!

Flashback: Take care, Ace!!


Yeah!! Well, bye then, Luffy... !! I'm heading out before you!!

Luffy: Yeah!! When I set out to sea three years from now /

I'll become stronger, too!!

Garp: That insolent kid!! How dare he become a pirate... ?!!

Marine: It's a pirate ship!! I've never seen that mark before!!!

Sengoku: D... !!! Where is he from?!

Marine: We have no background information on him, but even though he's a rookie /

He has the power of a Logia... !!

WB: There's some pretty powerful kids here on the Grand Line.


They've decided to invite him into the Shichibukai, huh?

How old are these kids?

Why are the youngins /

In such a hurry these days... ?

Someone: Are you serious, Ace??!

Ace: I want to meet him no matter what!!


Shanks: You want to /

Greet me?

Ace: No... that's not what I meant!!

My little brother was always bragging about you, the one who saved his life /

And told me to thank you If we ever met... !!

Shanks: You're Luffy's... !!? Oh... !! So he had a brother?!

Thanks for coming here and telling me!!

This calls for a celebration!!

Ace: Hey, big fella... I want to meet this guy called Whitebeard!!

Jimbei: I will not let a dangerous boy like you /

Meet the old man... !!

I am not a member of the Whitebeard Pirates...

But I am grateful to him... Which is why I shall face you!!

Spades: Ace, that guy's Jimbei!!!

Ace: Hah... Hahh

Jimbei: Hah... Hah...


Spades: It's been going on for five days, and they still haven't settled it... !!

You're both gonna die if this goes on!! Ace!!!

WB: Which one of you said he'd take my head?

If you want it so badly, here's your chance... !!

Spades: It's the Whitebeard Pirates... !!!

WB: I can do this alone.

Spades: GYAAA!!

Ace: Ah...




Spades: Captain!!!

Captain Ace!! What're you doing?!

Ace: You guys make a run for it!!!

WB: What... Are you cowarding out... ?

Ace: Let my crewmates escape... !!!

In return...

I'll stay right here... !!!

WB: What a cheeky /

Little brat you are...

SFX: Nyari...



WB: Gurarara... So you're still gonna stand up...

It'd be a shame if you died here, kid.

If you still want to wreck havoc on this sea, bear my name on your back /

And go wild as much as you like... !!!

Become my son!!

Ace: Don't screw with me... !!!

SFX: Dosa...

Thatch: My name's Thatch, I'm commander of the 4th division.

If you're gonna be our crewmate, let's try to get along.

Ace: Shut up!!

Satch: Hahaha, you sure are slow to wake up...

... Okay, let me tell you what happened after you passed out.

Your crew came to take you back /

And we beat the crap out of them. But they're not dead...

They're on this ship right now...

Ace: You okay with me /

Being on your ship without handcuffs or anyone guarding me... ?!

Thatch: Hm?


SFX: Gugaaa...



Ace: Wa!!

WB: What the hell do you think you're doing /

Sneaking around here in the middle of the night!!

SFX: Gugooo...

Others: Hey!! He fell overboard!! Someone help him!!


Some guy: Day after day he tries... He's got guts alright...

Others: Has he passed the hundred mark yet? [[Referring to Ace trying to kill WB]]

Yeah, probably.

SFX: Koto...

Ace: Why do you guys /

Call him "pops"... ?

Marco: Because he calls us his "sons".

We're hated all around the world, eh. [[Marco ends some of his sentences with "yoi", it reminds me of Canadians saying "eh", so I'm going with that]]

But we're happy...

Words like these make us happy.

Do you seriously want to continue getting almost killed, eh? It's time to reach a decision, eh.

You can't hope to beat pops as you are now.

So you can either leave right now...

Or stay...

Will you take Whitebeard's mark on your back?


Others: UOOO!!!

Ace's done it again!!

I hear he made Doma's gang surrender!!

Ace: Me? Lead the 2nd division... ?!

Dude: It's been a missing number anyway.

Everyone's given their consent, it seems.

Ace: You pretty much look like an old timer, Teach.

BB: Zehahaha! Nah, it's okay, I ain't got no such ambition!!

You do it, Commander Ace!!

Some guy: Looks like another fearsome guy's joined Whitebeard.

They say his strenght is outta this world!!

WB: Gurarara... You suprised me there...

