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Kuroko no Basket 11

11th Quarter : Your basketball

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Feb 27, 2009 23:15 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 11

Wonder if it's ever been mentioned, but "kuroko" is an actual Japanese term, for stagehands in Japanese theaters. Traditionally dressing in black, they take care of the roles that aren't done by humans (animals and stuff) and are supposed to be considered not there (invisible) by convention. Like the guys dressed in black in the famous Matrix Ping Pong video, they are kurokos. Easy to understand why Kurokocchi has this name and playing style then^^


Kuroko chapter 11

Page 01

Left : Stretch your hand, and he'll be there. Because that guy is here, you can fight!!
11th Quarter : Your basketball

Page 02

Top right : After the end of the battle,

Kise : Can we...
Kise : talk for a bit?... Kurokocchi.

Bottom right : today's opponent is...!?

Page 03

Kagami : Yeah...
Kagami : I think I've eaten too much...

Riko : Thanks for the meal!!
Guy (small text) : Right!! Don't ever come back!!
Hyuuga : Incredible...

Riko : Well then, let's go back! Is everyone here?
Hyuuga : … huh? Kuroko?
Koganei : It's always the same thing, you'll see he's just at the tail of the group...

Kagami : no...
Kagami : He's seriously... not here.
Someone : … eh?

Kise : … Well, it's been quite a while since we've had a proper talk like that. (small text : is your injury alright?)
Kuroko : … yes. (small text : I am alright.)

Page 04

Kise : Speaking of which, I've seen Midorimacchi.

Kuroko : To be honest, I have troubles getting along with that person.
Kuroko (small text) : hmm...
Kise (small text) : Yeah, that's how it was.

Kise : But the left hand of that guy is the real deal.
Kise : Especially on good days for Cancers.

Kuroko : … yes.

Kise : Well, seems like he just came to watch today.
Kise : More importantly... Kurokocchi dumped me, I lost a match,
Kise : It's just one thing after the other in my high school life...

Page 05

Kise : I said it because I had nothing to lose, but I was still serious, you know?
Kuroko : About transferring to your school, right...

Kuroko : I am sorry.

Kise : … I'm kidding.
Kise : I have something more important I want to talk with you about.
Kise : I want to hear your reasons.

Kise : Why...
Kise : Why did you disappear just after the final of the middle school tournament?

Left : On the move in preparation for the tournament, a new problem appears in front of Seirin's basketball club!? Kuroko no Basket

Page 06

Someone : Kurokoooo!
Someone : Doesn't this guy have a cellphone?

Hyuuga : As soon as he's a bit groggy, he disappears somewhere...
Hyuuga : What is he, a puppy!?
Riko : Let's find him first!
Riko : Maybe he'll get the Boston crab hold as a punishment then!

Kagami : … geez.

Kagami : Oh, streetball.
Kagami : it's been a while since I've seen that in Japan.

Page 07

Kuroko : I do not know.

Kise : Eh?

Kuroko : I certainly began to doubt Teikou's policies because of that final.
Kuroko : I thought that something was lacking at the time.

Kise : Sports are all about winning!
Kise : Is there something more important than that!?

Kuroko : That was what I also thought before that. time
Kuroko : That is why I still do not understand clearly what was wrong.
Kuroko : But...

Page 09

Kuroko : I hated basketball at that time.

Kuroko : Even though... the feel of the ball,
Kuroko : the sound of the shoes on the court,
Kuroko : the sound of the ball going through the net,
Kuroko : I began playing basketball because I loved it.

Kuroko : That is why I really thought Kagami-kun was incredible when I met him.

Kuroko : He loves basketball from the bottom of his heart.
Kuroko : It seems he had some scary and bad times with it, but
Kuroko : I think it is because he is more serious than anyone else about basketball.

Kise : … I just
Kise : don't get it after all.

Kise : But I'll still tell you one thing...
Kise : Even if his attitude toward basketball is why you value so much that guy, Kurokocchi...

Page 09

Kise : There'll come a time when that guy and you...
Kise : will have to part.

Kise : There is a definite difference between me and the four other guys...
Kise : This isn't about physical ability,
Kise : they all have a special talent that no one.. not even me can imitate.

Kise : I understood it in the match today.
Kise : That guy is still evolving...

Page 10

Kise : And just like the other guys from the Generation of Miracles...
Kise : He hides a talent only he has.

Kise : Right now he's still an incomplete challenger.
Kise : he's just playing recklessly and enjoying fighting strong opponents.

