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Kuroko no Basket 1

1st Quarter : I am Kuroko.

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Dec 12, 2008 01:01 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 1

<eni> wikipedia entry in 20XX on Xophien, his famous last quote: "Although I did just and only sports manga and over 100 series to boot, I never favored that genre."

So true. I liked this chapter, I just can't help it that all the chapters 01 I like and feel like translating are sports mangas', right? In the same way koenosaki, our resident Belgian mod, is cursed and manages to somehow cancel all the Jump mangas he'll ever like, I think I'm cursed to translate all the sports manga from Jump. Bah, who cares, as long as they're fun~


Kuroko chapter 01

Page 01

Red text : A story that starts from a legend!!
Narration : Teikou middle school Basketball Club
Narration : A super strong school with more than 100 club members, boasting several successive championship wins.
Blue text : New serializations, second round!!
Red text : Kuroko no Basket
(Random trivia note: Teikou would be the equivalent and opposite of Teikoku from ES21, since Teikoku was read “Dark Emperor” and Teikou is read “Emperor of Light” xD)

Narration : But even in that glorious history, there is still a team that can without fail be called the “strongest”...
Narration : A generation with five players with a talent like you would see once in ten years
Narration : Called the “Generation of Miracles”

Narration : But...
Narration : There was a strange rumor about the “Generation of Miracles”
Narration : Despite nobody knowing him and not being in any match records,
Narration : There was still one more person the 5 geniuses acknowledged as superior...

Page 02-03 (spread)

Narration : The phantom
Narration : sixth player...

Orange text : When the light and the shadow meet
Orange : It's the beginning of a basketball that surpasses miracles!!

1st Quarter : I am Kuroko

Page 04

Right : School entrance ceremony... The opening of a new world!!
Sign : Private Seirin high school
(T/N : Without furiganas, I can't be sure of the actual name of the school with just the kanjis, Seirin is just a guess)

Someone : Aren't you interested in rugby!?
Someone : Did you ever played Shougi?
Someone : If you're Japanese then you should play baseball!
Someone : Swimming!! It feels super!

Guy : I can't move forward!!
Guy : Bring a snowplow!
Guy : We haven't moved more than 5 meters in 10 minutes...

Page 05

Guy : That's it, let's go the bulldozer way!
Guy : You're taking it too far, right...

Page 06

Guy : Ah! You, do you like books?
Guy : How about the literature club?

Guy : No, this is a manga, so...
Guy : Well, mangas are proper books too.
Guy : And you must read novels as well, right?

Sign : Map of the clubs' booths

From left to right : Baseball – Basketball – American Football

Page 07

Riko : Well, write your name and student ID number here.
Sign : Boy Basketball
Riko : Then... The middle school you come from and your goals...?
Riko : Ah
Riko : Of course that one is arbitrary, so you can put anything you want.

Riko : This could be nice material...

Riko : ... Erm
Riko : One, two... Ten persons so far.
Riko : Maybe we'd need a bit more...

Riko : I wonder how the invitations are going...
Riko : Do your best to bring back promising guys...

Guy : I brought back
Guy : A new student...

Page 08

Kagami : Is the basketball club here?
Riko : Waah!?

Riko : Brought back...
Riko : Isn't that the other way around!?
Riko : ... yeah.

Riko : On top of that it looks like there's a wild tiger in front of my eyes...!!
Riko : What is that guy...!?

Page 09

Riko : I think you know already, but
Riko : Our school was barely opened last year.
Riko (small, barely readable text) : Here, have some tea.
Riko : All the upperclassmen are still just second years, so
Riko : Somebody with your build will immediately...

Kagami : I don't care about that
Kagami : Give me a paper
Riko : Eh?
Kagami : I'll just write my name and go back.

Riko : His middle school was in America...!?
Riko : Ooh, I see, he trained in the best place!?

Riko : Kagami Taiga-kun...?
Riko : No matter how you look at it, he doesn't seem like an average guy.

Page 10

Riko : Huh?
Riko : You didn't write your goals...?

Kagami : ... None in particular.

Kagami : After all, Japanese basketball
Kagami : It's the same thing everywhere.

