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Kuroko no Basket 22

22nd Quarter : Don't worry

+ posted by Xophien as translation on May 31, 2009 19:33 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 22

This translation broke the space-time continuum in order to be released one week later!... And I'm not proud of it >.>; First time I fail translating a chapter the week it's out in nearly three years, so I hope you'll forgive me ;_; By the way, I'll henceforth translate the little comment by Fujimaki-sensei, mmlcs36 having the awesome idea of including them in his raws, in order to try making you forget how slow I am at translating Kuroko >.>; Anyway, enjoy~

When I went to watch a movie during the Golden Week break, the editor, who spent his whole break playing Persona, frowned at me. Then I went to watch another one.

Kuroko chapter 22

Page 01

Black text : These men
Black text : are shining on the court!!
22nd Quarter : Don't worry

Page 02

Right : “We'll get 30 points ahead in the first quarter!” Seirin did a great job stopping Seihou from reaching their goal, but...!?

Tsugawa : Same
Tsugawa : score
Tsugawa : …

Tsugawa : What a waste...
Tsugawa : Wait, is that even possible...
Tsugawa : Aren't we like far away from our goal?
Iwamura : Tsugawa!

Iwamura : Don't get carried away.
Iwamura : Shut up.

Page 03

Tsugawa : Yes!
Tsugawa : I mean, sorry!

Iwamura : … if there is anyone among you that thinks even slightly like Tsugawa,
Iwamura : Let me remind you something.

Iwamura : These guys are strong.
Iwamura : Don't make the mistake of thinking they're inferior.

Matsumoto : Yeah.
Matsumoto : Iwamura understands it well, huh?

Page 04

Matsumoto : Don't be taken off guard
Matsumoto : You're ten years too early to be self-conceited.
Seihou High coach
Matsumoto Yukinori

Matsumoto : Remember they are in high school, just like you.
Matsumoto : You don't know what can happen in a match until the end.

Matsumoto : Don't give them the slightest opening.
Matsumoto : Remember, the match

Riko : is only beginning!

Page 05

Riko : We'll keep the same formations for both offense and defense!
Riko : Just one thing, you're getting lured into passing around too much, so take care about that!
Riko : And Kagami, you're making too many fouls!
Kagami : Uuh...

Riko : Don't get relaxed because we're on par with them or they'll take back the flow of the match.

Riko : The important thing is to attack!!
Seirin : Yeah!!!

Someone : Beginning of the second quarter!

Hyuuga : Alright!
Riko : Hyuuga-kun.

Riko : … you're still sure about this, right?
Hyuuga : Yeah.

Page 06-07 (spread)

Someone : Woooh...

Someone : Awesome!! It's even tighter!!
Someone : So that's Tokyo's best defense at full power!?

Riko : here it comes...!!

Kise : What incredible pressure...!

Tsugawa : I won't let you pass like before again!

Kagami : This bastard...
Kagami : Seriously... I can't pass this guy...!

Kagami : But...

Page 08-09 (spread)

Kagami : if it's the two of us!!

Tsugawa : What happened...
Tsugawa : Eeh!?

Iwamura : I won't let you!

Guys : He's already here to help!!

Page 10


Page 11

Someone : Wooooh!
Someone : What was that, just now!?

Tsugawa : They even have cooperation plays like that!?
Tsugawa : Wait, that number 11, where did he come from!!? He wasn't a substitute!?
Tsugawa : but...

Guy : Both Tsugawa and the captain were passed...

Kise : Those two are working together even better than before.
Kasamatsu : They completely destroyed that defense.

Kasamatsu : But... One thing is bothering me.

Page 12

Kasamatsu : This amount of sweat, it's not something you'd see already in the 2nd quarter...

Kasuga : What are you laughing about?
Tsugawa : Ah, sorry!
Kasuga : Nah, I don't really mind, you know...

Kasuga : you're happy because that number 10 is overheating, right?
Kasuga : It means your cover is working well.

Tsugawa : It's not enough yet! I have to make it even more painful for him!!
Kasuga : Oooh, what a reliable sadist.
Tsugawa : On top of that

Page 13

Tsugawa : It's true that the offensive power of those two is impressive, but
Tsugawa : It's only one person who's scoring, right?

Kagami : What's that, all of a sudden... There's no pressure at all... He isn't going to stop me?

Kagami : I don't care what you're thinking about!
Kagami : I'll score from above!!

Hyuuga : Wait, don't do it, Kagami!!

