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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 333

Naruto 333

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Nov 30, 2006 21:24 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 333

Late again. (Third week in a row. :darn) Hope you still enjoy though.

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Pg 1
Side Text: 仇敵を捕え、その頭脳は弛み無き“報復への道”をひた走る!!
The mortal enemy captured, the mind does not slack off, and continues to run along the “road of vengeance”!!

Frame 1
Hidan: てめーまで捕まってどーすんだよ角都!
What the hell are you doing getting caught too, Kakuzu!
オイ!オイ!オイ!こりゃハッキリ言ってマズいんじゃねーの かァ!?
Hey! Hey! Hey! To be friggin’ blunt, isn’t this bad!?

Frame 2
Shika: まずい?
…オレの計算じゃ この手順でお前らを捕まえた時点で終わりだ
…According to my calculations, the moment you were captured according to my procedure, it was over.

Pg 2
Frame 1
Kakashi: うまくやったな…
It went well…

Frame 4
Hidan: ヤロー…

Frame 7
Shika: 今度は狙う順番を間違えないからよ
This time, I’m not going to mistake the order of attack.

Pg 3
Frame 3
Hidan: てめーの顔は覚えたぜ!
I’ve memorized your face!
No matter what happens to me, I’ll kill you!!

Frame 4
Shika: お前…頭悪いだろ…
You’re… stupid, aren’t you…

Frame 5
Hidan: 角都ッ…かわせェ!!
Kakuzu… Dodge!!

Pg 4
Frame 1
Title: ナンバー333:相性…!!
No. 333 Affinity…!!
Text: シカマルの計算が崩される…!!
Shikamaru’s calculations are destroyed…!!

Frame 3
Hidan: よっしゃー!!

Pg 5
Frame 2
Ino: どういうこと?
What’s going on?

Frame 6
Shika: 起爆札で攻撃した時…あの時か…煙に紛れて右腕を地面に…
When we attacked with the Kibakufuda… It was then… In the confusion of the smoke he released his right arm to the ground…

Pg 6
Frame 1
Kakuzu: “終わり”だと言ってはいてもオレの能力は未知数 ならばきちんと距離をとって次の手を仕掛ける…
Even saying it’s “the end”, my powers are unknown. In that case, keep your distance and play the next hand…
Unlike my tagalong, you’re smart…

Frame 2
Kakuzu: だが戦闘中に分析ばかりしていても 全てが計算どおりにいくもんじゃない
But, in a battle if you just keep analyzing, not everything will go according to plan.

Frame 3
Hidan: 角都!連れと違い…ってのはどーゆー意味…
Kakuzu! What the hell do you mean… Unlike my tagalong…

Frame 5
Hidan: くっ!

Pg 7
Frame 3
Hidan: くそ!体が…!
Damn! My body…!
角都 何とかしろ!
Kakuzu, do something!

Frame 5
Shika: 今だチョージ!!
Now, Chouji!!

Pg 8
Frame 2
Translator’s Note: Nikudanharisensha literally translates to, Meat Bullet Needle Tank.

Pg 9

Pg 10
Frame 3
Yamato: こ…これほどとは…
It…it’s this much…?

Frame 4
Naruto: もうちょいで完成だってばよ!!
Just a little bit more and it’s complete!!

Frame 5
Naruto: …これで…サスケに追いつける
…With this…I’ll be able to catch up to Sasuke

Pg 11
Frame 1
Yamato: 確かにね…
That is true…
But…Be careful of the “Fire” elemental manipulation Sasuke uses.

Frame 2
Naruto: …え?

Frame 3
Yamato: そろそろ“五大性質変化”の優劣関係について説明しておいた方がいいね…
It’s probably about time I explain to you about the measurement relations of the “Five Major Element Manipulation”…
Naruto: ユウレツ…?

Frame 4
Yamato: そう…まあ簡単に言うとだ
Yeah… To put it simply
五つの“火”“水”“土”“雷”“風”の性質変化は それぞれ優劣関係を持ちつながっているのさ
The five “fire” “water” “earth” “lightning” “wind” elemental manipulation holds a measurement relationship and is connected.

Frame 5
Naruto: だから どういうこと?
So what does that mean?

Frame 6
Yamato: 図で説明しよう
I’ll explain in a diagram.

Pg 12
Frame 1
Yamato: “五大性質変化”は図ではこのように記される
The “Five Major Element Manipulation” is shown like this in a diagram.
And so… For example, the “fire” element manipulation is superior to “wind” and is inferior to “water.”

Frame 2
Yamato: さらに簡単に言うとだ
To put it even more simply,
Naruto, you’re Futon jutsu is in a relationship position that would lose to Sasuke’s Katon jutsu. Only Suiton can win against a Katon.
Translator’s Note: Futon is Wind Element, Katon is Fire Element, and Suiton is Water Element.