Page 11

Guy : S...

Guy : Scary!!
Guy : Is that really a freshman!?
Riko : By the way, I'd like to know why he grabbed you by the neck and brought you back here...

Riko : And what was that expression on his face...?

Guy : That's...

Guy : Ah, you forgot to pick up a registration paper.
Riko : Eh?
Riko : My bad, err...

Riko : Kuroko...
Riko : Tetsuya...
Club registration
Boy basketball club
First year, Class 2 – Student ID number 102153
Name : Kuroko Tetsuya

Page 12

Riko : Hmm...?
Riko : It's been on my desk all the time, but... I don't remember at all.

Riko : ... Wait, he's coming from Teikou's basketball club!?
Guy : Eeh!?
Guy : That famous one!?

Riko : On top of that, if he's a first year now that means he was from the “Generation of Miracles”!?
Riko : Waaah, why did I forget the face of such a golden egg!!
Guy : And the guy earlier was coming back from America...
Guy : What's with the freshmen this year!?

Page 13

Riko : Alright, everyone seems to be here.
Riko : All the freshmen, come this way.

Guy : Hey, isn't that manager cute?
Guy : She's a second year, right?

Guy : But that's true!
Guy : If she was just a bit more sexy...

Guy : You're wrong, idiots!
Guy : Ouch!

Riko : I'm the boy basketball club's coach.
Riko : Aida Riko.
Riko : Nice to meet you!!

Page 14

Guys : Eeeh!!?
Guys (white text) : COACH!?

Guy : It wasn't that guy!?
Riko : That's the advisor, Takeda-sensei. (small text : he's just watching)

Guy : Seriously?
Guy : Wait, is that even allowed!?
Riko : ... Well then, first

Riko : Take off your shirts!!

Guys : Eeeeh!!?
Guys (white text) : WHY!?

Page 15

Guy : What the hell does that mean...

Riko : You.
Riko : Your instantaneous strength is weak. I guess you must be around 50 steps for 20 seconds on the quick ladder training, right?
Riko : If you want to play basketball you'll want to improve that a bit.
Riko : You, your body is too stiff.
Riko : Train your flexibility after getting out of the bath!
Riko : As for you...

Guy : Are you kidding...!? It's right...
Guy : What the hell!?
Guy : Just by looking at your body...?

Guy : The father of that girl is a sports trainer.

Page 16

Guy : He was always recording data in order to make training menus
Guy : It's a special skill she gained after spending every day at his workplace looking at muscles and data.

Guy : By looking at someone's body, that girl's eyes
Guy : see all its abilities and stats.

Guy : Well, that's not the only reason why she's the coach, though...

Kagami : ... What? (small text : By the way, it's cold in there.)
Riko : ... Wha...

Page 17

Riko : What the hell!? These numbers are by far above everyone else's...
Riko : These aren't the stats of a boy in first year of high school!!
Height 190cm
Weight 82kg
Lv. ?/?

Riko : On top of that, I can't even estimate his potential...
Riko : This is...
Riko : Wah, that's the first time I see someone like that in real.

Riko : ... Natural talent!!

Page 18

Guy : Coach!
Guy : How long are you going to daydream!

Riko : Sorry!!
Riko : So, err...
Guy : You saw everyone, right?
Guy : That guy was the last.
Riko : Ah, really? ... Huh?

Riko : Was Kuroko-kun here?
Guy : Ah! That's right, the guy from Teikou middle school...
Guy : Eh!?
Guy : Teikou, you mean, that Teikou!?

Guy : Kuroko!
Guy : Is Kuroko here!?
Riko : Hmm? If such a great guy was here,
Riko : I think I would have noticed him immediately...

Riko : I guess he's taking the day off today.
Riko : Well then, let's start practice!
Kuroko : Err... Excuse me.

Page 19

Kuroko : I am Kuroko.

Riko : Kyaaaaa!?
Guy : Wah, What?
Guy : ... Wooh!? (small text : Who?)
Guy : Since when are you here!?
Kuroko : I was there since the beginning.
Guy : Seriously!!?

