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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

March Story 1

Hunter of the Wild Rose

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Aug 27, 2009 02:08 | Go to March Story

-> RTS Page for March Story 1

I'm so glad to be asked to work on this manga. It's very cool!

For DBR.



Chapter 1: Hunter of the Wild Rose

Chapter 2: The Masked Orche

Chapter 3: The Glass Coloured Memories Blowing Through the Wind

Chapter 4: Dark Dream


March: Young lady… // You should not have touched // an object that was unfamiliar to you…

Chapter 1: Hunter of the Wild Rose


Chapter 1: Hunter of the Wild Rose


Girl: [SFX] huff // huff huff


March: It seems that you feel some pain.


March: Even so, you stole everything from that girl… // You even destroyed her whole family…

Girl: This power… / Then you’re… // An “Il” like me?!


March: My name is March. // I’m a hunter who chases “Il” like you…


March: “Syste Behard”


March: The horns of the “Il” which have grown on your head // are already stained with the blood of humans… // The girl is already // dead…


March: I’ll destroy you!

Girl: St… // Stop! // No… // Noooo!


March: It’s over there? / The location of the other earring… // The village beyond the hill…


March: Before someone picks it up… // I’ve got to find it quickly.


18th century
Somewhere in Eastern Europe

Bubble 1: Come, please hurry!

Bubble 2: The Demelo Circus Show!

Bubble 3: Yay, the clowns!


Bubble 4: The world’s greatest circus, lead by Ringleader Demelo, the conductor of laughter and passion!

Bubble 5: It’s the clowns!

Bubble 6: Enjoy the magnificent stage to your heart’s content!


Bubble 7: A stage full of thrills!

Bubble 8: Please hurry…

Bubble 9: Kyaaa!


Crowd: Hahaha…that clown fell over! // How clumsy! // Hahaha! // Ahaha!

Pilcolle: Ah…I’ve had enough!

Clowns: Jeez, she’s useless. // To think that she’s the ringleader’s daughter…


Clowns: She’s ugly and clumsy. / She can’t even juggle properly. / The ringleader must be ashamed. // Jeez…


Clowns: [SFX] hehe // haha


Pilcolle: I’m not doing this because I want to. / Idiots. // I hate clowns!


Pilcolle: Papa…


Pilcolle: Papa, I want to go on the flying trapeze. Being a clown is embarrassing.

Papa: Pilcolle, do you understand? // Do you know what the most beautiful and magnificent form of acrobatics is?

Pilcolle: No…what is it?


Papa: It is…the one that makes everyone laugh. Pilcolle…you have the leading part.


Pilcolle: That’s not true! / He lied! // He probably made me a clown because I’m ugly and embarrassing!


Pilcolle: I hate you, Papa!


Pilcolle: Ah, it’s a cake! / Maybe someone dropped it. // I’m hungry… / Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten yet… // Well, then…


Pilcolle: Excuse me… // Eh?


March: Grrr…

Pilcolle: He’s bloodthirsty…?! // Ah…well… / I wasn’t going to eat it…

March: Urgh…

Pilcolle: Ah!


March: You mustn’t touch objects you don’t know. // That’s because they contain things that must not be touched by human hands.


March: [SFX] gulp

Pilcolle: Eh?!


Pilcolle: What’s with him?

March: [SFX] gulp

Pilcolle: Eek!


March: What’s up with him? An oddly dressed guy // who says strange things while eating a cake that was dropped on the ground…that’s what you want to say, right?

Pilcolle: Umm…I…


Pilcolle: I’m a circus clown. / I was practicing juggling here. // And the snack… // You were the one who chose to eat it! // Ah!


Pilcolle: Ah…ow… / I fell over again. // I hate this…

March: Heh…


March: Ahahahaha! // You’re the clown that was in the parade earlier, right? / Ahahahaha! // Hahaha!

Pilcolle: How embarrassing…

March: Clowns are amazing.


March: Someone said this, long ago. / Making people laugh // is worth more than casting a sword with a thousand swings.


Pilcolle: Hmm…well… // I guess so…


Pilcolle: You handsome man! You’ve come to see the circus, haven’t you? // I like you! I’ll let you in for free this once!

