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Translations: Bleach 675 by BadKarma , Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 8

8th Quarter : I am going.

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Feb 7, 2009 17:44 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 8

17 pages? This reminds me of bad times (Dogashi) >.>; But well, maybe this has a perfectly rational explanation, since next chapter will have color pages, and Fujimaki being a beginner, color pages should be quite time-consuming to draw. Oh well, either way, it certainly deserves its status high up in the ToC, so here I am wishing long life to Kuroko \o/


Kuroko chapter 08

Page 01

8th Quarter : I am going.
Left : Kuroko VS Kise... One-on-one match!!

Someone : That guy on Kise... Err...
Someone : Isn't he the one with the incredible passes...?
Someone : Eh, really!? I didn't see...
Someone : But wait...

Page 02

Guy : There's no way...
Guy : He's a match for him!!

Kise : … I could have never dreamed of that...
Kise : Facing Kurokocchi that way...

Kuroko : … Neither did I.

Takeuchi : What in the world...

Kise : I don't know what you're planning, but...

Page 03

Kise : It's impossible for you to stop me, Kurokocchi!!

Kagami : Wrong.
Kagami : We're not stopping you.

Riko : We're taking it!

Page 04-05 (spread)

Kise : What!!?
Kise : He stole it from the back!?
Kise : With the help of Kagami-kun, in an instant...!?

Kagami : It doesn't matter if you can copy whatever plays you see.
Kagami : Since not letting you get through is our goal.

Someone : Oooh, nice shoot!!
Someone : Seirin is catching up again!?

Kasamatsu : … they're troublesome, damn...
Kasamatsu : The two of them working together is even worse.

Riko : With his lack of presence, if he's coming from behind
Riko : Even Kise-kun can't react!

Page 06

Kise : then what about if I don't get through?
Kise : Nobody is forcing me to.

Kise : With three-pointers...

Page 07

Kise : Damn it...!! That means Kurokocchi is taking care of the ground and Kagami is covering him with his height...!!

Kasamatsu : It's possible because the movement for a three-pointer takes time...
Kasamatsu : These guys are really troublesome...!

Kasamatsu : The one that let them got the flow is that number 11...
Kasamatsu : Even though he's the weakest guy on the field and shouldn't be able to do anything... I can't believe it!!

Kagami : Let's go! Quick attack!!

Kise : Tch...!

Page 08

Kise : Ah!!?

Riko : Kuroko-kun!!

Page 09

Someone : Referee timeout!!

Someone : Blood...!!

Hyuuga : Are you alright, Kuroko!?
Kuroko : … I am a bit groggy.
Riko : bring the first-aid kit!

Kagami : Hey... Are you alright!?

Page 10

Kuroko : I am alright.
Kuroko : The match is still going on,

Kuroko : … right...
Hyuuga : Kurokoooo!!

Kasamatsu : It wasn't the end I hoped for, but... It's over...
Kasamatsu : Without these freshmen playing together...There's only increasing the point difference left.

Kise : Kurokocchi...

Someone : ... What should we do?

Riko : Kuroko-kun can't play anymore.
Riko : So the remaining members only have to do what they have to do!

Page 11

Guys : What they have to do... But without Kuroko... Won't that be hard?
Riko : The second years will take care of the offense!

Riko : It's only the 2nd quarter, but we can't let them get away.
Riko : It's a bit early, but consider it a “critical time”, Hyuuga-kun!

Riko : Since Kise-kun will just copy you, you won't take part in offense, Kagami-kun! Focus on the defense.
Riko : We've got to keep Kise-kun down even a little!
Kagami : Is... Is that really... going to be alright?
Hyuuga : It's alright, believe a bit in us!
Kagami : But...

Hyuuga : I'm telling you it's alright, you fucking moron!
Hyuuga : Listen to what your senpai says from time to time or I'll kill you!

Hyuuga : Let's go!

Page 12

Hyuuga : Geez, the freshmen, these days...
Hyuuga : Listen properly! To your senpai! And bow down in front of me!
Izuki : Captain, you've snapped, so you're saying what you're thinking!

Izuki : Aah, don't worry, it's always the same thing during clutch time.

Izuki : When he's speaking his mind like that, his shots are improving, so
Izuki : Leave the offense to us, and defend like a madman!

Page 13

Guy : A screen...! He's doing it with the proper timing...!

Guy : This guy, he's been quite good since the first quarter...

Page 14

Riko : Sorry, but all of our players...
Riko : aren't good at giving up.

Riko : An average guy when he's nice!! But when he snaps he's awesome!! And scary!! A clutch shooter with dual personality!
Riko : Hyuuga Junpei!!
#4 Shooting Guard
178cm 68kg
Bottom note : A clutch shooter is a player that performs extremely well in critical times

Page 15

Riko : Calm and composed, never panicking! The cool control tower! But you would never imagine how much he loves puns!
Riko : Izuki Shun!!
Izuki : A nice pass... with Salonpas.
Izuki : Wow, this one might be good.
#5 Point Guard
174cm 64kg
(Trivia Note : Salonpas is a brand of pain relief patches)

Riko : An unsung hero that does his work well! But nobody has ever heard his voice!
Riko : Mitobe Rinnosuke!!
#8 Center
186cm 78kg

Riko : He can do anything, yet he can't do anything! Jack of all trades, but master of none!
Riko : Koganei Shinji!!
Koganei : So mean...
#6 Forward
170cm 74kg

Page 16

Kasamatsu : It's not like when that number 11 was playing, but they're still going...
Kasamatsu : They're letting the number 4 use his shooting power well.

Bottom : Next issue, center color as a thanks for the great popularity of the manga!!

Hyuuga : This is still troublesome...
Hyuuga : Our power decreased with Kuroko out...

Page 17

Hyuuga : I'm starting to lose my concentration too...
Hyuuga : It doesn't feel like we're going to catch up.

Someone : Three minutes left in the third quarter!!

Guy : Coach... Is there no way out of this?

Riko : Because of the high pace of the first half, they don't have the stamina left for a complex strategy...
Riko : If at least Kuroko-kun was playing...

Kuroko : … understood.
Riko : Eh?

Kuroko : Good morning.
Kuroko : … well then
Left : Kuroko recovered!! The match goes to its climax...!!
Kuroko : I am going.

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#1. by Tensai_Sakuragi ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2009
Thanks, man.
Awesome work.

Hyuuga is badass. No, really.

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