Page 20

Riko : I didn't notice him in front of my eyes...!?
Riko : ... Eh? Just, now, he said he was Kuroko!? Eeh!?
Riko : It's like... He's invisible!!

Guy : ... Eh? Then that means this guy!? From the “Generation of Miracles”!?
Guy : He can't have been a regular...
Guy : Of course not.
Guy : Right, Kuroko-kun?

Kuroko : ...? I have played in matches, though...
Guy : See, just what... Huh?
Guy : Eh?
Guy : ... Eh!?
Guys : Eeeeh!?

Guy : I can't believe it!!!

Riko : Wait... Take off your shirt!!
Kuroko : Eh? (Small text : I just put it back on...)

Page 21

Kagami : What the hell is this guy...!?

Kagami : Hey, I need to ask you something.
Kagami : About Teikou middle school and the whatever of miracles...

Page 22

Kagami : The “Generation of Miracles”...
Kagami : If it's these guys then maybe...

Kagami : Gwoh!?
Kuroko : Hello.
Kuroko : You are still growing up, right?

Kagami : Where from... Wait, what are you doing here?
Kuroko : Well, I was sitting there from the beginning
Kuroko : Just watching people.

Kagami : This guy was from the best of Japan...!?
Kagami : ... wait?
Kagami : ... Watching people!?

Kagami : Anyway
Kagami : Tag along with me for a bit (small text : Once I'm done eating that.)

Page 23

Riko : ... What does that mean?
Riko : What kind of guy is he?

Riko : His abilities are way too low...!
Height 168cm
Weight 57kg

Riko : All his abilities are below average...
Riko : On top of that he's already at the peak of his growth...
Riko : He looks nothing like a regular of the strongest team...!!

Page 24

Riko : What in the world...!?
Kagami : You...
Kagami : What the hell are you hiding?

Kagami : I was in America until the second year of middle school.

Kagami : I was really shocked when I came back to Japan.
Kagami : the level is just too low.

Page 25

Kagami : What I'm looking for is not playing basketball for fun.
Kagami : I want to play in matches that make my blood boil at full strength.

Kagami : ... But I've heard a nice thing earlier.
Kagami : It seems like there are strong guys called the “Generation of Miracles” in the same year.
Kagami : You were in that team, right?

Kagami : I can guess the strength of a opponent to some extent too.
Kagami : It's like strong guys have a peculiar smell about them.

Kagami : ... But you're weird.
Kagami : Even though you should reek of weakness...

Kagami : You don't smell like anything at all.
Kagami : Your strength is odorless.

Page 26

Kagami : I want to see for myself.
Kagami : You,
Kagami : From the “Generation of Miracles”, what kind of guy you are.

Kuroko : ... What a coincidence.
Kuroko : I was thinking of playing against you as well.

Kuroko : A one-on-one.

Page 27

Kagami : ... wait
Kagami : Ha!?

Kagami : He...

Kagami : ... He...!

Kuroko – Kagami

Page 28

Kagami : He's desperately weak!!!

Kagami : Even with that body size, there are guys who became first-class players thanks to their skills.
Kagami : But that guy
Kagami : His dribbles and shoots are those of an amateur...

Kagami : He's got nothing redeeming.
Kagami : He's not even worth playing against!!!

Kagami : Don't mess with me!! Did you hear what I said!?
Kagami : You're overestimating yourself if you think you can win against me like that!
Kagami (small text) : To think you left such a nice impression when you challenged me!!
Kuroko : Of course not.

Page 29

Kuroko : Isn't it obvious that Kagami-kun is the strongest?
Kuroko (small text) : I knew that from the beginning.
Kagami : Are you picking a fight...!
Kagami : What's your goal...

Kuroko : I wanted to see Kagami-kun's strength directly.
Kagami : ... Haa!?
Kuroko (small text) : Ah, and your dunks too.

Kagami : Geez... What the hell am I doing...
Kagami : He's just weak to the point he doesn't smell like anything at all...
Kagami : I feel like an idiot...

Kuroko : Err...
Kagami : At, it's alright already.

Kagami : I'm not interested in weak guys.
Kagami : ... I'll give you one last advice.

