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Dogashi Kaden! 1

Dogashikaden! 1st Period

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 1, 2008 22:11 | Go to Dogashi Kaden!

-> RTS Page for Dogashi Kaden! 1

This was long. Kinda hard too. Mostly long. But for some reason I never asked myself a single instant why I was doing that... Reason being that Hazuki looks like a damn awesome character :XD Plus the art is nice, and well... Two ES21 mangas are still better than one, I guess :shakefist

So yeah, here's my first translation of my new project, Dogashikaden :amuse This one has a really nice potential, so I hope it's gonna be popular., but either way, I'll surely be translating it every week (but maybe not as quickly as ES21 >.>).

And just a short note : I have NO IDEA what the title means, so I'll write it Dogashikaden! in one word until we know >.>


Dogashikaden! 1st Period

Page 01

Top : Let’s start the serialization of this long-awaited basketball story!!

Guy : Damn, you’re crying again?

Guy : You want to play basketball, right?
Guy : But isn’t it impossible for you?
Guy : It’s not a thing you can do without courage.

Guy : Can you really do it?

Haruyoshi : ... I can!

Guy : Then
Guy : I’ll give this to you
Guy : Become stronger, Haruyoshi.

Narration : This ball
Ball : Suzuki Gunji*
Narration : gave me a dream
(*estimated name)

Bottom : Second part of our big release of new serializations!! “Dogashikaden!”

Left : A dear memory of his childhood... The story of this crybaby boy starts from here.

Page 02-03 (spread)

Top right : Start of a new sensational basketball manga!!
Right : New serialization!! Colored opening and 58 pages!!
Top left : Run! Toward an unknown world!! Jump! Believe in yourself!! A time when you’ll show your seriousness will come! Second part of Jump’s “Full power” new serializations!!
Left : Young man, arise!!
1st period : An outstanding one in the prefecture’s hundreds of schools

Page 04

Jou : Haruyoshi!!!!
Jou : Did you think that now you’re going to a different high school you wouldn’t be my errand boy anymore!!?

Haruyoshi : ... Oh!!!
Haruyoshi : ... That’s what I thought...

Haruyoshi : Ever since I joined the basketball club in my first year of middle school
Haruyoshi : I took part in a match only once.
Haruyoshi : I was scared of the defender
Haruyoshi : under the pressure
Haruyoshi : I couldn’t do anything.

Page 05

Haruyoshi : After that I was always a substitute
Haruyoshi : I was never given another chance
Haruyoshi : Middle school basketball was over for me.

Jou : Here’s your punishment for being late.
Jou : Here, show me your left cheek.
Haruyoshi : Hee... Th...
Haruyoshi : That’s...
Jou : Then do 100 squats.

Haruyoshi : Hundred...

Haruyoshi : But!!!
Haruyoshi : 68!
Haruyoshi : 69!
Haruyoshi : In high school, I’ll definitely will...!!!

Haruyoshi : 70!
Jou : Say, Haruyoshi...
Jou : I see you’re carrying that shitty-looking ball
Jou : ... don’t tell me?

Page 06

Jou : Even in Touryou...
Jou : You want to play basketball?

Haruyoshi : That’s...
Jou : Hey, hey, what the hell are you saying?
Jou : Don’t you know, idiot!? They’re like a champion school that could easily go to the interhigh!!!

Jou : Should I throw this away?
Haruyoshi : Eh!!?
Haruyoshi : No, don’t do that!!!

Jou : There’s a wall that guys with no sense like you can’t cross.
Jou : Peh!
Jou : Basketball is cruel to average guys.

Haruyoshi : The thing I lack that made my teammates use me as an errand boy ever since middle school is...
Jou (small text) : Here, it’s soaked in my spit
Haruyoshi : probably

Page 07

Haruyoshi : Probably...
Haruyoshi : Don’t... Spit on it...

Jou : ... Ah?

Haruyoshi : Courage!!!!

Pervert looking sensei (small text) : Oh...

Haruyoshi : Wooooooh!!!!
Bottom : After all, he ran away.
Jou : Wait, Haruyoshi!!!

Page 08

Haruyoshi : Daaa!!

Haruyoshi : Watch out!

Jou : Don’t run away!
Jou : Koraaa!!!

Haruyoshi : Oh
Haruyoshi : Oooh!!!
Haruyoshi : Damn!!! (small text : Because I dodged it!!)

