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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Air Gear 109

Air Gear Trick 109

+ posted by ThE WoRm as translation on Sep 18, 2006 08:41 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 109

Well, here is AG 109, hope you like :P it's 31 to go :P

so if you need the raw, or haven't read it by now (in tricks 86-108) please go here

here is the translation


kazu: It's can't be!!

out of mouth: Impossible

kazu: It's definiiiitely useless!!!

kazu: But you see, this team's head isn't consisting only of "Ikki"?
kazu: No matter how much this is temporal

kazu: Even if it's one hour or twelve hours it's impossible, I tell you, impossible

kazu: --- Anyways, I think that Buccha is more compatible than me
kazu: From the start, He's experienced as the head because he ruled Yaou, the team of 40 people

benkei: You're too noisy

benkei: That was the leader's decision!! You too need to gather your spirit at least and shape up!!

buccha: Speaking frankly, I too think I'm more compatible for it
buccha: You're just dissatisfied with your position that you say it can't be, Kazu-kun!!

onigiri: Damn, that chicken king
onigiri: He probably really wants you to do it!!
onigiri: "There is no way, you are compatible", that's all you want to say?!?!

all: Anyways you are the Head now!!!

kazu: Ohh~~~


no translation needed


sano: It can't be helped, it's unavoidable because it's case of emergency

beneath sano: A pose full of willingness

sano: Although I don't not feel like in the mood, but I'll fight with you as a helper
sano: Yes, although it'll really get attention, it's inevitable

kazu: Tha... That'll be good. You really have the power of 100 people!

kazu: Because we'll introduce a man of intense class who came to us from gratitude

sano: Thank you, Although I feel that for some reason there was a strange misunderstanding... But it's okay!!

benkei: ... It's okay, I'll do it too
benkei: In this situation, I think that the boss won't complain

kazu: Amazing, amazing, like this we're the strongest

kazu: We don't need Ikki to come back anymore


sano: But we two can't fight in the same battle, no?
sano: After all it's one of the common rules of the part wars, that only one helper can fight in on match

kazu: Really?!

sano: Because if they would let people use limitless number of helpers, it'll be possible to organize a team made only of helpers...

kazu: So, one person won't do...
kazu: Because we need 5 people at least for part wars

sano: While you were hesitating I was preparing to battle
sano: You can have a conceit about one hole within the places for the 10 people

sano: So the lack of a member is not a real problem!!

sano: Well... But with that we can do it
sano: Right?

kazu: Well, Let's restart our practicing so we can get into fighting spirits!!

someone: Alright!! Let's do it, Leader (informal)

kazu: What's that with the informal?



sano: Benkei... Please forget that for a while

sano: The point is that until the "Gram scale" will open, they need to go up to B class
sano: Kogarasumaru is different than other teams, it should aim "above" in an original way

sano: We can't let them participate in that tournament


yoshitsune: Well... What's that
yoshitsune: Because Benkei and Iron are both there they'll be fine somehow

yoshitsune: Meaning
yoshitsune: You should rather be happy, no?

yoshitsune: Think about your holiday and be more carefree

ikki: ... You're noisy, shut up, don't open your mouth more than that, I'll kill you

Yogu Sotors has appeared...

kanon: Well, like I said, I'm really serious, this is a story that really happened to a friend of a friend of mine (accord)

kanon: Well, don't you hear a noise every night from inside this hospital surgery room? Something like Bush Bush or Picha Picha or a moan, and after it if you ask the nurses, it seems they don't really talk about it, but during the war, there was someone who got anesthesia and couldn't move or cut his leg with a saw, and like that...


ringo: Hm... Hmmm, Kanon-kun... Telling that here...

kanon: Hm? Why?

ikki: ...

kanon: Can't I use that story?
kanon: So the story about the old flashing suck blooding woman...

ringo: It's fine now, so just stop...

ringo: Ha!!

ikki: Jiiiii

ringo: Wa... Come... Come here!!

yoshitsune: Hold on there, hey, your wife was stolen, by an adult man~~~

ikki: No... It's really not like that...
ikki: ... Anyways what kind of movement is that!!

yoshitsune: What's that~~~ Can't you understand by seeing it?~~~ I'm trying my neck like this, my neck~~~

ikki: Anyway, why?!

ringo: We... Well, you see... Because you're worried
ringo: Hmmm... A lot of things happened


kanon: It's okay, it's okay, because I did a throughout obscure research for all of the important thing
kanon: Ringo is really ---- (part concealed) By being the thorn queen

ringo: Waaaaaaa!!
ringo: Waaaaaaa!!

ringo: ... okay? It's a request, after all
ringo: Don't come anymore to the place where everyone is...

kanon: That's not it

kanon: You probably have mistaken it with "To the place where Ikki-kun is..."

ringo: No... Wrong... It's not like that... Hmmm...


kanon: That's unfair, that's a super shock!!
kanon: I'm the man who knows Ringo's body the best, after all

ringo: Wha

ringo: Do... Don't say such weird things...
ringo: That was... Hmm

ringo: That thing was necessary, so...
ringo: ... I... Hmmm...

