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Eyeshield 21 299

Eyeshield21 299th Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Sep 26, 2008 23:00 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 299

One chapter away from 300th Down! :amuse Few mangas can boast reaching that number, so let's all congratulate ES21 next week for staying so good for so long! :dance

And, fans of Lucky Star: if you haven't yet, go and download the OVA, it's absolutely awesome :luv


Eyeshield 21 chapter 299

Page 01

Narration : Teikoku Gakuen
Narration : Alexanders!!

Yamato : Historical winners of all the Christmas Bowls since several decades ago
Yamato : The origin of that overwhelming battle strength
Yamato : is the aces scouted from teams all over the country.

Yamato : Truly the top of the top.
Yamato : I was attracted here.

Yamato : As a Japanese
Yamato : In order to make Japan's American Football more well-known,
Middle : The reasons for his triumphal return to Japan...!!
Yamato : I'll start by
Yamato : The complete domination of Japan...!!

Page 02

Tenma : Yamato!
Tenma : The former ace runner of Shinryuuji, Tenma-sensei,
Tenma : saw through it immediately.
Tenma : I'll give you the way to defeat Sena-chan's ultimate technique, the Devil 4th Dimension!

Taka : There's no other way than... decelerating just before.
Hera : Yeah.

Hera : When the backstep is coming, braking suddenly!
Hera : then you just have to get ready for him when he cuts to either side.
Hera : He'll probably manage to advance a little, but we can't help it.
Hera : Sena-chan is too damn fast.

Tenma : Taaa! Damn it, so boring.
Tenma : Everyone noticed it already!

Karin : Incredible, everyone
Karin : After seeing it only once...

Yamato : That's right.

Yamato : But there is no way
Yamato : I'm going to use that...!

Page 03

Announcer : Deimon is already back to the wall, with no margin for error!
Announcer : The ace Sena-kun is once again
Announcer : charging Yamato-kun with his run!!

Sena : ... something is
Sena : weird...

Kuroki : Pass him, Sena!

Page 04

Suzuna : Yaaa, the 180 degrees backstep
Suzuna : Devil 4th Dimension!

Aki : Alright, Yamato!
Aki : Hit the brakes!

Sena : I've passed him with that technique earlier, but
Sena : Yamato-kun isn't hesitating at all.
Sena : On the contrary, he's even more...

Yamato : Teammates you can have faith in
Yamato : The whole team is the strongest army.

Yamato : And among them, my mission is still
Yamato : to claim for myself the title of the ace.

Yamato : Sena-kun
Yamato : No matter how fast you are...

Page 05

Yamato : Without tricks.
Yamato : Without pulling back.
Yamato : I'll defeat you
Yamato : in a direct showdown...!!

Karin : This...
Karin : He isn't hitting the brakes
Karin : On the contrary
Karin : He's accelerating with all his power...

Monta : In a speed contest there's no way he'll lose!
Monta : Sena's speed of light...

Yamato : The Caesar's Charge
Yamato : surpasses the speed of light...!

Page 06-07 (spread)

Right : Breaking the wall of space-time, this is the power of the legs of the great emperor...!
299th Down : The weakest teammate

Someone : With that dive relying on his height
Someone : and the acceleration using all his physical strength,

Someone : A single step
Someone : It's only for the last step, but

Someone : The speed that Kobayakawa Sena can reach,
Someone : the 40 yards 4.2 seconds at the limits of the human realm,
Someone : is surpassed...!!

Doburoku : The Caesar's Charge...
Doburoku : What tremendous power...!

Page 08

Someone : Wooooh, Yamato!

Page 09

Deimon : Sena's ultimate technique
Deimon : was crushed already!

Agon : After seeing a technique he's been passed with only once,
Agon : Using just the strength of his body
Agon : He crushed it directly.

Someone : Teikoku!
Someone : Teikoku!
Someone : Teikoku!!
Someone : Teikoku!!

Hera : He's different.
Hera : Yamato... After all, only this guy
Hera : is different from the others.

Hiruma : the flow that went with Deimon
Hiruma : He took it back forcibly by himself.

Teikoku : With 4 minutes left and 15 points of difference
Teikoku : If we can stop Deimon's offense only once, it's Teikoku's win!
Teikoku : Crush them!!
Teikoku : Ooooh!!

Page 10

Toganou : Haaa, what's the hell with these guys!!
Toganou : All of a sudden...
Toganou : We can't stop them
Toganou : at all...

Guy : By pushing in too far we may let players go through, but
Guy : Yamato will definitely
Guy : stop Sena and anyone else.

Hera : Leave the runs to Yamato!
Hera : Focus on blitzing and crush Hiruma to your heart's contents!