March: Handsome young man?! // I haven’t actually come to see the circus…

Pilcolle: Oh? / Then why are you here?


March: I’m looking for old, rare things… / I’m an antique hunter. // I came here looking for a certain dangerous antique.


Text 1: Dangerous…

Text 2: antique?

March: So, if I don’t find it quickly…

Pilcolle: Could he be…hunting for treasure?


Pilcolle: Let me join you! // I’m don’t really understand, but it’s like treasure, right?! / What’s it look like?


March: You can’t do that, Miss Clown. / It’s very dangerous, you see.

Pilcolle: What is? / Does that antique beat people up or something?


March: I’m looking for an earring called “Hares”. / It’s a very beautiful earring. // However, humans must not touch it. // That’s because, in the earring…


March: something dangerous lies dormant.

Pilcolle: Something dangerous?

March: They’re known as “Il”.


March: They hide inside very attractive objects, and inhabit places where humans are likely to notice them easily…


March: They wait earnestly for when a greedy human touches the object. // Just like a well made trap.

Pilcolle: What happens if you touch that thing?

March: The “Il” reacts to the human’s desires and awakens. / When they come face to face with a human, they crawl into that human’s eyes.


March: They endlessly whisper, tormenting that person. / Not stopping until that person loses their sense of reason. // When an “Il” swallows a person’s heart // Their sense of reason is the first defence against the “Il”.


Pilcolle: Swallows their…heart?

March: That’s right. To complete a more perfect version of themselves / they steal human hearts and make the humans into puppets.


March: Humans who’ve had everything stolen by the “Il” // won’t even hesitate to attack their loved ones. // So… // You mustn’t touch objects that are unfamiliar to you…

Text: What sorrowful eyes…

Pilcolle: O-Okay…


Clown: Pilcolle! What are you doing? // The performance is about to start!

Pilcolle: Well…excuse me. // I’ve got to go.


Pilcolle: I forgot that the performance was starting soon.


Pilcolle: Hey! That expression doesn’t suit you at all! / You’ve got such a dark look on your face! // Be like me and cheer up!


Pilcolle: Ah, my name’s not Clown / it’s Pilcolle! // What about you?

March: March! / I’m March!

Pilcolle: When you’re done treasure hunting, come and see my show! // I’ll make you laugh with all your heart so that you cheer up!


Clown: Pilcolle, hurry up and put on your makeup! // What are you doing wasting time just before the show starts?! // You useless girl! // Hurry up!

Pilcolle: Okay // Okay


Pilcolle: Hmm~ Today, I’m… // in high spirits!


Pilcolle: Hmm?

Text 1: It’s beautiful…

Text 2: An earring?


Pilcolle: Whose is it? // I’ll have a look at it…

Bubble: You mustn’t touch objects that are unfamiliar to you.

Pilcolle: Ah! // That’s right! // I’ll leave it alone!


Pilcolle: It’ll be okay, right? // Only for a little while… // Just once… // I’ll try it on…


Il: Hello, Miss Clown! // From now on we’re friends! // Friends! Hehehe!

Ringleader: Come on everyone! // The spectators will be arriving soon!


Clown: Ringleader, someone’s up there.

Ringleader: Hmm? // Shine the spotlight on the flying trapeze!


Ringleader: That’s… // Pilcolle?!


Ringleader: Pilcolle! // Why are you up there?! // That’s dangerous! Come down now!


Il: Look! He’s telling you to come down! // Your father thinks you’re embarrassing! Hehehe.

Pilcolle: No! Papa made me a clown because he thinks I’m ugly and embarrassing! // I can do this!

Il: Hehehe! That’s the spirit, Pilcolle!

Pilcolle: I’ll show you!

Il: Show them that there’s something you can do! Hehehe.


Ringleader: Pilcolle! // Hey! Hurry and bring the safety net!


Ringleader: Don’t let go // until I’m there!

Il: Next, let go of the bar. // Pilcolle. // If you do that, everyone will surely acknowledge you.

Ringleader: Stop! // Pilcolle!


Pilcolle: I jumped… // Ah…!

Ringleader: Pilcolle!

Pilcolle: Ahhhh….


