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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 224

Eyeshield 21 224

+ posted by -X- as translation on Mar 10, 2007 03:02 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 224

Hello, this is only my second translation, so I will greatly appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!

TN: I can't find out what barebare means, can someone please tell me? I'm assuming it's along the lines of "obvious" from context.

Cover / Page 1:

Will this hand catch the future?

TN: The chapter title says "Crazy Crusher," but I'm fairly sure they meant "Crazy Crasher." You'll see why.

Page 2

Announcer: 進VSセナ!!パワー対決だっ!!
Shin VS Sena!! It's a showdown of power!!

Riku: セナのこの加速
Sena's acceleration...

The same acceleration he showed right after the kickoff in the game with us!

Page 3

Sena (thinking): 今までみんなと戦ってきて 覚えた技とか練習してきたこととか
The techniques that I've learned from battling with everyone until now...and the things I've practiced...

all of it

I'll strike with it all!

Announcer: これは。。。
This is...

After a super-acceleration, and at the 4.2 second high-speed pace...

a technique forged at the atheletics festival, the Heart Bump!!

PAGE 4/5

Shin: おおおおおおおお

Mamori: セナ!!

Suzuna: やーーーー! 飛んだ今!!
Aaaaah! He went flying!

Announcer: ななななんと これは。。 王城ホワイトナイツ超ビッグリターン!!
Wh-wh-wh-what a spectacle... The Oujou White Knights's super-big return!!

In one burst, they've broken through into the deepest portion of Deimon's side, with the goal line right before their eyes!


Kurita: あわわわわわわ

Shozo: こ。。。後半一発目で
I...in the first round of the second half...

Monta: いきなりこれかよ。。。!
All of a sudden, this...!

Hiruma: チッ。。。。。。

Ootawara: ばーっはっはっはっ!!

Sakuraba: ナイスブロック進!!
Nice block, Shin!!


Takami: 冷静な進があんなに闘志むき出ししてる。。。
The cool-headed Shin is showing this much fighting spirit...

Shouji: ああ。。。

Even he is the type of man who will explode with power when facing a formidable opponent.


Shouji: そう

Just like that Eyeshield 21!!

Doburoku: がはは面白ぇ二人だ
Gahaha, what an interesting pair...

They mutually pull each other up, endlessly growing stronger...!!

TN: Not awfully confident about this line, feel free to offer suggestions!!

The Heart Bump is no good either...

Then, next is...!!

Monta & Co.: なら次は。。。。。。。?!
Then, next is....?!

Sena: なら次は。。。!!
Then, next is...!!

Shozo: 二度と言った二度
He said the same thing two times...

Kuroki: いいから正直に考えてねーって言え
Just hurry up and admit that you're not honestly thinking about it.

Shin: いやでも  とにかく。。。
No, but...anyway...


Juumonji: ああ  俺らも全部ぶつけてやる
Yeah... We've got to strike with everything we've got, too.

Using all the things we've learned over this looong half year, whether they be delinquent techniques or whatever...

力ずくでパーフェクトプレイヤー進に 一秒でも足止め喰わしてやるよ。。。!!
With all of our might, we will slow down the perfect player, Shin, if only for a second!

Taki: ア。。。アハーハー  二人ともカッコイイじゃないか。。。!
A...aha-ha-! The two of you are so cool!!


Announcer: さあ この王城の攻撃がとどめとなるか!?
Well then, will Oujou's attack be halted!?

The remaining distance to the goal line is 15 yards (14 meters)!!

Kurita: そうだ。。。僕だってセナくんみたく  今までに鍛えてきた技とか全部  進くんにぶつけよぅ。。。!
That's right...Even I will, just like Sena, use all of the techniques I've tempered up until now, and strike Shin kun...!!

Komusubi: り   リップ。。。!!
Th...The Rip...!

Juumonji:  ヒップ エクスプロージョン。。。!
The Hip Explosion...!

Taki: 夏彦ジェントルスピーん!
The Natsuhiko Gentle Spin!


Kuroki: おおっしゃ突っ込むぜ  進によ
Alright, I'll slam Shin!

いや!  ボクが。。
No way! I'm...

Sena:  勝つんだ  進さんに。。。!
I'm going to win...against Shin-san...!

Shun:  わ。。。分かりやすすぎる
They...they're totally telegraphic their intent...

泥門の奴ら。。。進の走を止めに  思いっきり突っ込む気まんまんだ。。。!
Those Deimon guys...they're going all-out to stop Shin's run...!

Takami: バ。。。バレバレじゃないか。。。
They...they're so obvious...

TN: I can't find exactly what barebare means, can someone please tell me? I'm assuming it's along the lines of "obvious" for now.

PAGE 11: 

Hiruma: タイムア。。。
Time ou....

PAGE 12:

Musashi: いいのか。。。タイムアウトとらなくて
Is it really alright...to not take a timeout?

Hiruma: ああ

ヶヶヶ 理屈に合わねえ事が理屈になる  そういう時もあるってこった
Kekeke, that which goes against logic becomes the logical choice...there are times like that, too.

ここはこのまま行く  このファッキンガキ供勢い  止めるとこじゃねえ。。。!!
We'll go forward as is. This isn't the time to stop that fucking brat's vigor...!!

Everybody??: うおおおおおお!!

