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Binbougami Ga 1

+ posted by xia_yu as translation on Jun 11, 2010 15:23 | Go to Binbougami Ga

-> RTS Page for Binbougami Ga 1


Yoshiaki Sukeno

It's a story of growth of a single girl.

It's a story about something so apparent, that is hard to notice, about

happiness. Slapstick Comedy.

The heroin of this story is Sakura Ichiko - The Lucky Girl.
Having much more luck that the people around her, has caused the happiness

energy to became unbalanced.
In order to put the things in right place , Momiji the Binbougami makes a trip

to the Human World.

Binbougami ga! ( The god of poverty)

Round 1

Even if you are a god of poverty, maybe it's poverty of your breast?

Round 2

It somewhat irritates me, that i have to listen to your orders.

[what do you mean by "somewhat"?]

Round 3
Fight between the god and the girl begins!


Please come back!

page 7:

Japan, in ancient times was called the country of gods

It was believed that gods live in mountains, seas, and even the smallest stone

or tree.

Place where gods of poverty live: Realm of binbougami.

Goddess: now, as the amount of happiness and sorrow became unbalanced

it's our duty to put the things in right place.

Momiji! You need to go quicly to the Human realm.

page 8:

Momiji: honestly, I am not in the mood.

Goddess: honest girl

Anyway you should go as fast as possible to her place.

This girl who is the main cause of this mess

Sakura Ichiko

page 10:

Momiji: Why, why this girl put watermelons under her shirt.

No, it can't be, it must be her real breast, ahaha cool♡.

I don't like this girl.

Goddess: Don't be jealous, don't be jealous.

Momiji: OK, let's go, finally it's my job.

Goddess: Yes, I would appreciate it.

Momiji: ah...

by the way, could you take back my DVD, I borrowed at...

goddess: just go! you...

page 11

The human realm...

Butsumetsu City Taian High School.

Suwano(the butler) :It's time to go to school ichiko-sama.

Ichiko: Yes, bye!

Page 12:

Boys:Hi, Sakura, Hi! Hi!
Ichiko: Hey guys.

Boys:Here are your slippers

Let me hold your bag.

Ichiko: Thanks for helping me so much.

Boys:I will hold it!

no, I!


Girls: What is it?

They act like this since the morning.

Teacher: Correct!

boys: wow!

Page 13:

[talks in English]

Teacher: Your pronounciation is also perfect!

boys: yes!!!

ichiko: argh!!!

Girls: damn it.

I hate this girl.

Page 14:



Sakura Ichiko

ah, you mean Chichiko*?

She is too cocky.

*chichi means breast.

Girls: If she has such big boobs, she should at least be dumb.

I wish I could kill her.

I wish she could look with the magnyfing glass into the sun.

I wish her Contact lenses would go to other side of the eye.

Her eyesight seems being good too, 6.0

Is she Mongolian or what?

I hope she will be possesd by some evil spirits.


or maybe...


Page 15
so the normal people looking up to me are like this?

You don't know that your envy is my driving force.

My life is so full of luck.

She was popular since her birth

Inborn super beauty

Very high IQ

lack of any disease

(shouldn't I be so confident about myself? ah, so sorry!

never worried about boyfriends or money.
Never strived for anything.
She has been having green light the whole life.

ichiko: life of the queen~~

SFX: Kiin, Koon Kaan kooon

ah, damn it.

Do as you wish, don't be angry at me, rather at at fact that you were born so

uncool comparing to me.

Page 16:

yes, a.. aaargh!!!

Page 17:

Ichiko: ah! what is..


Momiji: You don't need unhappiness, right?

You don't need such a thing.

I am here to bring you back to earth.

are you ready?

Ichiko: oh?

page 18

Ichiko: what what what what?
What it was?

Teacher: hey! don't run on the hall.

Ichiko: Teacheeeer! help me! In toilet there is a damn pervert!
Teacher: huh?

students: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

I will save Sakura!

no! me!

no me!

teacher: lesson has not yet ended!


What is it?

There is nobody here.

Page 19

boys: damn it, false alarm.

SFX: hey you go back to class!

Suwano: Ichiko-sama, the bath is ready.