Circus People: Ringleader! // Kyaaaa… // Bring a stretcher!

Pilcolle: Ah…

Il: Hehehe…

Pilcolle: Ah… // Papa…


Pilcolle: Waaah… // Waah…

Il: That’s right. Scream, Pilcolle.


Il: I’ll swallow you if you do!

Pilcolle: Waaaah… // Waaah…

Il: That’s right, even more sorrowfully!

Pilcolle: Waaaah…


Il: Heh… // Hehehe

Text 1: So this is what having a body feels like.

Text 2: Anyway, humans are simple beings.

Text 3: Ah, this is fun.


Circus People: Ringleader! // Hold on!


Circus People: Why are you behaving like this?! // The Ringleader… // It’s your fault that the Ringleader…!!


Il: Why is it my fault? / Isn’t it the fault of the clown who desired me? // Isn’t that right? You greedy humans… // This is fun! I’ll kill you all ♥


Clowns: What are those horns on her head?! // That’s not Pilcolle! // Who are you?! // I’m sure she was Pilcolle! / What’s happening?!


March: Why… / did you touch it? Pilcolle…

Clowns: Who are you?! / This area is off limits!


March: That’s not Pilcolle. // It’s a puppet whose heart has been stolen by an “Il”.


March: Everyone else take the wounded man and get out quickly. / I’ll try to get Pilcolle back.

Il: Get her back…? // What nonsense…


Il: A mere human saying that… // Well, alright. / You’ll be my first toy and I’ll cut you up…


March: Well, well. // You’re quite outspoken… // An “Il” that’s just been born will have trouble as it doesn’t know the ways of the world. // Ah…


March: Did you know? // Well, you probably don’t… // About the existence of humans that are hunting you…


March: They travel the world / Destroying “Il” // Hunters that recover things…


March: They are… // “Syste Behard”!


Il: Why does a human have the horns of an “Il”?! // Is he…controlling the “Il”?! // Tch…what’s the meaning of this?!


Il: Whoever you are… // Anyone who gets in my way…


Il: will be killed!

March: The shards of the dead soul… // The evil blade of the “Il”, who are created by force from human sadness and tears. // I’ll break it!


Il: What…?

March: Go, Hiyokko!


March: Binding Wild Rose!

Il: Ahhhh…


March: I’ve made you my toy now…

Il: What…is this?! // I…can’t move…

March: The white horns on your forehead…your hands haven’t been stained with blood yet. / It looks like I can still save Pilcolle.


Il: Ah…Ah… // I’m sorry…please…help me somehow… / I don’t want to die…


March: I’ll have you out of her body soon.

Il: No…!


March: I’ll start the ceremony to destroy the “Il”!

Il: Ah…


March: Wild rose, split open!

Il: Ahhhh!

Text 1: The “Il”

Text 2: has been collected.


Clowns: Pilcolle! Hold on! // Pilcolle! // She’s come to!

Pilcolle: Ah…!

Clowns: I’m glad…


Pilcolle: Papa…! // That’s right…Papa…


Pilcolle: It’s my fault. // Because of me… // Papa… // Papa…

Clown: The Ringleader’s fine. // It was a close call, but he was treated in time. / He came to at the hospital.


Clown: Pilcolle, hurry to the hospital! // He must be worried!

Pilcolle: Papa! // I’m sorry!


Circus: It’s now time for the Demelo Circus to open its doors! // For the opening, please enjoy the clowns’ acrobatics!

Clowns: Okay, it’s begun!


Pilcolle: I’ll go too. // Now, I’ve got to go on stage… // I’m sure Papa would say…


Pilcolle: I’m… // The leading part is missing! // a clown!


Text 1: Making people laugh

Text 2: is worth more than casting a sword with a thousand swings.


Box 1: In this world, there are things that humans must not touch.

Box 2: Therefore, you mustn’t touch objects that are unfamiliar to you.

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#1. by Rem91 ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2009
Thanks, good job. ;D
#2. by Doragon ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2009
Thank you~ (;´Д`)
#3. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2009
Looks interesting, thank you for your hard work!
#4. by selia ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2009
Thank you soo much, I love this! Keep up the good work!! ^____^

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