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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 311

311th Down Burn, Rookie!

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Dec 19, 2008 17:14 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 311

Currently missing page 10, will update when it's released. Seems it's not an important page anyway.
It was actually page 11, and page 11 in the original raw was actually page 10. And it was a bit important after all, if only for seeing Agon pissed xD
Missing page provided by ju-ni vicissitude: here.

I love Gaou. I LOVE GAOU.



T. Rex 70 chapter 311

Page 01

Rodchenko : The MVP award and the 3 millions dollars prize
Rodchenko : are mine!!

Bottom right : Clash!!

Akaba : Chuubou is 163cm tall
Akaba : and Rodchenko 190cm...
Kurita : Hiaaaa, that's just impossible!!

Page 02

Right : Young man! Don't think!! Feel!!!
311th Down : Burn, rookie!

Page 03

Narration : Two weeks before
Narration : Tryouts for the world cup team in Kansai.

Chuubou : Sena-senpai's
Chuubou : Devil 4th Dimension!!

Aki : Pff! What the hell is that.
Aki : He's trying to copy Sena's run?
Hera : Don't laugh when the guy is trying so hard.
Hera : You should at least praise the guts of a middle school student who came to take the test.
Hera : Yamato~ Take him down nicely without injuring him~

Yamato : That's rude, Heracles-shi.
Yamato : I won't think of you as a kid, you're a challenger.
Yamato : I'll take you down with my full power, Chuubou-kun...!!

Page 04

Chuubou : A... Alright!
Chuubou : Thank you!!

Aki : He dropped the ball!
Hera : He wrote here he started playing American football because he admires Sena-kun, but
Hera : He's not aiming to become a runner... (small text : He doesn't have the legs for that.)

Page 05

Taka : He stopped
Taka : Yamato...
Hera : It's not just that
Hera : He put him
Hera : off balance...!?

Chuubou : Aaah, Yamato-senpai is insanely strong as expected.
Chuubou : It's useless, I won't pass...

Guy : Are you stupid, Chuubou?
Guy : A middle schooler student in the Japanese team? That's impossible!
Chuubou : Y... you don't know until you've tried!

Taka : This one passes, right?
Taka : Yamato.
Hera (small text) : You pass!
Yamato : Yeah...!

Hera : The head! The shoulder! The arm!
Hera : If you hit the opponent properly with these three at just the same time,
Hera : Your attack power increases three times!
Hera : Anyone would be thrown off balance.

Yamato : Chuubou-kun.
Yamato : You have that skill.
Yamato : With your fighting spirit and that block that strikes three points in a delta shape,
Yamato : That explosive power born in an instant...

Page 06-07 (spread)

Right : Delta Dynamite...!!

Everyone : Oooooh!!

Page 08

Riku : We're going at a nice pace.
Riku : With our speed
Riku : We'll definitely make it before the end of the match, Sena!
Old woman : *shake* *shake*

Someone : Do you wanna die, old hag!

Sena : Wait.
Sena : Huh?

Page 09

Sena : Where did they...
Sena : Shin-san, Yamato-kun, Rikuuu!
Old woman (small text) : Thank you, kamikaze boy.

Yamato : Keep the change, please!
Riku : He's not here after all.
Riku : Where did you go, Sena?
Shin : Going back with the uniforms we have is the priority!

Riku : Alright, we made it in time!
Riku : It's the last quarter...

Riku : Haha...!!

Yamato : There wasn't a need for us
Yamato : to come back...!

Page 10

Japan – Russia

Announcer : Japan
Announcer : Touchdown!!
Someone : Alright!!

Page 11

Announcer : They've got double the points now!
Announcer : With the little time remaining
Announcer : Japan's victory is pretty much settled...!

Hiruma : Kekeke! With that you can't come out, right?
Hiruma : If you come out now, you'll only look like a substitute, huh?

Rodchenko : Kh!
Rodchenko : Even though he's so small
Rodchenko : how can he push back me and my strongest power...

Hera : With only arm strength
Hera : You can't win the battle of the line in American football! Is what I'd say.