Page 09

Hatsuki : What are you doing!
Jou : Kyain!!?

Hatsuki : ... damn

Page 10

Hazuki : I forgot
Hazuki : To put my shoes on...

Hazuki : Arara?
Hazuki : You’re wearing the same uniform as me.
White text : Scary...
Haruyoshi : Ah...
Haruyoshi : Th.. that’s true.

Hazuki : Running away isn’t manly.

Hazuki : Aaah, just when I was taking a walk for once...

Page 11

Haruyoshi : ... That girl was there with the right timing
Haruyoshi : On top of that, in an instant, that kick...

Hazuki : ... did I meet him somewhere?
Hazuki : ... I feel like I saw him before.

Hazuki : Let’s call the old man.
Hazuki : Yagisawa? It’s me, I forgot my shoes.
Yagisawa : Ha... Should I order some from Italy immediately?
Hazuki : I just forgot them.
Hazuki : I’ll just use the ones I have at home.
Hazuki : Anyway...

Hazuki : I’ll send you the picture of someone right now...
In the book’s circle : Confidential
Hazuki : Could you check if you can find him in the “Hazuki’s confidential scouting notes - Kantou middle school boys edition”?

Yagisawa : As you wish.

Page 12

Sign : Touryou private high school

Announcer : Tomorrow... Together with the welcome ceremony for the new students
Announcer : The “Minagawa group” presents
Announcer : the “spring Touryou festival”.

Announcer : All the new students can get back home now...
Announcer : I repeat

Guy : What? “Spring Touryou Festival”?
Guy : Ah... That “Minagawa group”, I heard about it from a senpai.

Guy : It seems the daughter of this group is in our school.

Page 13

Haruyoshi : Starting from tomorrow I won’t buy your lunch anymore...
Haruyoshi : I’ll mail him that.

Haruyoshi : If I keep being humiliated that way even though I’m in a different school, it’s so pathetic...

Top : Mail inbox
Sender : Jou-kun
Message : Tomorrow bring me cutlets and coffee milk. Be there at 8. If you’re late...

Page 14

Top : reply mail
To : Jou-kun
Message : Alright...! -Haruyoshi-

Haruyoshi : ... I’m pathetic...

Haruyoshi : ... Ha
Haruyoshi : aa...

Haruyoshi : Alright! I’ll stop this!!

Haruyoshi : ... give me courage...
Haruyoshi : ... Alright

Sign : Keep things tidy and in order

Hazuki : Fufufu... Ookado... Haruyoshi. If this data is true, then...
Paper, top-left : Ookado

Page 15

Hazuki : I’ll test what you’re worth!

Haruyoshi : Leg... Leg...

Haruyoshi : Oh! Not bad...

Haruyoshi : Roll...

Haruyoshi : Shit!
Haruyoshi : Leg, leg...

Page 16

Haruyoshi : Ha...

Jou : There’s a wall that guys with no sense like you can’t cross.

Jou : Basketball is cruel to average guys.

Page 17

Coach : ... Number 16 Inoue...
Coach : Number 17 Kashii
Coach : Number 18...

Coach : Tagawa!!
Someone : Yes!!
Coach : That’s all!

Haruyoshi : Even though they made the last announcements for the uniforms...
Guy : Alright! I got my first uniform!!

Haruyoshi : “Ookado” was never called.

Page 18

Haruyoshi : No matter how much I wanted to be in a match
Haruyoshi : There’s only 5 persons standing on the court.

Guy : Hey, why is this guy practicing?
Guy : He didn’t get a uniform like us at the last announcement, so it shouldn’t be his problem.

Guy : He won’t be able to take part in a match anymore, too.
Guy : Let’s go home.
Guy : It’s meaningless.

Guy : No one is looking at him anymore...

Haruyoshi : Even though I wanted a uniform so much, it couldn’t be helped...

Haruyoshi : Even though I wanted to play in a match so much...

Page 19

Haruyoshi : since I couldn’t improve
Haruyoshi : it couldn’t be helped!!

Page 20

Hazuki : Mission... Start!!

Girl : What’s that noise?
Girl : ... Ah!!

Haruyoshi : Eh?

Someone : Hey, look up!!! What the hell?!
Someone : “MINAGAWA”...!!?
Someone : Is that Minagawa group...
Someone : That’s!!?

