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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Eyeshield 21 328

328th Down : Tag Match

+ posted by Xophien as translation on May 9, 2009 13:47 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 328

This translation is dedicated to my nieces, Sarah and Chloé, exactly one day old today~

And for anyone who's wondering about the Blust! one-shot translation, yeah, I know, I'm late >.>; I've been pretty busy this last week, but I'll get to it sometimes soon, promised.


Eyeshield 21 chapter 328

Page 01

Right : Strong explosion!!!

328th Down : Tag Match

Page 02

Right : Delta Dynamite!!!

Don : Wha...
Don : What is
Don : this...

Don : As if it was completely overlooking common sense,
Don : Such a sheer killing intent
Don : and destructive pressure...!!

Page 03

Sena : I'll get through.

Sena : I'm not scared.
Sena : I'll break through where Gaou-kun is
Sena : Because he'll definitely take down Mr Don...!!

Don : How should I deal
Don : With this power that's completely off the tracks...!?

Don : Should I
Don : Dodge it to the side with a swim?

Don : Or should I parry him vertically
Don : With a pull&jerk...

Don : No!

Page 04-05 (spread)

Don : Power
Don : Against power...!!!

Gaou : hoo... To think
Gaou : you would choose
Gaou : a straightforward power contest here...

Don : it's no good if the man standing at the top
Don : dodges even a single blow of the tiger.
Don : If you turn your back to the enemy and run away, it will affect all your allies.

Don : I'll show you
Don : with great dignity
Don : that even with your power increased three times
Don : It sadly won't work
Don : Against the strongest of the world...!!

Gaou : That's why it'll be worth killing you.
Gaou : You are, far more than I imagined,
Gaou : a man overflowing with spirit...!

Gaoudon : Ooooooooooooooh!!!

Page 06


Page 07

Sena : Gaou-kun!

Monta : He won!!

Banba : No!
Banba : It's not over yet...!

Kurita :Heeeee!
Chuubou : he didn't get any damage at all
Chuubou : And is coming back already!

Tatanka : Even if you push him back
Tatanka : He'll always stand up and get back into position in 0.01 seconds!
Tatanka : That's why you'll never take him down!
Tatanka : That's the proof he is a top-class lineman...!!

Page 08

Gaou : I told you, right? Yamato.
Gaou : I never lie.
Gaou : With your strength
Gaou : and with team play,
Gaou : You'll be able to use the moment
Gaou : just after I win against Don...

Don : Yamato
Don : Takeru...
Don : With the difference of timing...

Don : This commoner called Yamato Takeru...
Don : He's hurting the name of the top, “Eyeshield 21”.
Don : Shouldn't we
Don : say a requiem for him?

Yamato : I've come back in order to get my revenge against you
Yamato : Together with the all-star of my homeland, Japan!

Yamato : “Can't be taken down” is my selling point too.
Yamato : Well, in my case, it's just a matter of willpower, but
Yamato : If the two of us, who can't be taken down, clash...
Yamato : “Full speed and power” VS “posture destroyed by Gaou-kun”, what do you think will happen...?

Don : Ooooooooh!!

Page 09

Yamato : It's settled.
Yamato : It's my win...!!

Page 10

Announcer : Blue sky!
Announcer : Somehow, Mr Don...
Announcer : For the first time ever, Mr Don has been taken down face up!
Announcer : It's a blue sky!!

Tatanka : Is such a thing
Tatanka : possible...!

Sakuraba : Aah...
Sakuraba : Awesome...

Page 11

Sakuraba : if you can't aim for the top alone
Sakuraba : Then find someone to go with you.

Sakuraba : Even that Gaou-kun
Sakuraba : is doing it without shame.

Sakuraba : When I was their age,
Sakuraba : I was only running away.
Sakuraba : I wasn't doing anything.

Takami : I've been waiting 6 years
Takami : For a partner like Sakuraba Haruto
Takami : that would let me
Takami : use my height.

Sakuraba : And that Takami-san
Sakuraba : is graduating this spring...

Sakuraba : Just a little...
Sakuraba : Just a little bit sooner...
Sakuraba : Why didn't I...

Someone : Ooooh!
Someone : The human dome Tatanka goes really high!
Someone : He repelled Kid's
Someone : quickdraw short pass!

Tatanka : There's no way we'll break down.
Tatanka : The five men of America's pentagram
Tatanka : are the five strongest men of the world[/]...!!

