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Kuroko no Basket 25

25th Quarter : Well then...

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 18, 2009 12:41 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 25

Well, I guess I wasn't too much motivated to translate, for obvious reasons :p But since I can't use the end of ES21 to pretend to be depressed so that I can skip work and play hentai games (well, not this time, I was playing Prototype >.>) forever, and it actually felt good translating something, here's your Kuroko translation~ Starting next week (not this one, I'm going to visit my brother and nieces), I'll probably be releasing Kuroko translations just after the chapter is out, like I did with ES21. Or at least I'll try^^;


Kuroko chapter 25

Page 01

Left : They overcame their fate... Seirin wins!!
25th Quarter : Well then...

Guy : We lost...

Tsugawa : Wha...

Tsugawa : Why!!

Page 02

Tsugawa : Seirin is a team that was just created last year, right!?
Tsugawa : We definitely practiced a lot too!
Tsugawa : And last year you weren't a match for our team at all!
Tsugawa : We should definitely be the strongest...

Iwamura : Enough, Tsugawa.
Tsugawa : But...

Iwamura : It's not that the strongest is the team that wins,
Iwamura : The team that wins is the strongest.

Kasuga : Yup, that's it~
Kasuga : Come on, let's line up~

Page 03

Iwamura : Those guys were stronger.
Iwamura : Only that.

Tsugawa : … Tell me your name!
Kuroko : Eh?
Tsugawa : Your name!
Kuroko : … Kuroko Tetsuya.

Tsugawa : … I'll remember you!

Someone : Seirin high wins 73 to 71!!
Seihou : Thank you very much!!

Page 04

Riko : Awesome, everyone... Congratulations...
Riko : Damn, the tears are welling up...
Riko : I can't cry, there's still a match after that!

Hyuuga: Pull yourself together, coach.
Hyuuga : It's still too early for crying.

Hyuuga : The tears of joy will be
Hyuuga : for when we win the next battle.

Page 05

Someone : They're strong...
Someone : To that extent...
Board : Shuutoku – Kanemi
Someone : Even though the opponent was a team that still made it to the best 8...

Takao : We still have a break, now...

Takao : But... Aren't you glad?
Takao : Seirin made it this far.

Midorima : You could have tell that just by looking.
Midorima (small text) : Are you making fun of me?

Page 06

Kise : Seems like it's over on Shuutoku's side.
Kasamatsu : So the final is Shuutoku against Seirin, huh?

Kasamatsu : Still, 2 matches in the same day is too crazy...
Kasamatsu : It's stupidly hard.

Kasamatsu : … But

Kasamatsu : Whether they laugh or cry in the end, in three hours...
Kasamatsu : We'll know who will be qualified for the final league...!!

Page 07

Riko : Put on your jackets so that your bodies don't cool off!
Riko : And be careful when stretching!

Riko : Here's some amino acid for the fatigue!
Riko : And don't forget your energy supplements!

Riko : I'll be massaging your legs so remove your shoes!

Riko : How do you feel?
Hyuuga : Thanks.
Hyuuga : Well... I would lie if I said I wasn't tired, but...
Hyuuga : I guess I'll be able to run until the end of the next match with that.

Koganei : Hm? Where's Kagami?
Izuki : Ah...

Page 08

Riko : Wha! Hey, Kagami!!
Riko : If you sleep your body will be all stiff!
Hyuuga : Haa... Leave him be.

Izuki : He was unusually feeling down after the match.

Koganei : Because he was benched for his 4 fouls, right?
Koganei : Even though he shouldn't mind that...
Tsuchida : You being replaced at the end was outside our predictions, though, Koga.
Tsuchida (small text) : Without Kuroko, it would have honestly been dangerous.
Koganei : Uh...

Hyuuga : Maybe he's feeling responsible in his way?
Hyuuga : More than just sleeping, it's like...

Page 09

Hyuuga : To be ready for the next match,
Hyuuga : He wants to save until the last drop of his strength.

Kuroko : Excuse me, I am going to the washroom.
Koganei : Ah, I'm going too.

Takao : But I was really surprised.
Takao : To think Seirin really made it this far...

Page 10

Takao : Oh...
Takao : Yo.

Kuroko : … Hello.

Takao : Oh? A senpai too? Group trip to the washroom, is it?
Takao : Good luck for the next match.

Koganei : … Hm?
Koganei : … Hmm...!!?
Koganei : Wait... Isn't it weird!?
Koganei : This guy noticed Kuroko passing by behind him... Did that ever happen!!?

Page 11

Ootsubo : All right, 10 minutes left!

Hyuuga : Let's go!!

Midorima : Excuse me, please go ahead.

Kuroko : … Kagami-kun.
Kuroko : It is time.

Midorima : Kuroko...
Midorima : And this guy's new light... Kagami...

Page 12

Midorima : I didn't miss a shot today.
Midorima : I didn't hold back during training either.
Midorima : I took care of the nails of my left hand as usual.

Midorima : Today's horoscope was the best for Cancer.
Midorima : I have today's lucky item too (a tanuki item from Shigaraki).
Midorima : I laced my shoes starting from the right.
Midorima : I did...
(Translation note : Shigaraki is a small town of central Japan, famous for its statues of tanuki -Japanese raccoon dog-)

Midorima : … Everything I could!!
Midorima : All right...

Kagami : … shall we go!

Page 13

Takao : … you're late!
Takao : Our senpais already went ahead!

Kuroko : Yes.

Someone : Woooh, both teams are coming out!!

Page 14

Ootsubo : Honestly... There aren't many who expected Seirin to win their way until there.
Ootsubo : The defeat of the king of the west was nothing less than an upset.

Ootsubo : … But that's it.
Ootsubo : It doesn't change anything for us.

Ootsubo : No matter if the opponent is a rabbit or a tiger, the lion has only one thing to do.
Ootsubo : Crush it with all its strength!

Ootsubo : Like usual, we want nothing else than victory!!
Shuutoku : Yeah!!!

Page 15

Hyuuga : Haaa...
Hyuuga : … I'm tired!

Hyuuga : I've been melancholic since this morning, you know...
Hyuuga : Two matches in a row, against kings...
Hyuuga : When I thought that if we won against Seihou, we'd still have a match after that...

Hyuuga : But there's only one match left, we don't have to hold back anything.
Hyuuga : Be happy,
Hyuuga : There is only one thing left to do!

Hyuuga : We'll throw everything at them until we take them down!!
Seirin : Yeah!!!

Page 16

Hyuuga : …?
Hyuuga : Now that I think about it... Kagami is calmer than I expected...

Midorima : I really didn't expect you to win this far.

Midorima : But it stops there.
Midorima : You think that weak, unknown schools can fight if everyone join their strength, but
Midorima : That's just an illusion.

Midorima : Come.
Midorima : I will teach you how foolish your choice was.

Page 17

Kuroko : ... Nobody can know for sure if the choice one make for one's life is right or not.
Board : Seirin – Shuutoku
Kuroko : I did not choose for a reason like that.

Kuroko : And I will object to something,
Kuroko : At the very least, Seirin is not weak.

Kuroko : We will not lose.
Kuroko : Definitely.

Kasamatsu : Will Seirin create a miracle and defeat two kings in a row,
Kasamatsu : Or will Shuutoku logically defend its position as the king...
Kasamatsu : Well then...

Page 18-19 (spread)

Bottom : Next issue, the match finally begins...!! Who will seize the initiative!?
Someone : It's the final!!
Left : They finally reached the “second man”, Midorima... Only one of them will win in the end!!

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