Someone : Tha...
Someone : That’s!!?

Page 21

Someone : That’s a “human”!!!

Yagisawa : I am the butler of the Minagawa family...
Yagisawa : Yagisawa...!!
Haruyoshi : Ni...
Haruyoshi : Nice to meet you...

Guy : What? What!?
Guy : Hey!?
Guy : Isn’t that Ookado!? From our class...

Hazuki : Ookado... Haruyoshi-kun...
Hazuki : There’s no way I’ll leave you neglected like that!

Page 22

Haruyoshi : Hnnn...!?
Yagisawa : Forgive me!

Hazuki : I, Minagawa Hazuki,
Hazuki : the manager of this basketball boy club,
Hazuki : will take you under my charge!!!!

Hazuki : Yagisawa!!
Yagisawa : Yes!!

Page 23

Haruyoshi : Wooooooh!!!

Haruyoshi : Wait...
Haruyoshi : Help me!
Haruyoshi : Someone!!
Haruyoshi : ... teachers!!!

Girl : This...
Girl : this looks like a crime...!!

Page 24

Narration : The day after the protagonist, Ookado Haruyoshi, was kidnapped...

Narration : While the protagonist was missing...
Sign : It’s spring’s Touryou festival!
Narration : The “spring’s Touryou festival” opened...!!!

Guy : After that... Did anyone
Guy : get news about Ookado?
Stall : Frank
Guy : no...

Guy : I wonder if that guy is alright...
Guy : I’m worried...
Guy : Ah...?

Page 25

Curtain : The awakening of a genius!!

Guy : This...
Curtain : Do you like “festivals”!?

Curtain : Come and witness it!!!
Guy : What the hell...

Guy : Oooooooooo
Curtain : Come and witness it!!!
Curtain : Do you like “festivals”!?
Curtain : The awakening of a genius!!
Curtain : Gather, people from Touryou !!!!
Curtain : Ookado Haruyoshi
Curtain : Debut match
Guy : kadooooooo!!!!

Page 26

Haruyoshi : Haa haa
Narration : Yesterday... After that...
Narration : Minagawa sports medical research center

Haruyoshi : Th... There must be a misunderstanding...
Hazuki : Alright, we’re done!
Haruyoshi : I was just a substitute, you know!?
Haruyoshi : Let me go...
Haruyoshi : Wait...!!
Haruyoshi : Aaah!!!!

Hazuki : In one night...
Hazuki : After checking various data about you...
Hazuki : There’s one thing I understand...!!

Haruyoshi : Haa

Hazuki : You...

Hazuki : were a substitute...? (small text : kinda?)
Hazuki (white next) : It can’t be...
Haruyoshi : Isn’t it what I told you!!!
Haruyoshi : Please listen when people are talking!!!

Page 27

Hazuki : Fufu
Haruyoshi : Wait, why are you laughing!?

Hazuki : Well... If you think about it in another way
Hazuki : Something that hasn’t been dyed yet
Hazuki : is genuinely “white”, right?

Hazuki : Hey.
Haruyoshi : ! Y.. yes.
Hazuki : Show me that ball.

Hazuki : ... It’s been used a lot for a long time
Hazuki : Because he used that leather ball intensively in the street, it’s covered with small scratches...

Hazuki (white text) : Thanks
Hazuki : ... It’s a good ball.

Page 28

Haruyoshi : ... yes
Haruyoshi : It’s a ball I got... From a person I admire...

Haruyoshi : So day after day...
Haruyoshi : It’s the ball into which I put my soul.

Hazuki : ... soul, huh...

Hazuki : Haruyoshi-kun!
Hazuki : From now on you’ll have a test for ascertaining you can join the club!

Page 29

Hazuki : It doesn’t matter
Hazuki : even if you were a substitute!!

Hazuki : Even the god of basketball, Michael Jordan
Arrow : What he looked like at the time
Jordan : ... shit
Hazuki : There was a time when he tasted the frustration of not being able to play with the team for a whole year at Emsley A. Laney High...

Hazuki : You can never know where and how someone like that will appear!
Hazuki : That’s why giving a proper chance to interesting-looking guys
Hazuki : is naturally
Hazuki : my job, as a manager and coach!!

