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Kuroko no Basket 14

14th Quarter : I'll tell you two things.

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Mar 25, 2009 22:45 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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I wish I could tell you this translation is late release is because I've spent the last few days playing hentai games and reading yuri mangas, but I was actually busy with real life stuff. I hate real life >.>;


Kuroko chapter 14

Page 01

Riko : Eh?
Riko : you want to be a starter, Kuroko-kun?

Riko : You have a time limit, right, Kuroko-kun?
Riko : I told you already that as the sixth man you'd play according to how the match goes.

Kuroko : Please.
Riko : Why are your eyes so bloodshot?

Left : How will Seirin stand against Papa, the 2m tall exchange student...!?

Riko : Well, I don't hate going at full power from the beginning too... Alright!
Riko : … But...

Riko : If we're using our trump card from the start
Riko : and get half-baked results, it won't be productive.
Riko : We have to get at least a 10 points lead at the end of the first quarter!

Page 02

Someone : Well then, it's time to start
Someone : the match between Seirin High and Shinkyou Gakuen high!
Someone : Alright!!!

Page 03

Papa : All the opponents today too are so small...
Papa : Are the Japanese eating proper meals!?

Papa : Well, there was even a kid on the bench too...
Kuroko : I am not a kid.

Papa : Waa!?
Papa : Wait, you're not on the bench, you're a starter!?
Papa : What the hell!?

Hyuuga : … Maybe Kuroko will surprise all the opponents we'll face like that...!?
Hyuuga : Seems like trouble, so I'll warn them starting from the next match...

Page 04

Text : It's over if they lose... The first match begins!!
14th Quarter : I'll tell you two things.

Page 05

Someone : Wooh!?

Hyuuga : Are you kidding!? I cant believe it...
Hyuuga : Kagami lost in height!?

Kagami : This bastard...!!

Someone : Ooh, Shinkyou got the ball first!!

Kagami : I won't let you

Kagami : A jump shot without faking!? He's making fun of me!!

Page 06

Kagami : …!
Kagami : This height...!!

Page 07

Someone : Here it comes!
Someone : So high!!
Someone : The first points go to Shinkyou Gakuen!!

Papa : So easy...

Hyuuga : Don't mind! Let's get them back!!

Hyuuga : Free!! here I go!!

Page 08

Hyuuga : … Are you kidding!?
Hyuuga : He can reach it from that far!?
Hyuuga : What's with this range of defense!?

Papa : Haa... This is too easy...

Guy : What the hell's with that...
Guy : It's really unfair, having a foreign player...

Page 09

Tanimura : Is Seirin from that too? The tenacity group?
Hyuuga : Huh?

Tanimura : There's a lot of guys like that...
Tanimura : Being all “Using a foreign player is unfair!”
Tanimura : It's not really against the rules, though.
Note : According to the rules, a team can have up to two foreign exchange students as players.

Tanimura : What's wrong with inviting for a strong guy?
Tanimura : It makes things easier, we only have to get the ball to this guy.

Tanimura : Is winning easily such a wrong thing?
Tanimura : What do you think?

Hyuuga : I don't know if it's easy for you or not, but...
Hyuuga : But well, if that's your policy, you won't complain right?

Page 10

Hyuuga : We've got crazy guys in our team too after all. (small text : We didn't invite them, though)

Tanimura : huh?

Kagami : It's alright! You'll see!

Shinkyou Gakuen – Seirin

Page 11

Someone : It's out!!
Someone : Rebound!!

Papa : Gh...

Tanimura : His accuracy is dropping?
Tanimura : … This...

Riko : We won't let you score this easily.
Riko : Because...

Page 12

Riko : Kagami-kun
Riko : Won't let Dad play as he wants!

Guy : won't let him play...?

Riko : Even if he can't reach the ball, there is still a way!
Riko : Something Mitobe-kun taught him!

Page 13

Riko : Mitobe-sensei, refined even in defense!

Riko : From now on, you'll practice everyday with Mitobe-kun.
Riko : He'll make your body remember how to defend against someone bigger than you!

Riko : To defend against shots, there isn't only blocks.
Riko : Make it miss!

Kagami : Hmm!?
Kagami : It's out...!?

Kagami : It's different from a normal one-on-one...
Kagami : I can't go toward the inside well!!
Kagami : Somehow it's incredibly hard to play...!?

Page 14

Kagami : I won't let you do what you want.

Kagami : I won't let you go where you want.

Kagami : if you chase the opponent that way, the opponent will have a hard time getting ready,

Kagami : I'll put pressure on you and won't let you shoot properly!
Kagami : That way, even if I can't reach the ball...

Someone : it's off again!!
Someone : None of them have gone in for a while!?

Page 15

Someone : He can't score at all, that foreigner isn't such a big deal after all.

Tanimura : Don't say it like it's so easy!
Tanimura : The pressure on the court is incredible!!

Tanimura : A jumping power that seems like he'll block the shot of someone 2m tall!

Tanimura : His concentration power, you can only call it killing intent!

Tanimura : It's not half-baked pressure!!
Papa : What the hell is this guy...!?

Page 16

Someone : It's out again!!

Papa : Geez, what the hell! It's pissing me off!!
Tanimura : Focus, it's not like he's blocking the shots!
Tanimura : Defense!!

Kagami : This way of defending is pissing me off quite a bit too!
Kagami : I just won't be satisfied unless I defeat him directly!
Kagami : … alright, it's decided!

Kagami : Hey!
Kagami : I'll tell you two things.

Page 17

Kagami : The first thing
Kagami : I'll definitely knock one of your shots down during this match!

Papa : That's...
Papa : Just impossible, right:
Papa : I won't lose to a team that uses a kid as a player!

Kagami : The other thing...

Page 18-19 (spread)

Kagami : Maybe kids can be quite dangerous too, you know?

Kuroko : Could you please stop calling me a kid?
Left : Scary when angry!!
Bottom : next issue, center color and 23pages chapter to celebrate the manga's popularity and the release of the first volume!!

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