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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 326

326th Down : Lecture on how to handle cards by Hiruma Youichi and Clifford D. Lewis

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Apr 17, 2009 13:43 | Go to Eyeshield 21

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The title of this chapter... >.>;


Edit : Missed a panel on page 13, sorry for the inconvenience >_<

Eyeshield 21 chapter 326

Page 01

Someone : Still 15 points behind!
Someone : Japan will turn the tables
Someone : in the second half!

Sena : Oooooh!
Sena : Agon-san!
Suzuna : He stopped the pass
Suzuna : of the American offense!

Page 02

Guy : Sorry, Clifford.
Guy : That dread guy cut it again...!

Clifford : The dread guy's movements have changed.
Clifford : He was always leaving everything to his rage and rushing to try and kill me, but
Clifford : Now he's tightly guarding his zone of defense.

Marco : Of course we'd become stronger with that, I'd say.
Marco (small text) : It was just weird until now.

Banba : That Agon, who was only using his exceptional talent, the god-speed impulse
Banba : for simple violent plays...

Yamabushi : Agon is
Yamabushi : properly
Yamabushi : playing for
Yamabushi : the team...!

Shin : Kongou Agon.

Shin : In the last battle
Shin : of this World Cup
Shin : you have stepped up to new heights...!

Agon : … Aah?
Agon : Who cares about that.
Agon : Don't mistake me for a training geek like you.
Agon : I'm only doing it for the sake of the 300 millions.

Page 03

Someone : Ooooh, this is... Incredible
Someone : The zone fortified by shin and Agon!
Someone : The center of Japan's defense
Someone : is incredible...!!

Don : Team play...?
Don : That and the Dragon Fly earlier...
Don : “Even with worse abilities, you can still fight according to how you handle your cards”
Don : That's a sad dream commoners always see.

Hera : Since Kurita recovered
Hera : We're finally beginning to turn around the flow of the game!
Kid : It's the way Japan (small text : or rather, Hiruma-shi)
Kid : handles its cards...!

Don : Don't you think it's time we bring them back to reality?
Don : Clifford.

Clifford : Yeah.
Clifford : I'll teach you,
Clifford : Brat.

Page 04

Clifford : the way the top, America
Right : Clash between champions of cunning!!
Clifford : handles its cards.

Hiruma : … Kekeke, well I'm thankful for that
Hiruma : I'm looking forth to your guidance, Clifford-sensei.

326th Down : Lecture on how to handle cards by Hiruma Youichi and Clifford D. Lewis

Page 05

Guy : Wooooh!!

Someone : Panther is running!
Someone : Touchdown!!

Sena : It's useless after all
Sena : If he's running alone
Sena : Then no one can chase after him...!

Riku : Ever since the beginning of the second half...
Riku : Nothing but Panther's runs are coming.
Aki : Of course they would, seeing how well it works!

Page 06-07 (spread)

Hiruma : he's showing off Panther's speed on purpose.
Hiruma : That fucking pointy nose
Hiruma : is planning something strange...

Announcer : Well then, it's Japan's counter-attack!
Announcer : Once more, it's the quarterback tag of Hiruma-kun and Agon-kun,
Announcer : the Dragon Fly!!

Someone : Whaaat! Panther is blitzing!?
Someone : He deserted his zone of defense
Someone : and rushing to take down Japan's quarterback!

Morgan : that idiot, why now...
Morgan : Against the Dragon Fly, when it's hard to know
Morgan : whether Hiruma or Agon is the target...

Morgan : See! He missed.
Morgan : Agon acted as a trap for Panther's blitz
Morgan : And the ball went to Hiruma...!

Page 08

Hiruma : With his run that surpasses the speed of light
Hiruma : he forcibly
Hiruma : turned away from Agon
Hiruma : and is rushing for me...

Clifford : Who the target is doesn't matter
Clifford : Panther is that kind of trump card.
Clifford : With only his speed
Clifford : he'll forcibly hold you down.

Page 09

Sena : Awesome
Sena : Awesome...!!

Someone : Wooooh, Panther
Someone : took down Hiruma!
Announcer : Japan
Announcer : Pass failed!!

Page 10

Kurita : Hyaaa, he's rushing again
Kurita : Panther-kun is coming for another blitz!
Hera : Don't take us lightly!
Hera : In that case, if we just throw the ball in Panther's zone of defense...