PAGE 13:

Announcer: 来たーーーーっ 高見&桜庭! エベレストパス!!
Here it iiiiiiis!! Takami and Sakuraba! The Everest Pass!!

Deimon's run defense has been read!

Takami (thinking): なんでヒル魔は。。。バレバレのまま放置した? そんな理屈に合わないポカをする男じゃない
Why did Hiruma...leave it so obvious like that? He's not the type of guy to make such an illogical mistake.

Monta (thinking): 桜庭先輩  セナが思い出させてくれたんスよ
Sakuraba senpai... Sena made me remember!

高さだけで競り合ったら勝ち目なんかねぇ   桜庭先輩に。。。今までの俺 全部を体でぶつけてくっきゃねえって事をよ。。。!
If I compete with him in height alone, I don't stand a chance. Against Sakuraba senpai... I have to strike with everything in my body...!

TN: Not too sure on this line...once again, corrections/clarification are more than welcome!


Monta: 心臓バーーーンプ!!
Heart Buuuuuuuump!!


Announcer:  うおおおバンプかわしたっ!
Uooo~ he dodged the bump!

Sakuraba is on a breakaway ruuuuuun!!

Monta: クッ。。。

Musashi: まずい。。。!!
This is bad...!!

Sakuraba: 高見さん!  これで。。。タッチダウンです!!
Takumi san! With this...it'll be a touchdown!!


Takami (thinking): まただ モン太にこの悪寒  殺(と)られる。。。!
I'm getting that sensation from Monta again... It'll be taken...!

Takami: いや 違う!!
No, it can't be!!

Takami (thinking): 俺と桜庭のエベレストパスなら通る!  誰も届くはずのない高さ。。。!
My and Sakuraba's Everest Pass will make it! It's the height that no one should be able to reach...!


Takami: 飛べ 桜庭ーーーーっ!!
Jump, Sakurabaaaaaaaaa!!

Monta (thinking): ぶつかってくんだ! 桜庭先輩に 
I'm going to collide with Sakuraba-senpai!

もう振り返らねえ  桜庭先輩の方しか向かねえ。。。!!
I can't turn around I have to face Sakuraba-senpai...!!


Takami (thinking): ボールに背を向けたままの  頭上(オーバーヘッド)キャッチ!!
With his back to the ball... an overhead catch!!

Doburoku: あの野郎 ボールを捕りに振り返るためのエネルギーを  全部跳ぶ足に注ぎやがった。。。!
That guy... All the energy that would be used in turning around to catch the ball...he poured it all into jumping...!!

Sakuraba (thinking): 高い! いや 速い!!   ここで俺が飛んだらもうスピードのまま空中でクラッシュする。。。!!
He's high! No, he's fast! If I were to jump now, at my current speed, I'd crash into him in midair...!!

Monta: クラッシュ上等ォォ!! キャッチ勝負なら負けらんねぇんだァァァァ!!!
Crashing is fine by me!! If it's a catching battle, I can't looooooose!!!

Text: 届けっ!!
Make it!!

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#1. by psychohare ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007

TN: I don't recall an atheletics festival ever occurring in ES21, so maybe he's referring to something else by 体育祭?
there was a sports festival in ES21. i remember that they learned the bump when they were handcuffed by Mamo-nee, bald-head and Hiruma, and it looked like a 3-person teamwork game.
Thanks for trans -X-. This is hard work, totally appreciate it.
#2. by somekrnguy ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Actually the sports festival happened before the match with seibu....hiruma used the sports festival as a chance for everyone to learn how to bump during an event
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Wow I guess you'll make a lot of people very happy. Keep it up :thumbs
#4. by -X- ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Ahhh, I remember now!! There are so many matchups in ES that it's easy to get lost...thanks for the reminder!

Also, sorry for the slow translation, I'm a bit of a perfectionist (even though I know it won't be perfect anyway, I have to put in my best effort before getting help...I'm a little proud, too...haha).
#5. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Don't worry about being slow ^^ The important thing is quality and accuracy ^^

Keep up the work :kkthumbs
#6. by gatsuuga9 ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Yay for your translation, keep it up...
#7. by ryukage ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
you're going as fast as i'm typesetting this! Gonbarre!
#8. by -X- ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
That oughta do it...I went back over it a few times, and it should be good to go besides the couple places I noted. Thanks for all the support, everybody!

Oh, and I suppose it should go without saying, but feel free to use in scanlations!
#9. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Thanx! good work :thumbs
#10. by Ichimaru Gin n Tonic ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Great work on the translation, -X-. :D
#11. by Zaloof ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
thx for the trans -X- :D
#12. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
I've got to thank you for scripting the damn text, it helped me search for a few words in a dictionary :thumbs

For the notes, yes, I also do think barebare means obvious, but I too had to deduce that from the context (and that was pretty barebare to deduce, I think :amuse)

Only thing I disagree with you is :

Announcer: さあ この王城の攻撃がとどめとなるか!?
Well then, will Oujou's attack be halted!?

とどめ for me is the hiragana version of 止め that means finishing blow, so I translated as "Well, will Oujou’s offense deliver the finishing blow !?", But, honestly, yours makes a lot of sense too. Maa, I think finishing blow looks better though :amuse

It may only be your second time, but it's impressive how you're way faster than me, keep up the good work :thumbs

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