Frame 3
Naruto: どうして!?

Frame 4
Yamato: 火は風を受けるとさらに激しく燃え上がる しかし水をかけられると消えてしまう
Fire burns even stronger when it receives wind. However, pour water on it and it disappears.

Frame 5
Yamato: つまりサスケの火遁の術に同等レベルの風遁の術をぶつければ さらにデカい火遁になって返ってくるわけだ
Meaning, if you clash a Futon jutsu of the same level against Sasuke’s Katon jutsu, it will come back at you as an even larger Katon.

Pg 13
Frame 1
Yamato: ただし…“風”の上下を見てみろ
However… Look above and below “wind.”

Frame 2
Yamato: “風”は確かに“火”には弱いが “雷”には強い
While it’s true “wind” is weak against “fire,” it’s strong against “lightning.”
Meaning, your new jutsu will be stronger than Sasuke’s Raiton… “Chidori”!
Translator’s note: Raiton is Lightning Element.

Frame 3
Yamato: ナルト…お前“土”の性質変化じゃなくて良かったな
Naruto… You’re lucky you weren’t an “earth” element manipulation type.

Frame 5
Naruto: …オレってばサスケとの相性良かったんだな
…I really was compatible with Sasuke.
Yamato: …ああ…“雷”に勝てるのは“風”だけだ
…Yeah… Only “wind” can win against “lightning.”

Frame 6
Naruto: イヤそっちじゃなくて…
No, that’s not what I meant…

Pg 14
Frame 1
Naruto: “火”を助けてさらに大きな力に出来るのは “風”の力だけだってことだよ
I meant the only one that can help a “fire” and turn it into an even larger power is the power of “wind.”

Frame 3
Yamato: ああ…そうだな
Yeah… that’s right.

Frame 5
Chouji: どういうことなの?
What’s going on?
Shika: やっぱりライドウ先輩が言った通りか…
So it’s just as Raidou-Senpai said…

Pg 15
Frame 4
Shika: …おそらく体を硬化する術だ それがあいつの能力…
...His jutsu is probably hardening his body. That’s his power…

Frame 5
Kakuzu: 良く分析している… そうだオレにはどんな物理攻撃も通じない
You’re analyzing well… That’s right, no physical attack will work against me.

Frame 6
Hidan: よっしゃ…そろそろ反撃といこーぜ 角都さっさとこの術を…
Alright… It’s time to counter. Kakuzu, hurry up and do something about this jutsu…

Pg 16 & 17
Frame 1
Raikiri, explode!!

Frame 2
Hidan: ハァーーー!!

Frame 5
Kakuzu: 馬鹿な…気配も無くこのオレの背後から…
Can’t be…From behind me, without even a presence…

Frame 6
Kakashi: お前の体を硬化する術 さっき結んだ印から見て土遁の性質変化だ
Your jutsu is to harden your body. From the seal you used earlier, it’s a Doton element manipulation.
Translator’s Note: Doton is Earth Element.

Frame 7
Kakuzu: オレの…印のスピードを見切っただと… それにこれほどの雷遁を…そうか! …お前が…
You saw through… the speed of my seals… And a Raiton of this degree… That’s it! …You’re…

Frame 8
Kakashi: “土”は“雷”に弱い…相性悪かったな 終わりだ
“Earth” is weak against “lightning”… You weren’t compatible. It’s the end.

Text: 全てを見抜き、全てを貫く!カカシ、本領発揮ッ!!
All is seen though, all is penetrated! Kakashi, show’s his true ability!!

Chapter Preview: 崩れ落ちる角都!残された飛段は!?次号、「全貌」へ!!
Kakuzu is destroyed! The Hidan that’s left is!? Next chapter, to “The Whole Picture”!!

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
First to post! <333
#2. by tars ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
thanks a lot.
#3. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
Thanks Okasan! That cleared out everything. Maybe brucelee-sama made a typo on that one.
#4. by ibra87 ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
This confirms who Kakuzu was talking to, thank you a thousand times <33333
#5. by spacepope ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
"You’re jutsu to harden your body."
#6. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
Quote by spacepope :

"You’re jutsu to harden your body."

Thanks. Corrected. :amuse
#7. by ttxdragon (Dearly Missed ;__;)
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
somehow your translations seem to be the most natural always,
so i really was waiting and wasn't dissappointed again :D

thanks so much :D
#8. by Kosac ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
thanks a lot :D
#9. by dylec ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
Nice. It was a good read at my dinner. ;]
#10. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
better late than never.

as usual superb translation :occa
#11. by goofy_man ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
I guess this ends speculations about Kakashi....not even Kurenai could replicate Kakashi's attack....
Thanks, Winty!!
#12. by jamail ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
damn good!!!
#13. by HollowPower ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2006
Awesome! ty
#14. by peontas ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2006
prolly the best trans. nice work :)
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