Ichiko: thanks Suwano

What was it?
maybe I was daydreaming... but it was suprisingly realistic.

Suwano: How was your day? was everything OK?

ichiko: no.. nothing happened.

Page 20

Suwano: If there is problem, and I could help ...
Ichiko: Suwano! I am very happy you are worrying about me, but please GO AWAY!
Suwano: but only a little...

Suwano: I am leaving the towel here.

Ichiko: yes, yes.

SFX: what did he mean by only a little?


page 21:
aah! my body is healing.

Momiji: hehe. Maybe a little cliche entry.



page 22:
youuu! Where did you came from?
In the lady's bath?


main text:I am also girl after all

Suwano: What happened Ichiko-sama?

ichiko: a pervert in the bath!

ichiko: don't come here anymore!

Momiji:you biatch, if you play like this...

Knock, knock,

who is it?
Momiji: It's me Idol of Binbougami world Momiji!

Please come in!


Page 23

Momiji:Thank you!

Ichiko: aaarght!!!

ichiko: you monster!

Momiji: hahaha, sorry but you can't touch me when I am in human ball form.

well, I can't too.

Ichiko: you... who the hell are you?

Momiji: I am Momiji The god of poverty, I came from the land of gods.

page 24
The god of poverty?

Momiji: i am one of the bazillion of japanese gods.
ichiko: and? What does this god of poverty do?

Momiji: well...

I came here to make you a normal human being

Ichiko: or to make an idiot of me?

Momiji: it's god of poverty's device,

a scouter.

It measures the amount of happiness and sorrow Energy.
page 25
What energy?
happiness and sorrow energy.
The energy that living things have since their birth.


Like the name say, the energy of happiness is the energy to make people happy.

Unhappiness energy the energy which causes tragedy.
Momiji: ah, yes, surely the amount is not well maintained.

Right table:

Happiness energy


Left Table: Sakura Ichiko

height: 157
Bust: 96
Waist: 60
Buttocks: 85

Momiji: Moreover, a little, but you are taking other people's energy as well.
Ichiko: i don't understand what you are talking about.
Page 26:

ichiko: What are you seeing be those specs?

Right table:

Sorrow energy: 900009999

left Table:
Momiji: height: 157
Bust: 78
Waist: 58
Hips: 79

Ichiko: arght bad!

Momiji: haa,is it OK with you now, please listen to me.

Now the energy of happiness and sorrow was made unbalanced in the Butsumetsu


And it's your fault!

Sakura Ichiko!

ichiko: what? what are you talking about?
Page 27:

Momiji: it must have been some mistake by God.
The energy of happiness you have, surpasses the energy of normal human being

in a great way.

table: from left to right: boobs - normal person

if it would be only big amount it's OK, but you take the other people's

energy, and increase it at your wish, and it's very bad.

Ichiko: Shoplifters?

eeeh? you mean my happy life was all due to this "happiness energy"?

Momiji: yes, What kind of life? or let me ask in a different way, did you ever

gain anything by your own effort?
Ichiko: ee...

Page 28

Ichiko: so if this energy would be taken from me, what will happen?

Momiji: let me show you.

Tonight Momiji is the Newscaster

In the near Future Ichiko who have lost her school, home, went on street.

Living a vagabond life poor Ichiko, happilly have found a good-hearted boy


Bold font: Occupation: unknown

later she maried to this man, and born him 5 children. and made a warm family

(big laughter).

Ichiko: I have enought!

Page 29

Momiji:Tired of life Ichiko, has one favourite motto in life:"mum was popular

among boys in the old days".

Ichiko: nooo! it's the most horrible thing could happen!


Wait a minute!

After seeing it all, do you think I will just give you my energy?

no! I will never let you take it.

Momiji: But you should,

Ichiko: Is it your wish?

Momiji: but, well.

Do you plan to hide from me?

It's normal that you must experience some sadness, after such great happiness.


Momiji:well, is it OK?
The problem is not here

Page 30:

Momiji: The whole amount of energy is is fixed according to the number of


Uncounsciously, but you are absorbing other people's energy, you can even harm

people who are the most important for you!

Ichiko: If I am quiet and just listen to you, you can't just stop talking,

you... poverty god.

ah, maybe even if you are god of poverty, it's maybe rather the "poverty" of

your breast?

