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Eyeshield 21 332

332nd Down : Do you want to kiss your sister?

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 5, 2009 19:51 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 332

Only one left... It's been one hell of a ride \o/ Let's stick to this manga until the end, and party as we see it off! No point being sad, because I'm pretty sure that for most of you who are reading this, ES21 has provided some of the best moments you've had as a reader. So let's smile as we part with it, and treasure our memories of this awesome manga forever!

For the second-to-last time, enjoy~

Eyeshield 21 chapter 332

Page 01

Left : What is the strongest, last answer that Japan has found...!?
332nd Down : Do you want to kiss your sister?

Page 02

Narration : Japan, two points behind.
Narration : For the very last offense,
Narration : Hiruma, Kid, Agon, the strongest trio of quarterbacks,
Narration : for the Golden Dragonfly...!!!

Right : Soar! The strongest gold dragon!!

Kurita : Funnuraba!!
Announcer : Who among those three
Announcer : will get the ball in his hands...!?

Page 03

Guy : It's definitely Hiruma.
Guy : For the last trick play,
Guy : Hiruma will definitely
Guy : be at its core...!

Clifford : It'll be Sena.
Clifford : It's 100% sure Sena will come for the last play.

Don : … What makes you so sure of that?
Don : Clifford...
Clifford : When it's the most important play of the match,
Clifford : he's an idiot who will always use the card that has the highest probability to succeed.
Clifford : If you look at his past matches, the last play
Clifford : is almost always Sena's Devilbat Dive.

Clifford : The basis of this brat's tricks
Clifford : is to make us think “what the hell is this guy doing?”
Clifford : We have to remember the obvious fact that the core of the play is Sena...!!

Announcer : Well then
Announcer : Who got the ball...!?

Page 04

Someone : Hiruma is going
Someone : for a Devilbat Dive again!!
Someone : Agon was a decoy!
Someone : He came to use his power to push through the wall...

Tatanka : … No!
Tatanka : The one who caught the ball is...

Page 05

Bud : What the hell is that!
Bud : Just after Hiruma,
Bud : Kid is doing a Devilbat Dive too!?

Clifford : 100%
Clifford : It'll be Sena.

Someone : With a quickdraw, just before he jumped
Someone : to Sena...

Page 06-07 (spread)

Don : Three at the same time
Don : Cerberos Dive...!!
(Note : Cerberos is originally the dog guarding Hell's doors, and has three heads)

Cerberos : Gwooo!!

Page 08

Don : Power

Don : Speed

Don : Tactics
Don : the holy trinity

Don : There is a wall between them and abilities they can't reach,
Don : But here are men who managed to make it this far
Don : despite them knowing that...

Page 09

Referee : Touch
Referee : down!!

Page 10-11 (spread)

Middle : Japan – America
Referee : Game

Referee : Set!!

Suzuna : It's
Suzuna : a
Suzuna : draw...!?

Page 12

Announcer : The winner of
Announcer : the American football
Announcer : World cup Youth is...

Announcer : Japan and America
Announcer : Both teams!!

Panther : … wait
Panther : there's no
Panther : overtime...?

Morgan : Because nobody thought it'd end with a draw.
Morgan : Everyone expected America to crush all the teams...!!

Page 13

Doburoku : You...
Doburoku : You really did it, guys, you're champions!
Onihei : yeah, that's right! Long live Japan!

Onihei : Why do they all look
Onihei : like they can't accept that...

Doburoku : … well
Doburoku : of course they can't.
Doburoku : Because all of them
Doburoku : are American football players.

Announcer : E... err... We're now proceeding to the award ceremony.
Announcer : Who will get the 300 millions yens and pro contract in the end!?
Announcer : It's time for the announcement of the MVP's identity...!

Morgan : Ahem!
Morgan : Among all the Japanese and American players, we've picked one of them.
Morgan : The prestigious title of the strongest player,
Morgan : the MVP is...

Page 14

Hiruma : Kekekekekekeke!!

Hiruma : It can't be you're going to let it end like that, right?
Hiruma : “The best award isn't prizes, but the glory of victory itself.”
Hiruma : That's the very soul of American football,
Hiruma : and it comes from the very America-sama itself, right?

Don : Ooh... Well said.
Don : That's right.
Don : It's sad...
Don : There is no one here who can accept it ending that way.

Page 15

Marco : Wha... Heeeey!
Toganou : Not listening until the end and already ready for a fight, it's this gorilla's trademark...

Bud : Yeah.
Bud : Something like a draw,
Bud : it's like kissing your own sister.

Monta : We're doing it, right? Sena!
Monta : Of course!

Monta : Until we've completely MAX defeated America
Monta : in overtime...!!

Gile : Wha... What the hell...
Schultz : It can't be...

Morgan : Hey! All of you!
Morgan : What the hell do you think you're doing...!!

Page 16-17 (spread)

Hiruma : We're losing in physique, so stamina is our disadvantage in overtime!
Hiruma : We can't win if we're dragging this on!
Hiruma : We'll gamble the match with risky plays from the beginning!
Everyone : Oooh!

Hiruma : the first quarterback is
Hiruma : Sena!!

Panther : Sena
Panther : I'll definitely stop you...!!

Page 18

Panther : Let's fight, Sena!
Panther : As many times
Panther : as we can...!!

Sena : SET
Sena : HUT!!
Bottom : What happened to them after that!? Next issue, climax and color pages...!!

Page 19

Book : Deimon Devilbats
Left : Time moved on...!?

Note : We played overtime in the World Cup without permission!! The result...?

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#1. by suloku ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
I didn't remember this series should have ended at de xmas bowl... well, only one more to go. I'm both sad and glad, but luckyly there's other series around ^^
#2. by ¬Bol ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
ES21 has provided some of the best manga character I've ever seen.
Thank you for the second-to-last time!
#3. by kdowns ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Ty for translation :D
Seems Good so far
#4. by ShyGuy ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
damn to see one of the best mangas i've read about finish, leaves me felling gutted (or could it just be my illness at the moment) but also slightly glad, because was the world tournament was abit force, so there for rushed, but the match agaisnt the USA turn out well. gone miss all the characters, but happy to see sena become a bit more manly. and thanks for keeping up with the project for this time now Xophien
#5. by Acalia ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
*sob sob sob* Thank you Xophien-sama for translation... *sob sob sob*...

Life without ES21, won't be the same...

#6. by ElUniversal ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Thanks Xophien....damn, it's gonna be tough saying goodbye to Hiruma...funniest character ever. So next week is some sort of epilogue and that's it?
#7. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Say WHAT!!?? It's going to be the end..?? ;_; ohh... it's so sad..!! But an awesome manga it was indeed!

Thank you so much for your translation, Xophien~
#8. by chvis002 ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Damn you're quick
#9. by hagane no mcg ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Excellent history XD
I'll never forget the legend of Eyeshield 21
#10. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2009
Thank you for the translations, Xophien!

I love ES21 and will be very sad to see it finally end after following it for so long! One of the best series that has ever been created. It's one of the very few manga that I would never get tired reading over and over again!
#11. by alazim ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2009
finally, it come to an end..so sad..
#12. by AmeftoWriter ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
thanks for this!

so the manga isn't over yet right?
#13. by roney81 ()
Posted on Jun 13, 2009
thank you for all your hard work :)

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