Page 13

Announcer : Japan! With little more than 5 yards until the goal line,
Announcer : Hindered by the defense of Tatanka-kun,
Announcer : It's already the third down
Announcer : and their last chance to attack...!

Kid : 5 yards
Kid : with one play...

Kid : the opponent is fortifying in front of the goal line.
Kid : If we try to push through with a run,
Kid : we'll probably only get 2~3 yards.
Monta : Then Pass power MAX!
Monta : It's time for a short pass!

Kid : if we want to force a pass through in a crowded place
Kid : The only thing we need is height, but
Kid : The wall created by Tatanka-shi is a tough one, huh...

Ootawara : Bahahaha, that's easy stuff!

Ootawara : If you need height then Takami!
Ootawara : There's no one else possible, right?
Ootawara : Even an idiot like me can understand that!

Page 14

Takami : Among quarterbacks
Takami : I don't think I can win against Kid or Hiruma.
Takami : but if I am to join the team
Takami : Maybe the day my height will be useful will come.

Takami : I'll join the Japanese team
Takami : no matter what I have to do...!!

Hiruma : Kekeke, fucking glasses.

Page 15

Hiruma : A trump card is something you can use only once, right?
Hiruma : So you'd better settle this one
Hiruma : even if you die.

Takami : … geez.
Takami : You'll just never learn how to speak to your upperclassmen.

Takami : I'll settle it even without you telling me.
Takami : Let me show you, Hiruma.
Takami : The difference between
Takami : your American football career and mine.

Takami : The score is currently 42 to 20! We're 22 points behind!
Takami : If the gap widens more than that, there is no way Japan can win!
Takami : We'll score a touchdown right there!
Takami : Get ready!!
Kurita : Y-y-y-yes!!

Page 16

Takami : … Sakuraba.

Takami : you never actually said it
Takami : But I can understand by looking at you.
Takami : You're always thinking

Takami : “I was too late”
Takami : “I became frantic too late”.

Takami : Well, of course it would have been better
Takami : if we had begun earlier...

Page 17

Takami : But at the very least! To me!
Takami : The partnership we've had for all these matches after you awakened against Deimon,
Takami : For just this,

Takami : The 6 years since I joined Oujou's middle school weren't useless!
Takami : There is
Takami : no such thing as being too late!!

Takami : Just a single play
Takami : The last time Sakuraba and I play together.

Takami : I'll show you
Takami : That all your regrets about being too late

Takami : will be cleared up
Takami : by this single play...!!

Page 18-19 (spread)

Tatanka : I can't... reach it.
Tatanka : Too high!?
Tatanka : no...

Shin : This is
Shin : different from the usual Everest pass!

Shin : Just like an arrow fired from the top of a tower to another tower,
Shin : That super high flight
Shin : combined with a high-speed laser like Hiruma's or Clifford's...

Takami : You'll catch it, right? Sakuraba.
Takami : Even this kind of reckless high pass,
Takami : if it's you...

Sakuraba : Of course.
Sakuraba : Takami-san...!!

Top left : Twin Tower Arrow!!!
Middle : Height x feelings... This is the top of the world!!!
Referee : Touch
Referee : Down!!

Xophien's end comment : Twin Tower Arrow is the stupidest skill name this manga has spawned so far. SRSLY. >.>;

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#1. by din_84 ()
Posted on May 9, 2009
twin tower?
i wonder whether it name took from second highest building in the world "currently"..
pertronas twin tower.

thanks for translation
#2. by sh1no ()
Posted on May 9, 2009
Big Sankyu!
#3. by suloku ()
Posted on May 9, 2009
I won't complain about the skill's name because this is skill just sucks. This is what you would do when someone is shorter than you (think about kids):

.o................................................o..Twin Tower Arrow!
.|...............o..shit,.......................| Take that you shrimps!
.|..............\|/....can't reach!........|

Seriously, american players should be taller enough (relatively to japanesse) to avoid that "super" pass.
#4. by valisol ()
Posted on May 9, 2009
thanks for the trans!
i just have a small suggestion. i think キャリア should be "career," not carrier.
#5. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on May 9, 2009
Me too, Valisol. My mind just mixed the two up for some reason, and I didn't notice it>.>; thanks for pointing it out^^;
#6. by suloku ()
Posted on May 9, 2009
Seems FH scanlation just copy-pasted without noticing the mistake :p

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