Announcer : … Wait
Announcer : he's not blitzing!
Announcer : It was a feint this time!
Announcer : Panther is tightly guarding his zone of defense
Announcer : and not blitzing!!

Hiruma : Tch...!

Clifford : There is no need to use each time
Clifford : Panther and his blitz surpassing the speed of light.
Clifford : We just have to show them the strength of this trump card.

Clifford : Just because “it could come”
Clifford : They can't make the ball go around at the same speed anymore.

Don : It's a sad thing.
Don : Just so easily...
Don : With that, the street performance that was the Dragon Fly,
Don : betting everything on the teamwork of Japan,
Don : won't work anymore...

Page 11

Clifford : Do you understand how to handle cards now?
Clifford : I win as long as I can make you think
Clifford : “Maybe he will play this card”.
Clifford : Brat Hiruma.

Sena : Hiruma-san...
Sena : Err, well
Sena : I've got a plan...
Sena : or rather, a favor to ask...

Page 12

Sena : I want to do the same play as Panther
Sena : Let me blitz at full speed,
Sena : and take down
Sena : the quarterback of America, Clifford-san, please...!

Hiruma : It's alright if you let your zone of defense empty!
Hiruma : Leave everything behind to Shin and Agon
Hiruma : And take down Clifford even if you die!!

Clifford : Entrusting the defense to Agon, who's finally playing for the team, and Shin,
Clifford : And taking me down with Sena's speed...?
Clifford : it's not bad, but

Page 13

Clifford : That only makes you a copycat.
Clifford : Well, I guess it means you've listened to my lecture well.
Clifford : Well done, trying to do as your teacher taught you, brat.

Sena : Fast...!!

Someone : Oooh, Clifford!
Someone : He dodged Sena's
Someone : light speed blitz!

Riku : Shit... Unlike the Panther VS Hiruma earlier
Riku : Sena and Clifford have the same speed.
Riku : With that
Riku : he can't catch him...!!

Someone : it's useless!
Someone : Clifford is
Someone : free of mark!!

Page 14

Agon : Aah? Who is free of mark?
Agon : Kukuku, well, I guess it's not bad, you'll have seen a nice dream before dying.

Sena : Agon
Sena : -san!

Page 15

Someone : It wasn't just Sena
Someone : Agon left his zone of defense too!
Someone : Two players blitzing!?

Hiruma : A reckless plan with two players blitzing, when Clifford is the opponent...
Hiruma : I don't remember having said that.

Kurita : Then why is Agon here?
Banba : It's what Agon
Banba : decided on his own...

Agon : Team play?
Agon : There's no way I'd take part in crap like that, trash.
Agon : Ever since earlier, my only thought was killing you
Agon : Clifford.

Clifford : This guy
Clifford : He just acted like he had calmed down...

Page 16

Bud : He dodged it with a spin!
Tatanka : That's right, if you consider speed
Tatanka : Then Clifford is faster than Agon!

Someone : Clifford is awesome!
Someone : From that position
Someone : He managed to dodge two players and is going to pass...

Hiruma : Huh, didn't I just say it? That it wasn't a plan with two players blitzing.
Hiruma : It was three.

Page 17

Someone : Shin!!?

Hiruma : Kekeke, at the instant Sena said he was going to blitz and take down Clifford
Hiruma : I knew there was no way this fucking dread
Hiruma : would just sit down and watch.

Clifford : Sena, Agon and Shin
Clifford : A triple blitz...!!?

Chuubou : W... With this
Chuubou : He's got nowhere to run to...
Sakuraba : They're just way too fast...!

Page 18-19 (spread)

Hiruma : Do you understand how to handle cards now?
Hiruma : I win as long as I can make you think
Hiruma : “There's no way he will play this card”.
Hiruma : Clifford-sensei.

Mizumachi : Eat this! The strongest defense of Japan
Mizumachi : Shin's hammer of justice!

Sena : Shin
Sena : -san...!

Clifford : Shi...

Middle : The answer given by the third card... is the strongest trident!!!
Left : Trident tackle!!!

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#1. by SeikiNoKun ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Thanks for your work
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Posted on Apr 17, 2009
thanks :D
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Good shit dude.
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Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Shin is gonna make Clifford eat grass!
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Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Thank you!
The title of this chapter is too absurd!
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Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Thank you ! You're the Most Valuable Translator :D

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