So that's how it is...

Your personality's nothing like Roger's, you know.

Ace: You were enemies, weren't you?

Won't you kick me out?

WB: I didn't think you'd worry about such a small thing when you said you have something important to tell me.

Doesn't matter who you're born to... Everyone's still a child of the sea!!



Marco: Stop it, eh!!!

Ace!!! Cool off!!!

Guys: Pops says this time's an exception!!!

You don't have to go after Teach!!

Ace: Let go!!! He's from MY division!!!

How can Thatch rest in peace if I just let this go?!!

WB: Ace... It's okay, just this once...

I've got a strange, uneasy feeling about this...

Ace: He killed one of his own and ran for it!!! How many decades has he served you?!

He disgraced you and ran away like a coward!!! [[Literally: He threw mud at your face]]

I can't just sit by /

Knowing he brought shame upon his "father"!!

I'll set things right!!!

Marco: Hey, wait!! Come back!!! Ace!!!


Ace: Pop...


I set out on a whim even though you all warned me not to, so...


My own cockiness got me into this mess in the first place... !!!

WB: Nah...

I was the one who told you to go, son.


Ace: Liar!!!

Don't you screw around!! You stopped me back then, but I still...

WB: I told you to go. Isn't that right, Marco?

Marco: Yep, I heard you say that, eh.

You sure caused us a lotta trouble, Ace!!

Everyone on this sea knows well!

What happens to them /

If they lay a single finger on one of our crewmates!!!

We won't let anyone who hurt you get away with it alive, Ace!!!

Just you wait!!! We're going to save you!!!


Marco: Prepare yourselves, Marine HQ!!!

Aokiji: What a thing to summon...

Akainu: It's too late for small talk. [[He's either talking about Marco's speech, or to Aokiji. Hard to deduce. Damn you, you ambiguous language!!]]

Kizaru: Hoo boy, I have a bad feeling about this...

Moria: What's up with this rumbling... ?!

Garp: It's coming!! The seaquake he just caused...

Has turned into a tsunami heading straight for us... !!!

Marines: UWA!!

Sengoku: A quakeman who ate the Gura Gura fruit /

Edward Newgate, Whitebeard!!!

Marines: Look, it's a tsunami!!

It's huge!!

Sengoku: Don't go thinking we can overcome him with sheer military force!!

We might actually be the ones to meet our end... That man...

18. - 19.

Sengoku: Holds the power to destroy the world!!!

Crowd: Aah...

The war... Has started... !!!

Pirates: To battle!!

Narrator: On the invading side is a fleet of 47 pirate ships led by Whitebeard

Opposing them are the the two great powers of the government: the Marine Headquarters and the Royal Shichibukai

Whoever wins, whoever loses, this era will come to an end!!!!

End line: The war begins!!

The End

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Thanks a lot, and see you with OP 554, since WSJ is on break for a week during your vacation...
#2. by mr_ark ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Thanks a lot, bro. Have a nice vacation. :D
#3. by Kaizokuou ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Hey SVG, thanks for the very quick translation! In Japnaese, I had a hard time understanding WG's and Ace's convo about Roger, but now I get it! And isn't the last line "Whoever wins or whoever loses, this era will CHANGE"? That's kinda how I read it. :P Thanks again!
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Seems like page 12 is lacking text...
#5. by Svg ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Thank you zidane, updated with missing text.
#6. by Svg ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
@Kaizokuou: It literally says change, but I went with end since it fits the New Era / new generation theme.
#7. by Svg ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Oh, so Jump is on hiatus while I'm on vacation? I usually hate breaks, but this is awesome timing.
#8. by v3g374 ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Thank you svg! :)
Page 4: Kaishin 海震 (seaquake) missing.

Have a great vacation!!
#9. by Kaizokuou ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
nice, thanks for the reply Svg, 解った! :P
#10. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Yeah, I fixed what #8 said in the scan, and also:
Sengoku: ... To be invaded to suddenly...
"so suddenly" - right? Well, fixed that too...

Aside of those, great work once again, Közönöm zeben.
#11. by Svg ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Thanks, guys.

And thanks for correcting those, zidane. Goddamn One Piece is always released early in the morning, and I'm usually really sleepy while translating, so evident typos and mistakes I wouldn't normally make tend to go unnoticed.

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