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Eyeshield 21 301

Eyeshield21 301st Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Oct 11, 2008 10:07 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 301

This. Was. AWESOME.


Eyeshield 21 chapter 301

Page 01

Top : Finally the climax of the plan for a miraculous coming back from Deimon!! Who will the goddess of victory smile to!? Center color!!
Middle : The remaining time is 8 seconds!! A magic trick to turn the tables within that time exists. A trick only the tactician Hiruma knows!!
Left : Qualified for the fierce battle at the Christmas Bowl!! The volume 32 is to be released on November the 4th!!

301st Down : Run
Bottom : Thanks to the overwhelming number of participations!! The result of the “Jump Bowl” contest, celebrating the 6 years of serializations, will be published in the next volume!!

Page 02

Announcer : The time left in the Christmas Bowl,
Announcer : the national final of high school American football, is 8 seconds!!
Announcer : It's a countdown until Teikoku's championship...!

Right : It's not enough!! The time left!!

Announcer : With this last play
Announcer : Even if Deimon manages to score a miraculous touchdown,
Top left sign : The store's recommendation!
Top right : Sales[...]
Bottom right : 40 inches
Announcer : With 8 points more,
Announcer : They won't be able to catch up either way!!

Kurita : E... Even with that
Monta : We'll win!!

Hera : On what do you base that...
Aki : Give up already, guys!

Sena : We've got no grounds to justify it
Sena : but even still
Sena : We'll win...!!

Page 03

Hiruma : Annihilate them with the results
Hiruma : of this year of hellish trainings...!!

Monta : It's the last 8 seconds of the last match!
Monta : Let's smash those guys from Teikoku, Sena!

Sena : Yeah, let's go, Monta!
Sena : This time for sure...

Page 04

Someone : Chris Cross...!!

Page 05

Aki: Ha! You guys never learn...
Hera : So this time
Hera : The ball wasn't fumbled after all...!?

Hiruma : Kekeke, well then, it's time for the last question of our fun quiz~
Hiruma : Who could have the ball??

Hiruma : The fucking shrimp?
Hiruma : Or the fucking monkey...!

Hera : Or the hidden card,
Hera : Neither, and Hiruma still has it.
Hera : That guy could definitely pull off something like that!

Yamato : You're really skilled, Hiruma.
Yamato : From here we can't see your hand.

Aki : Shit, we can't know yet.
Aki : Which ones are the decoys...

Aki : These guys are all about trick plays,
Aki : They're just too used to them...!

Page 06

Aki : This guy is an idiot, he slipped on the snow
Aki : And we can clearly see the ball that was hidden by the Chris Cross!
Teikoku : It's Sena after all
Teikoku : Crush him!!

Suzuna : Sena!!

Tenma : I was trapped by the snow today as well,
Tenma : I guess the god of weather is fair!

Taka : It's strange.

Page 07

Taka : We can see it too much.
Taka : Even from where Yamato and me are
Taka : It's like... He's showing on purpose
Taka : That he's the one carrying the ball.

Yamato : Sena and Monta crossing over for the Chris Cross...
Yamato : It's certainly no easy play.

Yamato : But trick plays are the specialty of Deimon.
Yamato : They should be used to even bolder strategies.

Yamato : Then why did Sena make a mistake
Yamato : Just for something like the Chris Cross?
Yamato : Why didn't they use it until the very last battle?

Yamato :That means that in this plan
Yamato : There is actually a greater trap.
Yamato : Something that lurks in the back of Teikoku's counter-measures.
Yamato : A special play...

Page 08

Narration : Evil Cross...!!!

Hiruma : Kekeke, you should have noticed it with the name “Chris Cross”.
Hiruma : Devils don't ask gods for favors
Hiruma : Until the very end...!!

Page 09

Hiruma : YA
Hiruma : HA!!

Announcer : S-s-s-somehow... The Chris Cross was a decoy!
Announcer : In the end it's a back pass
Announcer : for Hiruma!

Karin : Teikoku's defense
Karin : has been dragged in toward Sena...

Aki : Sena didn't slip on the snow.
Aki : It was on purpose.
Aki : In order to pull us in by showing he had the ball
Aki : And turn around for the back pass.

Riku : Even the snow
Riku : was a decoy...!!