Banba : The emperor Yamato
Banba : Because of the faith they have in their strongest teammate,
Banba : The army of aces, the Teikoku all-star
Banba : is showing its true nature once again...!

Hiruma : Tch...

Page 11

Hiruma : Yamato
Hiruma : You bastard...

Page 12

Someone : Whaaat!
Someone : Yamato is
Someone : coming to take down Hiruma before he throws the ball...

Sena : A blitz...!!

Musashi : Yamato is the last fortress, their trump card
Musashi : that can stop Sena's run
Musashi : And despite that...

Monta : He's rushing at MAX power
Monta : to where Hiruma-senpai is...

Yamato : “That's why we're going with it”
Yamato : That's you guys' strongest point, right?

Hiruma : Damn it, that bastard
Hiruma : He's coming directly to crush me
Hiruma : with all the strength of his Caesar's Charge...

Page 13

Chairman : The strongest runner Yamato and his tackle that surpasses speed of light
Chairman : No matter how nimble the quarterback is...

Chairman : Since he has the body of an average guy to begin with
Chairman : There is no way Hiruma can dodge it...!

Page 14

Hiruma : Kah
Hiruma : Ha...

Sena : Hiruma-san!!

Announcer : It's been stopped there!
Announcer : The small hope Deimon had to turn the tables
Announcer : Their raging series of attacks is...

Kuroki : Damn it!!

Agon : It's over, huh?

Doburoku : There's nothing left to do but at least protecting the ball!
Doburoku : Secure it tightly
Doburoku : Hirumaaa!!

Page 15

Yamato : it's weird
Yamato : No matter how much I took him by surprise
Yamato : Hiruma... should have had at least some opportunities
Yamato : to throw the ball away before I took him down.

Yamato : At the last instant
Yamato : He didn't bother trying to dodge or to protect himself.

Yamato : What was he looking at
Yamato : and stored in his memory...?

Narration : What Hiruma burned in his eyelids was
Narration : the location of Teikoku's defense

Narration : Since Yamato is taking him down
Narration : He can't see anything anymore.
Narration : The only thing he knows
Narration : is the location of the opponents.

Hiruma : Kekeke
Hiruma : Even if I know only that
Hiruma : It's enough.

Page 16

Yamato : What
Yamato : is this
Yamato : pass...

Page 17

Narration : In a complete darkness
Narration : Where he can't see anything...

Hiruma : He's here.
Hiruma : That guy is
Hiruma : definitely here.

Akaba : Faith...

Akaba : Teikoku's faith is
Akaba : something born from strength.

Akaba : The fact that the whole team is an all-star
Akaba : The fact that they have the strongest teammates.

Akaba : But it's different for Deimon.
Akaba : Is it because of the long time they spent together??
Akaba : It's no different for the other teams, though.
Akaba : Is it because they're all career players??

Akaba : I don't know.

Akaba : But Hiruma believed.
Akaba : He believed that...

Page 18

Akaba : Yukimitsu would definitely be here...

Guy : The weakest
Guy : and crappiest guy...

Tetsuma : Never go out of the rails
Kid : As long as the receiver doesn't go out of his pass route
Kid : I'm thankful for just that.

Page 19

Someone : Touch
Someone : Down!!!

Akaba : The reason I refused to join Teikoku
Akaba : And chose to stay at Bando with Koutarou and the others...
Akaba : By looking at those guys from Deimon
Akaba : I think I'm beginning to understand it a little.

Left : Faith in the ambush troops!!

Yukimitsu : Haha...
Yukimitsu : Today... In the Christmas Bowl...
Yukimitsu : it's my first catch...!

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2008
Thankyou !
#2. by Mooncrow ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2008
Oh, hell yes.

Thanks Xoph!
#3. by -Khriz- ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2008
#4. by shortill ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
yey! thanks.
now all i need is the scantalation & my week's complete
#5. by Meno ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
Awesome. Thanks.
#6. by Ankoku_22 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
Thanks~! :D
#7. by kulong ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
this is a very good chapter.... good job...this might be one of the best chapter... in terms of teamwork.. wow haha thx for the trans. xD
#8. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#9. by Crayola ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
thanks a lot no missing bubbles
#10. by matsyes ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
Thanks a lot
#11. by swankivy ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
Happy joy, thanks so much.
#12. by tars ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
thank you!!
#13. by gatsuuga9 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
Thank you Xoph, you are a super duper individual as always. I LOVE YOU
#14. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
Thanks Xophy-nii
#15. by THE KING ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
#16. by Phat ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2008
thanks :D
#17. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2008

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