Page 30

Kagami : It's better if you give up on basketball.

Kagami : No matter what kind of beautiful things you can say about effort,
Kagami : It's an undeniable fact that you need talent in our society.
Kagami : You have no talent for basketball.

Kuroko : I have to say no to that.
Kuroko : To begin with, I love basketball.
Kuroko : On top of that...

Page 31

Kuroko : It is a matter of point of view.
Kuroko : I do not care about who is the strongest.

Kagami : What did you...
Kuroko : I am different from you.

Kuroko : I am
Kuroko : A shadow.

Page 32

Guy : Since we can't go for roadwork, we still have time left in our training...
Guy : What should we do, coach?

Riko : I wanted to see the strength of the freshmen...
Riko : It might be a good opportunity.

Riko : Let's have a 5vs5 mini-game!
Riko : With the freshmen against the second years.

Page 33

Guy : A match against the senpais, that means...!
Guy : Do you remember what they told us when we joined the club?
Guy : Their result from last year...

Guy : Last year, with only freshmen, they made it until the final league...!!

Guy : Seriously...!?
Guy : That's completely out of the ordinary...

Riko : ... Well then, I wonder
Riko : How good our rookies are?

Page 34

Kagami : It's not the time to be scared.
Kagami : Of course it's better if the opponent is strong rather than weak, right!
Kagami : Let's go!!

Someone : ... Woooh!!

Page 35

Guy : Ooooh!!?

Page 36

Someone : Waaah
Someone : What was with that dunk!
Someone : Awesome!!!

Riko : It's more than I could have ever imagined...!!
Riko : With that yet unpolished sense of play and destructive power...!!

Guy : Hey, that's insane...
Guy : His fire power is seriously that of a monster...!!

Someone : The freshmen are in the lead!?
Someone : But well, Kagami is the only one scoring!

Page 37

Kagami : Rather than that... Shit!!
Kagami : This can't help getting on my nerves...

Someone : The ball was stolen!?
Someone : From this guy again!
Someone : Focus!!

Page 38

Kagami : Compared to the big things he said, he's just a shitty player...
Kagami : Guys who talk big despite being small fries...

Kagami : piss me off the most!!

Guy : So high...
Guy : They can't stop Kagami at all!!

Guy : ... We can't let it go that way
Guy : I think it's about time we calm you down!

Page 39

Someone : Three guys!?

Guy : If they go that far, Kagami...
Guy : On top of that

Guy : Even when he doesn't have the ball, still two guys...
Guy : They don't feel like letting him touch the ball at all!

Page 40

Freshmen – Second years

Guy : They're really strong after all...
Guy : Actually, there was no way for us to win from the start...
Guy : it's enough already...

Kagami : Enough already...?
Kagami : What the hell is with that!!

Page 41

Kuroko : Please calm down.

Kagami : You bastard...

Guy : Seems like there's a dispute.
Guy : Kuroko... Now that I think about it he was there too...

Riko : Even I, the referee, completely forgot him at some point...

Riko : ... Hmm!?
Riko : Huh? Seriously, since when!?
Riko : ... It can't be...

Page 42

Kuroko : Excuse me
Kuroko : Could you pass me the ball?
Guy : Ha?

Someone : Do your best!
Someone : Still 3 minutes!

Guy : But it's not like you'll be able to do anything even if you get it?
Guy : At least don't lose it...

Riko : What is that uncomfortable feeling...? Could it be... That something unthinkable is about to happen...!?

Page 43

Byakugan? >.>

Page 44

Guy : ... eh
Guy : ... Ah!

Guy : ... Eh
Guy : ... wha...

Someone : It... It's in!?
Someone : How did he get that pass through just now!?
Someone : I don't know, I didn't see!!

Page 45

Paw paw fruit? >.>

Page 46

Guy : How the hell does he do that!!?
Guy : Before you even notice it, the pass goes through and they score!?

Riko : He's making use of his lack of presence to relay passes!?
Riko : On top of that, the time he keeps the ball is extremely short!!

Riko : ... Then it can't be that this guy...
Riko : He's already hard to notice from the beginning... And he becomes even more invisible!?

