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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kuroko no Basket 24

24th Quarter : It even died for that sake.

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 6, 2009 12:41 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 24

Totally awesome chapter. The action pages are so masterfully drawn, it's hard to tell that Fujimaki is actually a beginner. Other than that... This translation actually should have been released earlier, seeing how there wasn't too much text in the chapter, but then there was Izuki. Damn you, Izuki >.>;

Either way, enjoy~

Kuroko chapter 24

Page 01

Board : Seirin – Seihou

Tsugawa : haha!
Tsugawa : Kagami's revenge...!?

Left : Not much time left... For the sake of his senpais, for the sake of settling everything, Kuroko is on the move!!

Tsugawa : Oomuro-san! Do you mind letting me mark that guy?
Oomuro : Haa? Why?
Tsugawa : Well...

Tsugawa : It seems like someone came to ask for a refund!

24th Quarter : It even died for that sake.

Page 02

Tsugawa : I was surprised it was you and not Kagami coming back, but
Tsugawa : In the end you're still a freshman.
Tsugawa : I guess Seirin's senpais aren't reliable after all!
Kuroko : ?

Tsugawa : You know, since they said they put you two on the bench because of their pride as senpais earlier.
Tsugawa : … but aren't you on the court right now?

Kuroko : I was the one who asked to play.
Kuroko : And looking back on how the match went until now, you should not be thinking that.

Page 03

Kuroko : Just in the same way a senpai has pride,
Kuroko : A kouhai has respect.
(T/N : Kouhai is, as you probably guessed, the opposite of Senpai. Underclassman could have kinda fit, but broken the flow of the sentence, so I left in untranslated)

Kuroko : In order to support the senpais I respect as well
Kuroko : I will defeat you.

Tsugawa : Fmm...

Page 04

Tsugawa : Haaa...!?
Tsugawa : I lost him... Why!? When...!!?

Page 05


Page 06

Someone : Wooh, here it comes again!!
Someone : Seirin's magic pass!!!

Iwamura : … How do they do that!? It's true that those passes are a threat, but... Even the players getting them are able to dodge the defense!?

Page 07

Iwamura : What!?
Iwamura : He stopped the pass...!!?
Iwamura : It can't be that these guys...

Page 08

Kagami : Now that I think about it, it's the first time I see Kuroko from the bench...
Kagami : Awesome...

Riko : What, you're just noticing that now?
Riko : It's always like this!

Tsugawa : What the hell is that...

Oomuro : Kh...!? Why...!?
Oomuro : These guys... They're completely reading our movements...

Matsumoto : They've done it...
Matsumoto : It's the first time a team has studied us to that extent.

Page 09

Hyuuga : Our DVD player even died for that sake...

Kasuga : You got us there, huh.

Kasamatsu : Old martial arts, like the name says, are ancient techniques.
Kasamatsu : They're a completely different way of thinking from our era of sports science.
Kasamatsu : Seihou's strength is all about using them to move in an unique way... but...

Riko : If it's unique
Riko : then there are patterns!

Page 10

Hyuuga : In order to predict your next moves from those patterns,
Hyuuga : We've watched all of your matches so far until the DVDs were all worn out.

Hyuuga : Well, I may say that, but we could actually use it only since the beginning of the second half...

Izuki : In practice, these aren't obvious enough to be called patterns, anyway.
Izuki : We're no patrons of patterns...
(Xophien : Kuse ni kusen (Hard battle for patterns) -damn you Izuki-)

Tsuchida : … yeah, I know.

Page 11

Someone : They took the lead...!!? Seriously... Seirin caught up...!!
Board : Seirin – Seihou

Kise : But...

Kise : There's no time left...
Kise : They definitely can't let them score.

Page 12

Izuki : Gh...!!
Board : Seirin – Seihou

Iwamura : Don't take the king lightly!!
Iwamura : It's 10 years too early for bastards like you to win against us!!!

Page 13

Riko : Wha...!?

Riko : Man-to-man defense on the whole court!?

Kise : They're not just defending, they want to score another basket...!!

Page 14

Izuki : Wooh...!

Izuki : he's acting so serious now that it's the last seconds...!!
Izuki : Dammit... I can't go through...!!

Izuki : Neato bet, Mitobe!!
(Xophien : Sorry ._. Original pun, Mitorechau Mitobe (I'm charmed, Mitobe) isn't much better anyway >.> -damn you Izuki-)

Page 15

Guy : Damn...

Tsugawa : Oooh!

Someone : Tsugawa...!?

Kise : Why...
Kasamatsu : He sensed where he was from the pass course...!!

Kagami : Kuroko!!!

Page 16

Tsugawa : He went through!!? It can't be, with that timing...
Tsugawa : he's changing his pass target...

Page 17


Page 18


Page 19

Someone : Match...
Text : They got it... the proof of their strength!!
Someone : Over!!!!
Board : Seirin – Seihou

Bottom : Next issue, after a long struggle, the final!! Does Seirin have a chance to win!?

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#1. by macros ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2009
Thanks Xop for the quickness. Great Job. :-D

Izuki is a pain in the ass, eh?! XD
#2. by Tensai_Sakuragi ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2009
Great stuff.

Thanks, Xoph.

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