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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 331

Naruto 331

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Nov 17, 2006 01:38 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 331

Very late this week. >.> I didn't get around to this until just less than an hour ago. :p Hope you still enjoy it. As always: This translation belongs to JapFlap. Do not use in scanlations in part or in whole. Anyone who is found to be using this will be banned. No exceptions. Please be respectful. Thanks.

If you would like to use this to base a foreign language translation on, and then scanlate that, you're welcome to do so.

Page 1
Frame 1
Text: ―第十班、三人一組が目指す先は!?
––Team 10, the direction the three are headed is!?

Frame 3
Tsunade: 待て!

Page 2
No. 331: Team 10 goes…!!

Frame 1
Text: その思いを察する者が…!!
Someone that guesses those thoughts…!!
Tsunade: どこへ行く気だ?
Where do you think you're going?

Frame 2,
Ino: 五代目さま…

Frame 3
Shika: 任務命令は継続中っすよね…まだ十八の小隊は散らばって動いてる…オレらは新しく隊を編成して、これから任務に向かうとこっすよ
The mission orders are still in affect right... ...The 18 teams are still moving everywhere. We're forming a new team, and now going to the mission.

Page 3
Frame 1
Tsunade: 身勝手な行動は許さん!
I'm not going to allow you to move selfishly!

Frame 2
Tsunade: 敵が戻ると言ったポイントにはちゃんとした小隊を送る
I'll send a team to the place the enemy said they'd return.

Frame 4
Tsunade: シカマル…お前はこちらで再編成した小隊に組み込む…そしてしっかりとした作戦を立ててから行かせる
Shikamaru...You'll be added to a team that we form. And then allowed to go after a good plan is made.

Frame 6
Shika: 後で増援送ってくれればいいっすよ…いのとチョージとオレの線ですでに作戦も立ててありますから
Just send us reinforcements later. I've already made a plan with Ino, Chouji, and me.

Page 4
Frame 1
Tsunade: いい加減にしろ!!
Stop being unreasonable!!

Frame 3
Tsunade: アスマは死んだ…今のお前らは三人きりだ
Asuma is dead. Right now there's only 3 of you...

Frame 4
Tsunade: 小隊は四人一組が基本!隊長のいないお前らに…
The basics of a team is 4 people 1 group! Without a taichou, you...

Frame 5
Shika: アスマはオレ達と共にいる
Asuma is with us.

Frame 6
Tsunade: 弔い合戦でもするつもりか!お前らしくもない…犬死にしたいのか!
Are you planning on a joint battle with a funeral!? It's not like you...do you want to die needlessly!?

Page 5
Frame 2
Shika: オレ達だって馬鹿じゃないっすよ…死にに行くつもりなんて毛頭無いっすから…
We're not stupid either. I have no intention of going to die...

Frame 4
Shika: ただ…
It's just...

Frame 5
Tsunade: ただ…何だ?
It's just...what?

Frame 6
Shika: このまま逃げて筋を通さねェまま生きてくような…
Just run away like this, and live a life where I don't see through things...

Page 6
Frame 1
Shikmaru: そういうめんどくせー生き方もしたくねーんすいよ
I don't want to live a complicated life like that either.

Frame 3
Tsunade: 成長しろ…忍には死がついてまわる…
Grow up......Death comes with being a shinobi...

Frame 4
Tsunade: 時には受け入れ難い死もある…しかしそれを乗り越えねば未来は無い…
There are times when the death is hard to accept. But if you don't get over it, there's no future...

Page 7
Frame 2
Shika: この形見のタバコ…これふかしてっとアスマ先生が近くにいるような…オレらを守ってくれてるような…そんな感じがするんすよ…
This memento cigarette...When I'm smoking this, Asuma-sensei is near, and he's protecting us. That's... That's how it feels...

Frame 4
Shika: …この戦いのケジメがつくまではこのタバコとも一緒だ…
...Until this battle is finished, these cigarettes will be with me...

Frame 5
Tsunade: …現実を見ろ…お前らは三人だ…
...Look at reality. There's just 3 of you...

Page 8
Frame 1
Kakashi: 小隊は四人いればいいですよね
A team just needs 4 people right.

Frame 2
Tsunade: …カカシ、お前!
...Kakashi, you!

Frame 3
Chouji: カカシ先生!!

Page 9
Frame 1
Kakashi: 第十班にはオレが隊長として同行します…それでどうですかね?
I'll go with Team 10 as their taichou. How's that?
Tsunade: お前…!

Frame 2
Kakashi: 止めたところでコイツら行っちゃいますよ…だったらオレが付いてけば監視役にもなりますし…ムチャはさせませんから
Even if you stop them, they'll go. This way, if I go with them, I can keep an eye on them... I won't let them do anything unreasonable.

Page 10
Frame 1
Tsunade: 分かった…好きにしろ!
Fine...Do whatever!

Frame 2
Kakashi: どうも

Frame 3
Chouji: やったー!