F cups!!! Boobs like Fuji Mountain.

page 31:

Momiji: let me take all of this fat!!!

Ichiko: aren't you eyes too serious? Did it touched you?

Momiji: anyway

I have two aims

To take from you the ability of sucking other people's energy and...

Take as many happiness energy from you, as I can.

and send it to it's place.

Ichiko: What is this unpleasant plush bear?

page 32:

Ichiko:And now, what is it?

Momiji: even though being a god, I must use those tools to take or give


Binbougami Item, ehh... Mister Tanaka, it's time for a sho~~t!

Ichiko: She thought it out during her talking?

I will take your happiness energy using this.


Ichiko: wait! do you want to put such thing in my...

Momiji: fu...
page 33:

It WILL hurt!

Ichiko: what is it supposed to be? Do you want to kill my with this syringe?

Or maybe you are rather shinigami?

aaah! it is moving!

Momiji: good job Kumagai! hold her for a moment!

Page 34

Momiji: Eat it!

Kumagai, are you OK?

police... no spiritists?
anyway, let's do it quickly!!!

SFX: No... impossible she can teleport through walls.

page 35:

Momiji: teleportation, hmmm.. I have many ways to go through the door.

Ok, let's go!

page 36

Get ready!

aa~no! a soap here?

page 37

Momiji: ouch

Ichiko: pant, pant pant.


Suwano! Suwano, wake up!

Suwano: ah? why am I in such, place?

SFX: and in such clothes?

throw her away quickly!

Suwano: what is it?

page 38:

You have nice friend, it's a nurse?

Ichiko: what route his thoughs are going? this old pervert!

Momiji: ah it hurts! you little kid! do you think you can get rid of me so


what was I doing?
I am god right?

paper: but.. the positive energy of this girl is greater than your negative .

I won't forgive it!

Maybe she is the incarnation of the god of happiness, or something.

page 39

Momiji: hey! why are you sniggering at! open your eyes and drive!

Suwano: I am sorry, madam.

It's first time Ichiko-sama brung some friends to her house, so I am just

very happy because of that.

Momiji: we aren't friends.

and... you are her butler right?

You must have a lot of work to serve such a "princess".
Suwano: oh, it's not a problem at all.
I served her since she was born.

SFX: princess?

Momiji: it's even worse.

no.. we share good and bad memories with each other.

SFX: eat your pimento!

Number: 753

SFX: you must be able to protect yourself!

Suwano: These are my memories as well..

page 40

Suwano: even when she went to the high school, she allowed such an old man to

serve her.

Suwano: Taking care of her, it's my biggest happiness.

So please be good friends with her.

Momiji: I told you we aren't friends.

Suwano: you may think she is very happy, but in reality, she is very lonely.

Momiji: really?

page 41:

Suwano: by the way,

where do you want to get off?

Are you listening to me?

I'm back, mademoiselle.

Ichiko: Suwano!

Don't allow her going into our house, OK?

Suwano: why are you talking like this , You aren't good friends?

Ichiko: not good, she is my enemy!

Suwano: haa... anyway.

Ichiko: what?

Suwano: Tomorrow it's your birdhday.

Ichiko: ah, right.

Page 42:
OK, I will be waiting for your horrible cooking!

Suwano: ee, I will do my best.

aaa ouch, it hurts.

Ichiko: ?

Boys: Sakura-san!

Happy Birdhday!

Page 43:

happy Birdhday to you, happy birdhday.

Ichiko: shut up!

Boy: be quiet! Sakura-san likes it in Japanese style.

Ichiko: shut up.

SFX: what is birthday "in Japanese style"?

Boy: here is a present from me!

Ichiko: It's heavy!

I mean, do you all think that I can take all those stuff from you?

You should deliver it to my house!

Teacher: didn't you forgot about the lesson?

Boys: good idea!

Ichiko: haa...
At least I got rid of this binbougami.

Momiji: pant, pant.
Setting complete!

I wil take revenge on you! your image is flowing in my head, I will take my

big revenge!

