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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 321

Naruto 321

+ posted by Yoshitsune as translation on Aug 31, 2006 15:38 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 321

Naruto 321: Smooth Talking

What's Konoha's Ace hiding while keeping his "what a pain"s to himself?...He'll fight today!!

Kakashi gives advice...on the final stages of training!?

Kakashi: Naruto, I'm going to show you something interesting.
Sign on wall: Ramen 60
Naruto: ? Something interesting?

Kakashi: Even while we're taking a lunch break there are many things we can talk about too
Naruto: Wha~~Not another complicated explanation~~!
Kakashi: Don't worry...because I'm good with words
I'll leave it to you to notice

>Thank you and come again< (said once done eating by Teuchi)

Kakashi: Yamato, I'll leave the bill up to you
Yamato: What! Isn't it usually the older one (senpai) that pays!
Kakashi: To a man that you respect, there is no such thing as a 'senpai' or 'kouhai'
Why, you're the one person I respect the most out of all the 'kouhai'

Kakashi: If I remember correctly, you said I have to....
Yamato: No! Of course not! I shall pay!
Naruto: Sheesheeshee
(thinking: He definately has a way with words)

Naruto: What did you want to show me?

Kakashi: Well, wait a bit
These things have a sequence
Kakashi: First off, I need to confirm something...

Kakashi: Before we began this training, remember that I explained the chakra "nature manipulation" skill
and one more technique?
Do you remember?

Naruto: Oh! That one...uhh...

Kakashi: You forgot, but we're still going to go on...listen
Naruto: Hehe...

Kakashi: The other technique is "form manipulation"
You will make your chakra change its shape

Kakashi: Remember me explaining the Chidori?
For that jutsu, you don't just manipulate your chakra into that of lightning
but you manipulate its shape as if you're discharging electricity, and you also decide on its attack power
and range.

Yamato: Okay? When a shinobi doesn't just manipulate the nature of his chakra, but also its shape,
his attack power increases considerably

Yamato: Why, a shinobi that can take both "nature" and "form" and use them as a set, is quite rare

Kakashi: During your last period of training, you became skilled at manipulating the nature of wind
And, you already possess the ability to manipulate its shape

>That means that the Rasengan is a bit different from the Chidori, meaning it's a jutsu that requires you to
master only 'form manipulation'

Naruto: Rasengan...

Kakashi: That's right

Naruto: So then you're saying that I have both of them already!?
Kakashi: Well...that's pretty much it

Naruto: Yossha!! (Yess!!)
I'll be able to do my new jutsu in no time!

Naruto: All this stuff seems so easy!

Kakashi: Hmph...
If that's the case, then there was no need for me to develop the Chidori

Kakashi: This is the interesting thing I wanted to show you



Naruto: Kakashi-sensei...
you can also use the Rasengan?

Kakashi: Ahh, but that's it

Kakashi: I was not able to combine the Rasengan's lightning "nature manipulation" with its "form manipulation"

Yamato: It requires an earth-shattering amout of skill to be able to combine both nature and form manipulation
or rather, I should have said perhaps it requires talent and good sense

Kakashi: ...I wasn't the only one who couldn't go beyond this
Even my teacher who devised this jutsu couldn't do it

Kakashi: That's right, even the Fourth Hokage couldn't do that

Kakashi: The Fourth was able to take "form manipulation" to the highest level possible
That is the Rasengan

Kakashi: Just manipulating the shape of chakra categorizes it as a very difficult "A" rank technique
I can copy it in some way up to this point
But, the problem comes after that

Originally the Fourth developed the Rasengan to combine it along with the nature manipulation of his chakra

Naruto: ...then the Rasengan was still left unfinished...?

Yamato: You could say that, yes...

Kakashi: We still don't know but the next step would be an S-rank jutsu,
probably even higher even
Or on the contrary, probably impossible

From now on, this part can't be taught
You must discover it yourself

Kakashi: Why...
Why do you think I'm telling you this, Naruto?

Kakashi: You are the only shinobi capable of surpassing the Fourth Hokage
I have faith in you

Kakashi: Well, that's about all there is to talk about
We'll take another small break and then enter training

Yamato: That's typical of you, Kakashi-san
You sure are a smooth talker

Kakashi: Nah...
I really believe that

Toiletman: Please bring me the next one soon, sir (or "master", whichever sounds right)
Kakuzu: Sorry, but for now I won't be coming back
I'm going to Konoha to search for the "Jinchuuriki"

Toiletman: If I may offer some advice,
I think you should get get rid of that man you came with
He seems too removed to be concerned with money

Kakuzu: ...I know

Shikamaru: Asuma-sensei...

What kind of relationship did you have with that Chiriku guy?

Asuma: Why do you ask all of a sudden?

Shikamaru: Well for starters, a heavy smoker like you not smoking for two days.
You usually stop smoking when something is up

Asuma: You're very perceptive...
I'm too naive that you can see right through me

Shikamaru: Just that you were so obvious about while we were playing Shougi

I haven't seen you like this since the Third passed away

Asuma: Chiriku and I were both buddies within the "12 Ninja Guardians"
Yeah...kind of like you and Chouji

Shikamaru: ...Not smoking...
I hope you don't keep that up

Side text: Anger, sorrow, and a strong determination. All those feelings are
introduced at that moment...afterall, it makes both teacher and student hasten to that place!!
Next time will be their decisive battle!!

Bottom: Team Asuma's encounter with "Akatsuki"!
And then, what about Naruto's training!? Next time "Arrival"!!

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#1. by lucky ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
nice work Yoshitsune

im interested to read your take on the kakuzu+baldy convo
#2. by Luna ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
Yoshi rocks!

Thanks muchly <3
#3. by Sharingan97 ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
Is it done or is there more?
#4. by break_dream7 ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
could sumone explain what does kakashi means?? is he trying to say that rasengan isn't actly an effective jutsu since it doesn't hav the nature of a wind..so he is asking naruto to upgrade rasengan so he could use it to cut things too...correct me if i'm wrong...
#5. by destinator ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
Thanks a lot for translation yoshitsune =)
#6. by Kazer ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
Thanks Yoshi as always!
#7. by Luckas ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
#8. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2006
doing more now :)
#9. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Sep 1, 2006
as usual great translation- arigato!!
#10. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Sep 1, 2006
thank you.

don't mind my sig too much
#11. by kenyu4d ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2006
yoshi. Arigato gozimasu Yoshitsune. So it look the justu in general was not finished but it make you wonder...did Jiriaya add anything to while he was traveling?

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