Riko : “Misdirection”
Riko : He's using that magic-like technique to fool the senses of the opponent.
(T/N : “Misdirection” was in engrish in the text)

Page 47

Riko : Using misdirection, he leads the opponent to think not him but another player will get the ball.
Riko : In other words...

Riko : Rather than saying he is “invisible” during matches,
Riko : You can say he's encouraging the opponent to focus on other players than him.

Kagami : This is Kuroko's...!!

Riko : The former regular from Teikou middle school who's specialized in circulating passes without being seen...!!
Riko : I knew the rumor, but to think he actually exists...!!

Page 48

Riko : The phantom sixth player of the “Generation of Miracles”!!

Kagami : Ah!!

Guy : Damn...
Guy : We're focusing too much on Kuroko's passes...!!

Someone : Kagami!!

Page 49

Someone : Waah!! I can't believe it!!
Someone : One point of difference!?

Someone : Damn, each of them would be bothersome on his own, but...
Someone : The two of them playing together, we have no way to stop these attacks!

Guy : Tch!

Guy : Idiot!

Page 50

Someone : Damn!

Guy : Woooh
Someone : Go, Kuroko!!

Someone : Win...

Page 51-52 (spread)

Kagami : That's why weak guys piss me off.

Kagami : Score properly, idiot!!!

Page 53

Someone : Waaah!!
Someone : The freshmen won!!?

Guy : Haha! (small text : Those guys...)
Guy : Well... As allies, they'll be reliable...

Page 54

Kagami : ... Why are you there again...
Kuroko : You are the one who came to sit at my table.
Kuroko : And it's because I like the vanilla shake here.

Kagami : Go sit elsewhere.
Kuroko : No.
Kagami : Don't go think we're friends now...
Kuroko : Like I said, I was the first one to sit there.

Left : The practice match was settled at once! But the big troubles are still ahead!? Second round of the new serializations!! Center color pages!! Kuroko no Basket

Page 55

Kagami : ... Here.
Kagami : I'll give you one.

Kagami : I'm not interested in weak guys
Kagami : But
Kagami : I'll acknowledge you're worth one piece of all that.
Kuroko : ... Thank you.

Kagami : ... How strong is
Kagami : the “Generation of Miracles”?

Kagami : Say, if I was to go against them right now, what would happen?

Kuroko : ... You would be instantly killed.
Kuroko : Can't you say that in a different way...

Kuroko : On top of that, the five geniuses
Kuroko : Have all joined different veteran schools this year.
Kuroko : There is no mistaking that one of them will be standing at the top.

Page 56

Kagami : ... Hahhahaha!
Kagami : nice, I'm burning!

Kagami : ... I've decided!
Kagami : I'll take all these guys down
Kagami : And become the number one in Japan.

Kuroko : I think it's impossible.

Kagami : Hey!!!

Kuroko : I don't know about the potential of your abilities
Kuroko : But with your current level, you can't hold a candle to any of them.
Kuroko : It's impossible... alone.

Kuroko : ... I have decided as well.

Page 57-58 (spread)

Kuroko : I am a supporting actor, a shadow.
Kuroko : ... But
Kuroko : A shadow will become darker if the light is stronger.
Kuroko : And it will make the white of the light stand out.

Kuroko : As the shadow of the main actor,
Kuroko : I will make you, the light, the number one in Japan.

Kagami : ... Ha!
Kagami : Nice words there.

Kagami : Just do what you want.
Left : The strongest five players... will be challenged by the light and the shadow!!
Kuroko : I will do my best.
Bottom : Next issue, center color and 25 pages. A mysterious trial for joining the club!?

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thanks... God Bless You. :-)
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You rock, Xoph.

Damn, man. Haven´t been so pumped up for a new series in a long-ass time. Kagami reminds me of Gaou(E21), and Kuroko is badass in his own way.

Please, japanese readers, pimp this shit and let it survive.

The crusade to take down the "five strongest geniuses" is something I SURE AS HELL WANT TO SEE.

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Thanks!! I'll scanlate it :)
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Atomps, after dogashi, we are here again. I hope that this time goes better XD

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