Hazuki : On the stage I prepared
Sign : Ookado Haruyoshi debut match
Hazuki : Have a spectacular debut!!

Page 30

Haruyoshi : The gym...
Haruyoshi : It’s huge!!!

Haruyoshi : Why do you go that far just for my admission test!!?
Hazuki : ... Are you an idiot?
Hazuki : This is an event of the “Touryou festival”!

Hazuki : By using you it’ll liven up this event!

Hazuki : I think that basketball is both a sports and an entertainment at the same time.
Hazuki : That’s why!
Hazuki : I’ve picked the most appropriate monster to be your opponent.

Page 31

Jou : It’s the monster vs the fly, huh?

Hazuki : Nitari Jou... The man known as the “unmovable ace” of the Izumi middle school era...
Hazuki : If you win against him, you’ll be allowed to join the club.

Haruyoshi : ... Why...

Hazuki : Because I know of your relation with him in your middle school years... I investigated it.
Hazuki : It won’t end if you don’t do this! If you consider yourself a man.

Page 32

Haruyoshi : B... But
Haruyoshi : But how...

Haruyoshi : It’s impossible!! I can’t win if Jou-kun is the opponent...
Hazuki : If you run away, you’re definitely disqualified.

Haruyoshi : ... What should I do...

Hazuki : Why are you wondering what to do now of all times...
Haruyoshi : B...
Haruyoshi : But...!!!

Hazuki : You’re scared?

Hazuki : ... Then I’ll do something to break that fear...

Haruyoshi : ... Eh?

Page 33

Hazuki : Uryaaa!
Haruyoshi : Deeeeh!!?

Haruyoshi : Gh!

Hazuki : Daa
Hazuki : aaaah!!!!

Guy : Oooh!?

Page 34

Haruyoshi : Wha... What are you doing!!!

Hazuki : ... what, you ask
Hazuki : I’m giving you some fighting spirit!

Hazuki : After all, this
Hazuki : is your soul, right?
Ball : Suzuki Gunji

Hazuki : Why did you...
Hazuki : come at Touryou?

Page 35

Haruyoshi : Because I want to improve...
Haruyoshi : at basketball...

Jou : Pu!

Jou : So you thought you’d become stronger by joining a strong school ?

Guy : Haha...
Guy : Even though he’s a substitute
Guy : So reckless...

Page 36

Hazuki : I’m not laughing.

Hazuki : Aiming at a higher level thinking it‘ll make you improve
Hazuki : I won’t say it’s “reckless”.
Hazuki : Something like that
Hazuki : I’ll call it a “challenge”!

Yagisawa : ... Oujou-sama
Yagisawa (left text) : ... Such wonderful words...
(T/N : Ojou-sama is the term used for daughter of rich families and powerful clans, since it has no proper equivalent in English (that I know of) and is a common word in animes and mangas, I’ll keep it untranslated)

Narration : Ookado Haruyoshi, 165.2cm, 50kg. Minagawa Hazuki evaluates him in her peculiar player ranking system as “E”, the worst one...

Page 37

Narration : But he has one point
Narration : that makes his evaluation break through!!!

Quick run 10m -> 1.8sec
Side 10m -> 2.2sec

Hazuki : If it’s true, then... it’s weird!!!
Hazuki : A dash on the 10m range... Running with steps shorter than 50cm isn’t something easy for a human!!

Hazuki : In other words, it’s meant... to make yourself move your legs at an abnormally fast pace... The steps an adult man make when walking are already 75cm long on average!!
Sign 1 : 70cm
Sign 2 : Less than 50cm
Hazuki : However, going that fast with steps shorter than 50cm is impossible!!!

Page 38

Hazuki : The steps you take when you run at full strength are about twice longer than the ones when you walk normally, right?
Yagisawa : This is usually the case, yes...
Hazuki : ... usually.... hmm.

Narration : But! This impact set her on fire!!!
Hazuki : But... If this is true...
Hazuki : it’s an agility almost unthinkable
Hazuki : for a high school student...!!!

Hazuki : Yagisawa... How much do you think I can use him?

Yagisawa : ... As much
Yagisawa : as you want to...!!

Narration : Instinct for “early investments”!!!
Yagisawa : This great determination...
Yagisawa : The good feeling of doing things arbitrarily...!!
Narration : This is the way of the Minagawa group!!!!

