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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 330

330th Down : The eyes of a male

+ posted by Xophien as translation on May 22, 2009 09:59 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 330

I'm not sure if it's because I'm knee-deep into rereading Negima (which I strongly recommend to anyone) or because the Suzumiya Haruhi franchise was revived yesterday (YEAAAAAAAAAAAH), but I was thoroughly unimpressed by this chapter. Oh well, enjoy it, I guess~

Edit: To quote myself from the ES21 chapter's thread, regarding the "male" issue
It was awkward to translate it like that, but original Japanese is 雄 (osu), 100% meaning "male", as in a male animal. Yuuup -_-;

Eyeshield 21 chapter 330

Page 01

Habashira : Do you think I care
Middle : The frantic mummy man...
Habashira : how much I'm out of place
Habashira : or how much I'm disgracing myself...!!

Sena : … Amazing
Sena : Habashira-san...

Sena : Amazing...

Sena : Me too
Sena : Right there...

Page 02

Panther : Sena!!!

Guys : Wooooh, during the small instant the opponent spent focusing on Habashira
Guys : Sena came to tackle with a super acceleration
Guys : and made him fumble the ball!!

Page 03

Announcer : Japan
Announcer : Touchdown!!

Habashira : Kah!

Panther : You saw, right?
Panther : Clifford
Panther : Mr Don
Panther : Everyone...

Panther : This is
Panther : Sena.

Page 04

Panther : Let me fight him one-on-one!
Panther : Until we've settled this once and for all
Panther : What you say
Panther : won't matter anymore, Clifford.

Clifford : His eyes
Clifford : have changed
Clifford : to those of a fighting beast.
Clifford : The eyes of a male...

Page 05

Left : Is he staring, or averting his eyes... What is the answer reflected in the eyes behind the mask...!?
330th Down : The eyes of a male

Page 06-07 (spread)

Agon : This guy
Agon : is going below...!!

Sena : A Devilbat Ghost
Sena : That's blurred vertically...!!?

Shin : At the time he accelerates
Shin : He's standing upright, since it lets him use his speed to the utmost.
Shin : Just before the defender gets him, he lowers his body.
Shin : It makes him a smaller target, and allows him to turn more easily.

Shin : Even while on the ground, he can dodge up and down.
Shin : Without innate flexibility
Shin : it's an impossible run...!

Page 08-09 (spread)

Sena : Trident Tackle!!

Panther : Iiiiiih!?

Guys : Wooooh
Guys : Forcefully extending one arm to catch the opponent
Guys : It's Shin's Trident Tackle!!

Guys : With Sena's thin arm...!?

Page 10

Someone : See! It's impossible with Sena's arm strength...
Someone : Panther shook him off!

Gaou : “Is it too abrupt?”... “Can you do it?”... “Is that possible?”... None of that matters!
Gaou : You just have to “climb”!

Page 11

Someone : Whaaaaat!? Sena
Someone : went to tackle Don!?

Panther : By pushing Don to the side
Panther : My path is closed.
Panther : It's true that just now
Panther : He didn't have any other way to stop me.

Panther : And he
Panther : actually did it...!

Don : What in the world...
Don : Gaou...
Don : This man...

Don : “Why do you keep trying to reach for a glory you won't be able to attain?”
Don : This wasn't a question, but something I said sarcastically.

Page 12

Don : But in reality
Don : Those men are here.

Don : Why?
Don : Really
Don : Why...??

Sena : Sakuraba-san
Sena : About what you said before the match... The answer

Sakuraba : I won't give up.
Sakuraba : I want to become first-class too!
Sakuraba : What should
Sakuraba : an average man from birth do...!!

Sena : By always
Sena : playing American football with everyone like that,
Sena : I feel
Sena : Like I began to understand it...

Page 13

Sena : If I go at him with
Sena : everything I have...
Sena : I still can't reach Panther-kun.

Sena : The difference in natural talents
Sena : The last wall that
Sena : even hard work can't do a thing about.

Hiruma : Kekeke, fucking shrimp.
Hiruma : I'll teach you some famous words that the coach of the University of Michigan, Paul Stackhouse, said to one of his players.

Hiruma : Even second-rate males have a single right allowed to them.
Hiruma : That is
Hiruma : The right to challenge the boss of the group in a fight.

Hiruma : It's up to you
Hiruma : to live while using that right
Hiruma : or to live while not using it.

Page 14

Akaba : … And
Akaba : Who is that whatever Stackhouse? (small text : I never heard that name)
Hiruma : I invented him just now.

Sena : I'll probably
Sena : never be able to surpass him.

Sena : I know it, but still
Sena : I'll challenge
Sena : and keep fighting.

Sena : This is
Sena : the world that American football taught me...

Page 15

Sena : The male's way of living
Sena : I chose for myself...

Page 16

Announcer : America finally
Announcer : broke into the red zone!
Someone : Panther!
Someone : Panther!
Announcer : There's only 5 yards left
Announcer : until Japan's goal line!!

Sena : Aaaaaaah!!

Chuubou : Sena-senpai
Chuubou : is flying from the side!
Yamato : Alright, he's fast!!

Page 17

Sena : He jumped...

Narration : The flow of the match was changing on the field.
Narration : Sena who tried desperately to stop Panther even for a millimeter
Narration : And Panther who just had to cross the goal line in the end.

Narration : Inevitably
Narration : The spirit of Sena
Narration : was a little bit stronger than Panther's...

Page 18-19 (spread)

Panther : Stopping me
Panther : with his
Panther : head
Panther : …

Left : What happened in the middle of this cloud of sand...!?
Someone : Woooooooooh!!?

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#1. by hagane no mcg ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
Good. One Thing...

Page 16

Announcer : until Deimon's goal line!! Isn´t it "until Japan´s goal line..."?!?
that makes more sense
but i can´t read japanese so i´m asking.

#2. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on May 22, 2009
... *cough*

For nearly one hundred chapters I translated, it would have been until Deimon's goal line, guess it stuck >.>; Thanks for pointing that out^^;
#3. by Egaki 21 ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
thank you
#4. by alazim ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
thank..really goog..finally sena match with panther
#5. by alexlw92 ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
male sounds awkward.
"330th Down : The eyes of a male"
wouldnt "man" sound better there?

like "the eyes of a man"
sounds more manly xD

#6. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on May 22, 2009
alexlw92> You can't even imagine how much I agree with that, but I'm afraid this is 100% accurately translated. Blame Inagaki. I know I do, on this one >.>;
#7. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
Awesome! Thanks, Xophien!

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