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Cage of Eden 2

The Law of the Jungle

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Feb 8, 2009 00:01 | Go to Cage of Eden

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For the explicit use of Red-Hawk Scanlations only.

Cage of Eden Chapter Two


Title: The Law of the Jungle

Text: On their way back home from a field trip, their plane crashes?! Waking up in a jungle, Akira and the others were attacked by wild animals that are supposed to be extinct!
Text: Moreover, what of the reality of the crash has come to light?!


Bubble 1: An…
Bubble 2: An unmapped island?!
Box 1: Junior High 3rd Year, Sengoku Akira
Bubble 3: Not on the map…
Bubble 4: But the fact is we’re here!
Bubble 5: It’s not that I don’t want to believe it, Sengoku!
Box: Classmate Mariya Shirou
Bubble 6: The plane fell with in 48 kilometers of this point.
Bubble 7: No matter how much I look for it, there is no sign of this tiny island.


Bubble 1: You’ve gotta be joking! (“Cut the crap,” or “Stop talking crazy”?)
Bubble 2: You just overlooked it!
Bubble 3: The hell’s that Mariya saying, anyway…
Text: It’ll be all right… Some aid’s gonna come and rescue us soon…
Bubbled SFX: Click
Text: An encyclopedia of extinct animals…


Text: The mystery bird Diatryma that was supposed to have gone extinct 50,000,000 years ago…
Text: That wasn’t the only one either…
Text: An unmapped island…
Text: Animals that should be extinct…
Bubble 1: …Sengoku, I’m a person that doesn’t believe in unscientific things
Bubble 2: This island…
Is a bit odd.
Text: Hey, hey…


Bubble 1: Was this…
Bubble 2: Really just a plane crash?
Text: Give me a hint, already…
Bubble 3: Child…
Bubble 4: It’s cruel…
Bubble 5: This kind of…


Bubble 1: This is too much!
Bubble 2: I
Bubble 3: Today was my first flight!
Box: Cabin Attendant Oomori Kanako
Bubble 4: H-
Bubble 5: Hey…
Bubble 6: I… I failed the employment examination 16 times!
A-and finally…
Bubble 7: Why…why has this happened to me?
Bubble 8: I-it’s not something to cry about…
Text: …W-will this lady be all right…?
Bubble 9: Ahh...
No choice…we’ll rest today.
Bubble 10: When it gets lighter, we’ll look for other people.
Small text: You’re fine, you’re fine


Bubbled SFX: Growl
Bubbles SFX: Hoa (Roar?)
Bubble 1: Anyone
Bubble 2: Out there?!
Bubble 3: Heeey!


Bubble 1: Hey! You guys are spirited enough!
Shout out more!
Bubble 2: …I’m a scientist…
Bubble 3: Do your physical strength nonsense by yourself…
Bubble 4: Yes, that’s right… We couldn’t sleep much last night…
Let’s take a break…
Bubble 5: Say what?! You loose bastard!
Bubble 6: Geez…no choice, I guess. (Putsu putsu?)
Bubble 7: U-um, Sengoku-kun…
Bubble 8: Huh? What’s up, Stewardess-san?
Bubble 9: Ah…it’s Oomori.
Bubble 10: 時々つけていますSometimes, it’s being established. That symbol…
What is it?
Bubble 11: Huh?


Bubble 1: It’s called a “Square Search”.
Bubble 2: Square Search?
Bubble 3: At the place you start, you are basically drawing a picture that allows you to find your way back as you progress.
Bubble 4: This symbol points at your direction of movement.
Bubble 5: It’s an efficient method of exploration.
Those that find the symbol will be able to follow and catch up with us.
Bubble 6: Ohh…
Bubble 7: That’s amazing!
You’re very well-informed, Sengoku-kun!
Bubble 8: Huh?
Bubble 9: Uhhh…
Background text: That’s amazing (x3)
Bubble 10: Ah, no, I mean…
I learned that from Mariya…
Bubble 11: Oh, is that right?
Bubble 12: Mariya-kun is very smart,
Isn’t he?
Bubble 13: Sure…


Bubble 1: Sengoku.
Bubble 2: A minute of your time.
Bubble 3: What do you want? Gotta pee?
Small text: Scared to go alone?
Bubble 4: Just hurry up.
Bubble 5: Hey, Mariya. Just where are we going?
Bubble 6: It’s dangerous out here, and we left Oomori-san by herself…
Bubble 7: I don’t want to hear anything about that woman.
Bubble 8: She just cries if she’s shouted at.
It’s annoying. (It’s troubling.)