Page 39

Guy : It’s finally beginning?

Jou : Haruyoshi... The reasons you were a substitute... Do you know them?
Jou : “Reason number one” is this.

Haruyoshi : ... wha!

Page 40

Jou : Hyaha! As expected!!
Jou : When the ball comes you’re in such a rush you can’t catch it properly! You still have lots more to work on!!!
Jou : “Reason number two”!!!

Someone : Woooh!
Someone : He’s covering him so closely!!!
Someone : What incredible pressure!!!

Jou : Yeah... that’s it.

Page 41

Jou : You’re so scared you turn your back to the defender when he comes.
Jou : That’s “reason number two”.

Haruyoshi : I... I must dribble...

Jou : It’s a complete joke!!
Jou : I don’t get why that girl wants you to join their club so much!!

Haruyoshi : Dribble...!!

Haruyoshi : I can’t run away...
Haruyoshi : I have no choice... But facing forward...

Haruyoshi : Forward...

Page 42

Jou : Haruyoshi!!!!

Page 43

Someone : It’s not a thing you can do without courage.

Haruyoshi : In that practice match in my first year of middle school, if I hadn’t been scared...
Haruyoshi : If I hadn’t run away turning my back to the defender

Haruyoshi : Maybe... things would have taken an different turn...

Someone : Can you
Someone : really do it?

Haruyoshi : I...

Jou : It’s over!!!

Haruyoshi : I...!!!
Haruyoshi : ooh!

Page 44

Haruyoshi : I want to play basketball!!
Haruyoshi : I won’t run away anymore!!!

Haruyoshi : it’s different from that time in middle school.

Haruyoshi : Now... There is
Haruyoshi : Someone looking at me!!

Haruyoshi : That’s why!!!

Page 45-46 (spread)

Haruyoshi : That’s why this time
Haruyoshi : I’ll grab it!!!!

Page 47-48 (spread)

Haruyoshi : This chance...!!!

Hazuki : It’s beyond my expectations...

Jou : ... ku!

Someone : So fast!!!!

Page 49

Jou : Don’t fuck with me!!!

Hazuki : Before the shoot, in an instant, he couldn’t use his hand because it hurt...
Hazuki : If that hadn’t happen...

Page 50

Jou : Did you see this!!! This is reality!!

Jou : The hopeless guy you are can’t have such a dream...

Haruyoshi : Not yet...

Haruyoshi : I won’t let it end here...!!!

Page 51

Haruyoshi : There’s no way I’ll let it end!!!!

Hazuki : That ball just now...

Jou : He caught it!!?

Jou : Don’t
Jou : Don’t take me lightly, Haruyoshi!!

Jou : no matter how many times you try I’ll knock it down...

Jou : He’s going
Jou : below with the ball!?

Jou : Damn it, that timing...

Hazuki : Go!!!

Page 52

Jou : I completely missed it...

Page 53

Hazuki : It’s out!!

Jou : Wha...

Hazuki : Impossible...

Page 54


Page 55

Someone : What the hell was that!!!
Someone : Yeah! Awesome!!!

Hazuki : ... Seriously
Hazuki : What the hell was that...

Guys : it’s definitely a fluke!!!

Hazuki : But...

Hazuki : What is this kid...

Page 56

Haruyoshi : I didn’t run away and aimed for the goal...

Haruyoshi : So after a battle... It feels...
Haruyoshi : ... I did it...
Haruyoshi : this good...!!!

Jou : A...
Jou : Are you kidding me!!!
Jou : Wasn’t that just a shitty fluke, right now!

Hazuki : Out of my way!!
Jou : Guha!

Page 57

Hazuki : I can’t resist anymore!

Hazuki : Come live with me!
Everyone : Woooh!!?

Page 58

Yagisawa : Ojou-samaaaa!
Yagisawa (middle text) : Don’t do thaaat!
Hazuki : Silence, Yagisawa!! This is a girl’s battle!!!

Hazuki : For the sake of leading Touryou high at the national best’s position...

Hazuki : Let us grow our love... together...!!!

Everyone : Whaaaat!!?

Left : A sudden love (!?) confession!! This is the start of Haruyoshi’s eventful life in high school basketball!!

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Thanks a lot, i'll get to it when TM gets me the raw
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Oh thanks a lot!!!

...Translating into spanish... (°<!!
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