Kise : But one day... He'll definitely reach the level of the Generation of Miracles.
Kise : he'll be on a different dimension than the rest of the team.
Kise : Do you think that guy will still stay the same as he is right now, then?

Page 11

Kagami : Bastard, disappearing when you're not even steady on your feet!
Kise (small text) : I kinda... remember seeing this before!!

Kagami : …. yo.

Kise : … you were listening?

Kagami : Like hell I was! Why the heck did you kidnap Kuroko all of a sudden!?
Kise : Ha? Isn't it alright, just for a little while!
Kagami : We couldn't go back because of that!!

Someone : Shit, seems there's already trash here.

Page 13

Guy : Come on, you've played enough already, right?
Guy : Switch with us.

Guy : but we barely got there, can't you wait for...
Guy : Aah!?

Guy : Well, well...
Guy : In this kind of place,
Guy : How about we settle it with basketball?

Kagami : What's with those thugs...

Guy : Alright!!

Guy : Huh...
Guy : Ain't they good... (small text : we're about to lose...)

Guy : Alright, with this one, we'll wi...

Page 13

Guy : here, block!!
Guy : What!!?

Guy : Wait, what was that now!?
Guy : We're playing 3-on-3 right!?
Guy : huh?

Guy : I said we'd settle it with basketball.
Guy : I never said it'd be 3-on-3.
Guy : What the hell...
Guy : That's unfai...

Guy : Eh?
Guy : What?
Guy : Gah...!?

Guy : Sorry, I didn't hear you properly.
Guy : Come on, say it once more.

Kise : Wait, where's Kurokocchi!?

Page 14

Kuroko : No matter how you look at it, it is unfair.

Guy : Hot...!!?
Guy : Wait, what the hell...
Guy : Where are you bastard coming from!?

Kuroko : I do not think this is basketball.
Kuroko : More than anything, it is not good to use violence.

Kagami : What the hell is he doing!!
Kise : Kurokocchi!!?

Page 15

Guy : Haa!? What the hell are you saying, bastard!?
Guy : Ha...
Guy : hahaha, there are still guys like that these days...

Guy : it's alright, really... Well then, let's settle it with basketball.
Kise : … wait.

Kise : Do you mind if we participate?
Kagami : Why the hell did you jump in all of a sudden...

Guys : H-h-h-huge!? What the hell!?

Kise : It's alright with 5-on-3.
Kise : come on.
Guys : What did you say!...

Page 16-17 (spread)

Someone : instant death!!!?
Guy (small text) : Awesome!!

Page 18

Kagami : You! What were you thinking!!
Kagami : Do you think you could have won if it had turned into a fight!?

Kuroko : No, I would have been 100% beaten up.
Kuroko (small text) : Please look at these biceps.
Kagami : Bastard...
Kagami (small text) : You've got none!!
Kise : Kurokocchi is incredible sometimes...

Kuroko : Even so, I thought those people were being mean
Kuroko : So I had to say it.

Kagami (small text) : Think about the consequences first!
Kuroko (small text) : … I forgot.

Page 19

Kise : Well then.
Kise : it's about time I go back.

Kise : I was even able to play with Kurokocchi in the end!

Kise : And I won't forget about that revenge, Kagamicchi!
Kise : You'd better not lose in the preliminaries!!
Kagami : Kagamicchi!?
Kuroko : Kise-kun adds “cchi” to the name of the persons he acknowledges.
Kuroko (small text) : Good for you, isn't it?
Kagami : I don't want that!!

Riko : Ah!!
Riko : He's there! Geez!!

Kuroko : Kagami-kun, I would like to ask you one thing.
Kuroko : Did you hear what we talked about?

Page 20-21 (spread)

Kagami : About whether we'll have to part or not?
Kagami : By the way, before that,
Kagami : it's not like I even get along with you.

Kagami : You're the one who said it'd be impossible alone, right?
Kagami : So I think it's pointless for you to worry... On top of that,

Kagami : Being always with the main character, the light
Kagami : It's what your basketball is about, right?
Bottom : Next issue, what in the world is that duty Kuroko and Kagami have been entrusted with...?

Kuroko : Kagami-kun...
Kuroko : talks big as well.
Kagami : Shut up!

Text : The promise between those two is still as solid as ever!!
Seirin (small text) : Alright, let's go back.
(Xophien's trivia note : This wrestling move is the Boston crab, that Riko talked about earlier)

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