Bubble 1: Don’t you think it’s strange,
Bubble 2: Sengoku?
Bubble 3: In five hours,
Bubble 4: We haven’t found
Any people relating to that negligent accident.
Bubble 5: A number of five hours…
Bubble 6: But if we search a bit better…
Bubble 7: Hey, Sengoku…


Bubble 1: Maybe
Bubble 2: Everyone’s already dead.
Bubble 3: I’ve seen crash incidents on the news.
Bubble 4: Plane crashes are rare, but…the mortality rates caused from them is close to 100%.


Bubble 1: It would be best to be prepared.
Text: Something like that…
Text: Wahahaha
Text: Yo, Akira!
Text: It’s because it was compleeeetly unexpected, Akira-kun!
Bubble 2: We’re alive…
Bubble 3: That’s a miracle in and of itself.
Bubble 4: D-
Bubble 5: Don’t say things like that…
Bubble 6: Sengoku…
Bubble 7: I don’t want to hear any more!
Bubble 8: Let’s head back, Mariya…
We have to keep exploring!
Bubble 9: Oomori-san is probably worrying, too!


Bubble 1: A…
Bubble 2: A…
Bubble 3: A mouse…
Bubble 4: Hyaa!


Bubble 1: It…
Bubble 2: It’s a bit cute…
Bubble 3: Hey. We’ve already rested ten minutes.
Let’s get going.
Bubble 4: Ah….all right.
Bubble 5: Ah…
Text: Huh…
Text: Th-
Text: That voice…


Bubble 1: Di…
Bubble 2: DIATRYMA!
Text: Th-this guy again…


Text: Or maybe this one’s different from yesterday…?
Text: Shiiiit
Text: Doing this isn’t going to work?!
Bubble 1: Hey! Get running you two!
Bubble 2: The hell you doing?! Hurry up!
Bubble 3: Run alrea…


Bubble 1: Y-you’ve got to be kidding me…
Text: What the
Text: Hell is that?
Text: Tiger?
Text: Lion?
Text: No…that thing can’t be…


Text: A Saber-Tooth Tiger?!


Text: Huh?
Text: It’s coming!


Text: We’re stuck between?!
Bubble 1: G-
Bubble 2: Get down!


Bubble 1: Wha…
Bubble 2: Why are they…?!


Text: Y-you kidding me?
Text: That Diatryma was…
Bubbled SFX: ズル Stomp
Text: It’s…coming…
Text: Over here!
Bubbled SFX: ドキン Thump (Heart beat)
Text: …W-we’re sa-…


Bubble 1: Why’d it just leave…?
Bubble 2: It found something worth eating more than us…
Bubble 3: The survival of the fittest.
That’s obviously how they work.


Bubble 1: Like I thought, it’s here.
Bubble 2: The Saber-Tooth Tiger…its official name being “Smilodon.”
Bubble 3: Supposed to have gone extinct 10,000 years ago.
Bubble 4: Again with that stuff, Mariya…
Bubble 5: Just deal with it. They’re alive.
Bubble 6: Just when are you going to get it through your head…
Bubble 7: Of how serious this situation is?
Bubble 8: Even if you say that, what can we do?
Bubble 9: That’s why we have to hurry up and find everyone…
Bubble 10: At best, everyone
Bubble 11: Is dead.


Bubble 1: And soon, we’ll be eaten as well…
Bubble 2: D-don’t say stuff like that!
Soon, aid will be coming for us…
Bubble 3: Is there a guarantee we’ll still be alive by the time they do come?!
Bubble 4: Don’t say such irresponsible things!
Bubble 5: There’s no possibility of staying alive and leaving this island!


Bubble 1: We can’t go home anymore!


Bubble 1: …In school,
Bubble 2: It was only as if I was a small fry…
Bubble 3: I couldn’t study…
I made girls hate me…
Bubble 4: I was a substitute in the volleyball team for three years…


Bubble 1: My close friend and childhood friend were all like,
“What are you doing” and “don’t change”.
Bubble 2: This world never changes
Bubble 3: Is what…
Bubble 4: I thought…
Bubble 5: But you know…


Bubble 1: Eating delicious ramen after school activites…
Bubble 2: Sometimes having my demon adviser let me go out in games…
Bubble 3: Doing incredibly stupid shit with my friends…
Bubble 4: And even being a brat to my childhood friend Rion…
Bubble 5: She helped me study,
and came over every morning…
Bubble 6: My mom always making such elaborate bentous…
Bubble 7: And always being super embarrassed when my friends saw…
Bubble 8: I wasn’t…
Bubble 9: A kindergarten brat…


Bubble 1: But I…
Ate it again and again.