Page 14

Referee : Offensive foul!!
Referee : White, number 10!!
Kagami : Wha!

Page 15

Someone : Four...

Someone : Waaah, it's the fourth one!
Someone : Seirin's scorer is in foul trouble!!
Someone : And it's only the 2nd quarter!!?

Kagami : This guy...

Kagami : It was on purpose...!!

Page 16

Kise : Idiot...!! What are you doing, geez!
Kasamatsu : No other way than getting him substituted.
Kasamatsu : He won't be able to play if he's afraid of making a last foul.
Underpanel note : You're sent off the court after 5 fouls.

Riko : That moron...!

Riko (small text) : I'd like a substitution.
Kagami (small text) : Geh!!

Kagami : It's still alright!
Kagami : I just have not to make any more fouls, right?
Kagami : I can do it!

Page 17

Hyuuga : Well, I guess it's as good a time as any.
Hyuuga : I was planning to have both you and Kuroko pull back anyway.

Kagami : … eh?

Kuroko : Me as well?

Hyuuga : It's something we decided from the start.
Hyuuga : To let you play only the first half.
Hyuuga : You can't really call that a plan, but...
Hyuuga : I've got an idea...

Hyuuga : Well, don't worry.

Page 18

Hyuuga : We will take down Seihou ourselves.

Page 19

Kagami : Wha... What's that about!
Kagami : Me and Kuroko playing only the first half...

Hyuuga : I guess... There are two reasons for that.
Hyuuga : The first one

Hyuuga : is that you two
Hyuuga : are the only ones who can defeat Midorima.

Hyuuga : Even if we win this match
Hyuuga : In order to win against Shuutoku, we definitely will have to do something about Midorima.
Hyuuga : But Shuutoku is already preserving Midorima, just like we thought.
Hyuuga : We won't be able to win if you two are exhausted.

Page 20

Hyuuga : It's true that if we have both of you playing this whole match, we'll have better chances of winning against Seihou,
Hyuuga : but on the other hand, we definitely won't be able to win against Shuutoku next.
Hyuuga : If we're preserving you, our chances of defeating Seihou are way lower,

Hyuuga : But we'll still have a few percents of chances of making it to the final league.

Kagami : No, we'll manage somehow to defeat Midorima... even if we're tired!
Kagami : On top of that...
Kuroko : Kagami-kun... We should do as we are told.
Kagami : What!?

Kuroko : I believe in our senpais.
Kuroko : And the most important thing is definitely...
Kuroko : the other reason.

Page 21

Guy : Seirin, member change!!

Izuki : Geez, that's one fine gamble.

Tsuchida : Yeah... Been a while since I last played in a match.
Koganei : Then show them your good sides, Tsucchi!!
(Xophien's note : the kanjis for his name are written Tsuchida, but Koganei calls him Tsucchi)

Kagami : … I'll play if it gets dangerous!
Koganei : What is the guy with 4 fouls saying!! (small text : leave it to us!)

Guy : … Two of them?
Guy : They're planning to save both the freshmen?

Tsugawa : Arara! He's not here anymore...
Tsugawa : Well, it won't be much of a challenge but... let's do this!

Hyuuga : What's with the freshmen, lately...

Page 22

Hyuuga : Shut the hell up, you lowly scum.
Hyuuga : I'm going to teach you the proper way to speak to a senpai, baldy.

Tsugawa : Scu...!?

Takao : Hm? Seems like something's happening on the other court...?

Takao : Hey, the two freshmen of Seirin are benched.
Takao : Are they giving up the match?

Page 23

Midorima : … no.
Midorima : Actually it's the contrary.
Midorima : Those eyes...

Midorima : They're planning to win.

Page 24

Board : Seirin – Seihou

Kagami (small text) : So he can dunk too...

Page 25

Iwamura : I've overheard your talk earlier, but if you're doing that just for the sake of winning against Shuutoku... Then it means you're badly underestimating us.
Hyuuga : Aah, that was just for show.

Hyuuga : Our real reason is the second one, but it's no big thing, really.
Hyuuga : There's no way we can be satisfied if we win our return match by relying on our freshmen, don't you think?
Hyuuga : … In other words,

Hyuuga : This is about our pride as senpais.
Text : Men who don't want to lose!!
Bottom : Next issue, don't miss how far the pride or Seirin's second year will get them!!

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#1. by macros ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
thank you, dude. I was waiting for that from a long time. I'm so excited right now. Thanks a lot. ;)
#2. by ¬Bol ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
Better late than never, thank you!

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