Frame 4
Shika: ナルトはいいんすか?カカシ先生
What about Naruto? Kakashi-sensei

Page 11
Frame 2
Ino: その右手…
That right hand...

Frame 3
Kakashi: なーに…オレはもうアイツにとっちゃ用済みだ…ま!それに今は別の隊長も付いてるしな
Whatever...My usefulness to him is over. Well! Besides, another taichou is with him anyways.

Frame 4
Shika: フン… ナルトの奴…
Heh... That Naruto...

Frame 5
Kakashi: それじゃアスマ班行きますか!
OK then, let's go Team Asuma!

Frame 6
Shika: 感謝するぜ、カカシ先生!
We're grateful, Kakashi-sensei!

Page 12
Frame 4
Leader: 良し…

Page 13
Frame 1
Leader: 次は二尾だ
Next is the Nibi.

Frame 4
Sign: 取調べ室
Interrogation Room

Page 14
Frame 1
Ibiki: これからアンタの罪状認否を取る
We're going to start you arraignment now.

Frame 2
Ibiki: それと…アンタが接触していたこの男…この男の事を話してもらう
And...this man you dealt with… You're going to talk about this man.

Frame 3
Hitaikizu: フン…チクリはやらねェ
Heh...I;m not telling you anything.

Frame 5
Ibiki: なら、話してもらうのは止めだ…
...Then we're not going to talk...

Frame 6
Ibiki: オレのやり方で吐かせてやる!
I'm going to make you spill my way!

Page 15
Frame 1
Kakashi: シカマル…まずお前の作戦を聞こう
Shikamaru... Let's hear your plan first.

Frame 2
Shika: カカシ先生が入った事で少し作戦を変更したいんすけど
I changed the plan a bit as soon as Kakashi-sensei joined.
Kakashi: 分かった…説明してくれ
Understood...Explain, please.

Frame 3
Shika: いくつかのパターンに分けて説明する…全員しっかり頭に叩き込んでおいてくれよ
I'm going to break it up into several patterns and explain. Everyone, get it in your heads.

Frame 5
Tsunade: ナルトの修行はどんな感じだ?
How's Naruto's training going?

Page 16
Frame 1
Sakura: カカシ先生が言うには何だかコツはつかんだらしくて…完成までにはもう少しかかるって言ってましたけど…
From what Kakashi-sensei tells me, he's starting to get the hang of it... Though he did say that it might be a while longer to perfect it...

Frame 2
Tsunade: …そうか…
I see...

Frame 3
Sakura: 第十班にカカシ先生が入ったって事は 第十班と連係の取りやすい第七班…私たちの小隊が増援に行くべきだと…そういう事ですよね
The fact that Kakashi-sensei joined Team 10, means that Team 7 would work well with Team 10... Our team should be the reinforcements... That's your plan, right?

Frame 4
Tsunade: …察しがいいな…さすがお前だ…
...You're sharp... That's to be expected of you...

Frame 5
Shizune: しかし、ナルト君の新術がいつ完成するのかも分かりませんし 別の小隊を向かわせたほうが…
But we don't know if Naruto-kun's new jutsu will be completed. We should send a different team…

Page 17
Frame 1
Tsunade: サクラ…ヤマトに伝えろ
Sakura... Go tell Yamato…

Frame 2
Tsunade: あと二十四時間でナルトの新術を完成させろ!それが出来なければ別の小隊を増援に向かわせるとな!
To complete Naruto's new jutsu in 24 hrs! And that if they can't do that, we'll send a different team!

Frame 3
Sakura: ハイ!
Yes ma’am!

Frame 4
Tsunade: シズネ…間に合わなかった場合を考えて、スケジュールを見て第十班と連携の取れる小隊の編成案を至急で出せ!
Shizune... In case they don't make it, check the schedule to form a team that would work well with Team 10!

Frame 5
Shizune: …分かりました

Frame 6
Tsunade: …さて…これからだ…
...Now...it's from here...

Side text: 第十班が、カカシが、そして綱手が!報復…そして里を守る戦いへ!いざ!!
Team 10 is, Kakashi is, and Tsunade is! Retaliation… and the battle to protect the village!

Next week, to mark the 7th year anniversary, shocking information revealed in color in the first pages. To “Target Acquisition”!!

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2006
Thx a lot n_n... Translating to Spanish n_n...
#2. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2006
Sugoi! Thanks always for the trans Okasan! Weee!!
#3. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2006
It should be memento cigarette, not momento, by the way Winterlion (just lettin' ya know in case Japflap doesn't catch it.)

Wow, next chapter has color! Yay.

Thanks Winny :D
#4. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Nov 17, 2006
Quote by Gold Knight :

It should be memento cigarette, not momento, by the way Winterlion (just lettin' ya know in case Japflap doesn't catch it.)

Wow, next chapter has color! Yay.

Thanks Winny :D

I caught that when I did the compilations, but I forgot to change it here. >.> Thanks for reminding me. :p
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