Bubble 1: That bentou…
Bubble 2: You’re annoying, Sengoku.
Hurry and go to sleep.
Bubble 3: Wha…the hell… You were awake, Mariya…
Bubble 4: Just go to sleep…


Bubble 1: *yawn*
I slept well…
Bubble 2: Oomori-san?
Bubble 3: She’s not there…
Bubble 4: Aw, geez, where’d she…
Text: We’re going to die anyhow!
Text: There’s no way she’d…!
Bubble 5: Oomori-san!


Text: I’m just thinking strange things…
Bubble 1: Oomori-san!
Bubble 2: Oomori-san!
Text: Where’d she go?
Bubble 3: Oomori…


Bubbled SFX: Splash
Bubble 1: Kyaa
Bubble 2: S-sorry!
Bubble 3: I saw her perfectly…
Bubble 4: U-um…is there something wrong?
Bubble 5: “Wrong…”? Doing that kind of thing in this kind of place isn’t safe.
Bubble 6: Your state of mind seemed odd yesterday…
Bubble 7: Ah…yesterday…
Bubble 8: I said some bad things
In revolt… I’m sorry.
Bubble 9: Besides…
Text: If Sengoku-kun
Text: Hadn’t saved me…


Bubble 1: Thank you, Sengoku-kun!
Bubble 2: Let’s continue to work hard today, too!
Bubbled SFX: Splash
Bubble 3: Kyaa
Bubbled SFX: Squelching
Bubble 4: Oomori-san…?


Bubble 1: H-hey! You okay…
Bubble 2: Se…
Bubble 3: Sengoku-kun…
Bubble 4: This
Is from upstream…


Bubble 1: I thought it was strange…
Bubbled SFX: Haa…
Bubble 2: You said that the plane crash was a miracle…
Bubble 3: We should’ve had some suitable injuries…
Small text: We didn’t even come away with some minor injuries…
Bubble 4: This time’s pilot, Tsuchiya, was a hardened veteran.
Bubble 5: That way, there was no chance of having a crash.
Bubble 6: Our plane’s…


Bubble 1: Emergency landing was a success!


Bubble 1: Yeah!
Bubble 2: All right!
Bubble 3: Everyone’s aliiiiive!
Bubble 4: There’s a trace of a fire being here!
Bubble 5: Empty Kanjime cans…
Bubble 6: No doubt about it! Everyone’s safe!
Bubble 7: Heeeeeeey!
Bubble 8: Hey, someone!


Text: No response?
Bubble 1: Is there a way to get in?
Bubble 2: Just one!
Over there, via the escape chute!
Text: In just a bit…
Text: I’ll be able to see everyone again…
Text: Everyone…


Text: Huh?
Bubble 1: The hell…?
Bubble 2: No one’s here?
Bubble 3: There’s just…


Bubble 1: There’s just no way!
Bubble 2: Rion!
Bubble 3: Kou-chan!
Bubble 4: You here, Eiken?!


Text: There’s really no one here…
Text: Why…even though the plane was safe…
Bubble 1: Oomori-san!
Bubble 2: What’s wrong?!


Bubble 1: Uwaahh…
Text: A…corpse…
Bubble 2: Sir!
Bubble 3: Pilot Tsuchiya!
Bubble 4: When we touched down…? Somehow struck him?
Bubble 5: No.
Bubble 6: I saw it well,
Bubble 7: Sengoku…


Bubble 1: He was…
Bubble 2: Stabbed to death.


Bubble 1: Someone stabbed him…!
Bubble 2: Wha…
Bubble 3: Nooo!
Bubble 4: Sir! Pilot Tsuchiya!
Bubble 5: And not just a little…
Bubble 6: It was clearly done by the other survivors.


Bubble 1: And that guy’s still somewhere now…
Text: What in the hell
Text: Is going on?!
Bubble 2: Where?! There’s no one here now, right?!


Bubble 1-4: Heart thump
Text: Rion…
Text: The corpse tightly grasped Rion’s ribbon within its hand…
Text: In the next issue, a mystery that will shakes Akira comes to light!
Bottom text: Fused Chapter 2 and 3 Continues: The whole story behind waking up in the plane!

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