Page 44:
Binbougami Item

It sucks happiness energy and at the same time gives you pain!

ah, Kumagai! You are waiting to this moment too?

paper: Why don't we involve butler into it as well?
Momiji: yeah.

paper: I shoudn't have tell it.


here I go


page 45

Suwano: haa haa haa

Momiji: oyoyo

Boy: what is it?

Page 46
Boy: something flew in!

Sakura-san are you OK?

Ichiko: w what do you want?

paper: the butler has faint, go to the hospital!.

boys: oy! Sakura!

Teacher: Where are you going!?

Ichiko: what is it? they want to scare me?

or is it the work of Binbougami?

what is it? what is it?

what is it? what is it?

Momiji: ah

page 47:
Momiji: It wasn't on purpose.
aa, it wasn't on purpose.


It's heart attact.

It was luck in unluck that he was found quickly.

because there is a risk of complications, we have to do operation fast.

of course we will do our best in operation, but

Page 48

I am not sure if his body will resist it.

be prapared to the bworst.

Does he have any other family?

No, he hasn't.

what are you doing Suwano?

he lost his wife 4 years ago.
I only can be called his family.

SFX: Why are you sleeping here?

Your bed is not here!

Page 49

cake: Happy Birthday Ichiko-sama!


page 50



Suwano, didn't you put too much sugar?

or rather much too much.

SFX: you meant this by saying you will do your best?

When he will be back, I will tell him what i think.

if he will...

Suwano... I....

Today is my birthday, but...

Page 51:

Ichiko:I hate my parents...

Suwano:but today it's your birthday, Ichiko-sama!

There is no chioce, they are both busy at work!

They weren't with me on this day a year before... and before...

But you will be with me, right?

Suwano, you will be together with me, right?

Suwano: Of course I will.

Suwano will be always at your side.

Ichiko: no...

Page 52

Suwano!!! no!
Don't die!

Momiji: sweet...

sweeter than Japanese politicians' promises.

Ichiko: wha...

page 53 What are you doing?
Momiji: i am eating the cake, as you see.
Ichiko: it was your work?

Momiji: no.

Ichiko: you did it to Suwano?

Momiji: i said no!

it's you!

Ichiko: You should have be honest.

Momiji: talking straigh, happiness energy brings happiness to you



I did it because I was studying yesterday.

box: limited edition



ah! twins!

Momiji: but, person has energy of happiness and sorrow.

page 54

Momiji: and if all the happiness energy will be sucked up, only bad events

will happen to the person.

Suwano has now only sorrow energy left.

because you sucked his happiness energy.

ichiko: all?

Momiji: you sucked it from the whole city.

You lived here for some years, right?


happiness is for sharing,
and you, not important how taste food you have eaten, or how big was your

house, there weren't people you could share your happiness with.

Page 55:

At least you had Suwano, but you wasted even it...

please understand, the difference betwen your own happiness, and happiness

shared with others.

Ichiko: me... I
Iam not making sorrwfull speech!

Page 56:
Momiji: Listen to me carefully, do you want to do the same to others what you

did to Suwano?

Ichiko: OK, I understand, do as you wish.

Momiji: Good decision.

cool, it made the whole tank full.

page 57:

Momiji: Thanks for being patient, as the anti action for taking your energy,

you will soon experience great tragedies, but after some time, and some tokus,

you will go back to the level of normal human.

Toku: behaving well with good heart.

Ichiko: well, i see.

I wanted to be just like any normal human, I am sick of being treated so


Thanks for your teaching.

Momiji: ee?


page 58:
Ichiko: I was kidding you asshole!


You did not notice me after turning back to me.

I prefer to be a dictator, than to give my happiness energy to her.


Momiji: What was it?

you really sent me into a tizzy.

page 59

ichiko: damn it, you will not catch me!

Page 60:

Momiji: Now, I don't want to make you unhappy!

I will simply kill you!

Is it not work of shinigami, and not binbougami!?

it's not important I always get confused with them.

I was even called so by the previous comisioner.

Momiji: attack!

page 61:


What is it?

Momiji: huh?

cat, cat, cat, cat, cat

Black cat festival?

Momiji: fuck it! she ran away.

well, where she could run away...

I wil give you free cat food provision for the next year, to the one who wil

find her.

Nurse: yuki-chan!

What are you doing?

