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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 23

23rd Quarter : In order to win

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 1, 2009 15:28 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 23

I want to faint in Riko-chan's arms too! I mean, here, I caught up >.> Now I'll be able to go back playing hentai games doing constructive stuff without feeling guilty of leaving you guys in the dark of an untranslated chapter. Kinda. Enjoy~

Food is more delicious when there's a lot of it. Like when I go to the nearby soba stall. Even though it's just a soba stall...

Soba : cheap kind of noodles made from buckwheat flour.

Kuroko chapter 23

Page 01

Kasuga : Your pride as senpais, huh...
Kasuga : Ha~n

Left : “We'll win while preserving Kuroko and Kagami!!” A big gamble from Seirin... Come on, show us what kind of men you are!!

Kasuga : Nice~ I like that kind of stuff~

Tsugawa : You say senpai, but aren't you guys only one year older than me?
Tsugawa (small text) : hahaha
Guy : Seriously, shut up already!

Iwamura : … We accept the challenge.
Iwamura : Come!!

Hyuuga : Well then, we won't hold back...

Page 02

Right : Raise, senpais!!
Hyuuga : Let's do this, Seihou!!
23rd Quarter : In order to win

Page 03

Flag : Invincible resolve – Seihou high school cheering squad

Board : Seirin – Seihou

Riko : What's with that serious face!
Riko : they aren't that weak, it'll be all right!
Riko : Stop worrying pointlessly and cheer for them!
Kagami : … yes!

Guy : Got you!!
Guy : Aah!

Page 04

Hyuuga : Like hell!
Guy : Mu...!

Someone : Ooh, awesome!!
Someone : They stopped Seihou!!

Page 05

Iwamura : This posture...
Iwamura : Could it be that this guy...

Iwamura : is a hook shooter?!!

Bottom right note : A hook shot is a hard shot to block, since you put your body between the ball and the basket, shooting only with one hand.

Page 06

Iwamura : He wasn't one last year... Quite a bold skill he learned since then.
Iwamura : It seems you didn't spend the last year playing around, huh...

Mitobe (SFX) : *nods*

Kasuga : So what.
Kasuga : You're not there yet!

Page 07

Izuki : A scoop shot...!!
Izuki : I've never seen such a gentle throw before... If Iwamura is a “hard” type of player, then this guy is a “soft” one...!!
Underpanel note : A scoop shot is made with an underhand scooping motion.

Koganei : So what!

Someone : Oooh, Seirin caught up immediately!!

Page 08

Kise : Oooh... They're hanging in there way better than I expected.
Kasamatsu : … Actually, how they're playing now is probably the most fitting for them.

Kasamatsu : Kuroko and Kagami's offensive powers are by far above the rest, so they could use them immediately, but...
Kasamatsu : The team with those two exists only since this spring.
Kasamatsu : you could say it's still in development.

Kasamatsu : Hyuuga's outside shots...

Kasamatsu : Mitobe's hook shots...

Kasamatsu : With those at the core of the offenses,
Kasamatsu : this is the other side of Seirin that was developed during the last year.

Page 09

Kasamatsu : They must have trained considerably since their defeat last year,
Kasamatsu : in order to win.

Kasamatsu : And... There is one more thing I understood.
Kasamatsu : The keyman of this team right now
Kasamatsu : is the guy I was matched up against last time.

Kise : ?
Kise : it's not the captain?

Kasamatsu : Hyuuga is the support pillar on a mental level.
Kasamatsu : The playmaker is the point guard.

Kasamatsu : That guy probably has one more eye.

Kise : Eye...?

Page 10

Izumi : All right!!
Izumi Let's score this one!

Page 11


Page 12

Kasuga : Wha...!?

Guy : Ouch...!!?

Page 13

Someone : Woooh, he scored!!
Someone : Awesome, Seirin...
Someone : They're not losing to the king Seihou...!!

Guy : Shit, even though we were covering the right side...
Guy : He used me as a screen...

Kasuga : Are you kidding...!? That timing just now... He couldn't have done that without seeing everything from above, at least...

Riko : Izuki-kun can see it.
Riko : Because he has the “Eagle's Eye”!

Page 14

Riko : He doesn't have any special physical abilities, but he's able to switch his point of sight in his mind.
Riko : That mean he's able to see things through various perspectives.
Riko : He can always see the entire court.

Riko : I told you it would be all right, didn't I?
Izuki (small text) : Wasn't that shot hot?
Hyuuga (small text) : Get substituted right now or die...!
Izuki (small text) : D... Eh!?
Riko : Hyuuga-kun and the others aren't all-rounders, but they all have one strong point
Riko : And they've spent the last year polishing it.

Guy : Our senpais are really awesome after all...
Guy : Then, Koganei-senpai and Tsuchida-senpai too...!?
Riko : Err... Yeah.

Koganei : Uryaa!
Riko : Koganei-kun can shoot from any range!!
Someone : Oooh!

Page 15

Riko : But his accuracy is average.
Kagami : Isn't that completely plain!?

Riko : For the record, Tsuchida-kun's strong point is rebounds.

Board : Seirin – Seihou

Page 16

Guy : … this one's going out...!!

Guy : Wha!

Koganei : Here!
Koganei : Ha!
Koganei : Hm!?
Koganei : Gyaaaa!!

Riko : Koganei-kun!
Riko : Are you all...

Page 17

Riko : … He's not alright at all!?
Riko : Waaah, his eyes are spinning!!?

Riko : Hey, Koganei-kun!!
Riko : Koganei-kun!!

Riko : I think it's just a light concussion, but
Riko : I guess there's no other way but substituting him...

Kagami : Then let me play! … Please!
Hyuuga : What are you talking about, you know you can't.

Hyuuga : Did you forget already what you need to use this energy for, moron!
Hyuuga : We'll finish it ourselves, so just wait!

Kagami : Still, I can't just stand doing nothing after all! If I can do anything for you senpais...
Kuroko : I think the same thing too.

Page 18

Kuroko : That is why the person with four fouls should stay back.
Kagami : Bu!

Kagami :What did you say, Kuroko, you bastard...
Kuroko : Even if you play, Tsugawa-kun will have you make a foul again and you will be ejected from the court.
Kagami : I won't! And that's why I need to take my revenge on Tsugawa!!

Kuroko : Then I will defeat Tsugawa-kun in your stead.
Kagami : What!...

Board : Seirin - Seihou
Hyuuga : Five minutes left... and six points behind...

Hyuuga : I get it... then I'll leave your fellow freshman to you,
Hyuuga : Kuroko.

Page 19

Tsugawa : Huh...!?
Tsugawa : I was sure it'd be Kagami who would come back.

Tsugawa : What, it's just you?
Tsugawa : And I wanted to go against Kagami again...
Kuroko : Sorry, I may be lacking in strength, but

Kuroko : I have come for what seems to be a revenge
Middle text : The shadow stood up for the sake of the light!!
Kuroko : as his representative.
Bottom : Next issue, fierce battle before the end of the match!! Who will prevail!?

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#1. by macros (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Thanks Xop, you're the best! Now you can go to play to your hentai games peacefully! :D

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