ringo: ...

kanon: Hahahaha.... I'm sorry, it looked like I was bullying you for a while
kanon: Don't worry, I won't come anymore

kanon: After all this is somehow very painful

ringo: ... Huh?
ringo: What? What?

kanon: Hahahaha, nothing, nothing


kanon: But one day Ikki-kun will have a link tuner too

kanon: It's not like we Toul to are just for a specific team... Because we're completely natural storm raiders

kanon: No matter who is that person... No matter who are his opponents
kanon: If he's a "king" we'll give him the best possible tuning, because that's our "road"

ringo: ... I understand
ringo: What you want to say

ringo: The fact that Ikki will have a link tuner... What kind of meaning does it have...

ringo: I under stand what it means... That a new "king" will join "Genesis"'s side


ringo: But I don't want to think about that now
ringo: ... That me and Ikki, one day... Might become opponents...!!

ringo: !!

girl: I... I wonder if Sora-san... is fine...
girl: Maybe... He was attacked by the same "opponent" as Nue-san... It's possible

girl: I don't know... In just one day, such a thing happens...


konomi: Huh, so you came too, Kanon?

kanon: Yes, I'm already going back

someone: ...
someone: Ah


father: How is that, darling
father: Look at this splendid banana!! What about having it as a snack tonight

girl: Emily, make him stop, those selling lines of your father
girl: Because we're in an era were you become a criminal for sexual harassment

*line missing*

emily: Heeeeee, I'm busy now~~~

TV: He hit him~~~ he'll surely be dreaming for a long while~~~

girl: Welco...
girl: ...
girl: ...

girl: Hey, Emily!! It's a friend of yours

emily: Aaah?

emily: Who? Nakayama?

sound: Bubyun
sound: Gata, Tontontonton
sound: Gala!! Ban!!

woman: Wa... What happened, Emily, isn't a friend waiting for you?

emily: It's okay, mom, please shut up!!
emily: Hmm, I'm sure it was in here...


kazu: ... Hello

father: Gahahaha, Damn, this gay is witty and knowing too!!
father: That's right, wife, do you know? That kid here has trained with the bananas I'm proud off!!

emily: ...
emily: Yes! (falsetto)

emily: Huun...
emily: ... Gate?


kazu: Somehow, it looks like when that thing called Gram Scale will open... Only teams that are B class and above can enter
kazu: We need to make it there until then

emily: Well, Until then... Hmmm, now you're E class... So you need to go up 3 classes?
emily: That's a great disaster!!

kazu: Well...
kazu: I don't want to be told that with Ikki and Agito it's just a scum team, because it hurts

kazu: Because I decided to do it... Yes... I can only do it, I've no other option...

emily: ... So? What you came to discuss with me? Is it about anything?

kazu: Yes... Sorry... Well
kazu: You're the track team's captain, right? The truth is...


sano: This means in the strategic stance
sano: Kogarasumaru needs to first beat 2* teams from E class to get to D class... And from there we'll use the plan of fighting higher level teams...
* They already have one victory against Pochomkin so they have 2 left

kazu: Wa... Wai...
kazu: Time out, you... Really do this menu every day?

emily: Kazu-sama, it's the last 100!! Rotate your legs more!! Dash!!

emily: You probably want to work on your legs and loins from scratch

kazu: Ye...

kazu: ...
kazu: Yes!!


sano: The opponents are "Animal House"... Well, frankly it's not a team we should worry about

sano: In the power slide system's run they are known to have more or less of rough play... Well, anyway we look at it, they are a typical E class team

sound: Kogo

benkei: The important thing now is to be predetermined about confidence and winning spirit for *big* "Winning" *normal* !!

benkei: You don't need restraints!! Fight them with no mercy until they are all wounded!!

buccha: Is it okay, Kazu-kun? Not telling a thing to Crow

kazu: Yes!! Because we'll give him a good fright when he gets out of the hospital
kazu: With our greatness to the core!!

kazu: Let's go, Kogarasumaru

kazu: Let's kill them!!!


sign: Kogarasumaru

sign: Animal House

Buccha (lose) Kiliman
Onigiri (lose) Madagas
Kazu (lose) Zambia
Sano (win) Angola
A vacant place, lose by default (lose) Sahara


monkey: Amazing, we really won against those Kogarasumaru
monkey: Maybe we're really strong? Or maybe their really weak?

monkey: If you challenge us primers at least you should have learned the Kanblia history first

sano: ...

How rare... A rook suppresses bishop... We lost... To such a team...

sano: Too...
sano: Too weak...

kazu: ...
kazu: Huh?

end of translation


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#1. by piasEnigma ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2006
You should name this chapter "wake up call" =P
#2. by ThE WoRm ()
Posted on Sep 18, 2006
XDDDDDDDD If I knew how to write it in japanese ^^" :P J/K

Maybe, I'll name the all vol when I'll post it, might even be... N/M the ETA :P

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