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Bleach 260

Bleach 260 Right Arm of the Giant 2

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Jan 26, 2007 21:23 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 260

It's a rough trans done inbetween doing other stuff so please excuse any errors. :p

I'm taking the next week off, so if you see anything wrong please post, but I doubt I'll be able to add them into the script or respond to them. Sorry, and thanks in advance. ^^

Pg 1
Side Text: The evolved right arm!
The power to move forward!!

Frame 1
Chad: I didn’t notice until now.
Maybe I didn’t want to notice…

Frame 2
Chad: When I came here to the Hueco Mundo,
I felt the power inside me stir.

Frame 3
Chad: That was,
Something that I never felt when I previously went to Soul Society.

Pg 2
Frame 1
Chad: That stirring was something that grew stronger as I came here…
And then,

Frame 2
Chad: When you hit me with your attacks,
For the first time, I

Frame 3
Chad: I finally felt stirring settle down.

Frame 4 & 5
Chad: I thought,
Maybe the stirring,
Was one of happiness.

Frame 6
Chad: When we came to the Hueco Mundo, my powers
Stirred as if it was coming home.
And maybe the rough welcome from a brother,
Made it return to its senses.

Pg 3
Frame 2
Chad: Ever since I acquired this power,
I questioned what it was.
My powers are different from that of a Shinigami or a Quincy,
Then what am I?

Frame 3
Chad: I finally found the answer to that.

Frame 4
Chad: My powers are
More than a Shinigami, more than a Quincy,

Frame 5
Chad: It’s closer to you guys.

Pg 4
Frame 1
Chad: “Brazo Derecha del Gigante”
Translator's Note: “Brazo Derecha del Gigante” means "Right Arm of the Giant"

Frame 2
Chad: This is my right arm’s
True form

Frame 4
Chad: This is my true power.

Pg 5
Title: Bleach 260: Right Arm of the Giant 2

Text: Blown away.

Pg 6

Pg 7

Pg 8
Frame 2
Chad: Did you get slow?

Frame 4
Gant: Tch!!!

Pg 9
Frame 6
Gant: Bastard… What power…
On top of that, his reaction has increased so that he can counter against my Sonido…!

Pg 10
Frame 4
Gant: I can’t…
Defend against this!!!

Pg 11
Frame 6
Gant: …True form
…True power…
You have a right to say that…

Frame 7
Gant: ...But
You aren’t forgetting, are you?

Pg 12
Frame 1
Gant: I have it too,
A thing called a “true form.”

Frame 3
Gant: Right?
Translator’s Note: “Doragura” means “Dragon Fist”

Pg 13
Frame 5
Gant: “Dios”
“ruego nos”
Translator’s Note: “Dios ruego nos perdone ” means “Master/God forgive us.”

Pg 14

Pg 15

Pg 16
Frame 3
Chad: …Sorry.
It appears,
There’s something I forgot to say to you…

Frame 4
Chad: This arm really is the true form of my right arm…
And this right arm really has the Abuelo’s soul inside…

Pg 17
Frame 1
Chad: What I learned from Abuelo was
How to use my powers “to protect.”

Frame 2
Chad: Yes, I just didn’t understand,
From the time I got my powers,
What dwelled in my right arm was

Frame 3
Chad: “Defensive Power”

Frame 4
Chad: …And during the training this time, I finally found,
The “Offensive Power” inside of me.

Frame 5
Chad: And that’s this,
The name is “Izquierdo”–––

Pg 18
Chad: “Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo”
Translator's Note: “Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo” means "Left Arm of the Devil"

Text: Power, rages!!

Pg 19

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#1. by kadodo ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2007
Thanks a lot Winny. I read both trans, I guess that'll make me understand more
#2. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2007
Thanks for the trans, Okasan! :)
#3. by Dynamic Dragon ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2007
cheers! oh and its brazo derecha del toro not decha ^^
derecha=right/law in spanish
#4. by destinator ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2007
Hey winny. I thought you're not online And now you already posted a translation. Thanks a lot =)
#5. by Silhouette ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2007
Thanks WL :amuse
#6. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2007
OMG! Thx Winny! As good as ever! =D Enjoy your vacations! n_n

Quote by Dynamic Dragon :

cheers! oh and its brazo derecha del toro not decha ^^
derecha=right/law in spanish

Is "Brazo Derecho del Gigante" =P

And for the people that doesn't know... "Abuelo" is "Grandfather" in Spanish n_n...

Well, my presumption of Chad as an Arrancar in the last chapter isn't that crazy =P...
#7. by yira_heerai ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2007
My powers a different from that of a Shinigami or a Quincy

Small thing, but that should be "are"

Otherwise, awesome. Your translations are truly my favorite.

Thank you!
#8. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Jan 31, 2007
Thanks for all the corrections. I know it's late, but I added them all in. ^^
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