Yuki: nurse! look here, look!

I have found four leave clover!

I will give it to you, Nurse!

Nurse: Thank you!

page 62:

hey you!

school man: hurts!
It must be broken!


Another boy: aaa, bad!

Ichiko: Operation room, its here.

Momiji: here you are!

Page 63:

Momiji: You want to help Suwano with this?

You did it on purpose?

You cannot take of energy without my items

For taking the happiness energy outside

you got your energy absorbed on purpose.

it was clever.

haa? what?

as i though, It can save Suwano

I was wondering if it's possible.

Momiji: ouch, I screwed.

Ichiko: do as you wish! I won't be as you wish !

Page 64:



Momiji:well, I wonder if written apologies to my supervisor will be enough.

Great sign: happiness

Man: somewhat i feel warmer.

Page 65: What is it?

Cherry in full bloom! even though it has been witted already.

Nurse: What is happening?

Yuki: Look Nurse! it's all four leaved!

voice: aaaah!

boy: it doesn't hut at all.

another boy: you can walk!

Doctor: Where is the tumour?

another doctor: I can't see it.

Doctor: It has dissapeared! it's impossible!

voice: wano


Page 66
Ichiko: Good luck Suwano!

Suwano: oh, it's Ichiko-sama, together.

Ichiko: Please come back!

If you don't listen to me, I won't let it go!

page 67

Ichiko: damn it!
You aren't heathy at all!

Suwano: I.. Ichiko-sama, it can't be.

Suwano: but, Ichiko-sama, I spoiled your birthday!

I will take the punishment!

Page 68

Ichiko: yeah, so Suwano
Suwano: yes?

Ichiko: You are fired!

Suwano: yes!


Ichiko: finally... the cake was too sweet!

and you fainted on my birthday!

and allowed HER to enter my bathroom.

if you would try... you can live even 30 years from now on, go to some farm

with fresh air, and find yourself a wife.

Page 69: Ichiko-sama!

Thank you very much!

Ichiko: Aren't you angry?

for talking to you such a thing?

Suwano: ah yes, yes.

Thank you for everthing Ichiko-sama!

Ichiko: no, I thank you!

page 70:

Ichiko: Now it will be OK

If you would be always at my side, it could happen to you again.

it was good decision.

it's not big deal.

I was almost alone up to now, anyway.


It's not big deal.

page 71
Bold font: After a week

Ichiko: Binbougami is not appearing recently, has she go back.

one week...
if you get used to it, it's not a big deal.

Ichiko: I am home!

Momiji: Welcome!

Momiji: you are back quickly today! Will we eat breakfast? or go to bathtube?


make yourself unhappy?

ichiko: of course! hahaha .

page 72:

ichiko: what are you doing?

You didn't go back?

Momiji: why I should go back? I have not ended my duty, i was just preparing

during this time.

ichiko: ah! you want to give me back my happiness energy, right?

Momiji: I mean.
almost all the energy has went back to you!

diagram: old guy - 1-2 % boobs - almost everything.

Ichiko: ah, I see.

Momiji: We will take a shot once again

Ichiko: Noo!

Momiji: don't say "no!"

I rather should kill you for the balance energy.

IChiko: give me tha shot if you can!

Now I d'nt have anything to loose!

SFX: well, we will take those boobs from you at first.

Ichiko: aah! you will look hirrible with them!

Postman: well...

page 73:

ichiko: what?

express post!

Ichiko: ah, it's from Suwano!

Postcard: We got married.

ichiko: he is so faaast!

Character File:
Sakura Ichiko

Birthday: 16 April

Blood type: B

height: 157cm

Weight: 48 kg

Tree sizes:

Likes: sweet things, being praised, being envied.

hates: binbougami, bitter things
special skill: playing innocent,
martial arts.

good at: everything except home teacher classes.

Flower word: Sakura.

eeeh, maybe some of you have noticed already, in this manga all the main

characters have names of plants, and characters sometimes also are taken from

the flowers, and sometimes not
i will show you in this table:

Cherry Blossom: spiritual beauty.

primula: wishes and hope.
Being sad when young.
and weeping cherry says don't forget me.

It matches, right? At first I did not plan to name her Sakura (cherry blossom)


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