Hera : Hiruma is running!
Hera : Stop him!

Page 10

Hera : ... is what I'd say
Hera : if there were only idiots in Teikoku.
Hera : It's no good if you take us lightly,
Hera : Hiruma-chan.

Taka : This is a double decoy.
Taka : Hiruma isn't going to run.

Taka : While the mobile artillery Hiruma is running,
Taka : a long pass...!

Page 11

Takami : Wait!
Takami : Hiruma...

Monta : Taka...!

Someone : Before you know it, all the receivers
Someone : are perfectly covered...

Unsui : It's useless, it'll get caught if you throw it now!
Unsui : Stop, Hiruma!!

Page 12-13 (spread)

Ibarada : Haa...? Where is he throwing this??
Karin : It's going in a completely different way
Karin : than where he was looking at...

Hiruma : Kekeke, since you've been kind enough to read into the play this far,
Hiruma : I can know the position of the defense
Hiruma : And throw without even looking.

Hera : It can't
Hera : be...

Page 14

Someone : It's for Sena
Someone : Once more!!

Takami : At the time Sena did the back pass to Hiruma,
Takami : Sena's existence disappeared from the minds of Teikoku's defense.
Takami : He vanished, like a chess piece that had done its work.

Takami : Giving the ball back to him
Takami : After the defense let him go.
Takami : This was the aim from the beginning...

Hera : We aimed for the hidden card in the hidden card
Hera : and they still get back to another one.
Hera : A trap on so many levels...

Someone : This is the
Someone : Deimon Devilbats...!!

Page 15

Someone : Woooh, Yamato!
Someone : He got back alone!

Sena : That's right.
Sena : I can't pass Yamato-kun with a trap like this.

Yamato : Sena-kun
Yamato : We'll put an end to this for real this time.
Yamato : In the last 5 seconds
Yamato : It's our final showdown...!!

Sena : There is no other way
Sena : but for me to win
Sena : head-on...!!

Page 16

Announcer : The Devil 4th Dimension VS
Announcer : the super speed of light of the
Announcer : Caesar's Charge!!

Sena : I can't dodge him with only the speed of the backstep.
Sena : Since Yamato-kun, for just a single forward step
Sena : can exceed the 40 yards 4.2 seconds of the speed of light...!

Page 17

Yamato : I've always
Yamato : misread it.

Yamato : The true strength
Yamato : of Sena's run
Yamato : isn't about the fact
Yamato : he can run 40 yards in 4.2 seconds.

Ikkyuu : It can't
Ikkyuu : be...

Sena : This is my weapon.

Sena : Running everyday for 10 years.
Sena : Going through crowds everyday.
Sena : What I've always kept tempering
Sena : Footwork...!

Yamato : A Devilbat
Yamato : Ghost
Yamato : to the back...

Page 18-19 (spread)

BWAHAHAHA! :kukuku

Page 20-21 (spread)

Yamato : He can freely
Yamato : create a ghost on 360 degrees.
Yamato : Even while rewinding time by going backwards...

Yamato : No speed or power
Yamato : can touch it.

Yamato : This is genuine
Yamato : “Speed”.
(X/N: for those who may find those two sentences confusing, Yamato uses two different words that both can only be translated by the same one, “speed”)

Narration : Eyeshield
Narration : 21...!!
Text : In the world in front of him, there is nothing that surpasses this extreme “speed” anymore!!

Announcer : Touch
Announcer : Down!!!

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#1. by Meno ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks mang.
#2. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#3. by SeikiNoKun ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#4. by Linkmasta ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks Xophien!
That was epic. :O
#5. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
thanks :D
#6. by kakashi1992 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#7. by alazim ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
awesome translation man
#8. by Kuuki ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
This was fun to read. Thanks for your great work! :D
#9. by UraharaSan ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks! Awesome trans, awesome chap!
#10. by knight90 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
great work again
#11. by Crayola ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#12. by Leo Seta ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks Xoph!
#13. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#14. by THE KING ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
#15. by gatsuuga9 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thank you! You're the best
#16. by tars ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
thank you!!
#17. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
Thanks so much for the translation, Xophien!
#18. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#19. by tailender1 ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2008
#20. by swankivy ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2008
Much appreciated, thanks very much. . . .

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