Marco : Kaaah! This guy has heard
Marco : something that'll make him unnecessarily motivated again, I'd say!
Gaou : *stare*

Page 12

Gaou : Ffn.
Gaou : His name was Chuubou, right?
Gaou : The three-points block, the Delta Dynamite.
Gaou : How interesting...!!

Chuubou : Just now
Chuubou : It's like I felt a chill down my spine.
Marco : Aaah, Gaou has switched his target.
Marco : My condolences...

Mamori : What happened to Sena??
Riku : No, well... It can't be...
Riku : But well, it's Sena we're talking about...

-New Meadowland Stadium-
(second stadium for the World Cup)

Page 13

Sena : Hiiiiii, I'm in the wrong stadium!!
Suzurikumon : It's even worse than Chuubou who mistook benches...

Sena : The match here
Sena : It's Finland vs Militaria.

Sena : If Japan wins
Sena : We''ll face the winner of this match in the second round...

Sena : Ah! Over there
Sena : It's Hakkinen-kun.

Hakkinen : Nice to meet you!
Sena : His teeth are so white!

Page 14

Hakkinen : Ka
Hakkinen : Ha...!

Hakkinen : My teeth
Hakkinen : My teeth...!!

Finland – Militaria

Page 15

Guy : Weaaak! Are you listening to me, worm!? Do you understand human language, worm!?
Guy : American football is a war! The field is a battlefield!
Guy : Open that mouth full of filthy teeth and say that out loud!
Guy : “I am a worm standing on the field without being ready to kill!” Say it!

Referee : You! Don't attack another player
Referee : After the play is over and I've blown the whistle!
Sena : Hiiii
Sena : What's with these scary people...

Scout : Ufufu

Scout : The country that has the biggest number of American football players, along with us and Germany
Scout : It's Japan.
Scout : I was wondering what they were worth, but

Page 16

Burns : They can't even defeat a team like Russia by more than 50 points...
Burns : This low-level team is the all-star of Japan... Ufufu
Guy : There was no point for us, Militaria's scouting squad, to come here.
Guy : It's enough already, Burns.
Guy : Let's go.

Marco : ... Hm?
Marco : Gaou?

Marco : Wait, aaah!
Marco : He's putting on his uniform and going on the field without asking!
Hera : Now, now, isn't it alright?
Hera : He just want to face Rodchenko in the end.

Gaou : Rodchenko...?
Gaou : Ffn.
Gaou : I'm not interested in that moneygrubber.

Gaou : Kid.
Gaou : Fight against me with that Delta Dynamite.
Gaou : Right here
Gaou : Right now...!!

Page 17

Announcer : The Militaria Republic
Announcer : is qualified for the second round!!

Sena : We have to fight against these guys
Sena : next..?

Chuubou : Wha-wha-what are you saying, Gaou-senpai...
Chuubou : We're playing in the same team...

Rodchenko : Why are you looking away in a match, you monster!
Rodchenko : Your opponent is me...

Page 18-19 (spread)

Gaou : Shut up.

Gaou : Ffn... You don't want to fight against me now.
Gaou : Is it because you're tired because of that fight against Rodchenko?
Gaou : I'm not interested in an opponent that isn't at full strength.
Gaou : I'll wait until tonight that you've completely recovered...!!

Announcer : A... Anyway, Japan
Announcer : is breaking through the first round!!

Announcer : And now!
Announcer : In this stadium, finally
Announcer : The strongest living beings on this Earth are showing up...!

Announcer : United States of
Middle : The strongest “America”, the real “American football”, finally lifting the veil...!!
Announcer : America!!!

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Dec 19, 2008
#2. by Kaku ()
Posted on Dec 19, 2008
ty Xoph!
#3. by Phat ()
Posted on Dec 19, 2008
thanks :D
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Posted on Dec 19, 2008
Caption/picture: Gaou Vs. Chuubou! haha.
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Posted on Dec 19, 2008
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Posted on Dec 20, 2008
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Posted on Dec 20, 2008
Thanks so much for the translations, Xophien!
#8. by swankivy ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2008
Yay, thanks, didn't want to check it out until the missing page was up. So happy!

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